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The Ultimate Guide to TomorrowWorld

Many hours of work went into creating this awesome guide to TomorrowWorld. Pulled from experiences over the last 3 years, we cover everything you need to know.

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The Ultimate Guide to TomorrowWorld

  1. 1. Eesaflaamzi EDM Festivals and More THE ULTIMATE GUIDE I I , To 11 I . ll TOMORRO rworato , I Here's everything that you need to know before you get to Tomorrowworld ' T’: II‘ ‘_ . -‘ » I »_ , 2015 in Atlanta, GA. Hit the button below to send me a message, so that we cm __ I "E ‘ I 7 meet up at Tomorrowworld. I'll be camping in Dreamville. Look for the guy .4 . - A - . , s, T . i g. » with the Glitter Hawk. ' ' I " ' 13¢ . | I at ‘ . - . . -‘S! ' . . ALL YOU I . l;D TO KNOW ' Meet with FestGuru at Tomorrovlworld Tamorrowworld 2015 In Atlanta, GA Starts Tomorrow Get the Festival Packing List
  2. 2. omorrowor I race 9 This bracelet, /ticket is your key to happiness. click on the pic to find out more. omorrowor - es Iva Hours While the festival goes for .3 | c=i‘. g time Tomorrowworld does close. Find out when the madneas begins. omorrowwor - Loc ers Keep your valuables safe at Tomorrovvworld in these lockers. Plus here‘s how to recharge your electronics at the festival. CODYHQM 2015 Pearls? What are Those Technology has made cash redundant. Learn about the Tomorrowworld Pearls so you're not redundant too. I irections to omorrowworld . , dd-‘es F cliffe" get to T01T: Ol'l'£Ilv'v. ‘W"L . d l‘i E‘ Al in 5 1 r omorrowwor - Line U an Dont miss your favorite artist at Toniorrowvl/ orld. Here's the set times for them. Mlps I/ www iestguru com/ nnps llwww leslguru comlul| ImaIe—2DI5—| omcrvowworIdJgu>de/ I 've been to EDC . I ‘Ive been to Ultra. I 've even been to Ibiza. But Ijust want you to know. Tomorrou'WorId. Tomorrowworld beats them all. Sami Jam
  3. 3. ,ul'l! l5 ‘| ‘lil'Il§#. lTl! Iii Tomorrowworld Bracelet Tomorrowworld Festival Hours Tomorrowworld Lockers Pearls? What are Those Directions to Tomorrowworld Tomorrowworld Line Up and Set Times Ultimate Tomorrowworld Guide rmps irwww leslguru comluIlImaIe—2DI5—IomorvowworIdJg| i>de/ Ultimate Tomorrowworld Guide Here's what to expect: Getting to Dreamville Inside Dreamville What is The Gathering? Late night Dreamville at'5aTomcrrowWor - Day 1 e. Entering To morrowworld Tomorrowworld Seturity Ur ent Announcement About Tomorrowworld. Tomorrowworld Bracelet Activation Tomorrowworld Pearls cashless S stem omorrowwor - Ma o Festiva Grouns 2015 Tomorrowwor - Festive Hours 2015 Tomorrowworld Dreamville Hours 2015TomorrowWor - Directions Driving Directions to Tomorrowworld KISS AND RIDE: ornorrowworlcl Lockers 2015 Tomorrowworld Line Up and Set Times Tomorrowworld Costumes l , . . Essentia Tomorrowwo - B 4:: Posts Tomorrowworld 2015 Need Some Motivational Tomorrowworld Music? ITS YOU! ’ Tum KISS 8. RIDE: Off Site Parking + Drop Off/ Pick Up. UBER . ~Taxi Address: Tomorrowwor - 2015 S utt es AIRPORT SHUTTLES FOR DREAMVILLE ATTENDEES AIRPORT HOTEL SHUTTLES EMORY UNIVERSITY THE IVY BUCKHEAD What can ou tell me about where Tomorrowworld is held? Will there be food available to eat? Pearls? How expensive are pearls and what do they buy? I heard that there's a restaurant at Tomorrowworld. What's Tomorrowworld iike? Will I have fun? Conyvigrii ZUIS Mlps / /www iesiduni com!
