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A Guide to Traction


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A great overview of the book "Traction" written by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

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A Guide to Traction

  1. 1. Traction A Startup Guide To Getting Customers Written By: Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares By: Fianna McClain
  2. 2. What Is TRACTION " Anyways?!? u Sign that your business is taking off u  Quantitative evidence of customer demand u  Growth u The pursuit of Traction is what defines a Startup
  3. 3. Find the channel that is best for your business, it is very likely that one channel is optimal for you!!" Step 1: Brainstorm Step 2: Rank Step 3: Prioritize Step 4: Test Step 5: Focusing Step 6: Repeat, if Necessary  
  4. 4. Every Startup Has A Product, Not Every Startup Has Enough Customers “The number one reason that we pass on entrepreneurs we’d otherwise like to back is they’re focusing on product to the exclusion of everything else.”-Marc Andreessen
  5. 5. There are 19 TRACTION Channels That You Need to Know About!! 1.) Viral Marketing        11.) Targeting Blogs 2.) Public Relations      12.) Business Development 3.) Unconventional PR    13.) Sales 4.) Search Engine Marketing  14.) Affiliate Programs 5.) Social and Display Ads      15.) Existing Platforms 6.) Offline Ads          16.) Trade Shows 7.) Search Engine Optimization    17.) Offline Events 8.) Content Marketing      18.) Speaking Engagements 9.) Email Marketing        19.) Community Building 10.) Engineering as Marketing
  6. 6. Viral Marketing We Use Viral Marketing!! The Shorter, The Better o  The process of getting your existing users to refer others to your product o  Creates true exponential growth o  Successful viral strategy involves constant testing, measurement, and trying new things
  7. 7. Public Relations v  Gain Traction Through Traditional Media v  Get On Traditional Media Via Smaller Blogs v  Build Relationship With Pertinent Reporter
  8. 8. Unconventional PR Publicity Stunt Customer  Appreciation  
  9. 9. Search Engine Marketing Generate Instant Results Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google, Yahoo! and Bing Constantly Be Testing!! Ad Copy Keywords Demographic Targeting Landing Pages CPC Bids
  10. 10. Social & Display Ads Goal Of Social Ads Is Awareness-Orientated. Purchase Takes Place Further Down The Line. Allow You To Reach A Very Broad Audience Since Display Ads Are Present On Most Sites On The Internet.
  11. 11. Of2line  Ads   More Money Is Spent On Offline Ads Than Online Ads!! Use Coupon Codes To Measure Effectiveness!!
  12. 12. Search Engine Optimization Improve Your Ranking In Search Engines And Get More People To Your Site.
  13. 13. Content Marketing Use Blogs To Educate And Reach Your Customers By Creating Quality Content.
  14. 14. Email Marketing •  Acquire Customers. •  Build Familiarity With Prospects. •  Move Customers Through Your Funnel. •  Retain The Customers You Already Have. •  Personal Traction Channel. The More Personal, The Better. •  Email Can Be Used At All Stages Of The Customer Lifecycle.
  15. 15. Engineering As Marketing ²  Create Simple Ways To Engage Potential Customers That Naturally Lead ToYour Main Offering. ²  Make Useful Tools To Generate Leads and ExpandYour Customer Base.
  16. 16. Targeting Blogs Best Tools To Find New Blogs Search Engines You Tube Delicious Twitter Social Mention Talk To People Works Best At The Beginning Stages And Is Not Infinitely Scalable-Good Way To Get Your First Users  
  17. 17. ExchangeValue Through Partnerships To Reach Customers In A Way That Benefits Both Parties.
  18. 18. Sales Good For Products That Require Interpersonal Interaction Before A Purchase-Often An Expensive One.
  19. 19. Affiliate Programs Main Traction Channel For Many Ecommerce Stores Retail Affiliate Programs Will Use q  Coupon/Deal Sites q  Loyalty Programs q  Aggregators q  Email Lists q  Vertical Sites
  20. 20. Existing Platforms Use An Existing Platform To Reach Potential Customers And Gain Traction!! ü  App Stores ü  Browser Extensions ü  Social Media ü  Newer Platforms
  21. 21. Set Up Meetings With People, Before The Event, So ThatYou Can Actually Meet With The PeopleYou Want To Meet With. u Editors Of Online And Offline Magazines u Bloggers You Like u Existing Customers u Potential Customers u YourVendors u Your Competition u Potential Partners
  22. 22. q  Offline Events Give You The Opportunity To Engage Directly With Potential Customers About Their Problems. q  Works Well When Your Target Customers Do Not Have A Place Online To Congregate. q  Effective For Startups With Long Sales Cycles.
  23. 23. Community Building Build A Strong Community By Creating, Cultivating And Empowering Evangelists For Your Product. If People Are Passionate About What You Offer Then They Will Likely Assist In Other People Becoming Passionate Too.