FOUNDATION Fieldbus Moving Forward


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Roadmap and Overview of FOUNDATION fieldbus technology

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FOUNDATION Fieldbus Moving Forward

  1. 1. 07-May-1311© 2013 Fieldbus Foundation
  2. 2. 07-May-1322© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationSeminar Outline• We have some of the most knowledgeable fieldbuspeople here today, both presenting and in ouraudience. Use the opportunity to network and learn!• We have designed this seminar to provide a hands onperspective• Fieldbus doesn’t need to be difficult• Fieldbus can provide significant benefits throughoutthe plant lifecycle
  3. 3. 07-May-1333© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationThanks to our Sponsors !
  4. 4. 07-May-1344© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationWhy FOUNDATION Fieldbus?• Largest Installed Base• Fit for Purpose• End User Designed andSupported• More than a Network: AManaged Infrastructure• OPEN and ContinuouslyEvolving• Wide Range of Tested andRegistered Product• Training and Resources
  5. 5. 07-May-1355© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationMore Than a Network:a Managed Infrastructure• Function blocks enable control in the field, object oriented datamanagement
  6. 6. 07-May-1366© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationNumber One in Digital Communicationsfor Process Automation!Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services by Protocol(Source: ARC Advisory Group)
  7. 7. 07-May-1377© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationFOUNDATION Fieldbus Breaks the BillionDollar Barrier• Market for FOUNDATIONfieldbus products (excludingEPC and system integratorservices) exceed $1 billion in2012.• The installed base ofFOUNDATION fieldbus systemsand devices is over $6 billion• Celebrating 20 years in 2014!Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services(Source: ARC Advisory Group)
  8. 8. 07-May-1388© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationFit for Purpose, User Supported• FOUNDATION Fieldbus was Builtfrom the Ground Up forProcess Automation• We have the strongest enduser council of anycommunication protocol inprocess automation• Users continue to driveevolution in the standard• More users are addingFOUNDATION fieldbus to theirpurchase requirements
  9. 9. 07-May-1399© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationOpen and Continuously Evolvingo We are a truly open standardo We continue to add to ourspecificationo NAMUR NE 107 Diagnostics,advanced alarm handlingcapabilitieso FOUNDATION for ROMSpecification integrateswireless devices and remoteapplicationso We can adapt to newtechnologies as they comealongNAMUR NE107 Diagnostic Categories
  10. 10. 07-May-131010© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationWe Test & Register Everything from Cableto Host
  11. 11. 07-May-131111© 2013 Fieldbus Foundation• Users need to take a lifecycle perspective tounderstand the benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus• Defining the plant lifecycle• The importance of the FEED phase• Installation and Commissioning Benefits areConsiderable• Operations: Managing data for true distributedcontrol• Transforming maintenance and reducing cost• The importance of trainingThe Benefits of Fieldbus Throughoutthe Plant Lifecycle
  12. 12. 07-May-131212© 2013 Fieldbus Foundation• If you are planning on installing fieldbus, itbehooves you to take a lifecycleperspective• Many users focus on the installation andcommissioning phase and achieving faststartup, but only then do they considerhow to get the most out of the technologyin operations and maintenance domain• One phase of the lifecycle affects the next.Adopting a Lifecycle Perspective Helpsyou Realize the Benefits
  13. 13. 07-May-131313© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationDefining the Plant Lifecycle
  14. 14. 07-May-131414© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationAutomation is a Small Percentage ofTotal Project Costs, But a Big Influence
  15. 15. 07-May-131515© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationThe Importance of Early Involvement inthe FEED Phase• The Success of Your Operations & Maintenance StrategyDepends on the FEED Phase• Fieldbus and its impact should be considered in this phase,where it can create a more powerful return on investment
  16. 16. 07-May-131616© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationCost Reductions: Engineering & Design• Significant cost savingscan be achieved in theengineering and designphase• “The Death of the LoopDrawing”: “Some arefinding it easier to maketheir segment diagramson DCS graphics, anduse the DCS database toself-document all theways a given variable isinterconnected.
  17. 17. 07-May-131717© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationCost Reductions in Engineering andDesign can be SignificantSource: AlcanSource: TotalFina Elf
  18. 18. 07-May-131818© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationReduced Engineering Means FasterTime to Startup
  19. 19. 07-May-131919© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationInstallation and CommissioningBenefits are Considerable• We talk a lot about faster time to startup, butFOUNDATION fieldbus also allows you to dealwith project changes more effectively, andmanage delays in preceding phases of theproject better• Avoid shutdowns during performance runs• Faster time to startup can provide a return onthe automation investment
