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AIGA Triad NC Student Overview


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This is an overview of the newest AIGA chapter, our history and how we're looking to engage more students and educators.

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AIGA Triad NC Student Overview

  1. 1. TriadNC
  2. 2. TriadNCHowdidwegethere?
  3. 3. TriadNC/Howdidwegethere?AIGA NationalFounded in 1914 as the American Institute of GraphicArts, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professionalmembership organization for design and is nowknown simply as “AIGA, the professional associationfor design.”
  4. 4. TriadNC/Howdidwegethere?AIGA in North CarolinaAIGA Raleigh:• Founded in 1986, currently 350 membersAIGA Charlotte:• Founded in 2000, currently 250 members
  5. 5. TriadNCWhy doesAIGA matter?
  6. 6. TriadNC/WhydoesAIGAmatter?AIGA matters because...It has a national footprint.• Founded in 1914 in New York City• Currently 66 chapters with 22,000+ members
  7. 7. TriadNC/WhydoesAIGAmatter?AIGA matters because...• Like politics, AIGA is local.• This is your creative community.• This is your chapter.• This is your way to network with other students.• This is your portal to the larger design communitiesof the state, region and nation.
  8. 8. TriadNC/WhydoesAIGAmatter?AIGA members get...• Discounts from Adobe, Apple, andShutterstock• Discounts for all major design magazines andRockport’s AIGA Design Bookshelf• Access to AIGA’s exclusive job board andmember portfolios• Health insurance discounts
  9. 9. TriadNCWhat canwe doforoneanother?
  10. 10. TriadNC/Whatcanwedoforoneanother?Conversation Starters• What programs would you like to see?• What creative thinkers would you like to meet?• What support would you like to have?• What organizations can we partner with?
  11. 11. TriadNCHowcan Ihelp?
  12. 12. TriadNC/HowcanIhelp?Chapter needs include...• You at our events! (hint-hint)• Serve on a committee!(especially events, communications and membership)• Start a student chapter!
  13. 13. TriadNCNext steps.
  14. 14. TriadNC/Nextsteps.Moving forward...• Spread the word!Visit our website: triadnc.aiga.orgLike our Facebook Page: AIGATriadNorthCarolinaJoin our LinkedIn Group: AIGA NC TriadFollow us on Twitter: @AIGATriadNC
  15. 15. Thank you!