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Jennifer Sable Lopez (Moz) - How To Make SEO An Integral Part Of Your Online Community Strategy


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Jenn Lopez from Moz explains how you can online community managers can master SEO. Learn great tips to improve your community's SEO ranking - specifically, how to use social media tools and new platforms.

Published in: Social Media
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Jennifer Sable Lopez (Moz) - How To Make SEO An Integral Part Of Your Online Community Strategy

  1. 1. How to Make SEO an Integral Part of your Community Strategy Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita
  2. 2. How many times per day do you search?
  3. 3. How many times per day do you search?
  4. 4. What do you search for?
  5. 5. What do you search for?
  6. 6. What’s after search?
  7. 7. You click the link Oh! An online community.
  8. 8. And then another… Looks like I can search!
  9. 9. An internal search? Looks like I can search!
  10. 10. This is what I want! Just what I was hoping for
  11. 11. How do you find it again? This looks similar, but not the same. Actually… This is better! *click*
  12. 12. 3.5 billion + Google searches/day
  13. 13. 46,042 searches in just one second
  14. 14. People search with specific intent.
  15. 15. Make sure your community can be easily found.
  16. 16. How can a Community Manager do that?
  17. 17. How can a Community Manager do that? We’ll start with keywords!
  18. 18. Knowing the language your community uses is a win-win!
  19. 19. You create the right content.
  20. 20. You create the right content. They find it.
  21. 21. You create the right content. They find it. Everyone wins!
  22. 22. Keyword Research @jennita #FBSprint
  23. 23. Check on-site searches @jennita #FBSprint
  24. 24. Google Suggest Start with a simple search @jennita #FBSprint
  25. 25. Google Suggest Capture all these suggested keywords in a spreadsheet@jennita #FBSprint
  26. 26. Google Suggest Then click on one to get more suggestions @jennita #FBSprint
  27. 27. Google Suggest Keep doing this @jennita #FBSprint
  28. 28. Google Suggest Until you’ve got… @jennita #FBSprint
  29. 29. Google Suggest 50 or so keywords you can dive into @jennita #FBSprint
  30. 30. @jennita #FBSprint
  31. 31. @jennita #FBSprint
  32. 32. Followerwonk @jennita #FBSprint
  33. 33. Now, put those keywords into action!
  34. 34. Create a spreadsheet @jennita #FBSprint
  35. 35. Test them on social first @jennita #FBSprint
  36. 36. Test them on social first @jennita #FBSprint
  37. 37. Focus your blog posts @jennita #FBSprint
  38. 38. Synonyms are good @jennita #FBSprint
  39. 39. Where matters also @jennita #FBSprint
  40. 40. Do this in forums too @jennita #FBSprint Those keywords in discussions are great
  41. 41. They can rank well! @jennita #FBSprint Yes, that is Moz ranking higher than Google. :)
  42. 42. Longtail keywords FTW @jennita #FBSprint This ranks first
  43. 43. Longtail keywords FTW @jennita #FBSprint This… does not. Would *you* ever search for that?
  44. 44. I’m feeling good about keywords. What’s next?
  45. 45. Ahh… links. I’m feeling good about keywords. What’s next?
  46. 46. Links are best when earned and not built.
  47. 47. Links are best when earned and not built. So make it super dumb easy.
  48. 48. Make sure the content is working well on its own. keyword-targeting-onpage-optimization
  49. 49. Let’s look at this post @jennita
  50. 50. How it looks in search Pretty photo!! @jennita #FBSprint 449 calories!! Enticing description!
  51. 51. And on Facebook @jennita #FBSprint
  52. 52. What about Twitter? @jennita #FBSprint
  53. 53. Boom. Pinterest. @jennita #FBSprint
  54. 54. Overall experience? That content is making sharing so easy! J @jennita #FBSprint
  55. 55. How can I do that? @jennita #FBSprint
  56. 56. Start with Open Graph
  57. 57. How Open Graph works @jennita On-Page Title + Title Tag! Title When Shared on FB! @jennita #FBSprint
  58. 58. Open Graph code ! <!-- Open Graph data -->! <meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />! ! <meta property="og:type" content="article" />! ! <meta property="og:url" content="" />! ! <meta property="og:image" content=" image.jpg" />! ! <meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" />! ! @jennita #FBSprint
  59. 59. Facebook Debugger! @jennita #FBSprint
  60. 60. If your page isn’t showing up properly in FB! @jennita #FBSprint Facebook Debugger
  61. 61. Use the FB Debugger to re-cache!! @jennita #FBSprint Facebook Debugger
  62. 62. Next up, Twitter Cards