  4. 4. Urgent Announcement About Tomorrowworld. Tomorrowworld 2015 I Tomorrowworld LIVE A '> ( ‘ W ' ‘_'/ 3 ‘I ' D- 25 - 26- 27 SEPTEMBER 7:00 PM — I200 AM EST TOMORROWWORLDIOM ®<
  5. 5. mips irwww Ieslguru comlul| ImaIe—2UI5—| omorroiwworIdgu>0e/ 778 T00? imii. 1l. or. ' ‘ br'eCe. v‘e: timers: !. ".ve. -Kr", :nfi. =;‘p: iie5.' Tomorrowworld Bracelet Activation Yciui’ Bracelet >2 yc>ui'pei5oi1al ticket into Tomoi'i‘owWoi'| d. Before you arrive at the festival, V, /OLI slwoulcl register youi bi aceletfticlxet. After registering your ticket. it can only be used by WDLJ Aclclitioiialiy, the TOl'77Ol'l’O'. -’iVCH’lCl bracelet w“l allow you to bLiyl‘ood, Ll| l|’l-"; .£1l‘ICl n‘ei'r_liai1cli: .e ersidetlwe event. They vendors will not accept ea; .§. la. .. 20.5. Mlps/ /www Vestguni com/ 5
  6. 6. Tomorrowworld Pearls Cashless System Continuing the same methods as the previous years. the Tomorrowworld pearl is the currency for the cashless system. You will need to pre—register your bracelet and then purchase the pearls with a credit card. l Don't worry if you don't have enough pearls. you'll be able to reload them at the varrous booths around the festival grounds. Also. ifyou load too much rnoneyonw: r '-racc l~: y: l I be zit}: 1:» rec At: ll. i a refund at week or two after the fest l. « over l Get Tomorrowworld Pearls l , ~. _ _v - _. ,_—_: _v-65‘: Tomorrowworld pearls are the cunency for the cash/ ess fomorrowwarid
  7. 7. nnps / Iwww teslguvu com/ uIlImaIe—2U|5—| omcrrowworId4|M1e/ TomorrowWorld Map of Festival Grounds This is a map of the Tomorrowworld grounds. Clicking on the image will also let you download a Hi—Rez version ofthe map. @ . «=1: «-~ . i, l A . ... mun nmu -.1. urns mu. u @ , E l . mm- 11 main © _ WW V ' . . . m 4 u. .. Hun "‘- : '.'l" . A nu‘s. .‘u . u,. '-uym. lln_. Nr ‘yr uz-U . . ‘ Q , _ H . H ~A-"M x. ..-. ... i,. . ‘ ‘ n In 1 Illr ' > ‘ - 0 ¥_ ¢i-: .mr- . uuuq . -n-«mu . my . _ G _ , ,_m, , . uin mun . mvmu: ‘ _ Map ofrhs Tamzi. --r0n‘lt’on‘d F stnval Groamds You can also download the W copyngm 2015 hllps Hwww leslgum com!
