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Summer Vacation Insights 2015 Infographic


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Field Agent recently surveyed 500 U.S. adults during, before, or just after their 2015 summer vacations. Here we present some of the compelling insights from this study as an attractive infographic. With sales projected to exceed $65 billion this year alone, companies have plenty of reasons to improve their sales and marketing to summer travelers. Start with these insights...and enjoy the trip.

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Summer Vacation Insights 2015 Infographic

  1. 1. Summer Vacation 2015 Families With Top 5 Summer Vacation Activities Swimming in the Ocean, Lake, etc. Swimming in a Pool Theme Parks / Zoos Shopping for Souvenirs Sightseeing Museums, Landmarks Shopping Swimming in the Ocean, Lake, etc. Sightseeing Museums, Landmarks Swimming in a Pool Nightlife Activities Average Miles traveled 1,486 Miles971 Miles primary mode of transportation Vacation Meal Plans 70%Automobile 25%Airplane 5%Other 86%Automobile 11%Airplane 3%Other 46% Mix of Restaurants and Own Preparation 34% 22% Mostly at Restaurants 29% 16% Exclusively at Restaurants 26% 15% Own Preparation 11% 1% Exclusively Own Preparation 1% Average Cost of Vacation Credit Card usage Top 4 vacation values Top 11 Destination STates Most popular stores for vacation supplies $1,538$1,949 39%Charge 1-50% 22%Charge 51-99% 10%Charge 100% 30%Charge 0% 42%Charge 1-50% 17%Charge 51-99% 4%Charge 100% 37%Charge 0% Making Memories Rest and Relaxation Spending Time Together Entertainment / Pleasing Kids Rest and Relaxation Making Memories Discovering New Things Spending Time Together WALMART TARGET AMAZON 56% 22% 5% 47% 28% 7% Which store would your family be most likely to purchase most of its vacation supplies from this year? Florida California Nevada New York North Carolina South Carolina Pennsylvania Tennessee Illinois Texas Colorado 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Florida California North Carolina Georgia Tennessee South Carolina Illinois Nevada Texas Virginia Alabama KIDS vs. vs. vs. Families Without KIDS A Mobile Research Study by Field Agent 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 Approximately what percentage of your summer vacation expenditures this year will be put on a credit card or otherwise purchased on credit? Interested in learning more? @FieldAgentInc | Visit our Blog Utilizing mobile technology and crowdsourcing, Field Agent recently surveyed 500 U.S. adults via the Field Agent app to determine important differences between families vacationing with kids and famillies without kids. Contact us