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  1. 1. ZJ TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS 8J - 1 TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS CONTENTS page pageDIAGNOSIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 SERVICE PROCEDURES ................... 4GENERAL INFORMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 GENERAL INFORMATION Following are general descriptions of the major the bottom of the glove box. The combination flashercomponents in the Grand Cherokee model turn signal can not be repaired. If faulty, it must be replaced.and hazard warning systems. Refer to Group 8W - The combination flasher is designed to handle theWiring Diagrams for complete circuit descriptions current flow requirements of the factory installedand diagrams. lighting. If supplemental lighting is added to the turn signal circuits such as when towing a trailerTURN SIGNAL SYSTEM with lights, the combination flasher will automati- With the ignition switch in the ON or ACCESSORY cally compensate. This allows the flash rate to re-position and the multi-function switch control lever main the same, regardless of electrical loadmoved up (right turn) or down (left turn), the turn increases. However, if a bulb fails in the turn signalsignal system is activated. or hazard warning circuits, the flash rate of the re- When the turn signal system is activated, the se- maining bulbs in that circuit will increase to 120lected (right or left) turn signal indicator lamp, front flashes per minute or higher.park/turn signal lamp and rear tail/stop/turn signallamp bulb filaments will flash. With the headlamp MULTI-FUNCTION SWITCHswitch in the OFF position, the turn and front side The multi-function switch assembly (Fig. 1) ismarker lamps flash in unison. With the headlamp mounted to the left side of the steering column. Thisswitch in the ON position, the turn and front side switch contains electrical circuitry for the followingmarker lamps flash alternately. functions: • turn signalsHAZARD WARNING SYSTEM • hazard warning The hazard warning is activated by a switch button • headlamp beam selectionlocated on the top of the steering column between the • headlamp optical hornsteering wheel and the instrument panel. The combi- • windshield wipersnation flasher receives battery feed at all times, and • windshield washers.the system is functional regardless of ignition switch The information contained in this group addressesposition. The hazard warning switch button is iden- only the switch functions for the turn signal and haz-tified with a double triangle. Push in on the switch ard warning circuits. For information relative tobutton to latch the switch and activate the hazard other switch functions, refer to the appropriatewarning system, and push in on the switch button group. However, the multi-function switch can not beagain to unlatch the switch and turn the system off. repaired. If any function of the switch is faulty, the When the hazard warning system is activated, all entire switch assembly must be replaced.(right and left) turn signal indicator, front park/turnsignal lamp and rear tail/stop/turn signal lamp bulb TURN SIGNAL INDICATOR LAMPSfilaments will flash. These lamps are located in the instrument cluster. They flash with the exterior turn signal lamps toCOMBINATION FLASHER give the driver a visual indication that a turn signal The combination flasher functions as both the turn or the hazard warning circuit is operating. For diag-signal and hazard warning flasher on Grand Chero- nosis and service of this component, refer to Groupkee models. The combination flasher is a smart relay 8E - Instrument Panel and Gauges.that is located in the relay center under a cover in
  2. 2. 8J - 2 TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS ZJ signal, and the rear tail/stop/turn signal. For diagno- sis and service of these lamps, refer to Group 8L - Lamps. Fig. 1 Multi-Function SwitchTURN SIGNAL LAMPS The exterior lamps included in the turn signal andhazard warning circuits include: the front park/turn DIAGNOSIS When diagnosing the turn signal or hazard warn- (4) With ignition switch in ON position, check foring circuits, remember that high generator output battery voltage at cavity for flasher terminal J1 (Fig.can burn out bulbs rapidly and repeatedly. If this is a 2). If OK, go to next step. If not OK, repair circuit toproblem on the vehicle being diagnosed, refer to ignition switch as required.Group 8A - Battery/Starting/Charging Systems Diag- (5) With ignition