  8. 8. nnps / Iwww leslgmu comIullimaIe—20I5—| omorrowworId4u>oe/ 2015 Tomorrowworld Festival Hours -3 Friday. September 25th 12 pm - 1 am -3‘ Saturday. September 26,12 pm — lam -3' Sunday. September 27th 12 pm - 12am The entrance gates to Tomorrowworld are open until 10 pm. After 10 pm. you won‘t be allowed in at all until the next day. 2015 Tomorrowworld Dreamville Hours ': ' Thursday, September 24th 10 am Gates Open '3‘ Monday, September 28th. 2 pm Gates Close People who are camping onsite and have a Dreamville ticket may pass back and forth between the festival and the campgrounds from 12 pm to 10 pm each day. Additionally, you will be allowed to access your car in the parking lots. But the event is not a car camping event. so you will not be allowed to stay at your vehicle. Covvrigm 2015 Mlps / /www leslguru com/ 8
  9. 9. rmps / Iwww leslguvu com/ ulIIInaIe—2UI5—| omorrowworId4u>oe/ 2015 TomorrowWorld Directions Directions to Tomorrowworld 2015 are slightly different this year. Please read below to find out how to get to Tomorrowworld. £ii"1'll 4 [l'Il; i~; iEl@ln _ ‘F11IIMr’r'@! i'iYAl! gii"i! l Tomorrowworld is easily accessible for those of you traveling by car — it is locatedjust 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta and 20 minutes from the Atlanta International Airport. Please note the following: I TURN OFF YOUR GPS and follow our simple directions below or if you must use your GPS please use the GPS directions below. Following your GPS without using our directions will lead you to closed areas and make your trip take much longer On Site Parking: There are two major routes to the on site parking lots: I | ~20 West of Atlanta I | ~85 Southwest of Atlanta On l-20: Look for "EVENT" signs as you approach Douglasville. GA I Fairburn Road, Douglasville On l—85: If you are coming in from Atlanta or the Airport: |~85 South to Exit 69 > Follow signs for GA~14 S. Fulton Pkwy > Follow "E/ ENT“ or signs. GPS: 5 Fulton Pkwy. Fairburn. GA 30213 If you are coming in from Montgomery or South of event: I-85 North to Exit 64 : - Look for "EVENT" signs as you approach Peachtree City. GA. S Fulton Pkwy. Fairburn, GA 30213 The Tomorrowworld Directions were found on the official website. If you have problems with the , check the site out. copyngm 2015 lillps I/ www lsslgum com 9
  10. 10. PLEASE REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR TOMORROWWORLD PARKING PASS READY hltvs Ilwww leslgvvu comIulIImaIe—20I5—lomorrowworId-c| we/ KISS AND RIDE: If you are dropped off by a car or taxi. if you take a UBER to the festival site, or if you come in a chartered bus. you must be dropped off at our Kiss & Ride drop off point. lfyou drive directly to the festival you will be turned away. If you purchased an OFF SITE parking pass, you must follow the below directions in order to guarantee your quickest entrance into the festival. The Kiss and Ride zone is just 2 miles from Tomorrowworld and complimentary shuttles Wlll take you from the Kiss and Ride to the festival and back 24 hours a day. After the festival. you can be picked up at the same location. KISS & RIDE: Off Site Parking + Drop Off/ Pick Up, UBER + Taxi Address: 5514-5676 Campbellton Redwine Road Palmetto, GA 30268 The Kiss 6‘. Ride location and the off—site parking lot are only accessible via South Fulton Parkway west of A t/ anta. Please follow the directions below to ensure the best travel experience. >> Take your most convenient route to South Fulton Parkway (Spur 14) >> On I-285 south. take exit 620:1 I-85 south >> or on I-285 west take exit 14 >> and then follow the signs at the interchange of I-285 and I-85 towards South Fulton Parkway (Spur 14). >> If you miss the exit for South Fulton Parkway. take I-85 south and you will be directed to take a right off I-85 before you get to Newnan. GA. » Oh°‘l’—'S'5’h'I5orth. take Exit 64. And follow "EVENT" signs as you approadl’PP’§’. %”éfi‘t‘l‘e°é"Eity. GA. 1"