  20. 20. 07-May-132020© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationAn Example of Installation CostReductionsSource: Tecnimont 2009
  21. 21. 07-May-132121© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationAn Example of Commissioning CostReductionsSource: Tecnimont 2009
  22. 22. 07-May-132222© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationDrastic Reduction in CommissioningTimes• Reduce yourcommissioningtime by up to 50percent.• What used to take2 hours per devicefor two technicianscan be done in 25minutes with onetechnician.
  23. 23. 07-May-132323© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationOperations: FunctionalExpansionNEW!
  24. 24. 07-May-132424© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationHow FOUNDATION Fieldbus can Help ReduceEnergy Costs• An Ideal Solution for PredictiveMaintenance on Key EnergyRelated Assets Like HeatExchangers, BurnerManagement Systems• Clean Heat Exchangers Beforethey Choke Beyond Limit• Tighter Control of Fan/DamperActuators• Unparalleled EfficiencyMonitoring• Monitor & Define Optimal Zoneof Operation for EquipmentEnergy Consumption (Trillion Btu)PetroleumChemicalsPaperPrimaryMetalsFood ProcessingNonmetallicMineralsTobacco/BeveragesFurnitureLeather Machinery and ComputersWoodTransportationFabricated MetalsTextiles/ApparelPlastics/RubberElectricalPrintingMiscellaneous110100100010 100 1000 10000EnergyIntensity(ThousandBtu/$GDP)Energy-IntensiveIndustriesIndustrial Energy Intensity vs. Energy ConsumptionMiningSource: US Department of Energy
  25. 25. 07-May-132525© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationReduce Unplanned Shutdowns• Unplanned Shutdown Accounts for 5 Percentof Production in the Process Industries• One Unplanned Shutdown can Wipe Out yourEntire Plant Profit for the Year• Field Diagnostics Provide AdvanceKnowledge of Impending Problems• FOUNDATION technology enables trulydistributed and deterministic controls whichare designed to function regardless of hostissues
  26. 26. 07-May-132626© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationCustomer Experience: CIF ReducesUnplanned ShutdownFOUNDATION™ FieldbusCIF with inherent backup capabilityprevented 2 incorrect plantshutdowns, which would haveresulted from communicationinterruptions.
  27. 27. 07-May-132727© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationFieldbus for New Projects and Modernization• According to ARC, theinstalled base of processautomation systemsreaching the end of theiruseful life is $65 billion.Most of these are 20years old or older.• FOUNDATION Fieldbus isbeing chosen by moremajor end users as theybegin to modernize theirinstalled base.• Users want to avoid afunctional replacement.Nobody Wants to Replace this with“More of the Same”
  28. 28. 07-May-132828© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationModernizing with FOUNDATION Fieldbus:from Refineries to Nuclear Plants
  29. 29. 07-May-132929© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationFOUNDATION for ROM Device Consolidates DiagnosticData from Different Networks….ConventionalI/OWirelessHARTH1 HARTI/OISA100.11aDiagnostic&InstrumentDataDiagnostic&InstrumentDataDiagnostic&InstrumentDataDiagnostic&InstrumentDataDiagnostic&I/O DataFOUNDATION Infrastructure for Data Management and Diagnostic InformationFOUNDATION for ROM DeviceTransducerBlocksTransducerBlocksTransducerBlocksTransducerBlocks
  30. 30. 07-May-133030© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationManaging Diagnostic Data from Multiple Networks ina Single Infrastructure• Easier audit trail and reporting• Data is time-stamped• FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices canindicate data quality -- whether signalscommunicating setpoints, PVs, etc.have good, bad or uncertain quality.• Structured data and data qualitymeans improved handling of failureswhen one does happen.• Failure is alarmed, handled by controlalgorithm
  31. 31. 07-May-133131© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationReduced Maintenance Costs0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%RoutinecheckNoProblemCalibrationshiftZero Off PluggedlinesFailed35%28%20%6% 6%4%Source: Shell Global Solutions63% of maintenance laborresults in no action!!
  32. 32. 07-May-133232© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationReduced Maintenance Costs• 40% of Mfg. Cost is Maintenance• 50% of Maintenance Is Corrective• Corrective is 10 times More CostlyThan Preventative Maintenance• Preventative Maintenance is Done25% of Time and is 5 Times Morecostly Than Predictive Maintenance• 60% of Preventative Maintenance isUnnecessary
  33. 33. 07-May-133333© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationThe Benefits of Predictive Maintenance areDocumented
  34. 34. 07-May-133434© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationThink all Networks Offer the SameDiagnostics? Think again.• More Diagnostics, withbetter granularity• Better Management ofDiagnostic Data• Data Quality and reliability• Severity of DiagnosticConditions per NE 107
  35. 35. 07-May-133535© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationISA108 Provides Necessary Work Processesfor Proactive and Predictive Maintenance3
  36. 36. 07-May-133636© 2013 Fieldbus FoundationSummary• You can realize significant lifecycle cost benefits with FOUNDATIONfieldbus• Fieldbus is different, not difficult• Remember, the right partner, training and work processes are thekeys to success
  37. 37. 07-May-133737© 2013 Fieldbus Foundation