switch in OFF position, check fornostics to test charging system. battery voltage at cavity for flasher terminal J2. If OK, go to next step. If not OK, repair circuit to fuse-WARNING: ON VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH AN AIR- block module as required.BAG, REFER TO GROUP 8M - RESTRAINT SYS- (6) With ignition switch in OFF position, check forTEMS BEFORE ATTEMPTING STEERING WHEEL continuity between cavity for flasher terminal J5 andCOMPONENT DIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. FAILURE a good ground. There should be continuity. If OK, goTO TAKE PROPER PRECAUTIONS COULD RESULT to next step. If not OK, repair circuit to ground as re-IN ACCIDENTAL AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT AND POS- quired.SIBLE PERSONAL INJURY. (7) Locate the multi-function switch connector. See Multi-Function Switch, in this group. Check for con- tinuity between cavity for flasher terminal J3 andTURN SIGNAL/HAZARD WARNING SYSTEM cavity 13 of the multi-function switch connector. (1) Turn ignition switch to ON position. Actuate There should be continuity. If OK, go to next step. Ifthe turn signal lever or hazard warning button. Ob- not OK, repair open circuit as required.serve the turn indicator lamp(s) in the instrument (8) Check for continuity between cavity for flashercluster. If the flash rate is very high, check for a turn terminal J4 and cavity 17 of the multi-functionsignal bulb that is not lit. Replace that bulb or repair switch connector. There should be continuity. If OK,circuits to that lamp, as required. Test operation. If test multi-function switch. If not OK, repair open cir-turn indicator does not light, continue to next step. cuit as required. (2) Remove and inspect fuse 16 (turn signals) orfuse 3 (hazard warning) in fuseblock module. Replace MULTI-FUNCTION SWITCHfuse, if required. (1) Access multi-function switch connector and re- (3) Remove combination flasher from relay center move. See service procedures for Multi-Functionand replace with a known good unit. Test operation Switch, in this group.of turn signal and hazard warning systems. If OK, (2) Using an ohmmeter, perform switch continuityreplace faulty combination flasher. If not OK, remove checks at the switch terminals as shown in the charttest flasher and go to next step. (Fig. 3).
  3. 3. ZJ TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS 8J - 3 Fig. 2 Combination Flasher Circuit Fig. 3 Multi-Function Switch Continuity
  4. 4. 8J - 4 TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS ZJ SERVICE PROCEDURESWARNING: ON VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH AN AIR- (4) Remove 4 screws holding steering column trimBAG, REFER TO GROUP 8M - RESTRAINT SYS- panel (Fig. 5).TEMS BEFORE ATTEMPTING STEERING WHEELCOMPONENT DIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. FAILURETO TAKE PROPER PRECAUTIONS COULD RESULTIN ACCIDENTAL AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT AND POS-SIBLE PERSONAL INJURY.MULTI-FUNCTION SWITCH REMOVE/INSTALL (1) Disconnect battery negative cable. (2) Remove tilt lever (if equipped). (3) Remove both upper and lower shrouds from col-umn (Fig. 4). Requires removal of 3 screws (TorxT-20). Fig. 5 Steering Column Trim and Knee Blocker (5) Remove 6 screws holding knee blocker. (6) Remove steering column retaining nuts. (7) Lower steering column. (8) Remove multi-function switch tamper proof mounting screws (tamper proof Torx bit Snap-On TTXR20B2 or equivalent required). (9) Gently pull switch away from column. Loosen connector screw. The screw will remain in the con- nector (Figs. 6 and 7). Fig. 4 Steering Column Shrouds Remove/Install Fig. 6 Multi-Function Switch Connector
  5. 5. ZJ TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS 8J - 5 • steering column shroud screws - 1.9 N⅐m (17 in. lbs.). COMBINATION FLASHER REMOVE/INSTALL (1) Open glove box and remove 3 screws holding relay center cover (Fig. 9). Fig. 7 Steering Column Connectors(10) Remove wiring connector from multi-functionswitch (Fig. 8). Fig. 9 Relay Center Cover (2) Remove combination flasher (Fig. 10). Fig. 8 Multi-Function Switch (11) Reverse removal procedures to install. Tightenfasteners as follows:• multi-function switch connector screw - 1.9 N⅐m(17 in. lbs.)• multi-function switch retaining screws - 1.9 N⅐m Fig. 10 Combination Flasher(17 in. lbs.) (3) Align combination flasher pins with cavities in• steering column upper bracket nuts - 12 N⅐m (110 relay center and push flasher into place.in. lbs.) (4) Re-install relay center cover.