  11. 11. hl’-D5 Imwwleslaitu comluihlnalelfll iwmovrowwondauidel Downtown Atlanta AN «L. lntom mom! Auger! Downtown Atlanta Aihnu lrsitrrvl-on-ll ‘Hyatt TamorrowWor1d2015 Driving Directions and Dmp Off Points Covvnahl Z015 mm. /Iwww leslaurumml 11
  12. 12. rmps llwvwv leslguru comlu| |ImaIe—2U|5—| omorrowworId4:uK! e/ Tomorrowworld 2015 Shuttles If you're local to the Atlanta/ Chattahoochee Hills area you can catch a shuttle from the airport or downtown at the aLoft or Westin Hotels. There are many different shuttle options. to fit all types of travel arrangements and situations AIRPORT SHUTTLES FOR DREAMVILLE ATTENDEES 3. Arrive Thursday. return to the airpinvt or Sl, ll‘ilC‘.3V afternoon at 3 Div‘: .3’erfect for th:3:—. u ’ h: ~.'. e [0 be at yor'-. 3-1 'yl):1day morning. Arrive Thursday. Return Sunday night at 2 AM. its technically Monoay morning at 2 AM. this )5 for those that can stay for the whole event but need to be back for an early Monday AM flight 3. Arrive Thursday, Return Monday any time after 5 AM. Enjoy Dreamville after the festival and take your time getting home. 4. Arrive Friday Morning. Return Sunday at 3 PM. For those that can't get more than 3 days off. 5. Arrive Friday morning. return Sunday at 2 AM. Cramming as much Tomorrowworld into your weekend as possible. This is for the truly dedicated who have shit to do before and after the weekend. 6. Arrive Friday morning, return Monday after 3 AM. Sometimes its nice to take it slow in the morning. especially after partying all weekend. Return shuttles to the airport Wlll leave at the designated times and about every hour thereafter‘. All shuttles leave from the WEST entrance. Copynghl 2[l15 hllps Nwww resigum com 12
  13. 13. AIRPORT HOTEL SHUTI'LES Westin Atlanta nrA| uft Downtawn With this pass you can travel to and from the Westin as many times as you want. Additionally. you may purchase this rass even if you aren't staying at the -r vi“ '4 J Shuttles leave at 11 AM, 1:30 PM, and 4 PM Friday—Sunday / Shuttles begin retum boarding to the hotel at 11pm each night CQPIIHII 21115 EMORY UNIVERSITY There will be a shuttle running from Emory University all weekend long. You will be able to purchase singleday or }day passes. J Shuttle limes wil be posted on campus . 3, y THE IVY BUCKHEAD There will be a shuttle running from the Ivy Buckhead each day. You can party at the Ivy and then go check out TomorroMNorld.
  14. 14. rmps / Iwww iesiguiu com/ ulIimaIe—20l5—| omorrawworkLguide/ What can you tell me about where TomorrowWor| d is held? Tons of locations were researched and scouted before Tomorrowworld finally decided on the spot in Chattahoochee Hills. GA. These sprawling festival grounds encompass more than 8000 acres of Georgia forests. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear, because the main stage is located about 30-minutes by foot from the Dreamvalle campgrounds. The site is huge, spread across some 8000—acres offorest among the Chattahoochee Hills The main stage IS about a 20—30—minute walk from the Dreamville camping area. The parking lot is 2.5 miles away from the camping area. so comfortable walking shoes are advised. Will there be food available to eat? Tomorrowworld has moved to a cashless pearl system for all food. drinks. and merchandise purchases. You are not allowed to bring outside food and drink into the Tornorrov/ World festival areas, but you may bring your own food into the Dreamville area. Pearls? How expensive are pearls and what do they buy? Be sure to bring enough cash or get the pearls on your credit cards. because the ATM fees in previous years were above S5. in previous years. the pearls were 52.20 each and unspent pearls were refundable for 2 weeks after the festival ended Some of the costs for items in 2013-2014: ii Bottles of water were 2 pearls i Food from vendor trucks was from 46 pearls i Alcoholic beverages were from 3-5 pearls each vi T~5l1Il‘lZ5, hats. and other merchand se v.5i'ie: l from '0 pearl; tip to 30-ill) i:5eiCie. n.i: ling on the item. >i Speaking of food. Whats available to eat at Tsnior Tomorrowworld tries to bring the tastes of the world together