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06 fieldbus foundation training media day presentation final


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06 fieldbus foundation training media day presentation final

  1. 1. November 20111 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  2. 2. Outline• FOUNDATION Certified Training• Developer Training• Open Resources November 20112 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  3. 3. Foundation Certified Training Partner Program• Certified End User Training Sites, Instructors, Curriculum.• Training sites, curriculum, and instructors are all audited to meet program requirements.• Training centers are required to maintain multiple FOUNDATION fieldbus hosts and devices onsite.• Course material must adhere to set instructional standards.• Look for the FCTP Logo November 2011 3 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  4. 4. Eight Certified Training Centers with More on the Way November 20114 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  5. 5. Why Certified Training?• Many sources of training are available in the marketplace• Very few are audited and certified to ensure that they adhere to a set of standards• This is not a two day course or online video• We are serious about training! November 20115 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  6. 6. End User Training: Three Levels• FOUNDATION Certified Professional: geared towards engineers, designers, main instrumentation controls contractor, and startup and commissioning specialists wanting to increase their knowledge base of design, planning, and implementation of FOUNDATION systems.• FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist: sales professionals, end user management, and plant operating staff wanting to be knowledgeable enough to communicate intelligently about FOUNDATION technology.• FOUNDATION Certified Technical Specialist: Maintenance technicians, supervisors, and contract service support specialists who install, maintain, repair/replace and troubleshoot FOUNDATION systems. November 2011 6 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  7. 7. Developer Training: Introduction to FOUNDATION fieldbus • The vendor-neutral "Introduction to Foundation Fieldbus” course is for developers, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of Foundation technology. • Course teaches basic concepts and new terminology related to the Foundation integrated architecture. New terminology, key strategies for wiring and installation of a fieldbus network. Special emphasis is placed on design issues like power requirements, device types and topologies. • Review of function blocks and the applications that characterize a Foundation device. November 20117 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  8. 8. Developer Training: Introduction to FOUNDATION fieldbus November 20118 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  9. 9. Developer Training: Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus • "Advanced Principles of Foundation Fieldbus" is designed for manufacturers and developers of Foundation hardware and software. The course is best suited for development engineers, test engineers, and all who wish to understand the detailed inner workings of a Foundation device. • The “In-Depth” stuff. Complete overview of FOUNDATION fieldbus infrastructure and understanding of the technical specification. November 20119 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  10. 10. Developer Training: Advanced Principles November 201110 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  11. 11. Developer Training Schedule Course Location Date Introduction to Foundation Austin, TX, USA February 28, 2012 Fieldbus Advanced Principles of Austin, TX, USA February 29 – March 2, Foundation Fieldbus 2012 Introduction to Foundation Frankfurt, Germany May 8, 2012 Fieldbus Advanced Principles of Frankfurt, Germany May 9-11, 2012 Foundation Fieldbus Introduction to Foundation Austin, TX, USA August 7, 2012 Fieldbus Advanced Principles of Austin, TX, USA August 8-10, 2012 Foundation Fieldbus Introduction to Foundation Frankfurt, Germany November 6, 2012 Fieldbus Advanced Principles of Frankfurt, Germany November 7-9, 2012 Foundation Fieldbus November 201111 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  12. 12. End User Training: Seminars November 201112 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  13. 13. End User Training: Seminars November 201113 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  14. 14. Sales Force Training: Seminars November 201114 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  15. 15. System Engineering Guide AG-181 November 201115 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  16. 16. James O. Gray Scholarship Fund• The James O. Gray – Fieldbus Foundation Scholarship Fund, founded in 2003, honors Jim Gray, an engineer and lifelong practitioner in the Instrumentation, Automation, and Systems industry.• Jim was a key contributor on the work to develop and establish FOUNDATION fieldbus™ technology.• Because of Jim’s significant and lasting contributions to the fieldbus community, the Fieldbus Foundation™ has established a scholarship endowment in his name.• Through the James O. Gray Endowment Fund, deserving students seeking a career in industrial automation will be awarded scholarships allowing them to pursue their educational goals. November 201116 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  17. 17. November 201117 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation