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  1. 1. ZJ POWER SEATS 8R - 1 POWER SEATS CONTENTS page pageDIAGNOSIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 SERVICE PROCEDURES ................... 4GENERAL INFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 GENERAL INFORMATION Six-way power front seats are an available optionon Grand Cherokee models. The power seat systemreceives battery feed through circuit breaker 25 inthe fuseblock module at all times. Following are general descriptions of the majorcomponents in the power seat system. Refer to Group8W - Wiring Diagrams for complete circuit descrip-tions and diagrams.POWER SEAT SWITCH The power seats can be adjusted in six differentways using the power seat switch (Fig. 1). The switchis located on the lower outboard side of the seatcushion. Refer to the owner’s manual for more infor-mation on power seat switch functions and seat ad-justing procedures. The individual switches cannot berepaired. If one switch fails, the entire switch modulemust be replaced.POWER SEAT ADJUSTER/MOTORS There are three reversible motors that operate thepower seat adjuster. The motors are connected toworm-drive gearboxes in the adjuster by drive cables. Fig. 1 Power Seat Switch The front and rear of a seat are operated by differ- opposite direction, the battery feed and ground pathent motors. They can be raised or lowered indepen- to the motor(s) are reversed through the switch con-dently of each other. When the center seat switch is tacts. This causes the motor to run in the opposite di-pushed to the UP or DOWN position, both front and rection.rear motors operate in unison, moving the entire seat Each motor contains a self-resetting circuit breakerup or down. The forward-rearward motor is operated to protect it from overload. Consecutive or frequentby pushing the center seat switch to the FORWARDor REARWARD position. resetting must not be allowed to continue or the mo- When a switch is actuated, battery feed and a tors may be damaged. Make the necessary repairs.ground path are applied through the switch contacts The power seat adjuster and motors can not be re-to the motor(s). The motor(s) operate to move the paired, and are serviced only as a complete unit. Ifseat in the selected direction until the switch is re- any component in this unit should fail, the entire as-leased, or until the travel limit of the power seat ad- sembly must be replaced.juster is reached. When the switch is moved in the
  2. 2. 8R - 2 POWER SEATS ZJ DIAGNOSIS Before any testing is attempted the battery should (3) Check for continuity between black wire atbe fully charged and all connections and pins cleaned switch connector and a good ground. There should beand tightened to ensure proper continuity and continuity. If OK, go to next step. If not OK, repairgrounds. wiring to ground. With the dome lamp on, apply switch in direction (4) See diagnosis for Power Seat Switch. If switchof the failure. If the dome lamp dims, the seat may continuity checks OK, replace faulty motor/adjusterbe jamming. Check for binding or obstructions. If the assembly. If switch continuity is not OK, replacedome lamp does not dim, then proceed with the fol- faulty switch.lowing electrical tests. POWER SEAT SWITCHPOWER SEAT ADJUSTER/MOTORS To check the power seat switch, remove the switch Operate the power seat switch to move all three from its mounting position. Use an ohmmeter andseat motors. The seat should move in all directions. see Power Seat Switch Continuity chart. DetermineIf not OK, proceed as follows. If one or more motors if switch continuity is correct. If OK, see Power Seatoperate, see diagnosis for Power Seat Switch. Adjuster/Motors diagnosis. If not OK, replace faulty (1) Check circuit breaker 25 in the fuseblock mod-ule. If OK, go to next step. If not OK, replace circuit switch assembly.breaker. (2) Remove switch mounting screws and check forbattery voltage at red wire at switch connector. IfOK, go to next step. If not OK, repair wiring to cir-cuit breaker. POWER SEAT SWITCH CONTINUITY (LEFT)
  4. 4. 8R - 4 POWER SEATS ZJ SERVICE PROCEDURESPOWER SEAT SWITCH REMOVE/INSTALL (1) Disconnect battery negative cable. (2) Remove screws securing outboard seat sidetrim. (3) Pull seat trim away from side of seat farenough to access multiple terminal block on switch. (4) Carefully release locking tabs securing multipleterminal block to switch and remove wiring fromswitch. (5) Remove screws securing switch to back of seatside trim and remove switch. (6) Reverse removal procedures to install.POWER SEAT ADJUSTER/MOTORS REMOVE/INSTALL (1) Remove 2 screws and the rear track covers. (2) Remove 4 screws holding seat to floor pan (Fig.2). Move adjuster as required for access. (3) Disconnect wiring harness power lead at car-pet. (4) Remove seat assembly from vehicle. (5) Disconnect seat switch wiring harness from mo- Fig. 2 Power Seat Remove - Typicaltors. (6) Remove screws securing motor/adjuster assem-bly to seat frame (Fig. 3) and remove. (7) Reverse removal procedures to install. Tightenseat frame to motor/adjuster bolts and seat mountingbolts to 20 N⅐m (15 ft. lbs.). Fig. 3 Power Seat Motor/Adjuster - Typical