and features several different vendor areas with foods from around the world. Some of the cuisines available are: American BBQ ii Crepes >- l-lamburgers and hot dogs >‘i A smoothie shop >J A bakery >u Food from several Asian countries. >1 Several draft and craft beers Will be available. I heard that there’s a restaurant at Tomorrowworld. New for 2015. is the inclusion of a restaurant created by a partnership with Red Beard Restaurants and Tomorrowworld. Led by Chef Kevin Gillespie. and overlooking the main stage. the restaurant will feature a different cuisine every day. Several price points are available, along with a picnic basket meal that you can take anywhere on the grounds to enioy at your | eisure. W What’s Tomorrowworld like? Will I have fun? I've been asked this question many times by people when they learn that Ive been to Tomorrowworld. Of course. you'll have fun. Why would you think of not having fun ) copyrigrii zuis hllos iiwww iesiguru um 14
  15. 15. Here's what to expect: Getting to Dreamville ~ii»svi-w—«ma»~iuime«»2««»«~»««»»-«««»~»i Full of excitement you pull into the parking lot for Dreamville. You've already had some adventures on the roadtrip/ flight to Atlanta, now it's time for the real fun ti begin. You unload all of your groups camping gear and begin the hike to the front gates of Dreamville. Luckily, you've gotten this heavy-duty utility cart to help you haul all this stuff. Security is a breeze. A word of caution, that heavy—duty card you loaded up will be unloaded in order to check you into the festival. ln 2013 it took an hour to get through security. ln 2014, it took 4 hours. Either way. prepare fora bit of a wait Bonus Tip: Be sure that you don't have any glass in your gear. Previous years they were extremely anal about it. to the point that they weren't allowing bottles of cologne or perfume into the event. They were checking ice chests for bottles of pickles and even jars of jelly. Inside Dreamville Now that you've made it through to the Promised Land. Unfortunately you've got another hike to get to where you can set up your tents. Hopefully you've made it there early so you can get a good spot closer to the actual festival grounds. Expect a hike of 1.5-2.5 miles from the parking to the actual camping area. ST G What is The Gathering? Time for the Gathering on Thursday night. This is an exclusive event for people who are attending Dreamville. and a good chance to get to meet people. Time to set up your tent and all the 0th Check out this article on some cam i After dancing for a few hours, check out the Marketplace. This is located in the center of Dreamville and is where all the food vendors and stores are located. There's a General Store if you forgot some small items. A hair salon and a masseuse are also there. This is also where the ATMs and pearl booths are. Late night Dreamville After the Gathering is over you might still find yourself awake and full of energy. Be sure to go by #Team No Sleep and laugh at them all passed out in their tents. (l swear. they always seem to be sleeping. I guess their camp is called that ironically. ) Spend the night wandering up and down the Boardwalk. It's the walkway that is installed forthe festival and spans the course of the festival campgrounds. A leisurely stroll of about 3045 minutes gets you from one end to the other. Along your stroll you'll find all kinds of people from all walks of life. Be sure to stop and chit-chat with anyone you meet. After all that walking and setting up camp you've worked up quite a sweat. Don't worry there are showers available to use. They'll cost 2 pearls or about $4.50 and they do have electricity and running hot water. The secret to not having to stand in line is to visit them during the off-hours. In my experience. that's 7 pn'i—l0 pm and then 2 am-6 am. Probably the busiest time is from 8 am-12 pm. Getting back to yourtent. take some time to meet your muwi/ mm fesla| .II'u. cc1lV 15 neighbo°f§. "‘7'<§l. 'i5'never know when you might need their help for something.