  63. 63. Regular Text Tweet Snooze... @jennita #FBSprint
  64. 64. Summary Card (default) Community WIN @jennita #FBSprint
  65. 65. Summary Card Large Image Community @jennita #FBSprint The winningest!
  66. 66. Twitter Card code ! <!-- Twitter card data -->! <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary">! ! <meta name="twitter:site" content="@twitterhandle">! ! <meta name="twitter:creator" content="@AuthorTwitter”> ! ! <meta name="twitter:title" content=”Title specific to Twitter – short works great!">! ! <meta name="twitter:description" content=”Remember this is being shared on Twitter, make it enticing to the FB user.">! ! <meta name="twitter:image" content=”image URL for the image you want to display">! ! @jennita #FBSprint
  67. 67. Twitter Card Validator! @jennita #FBSprint
  68. 68. Add your site @jennita #FBSprint
  69. 69. Twitter Card Analytics @jennita #FBSprint
  70. 70. Wait. What does social sharing have to do with search?
  71. 71. The first few days are key to gaining momentum…
  72. 72. It usually starts with social shares.
  73. 73. Create a great resource
  74. 74. Get lots of social shares @jennita #FBSprint
  75. 75. Shared with authority @jennita #FBSprint
  76. 76. Of varying degrees @jennita #FBSprint
  77. 77. Lots of people see it @jennita #FBSprint
  78. 78. Get mentions across web @jennita #FBSprint
  79. 79. Earn lots of links @jennita #FBSprint
  80. 80. With varying anchor text @jennita #FBSprint The words used to link to the content
  81. 81. From high authority sites Page Authority
  82. 82. Rank #1 in Google! @jennita #FBSprint
  83. 83. Got it. But what if we already have a bunch of links *and* social shares?
  84. 84. Got it. But what if we already have a bunch of links? Ok. Let’s make sure they’re working!
  85. 85. Find & fix broken links @jennita #FBSprint
  86. 86. Open Site Explorer - Top Pages These pages return 404 page not found error. @jennita #FBSprint
  87. 87. Any low-hanging fruit? This one has 31 links from 7 different websites @jennita #FBSprint
  88. 88. Ok, this one looks easy! This page, links to instead of @jennita #FBSprint
  89. 89. Send the author an email Hi! Would you mind fixing this link? Thanks! @jennita #FBSprint
  90. 90. Go back and fix the next one! Another page with several good backlinks @jennita #FBSprint
  91. 91. Then temporary redirects These pages do a 302 (temporary) redirect. You want a 301 (permanent) redirect instead. @jennita #FBSprint
  92. 92. Then temporary redirects Holy shmoly! This page has 424 links from 134 different sites. @jennita #FBSprint
  93. 93. Then temporary redirects Simply changing this 302 to a 301 will help increase your authority. @jennita #FBSprint
  94. 94. Email your dev right away Hi! Can you fix this from 302s to 301? It will help us show up in Google better. Cool. I’ll get that on my list to change. Will let you know when it’s done! @jennita #FBSprint
  95. 95. Let’s talk a bit about evergreen content.
  96. 96. Use same URL over & over @jennita #FBSprint We do this every two years
  97. 97. @jennita #FBSprint It continues to earn social shares Use same URL over & over
  98. 98. Keep earning links! @jennita #FBSprint Because we don’t change the current URL
  99. 99. Keep earning links! @jennita #FBSprint And we keep earning links each year it gets updated
  100. 100. Keep earning links! @jennita #FBSprint 355 links in the past 60 days… and it’s 3 years old!
  101. 101. Keep earning links! @jennita #FBSprint All of which helps give this page super high page authority
  102. 102. Which helps you rank better @jennita #FBSprint Oh, hai! That’s Moz.
  103. 103. Whew. What’s next?
  104. 104. Whew. What’s next? Can Google crawl my site?
  105. 105. Screaming Frog
  106. 106. Moz Analytics @jennita #FBSprint
  107. 107. q  Integrate keyword research & optimization q  Longtail FTW q  Set up Open Graph + Twitter cards for easy sharing q  Social assists Search q  Fix links to increase authority q  Remember evergreen content q  Run checks for crawlability q  Make friends with your SEO & dev! Checklist
  108. 108. Integrate SEO into your Community Strategy.
  109. 109. Because your community is searching for you. SEO + Community =
  110. 110. Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita !! Thank You
  111. 111. Ø  Google History Lookup Ø  Google Suggest Ø Ø  Followerwonk Ø  Open Site Explorer Ø  Open Graph Ø  Facebook Debugger Ø  Twitter Cards Ø  Screaming Frog Spider Ø  Moz Analytics Tools Mentioned
  112. 112. Ø  Beginner’s Guide to SEO Ø  7 Advanced SEO Concepts Ø  Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting targeting-onpage-optimization Resources