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[INFOGRAPHIC] Valentine's Day 2015 - Do-It-Yourself


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What do your loved ones really cherish as Valentine's Day gifts? Field Agent® asked 300 people what they're giving to their significant others on Valentine's Day this year. The majority chose traditional gifts like cards and candy. But 39% said they will give a handmade gift. Field Agent® dug deeper into the 39% to see what that meant... See the full insight explanation here:

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Valentine's Day 2015 - Do-It-Yourself

  1. 1. Interested in learning more? @FieldAgentInc | | PO Box 9568, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 Sign Up for Updates Visit our Blog Do-it-yourself VALENTINE’S DAY 2015 What do your loved ones really cherish as Valentine’s Day gifts? By using the Field Agent® app, we asked 300 people what they’re giving to their significant others on Valentine’s Day. The majority chose cards and candy. 39% said they will give a handmade gift for Valentine’s Day We dug deeper into the 39% to see what that meant... Why DIY? DIY Supplies 70%said it’s their personal preference Why did you choose to make a DIY gift? Intimate Personal Preference 57% 51% 45% Thoughtfulness Cost Quality Tradition “Because it adds an extra personal touch and level of thoughtfulness as opposed to store bought stuff. It shows you really care because you are willing to make an effort and dedicate time and focus to create something from the heart.” ~Leah from Milwaukee, Michigan Adhesives Markers Colored Paper Art Supplies Crayons Instruments / Tools Photos / Graphics Glitter Paint Stickers Ribbon / Lace Camera 41% 34% 30% 28% 25% 23% 20% 19% Picture Frames 15% 25% 43% shop at a Mass Merchandiser Which will you use to make your DIY Valentine’s gift? Where will you purchase DIY materials? Which EDIBLE item will you make? 33% shop at an Arts & Crafts Chain Store 38%spend less than $10 on DIY Supplies Desserts Entree Cocktails Breakfast foods Snacks Soups / Salads Non-alcoholic Beverage 39%spend between $10-$25 on foods to make The saint of st. Valentine 62% prefer to receive a Handmade Gift rather than a Purchased Gift 71% keep cherished Valentine’s Day Gifts 97% Agree “It’s the thought that REALLY counts” Describe your perfect Valentine’s gift. “A collection of Bruno Mars concert memorabilia would be the perfect gift. Maybe an autographed item from Bruno Mars. A private concert would be the most perfect Valentine gift.” ~ Jenny from Canton, Georgia “The perfect gift is from the heart, no matter what it is!” ~Jamie from Richmond, Virginia “Something personal that I want but would not buy for myself.” ~Bob from Columbus, Ohio 52%of FEMALES will make a DIY gift 25%of MALES will make a DIY gift