  16. 16. W h a tl S a m 0 r" O r | d D a y | i k e ? hllps Ilwwwleslguru comiuiiimaieeuis. iomoimwwona. guiae/ It's here. Day l of Toinoi'i‘owWorlcli I-lopefully you i. 'vei'e able to get some rest the night before. If you're a light sleeper. be sure to bring some ear plus i’><X><—inseit ear plug link] ant‘. a eye mask (XX><—insert eye maskl They'll block the ambient noise of random people screaming and shouting as they walk the Boai’clwall< and also keep the sun out wliei‘ it rises in the morning. Breakfast is whatever you meme of it; I have an article up soon wztli some easy cainpmg meals ano recipes. Next to the irforinatzon booths along the boardwalk are charcoal grill pits available for aityone to use. Simply start one up and throw your food on there and Bilili. -ll Burnt food. :l This year they are allowing you to bring in a smal. propane gril to use to cook your meals on, Be sure to cook your food : n an area that is Eocated away from the tents. the last thing that you want to do is i: atc‘: i one on fire accidentally. Bonus Tip: Want to make friends? Bring a pound of bacon and cook that at any of the grilling locations. You'll be amazed at how many people suddenly appear when the beautiful aroma of bacon is in the air Entering Tomorrowworld ‘r'ou'i. ie got yourself fed and l. ".ialIel'E‘Cl. You and your festival buddy have gotten your costumes on and you're ready to get this party started. The other people from your home town who are larre and ClECld€G to stay in a hotel are on their wai-, i' to the show. so it's time to get there yourse‘f. There are 3 entrances to the actual Toiiioi’i’ow‘i’v'orld grounds. One is by the entrance to Dreami. -'ille from the Dream. Iille parkng lot. i3ii‘= ot‘ner sits in the certer of the i‘vlarl<etplace. The thircl is located oiier byt re EZ Tents and the West entrance to the festival. The West entrance is where people who aren't camping o~. iern'gnt will have to park or get dropped off by s-wuttle or cab. Bonus Tip: While it may be a longer walk, use the entrance closet to the East Entrance (the one close to the Dreamville parking lot). This is the least used gate since it's a longer walk. I don't know about you. but I'd rather take a bit of a hike and get inside faster.
  17. 17. Tomorrowworld Security Imps / rwww iesiguu cornIumInaIe20l5—IomorrowworId41uioe/ Yes, you will have to go through security to get into the festival grounds. There's another security check point at the entrance to Tomorrowworld. Here's the list of prohibited items: 1. NO Open Containers 2. NO Illegal Substances 3. NO Unsealed tampons 4. NO Drones or flying electronics 5. NO Glass of any kind 6. N0 Vending without permit allowed 7. NO Kegs 8. NO Paint of any kind including paint markers and spray paint 9. NO Outside Food or Drinks (1 factory sealed water bottle OK) 10. NO Fireworks 11. NO Open fires 12. NO Gas masks 13. NO Bicycles. scooters. go carts, or ATV 14. NO Large umbrellas 15. NO Pacifiers 16. NO Unsealed over the counter medications, .“v: tam? ns 17. NO Laser pointers 18. NO Weapons of any kind 19. NO Pets 20. NO Chinese lanterns 21. NO Charcol grills 22. NO Flags or totems with large metal or wood pieces 23. NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia2 24. NO Large chains 25. Any other items deemed as posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the patrons These are pretty standard things that you aren't allowed to take into a festival. lfyou have medications that you have to take on a scheduled basis. you'll need to bring the prescription bottle with your name on it and will only be allowed to take in the number of pills necessary for the number of days you'll be at the festivallf you decide to take performance enhancing substances. i. e. protein supplements. fa‘ burners, etc. (What did you think I was talking about? ) Please make sure that you have them discretely located. Don't carry them in your pockets, since security will usually make you empty them out. Ladies, while you might think that your bra is the best place. I've seen several peoples nights ruined because they had to pull the bottoms of their bra out and things accidentally fell out. Security is trying to get you into the show as fast as possible, so most times, it’s just a cursory check and pat down. You'll have to show your ID to get into the festival. so be sure to bring it with you. oownghl 2015 rims llwww ieslguru com! 17
  18. 18. nnps llwww leslquru comIulIImaIe—20l5—IomorrowworIo4uioe/ Tomorrowworld Lockers Tomorrowworld and Dreamville Lockers provide you with a secure and convenient way for you to store your personal belongings and charge your cell phones. Storage — Lockers are approximately 12" high x 12"wide x 18" deep and have plenty of room for your your personal belongings as well as your mobile devices. Charging — The lockers all have charging units inside. vmrch provide the ability to charge all major devices. 2015 TomorrowWorld Line Up and Set Times Here's the listing of the Tomorrowworld Set Times. All credit for this goes to Geegun from the Tomorrowworld SubReddit copyngm 2015 hllps / /www leslguru com/ 121
  19. 19. nnps irwww leslguru comIul| ImaIe—2DI5—| omorvowworIdguide/ Tomorrowworld Costumes It‘s 6 am on the Wednesday before Tomorrowworld. We leave at 11. and I‘m writing this guide for you. fyou’re stuck trying to figure out what to wear to a music festival. or maybe even you need a group costume for Halloween. look no further. 1'" 75. ‘ . -F: . . V i g‘ . 1' I’ “‘ . 9.“ 15 . "'_-(I V . I 1| ‘IV. yr . ; ‘I L‘ _' ‘ ‘_-(~', ,_i" ‘ “ I i ‘I: "; '9;’{__i ~. ,,, s“. .,‘_. _ E‘ . . 4. . . I I . — A. J.: .z’. ’a'". 'llIt A What Should A Guy Wear To A Electric Daisy Womens Rave Summer Music Festival? Tank Top with Racerback s it the last minute, and you dont know what to wear to Tomorrowworld? It's not procrastination. its energy conservation. Im one to talk about procrastination. i i ‘ . " ii‘ "" ' T "W i F i -—§ 2 W} . /2 ~ 1 _. "*5 _sII—-3 - ", ," "i i ll )7 fl I I W IFI ‘ii is. / k ‘ ’ ‘: ’“"§§ . ;,; ;_; ,»; ’ ‘J; ‘ , _ T K‘ ' 1.1-. 2'? ! v. .’ 1‘ ‘ —-1* ’ y 1'! ' l ‘ 2‘ ’ F9:"‘ri? iiE Wififiniu” 3 Stir AND WE'LL SEND VDU A 1596 OFF CODE ON ANYTHING AT u; |HEARTRAVES. COM _ j 1 ‘ K“ , . cm: r. vu. ..! alnzriul ‘ 3‘-.3"-‘I . lUST'I'AG@FESTGURU EIJDEDEFJH‘ ‘I 1'. ’ . ' 7 Look How Easy That Was? I Just Music Festival Costume Ideas: Saved 15% at IHeartRaves How To Pick The Best One Conryllghl 2015 lilips i/ www iesigum comi I9
  20. 20. Essential Tomorrowworld Blog Posts Have you seen the 2015 Tomorrowland After Movie The Ultimate Tomorrowland Live Stream _ Video Roundup Tomorrowworld 2014 Aftermovie Copyrighl zuis hllps iiwww iesigum cami
  21. 21. nnps / Iwww leslguru tom/ ul| ImaIer2DI5—| omunowworIdgu>de/ Tomorrowworld 2015 Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery. This about wraps Lip my Tomorrowworld Guide. I'll try to update this with more information as I can. After all. its a 16 hr drive from San Antonio to Atianta. It you are attending this years Tomorrow/ Woricl keep your eyes on the look out for me. I ii be the bad ass with the glitterhawk spinning various types of poi. You might have even seen me before if youre a veteran Tomorrowworld attendee. Here's a video of me spinning at Tomorroi-vNor| d 2014. Copyright 2015 Mlps / /www iesigum com/ 21
  22. 22. rmps / /www leslguru comlul| Ima| er2D l5—| omarvowworId4_: uide/ Need Some Motivational Tomorrowworld Music? ""‘"“"" Watch the Best of the Tomorrowworld Live “latch the Best . m,e Stream from 2015 2015 Tbmorrowlflorld -[ The Ultimate Tomorrowland Live Stream . Video Roundup T"lS I: a cirulectnon of mznre than ‘:75 of the best Dl sets ? ri: un Toiiiorrowland 2075 i can't wait to see me new itrem. aftei Toi1mi'rowWor d 205. shares '- ‘W It's Your Turn Tl‘; -it ~. all l lmve lm yin) I ilnpc‘ [lml y: -ii lmw l‘lll0y‘4'4i this 4 lltirnnre Lilllfii‘ Vi) : 'iwirvrn-wwruilil , ‘l'il‘~ lf you . :ii'- )J_miiiJ_ In l1illHlHWVVVl)llii. 'Hi‘)i('i‘. l!H‘('i llll‘ ll you ‘send me a niessage Vni the [). I}| '7‘. l ll }‘_l‘i ll mil ( (HIV iiiii. il¢—- iwmytlilrig