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UK 2014


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Infertility Awareness

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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UK 2014

  1. 1. As I turn out the lights, and close the door on our second National Fertility Awareness Week, I am once again quite astounded by the response we have received. The main aim of this week is to increase awareness of fertility issues. Perhaps I should clarify this; we want to make people aware of the terrible suffering caused by the struggle to have a family. We want others to understand the grief, hurt and pure injustice of not being able to conceive. So many people have simply no idea just how painful this experience can be, something which should be natural.. our right … and well, easy. In addition to this we want to remind people about the facts, and the truths about fertility. We want all women to have all the information available so they can make choices based upon simple facts. Is it harder to conceive as you get older – yes, sadly it is. During National Fertility Awareness Week we believe we made huge strides into achieving these two goals. Our Facebook and Twitter pages saw an unprecedented increase, with us ‘reaching’ 600% more people than on other weeks. On Twitter we had so many people who joined in and used our #NFAWUK, and helped spread the message far and wide. Individuals, businesses, corporations and clinics all ‘tweeted’ about the week and quite a buzz started. On Facebook, again, everyone contributed brilliantly. Particularly our Great Cake Bake, which was another tremendous success. Firstly, we cannot begin to express how grateful we are to everyone who participates each year, giving up their time, and their money, to bake for us. The events all looked like great fun and some of the cakes were quite simply stunning! We love receiving your photos, so please do always send us images from events you have had. It’s a bizarre thing to see so many cakes made to look like sperm and eggs, plus they still looked delicious?! Follow this link and take a look at a few of the creations from this year: We also had our Embryo Challenge. This was simply where we asked clinics if they would like to take up our challenge, and donate £5 for every embryo fertilized during the week. What a truly wonderful way to raise money for charity by creating families! I would personally like to take this opportunity on behalf of everyone here at Infertility Network UK, and thank each and every clinic for taking part, its an incredibly generous thing to do and very much appreciated. What a 12 I N UK Winter 2014 - 2015
  2. 2. Winter 2014 - 2015 I N UK 13 The following clinics took part in our Embryo Challenge: ● Complete Fertility Centre Southampton ● CRM CARE London ● Herts & Essex Fertility Centre ● Newlife Clinic ● Lister Clinic ● Wessex Fertility ● Zita West Clinic ● Bath Fertility Centre ● Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine ● CARE Nottingham ● CARE Sheffield ● Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility, Sheffield /Jessop ● Hull IVF Unit ● Reproductive Health Group ● GCRM Belfast ● Origin Fertility Centre, Northern Ireland ● Hope Fertility, Glasgow (Nuffield Health) ● Spire Healthcare, IVF Scotland ● Clinica Eugin, Spain On top of this we were joined by so many members of the wider fertility community. We called this section ‘Helping Hands’ and it was supported by a vast range of alternative therapies and counselling services. It was great to see so many different people coming together to make the week a success. So now, it’s probably time to start planning for next year! Our third National Fertility Awareness Week will begin on Monday 2nd November and finish with The Fertility Show on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November 2015. And remember, this isn’t our week, it’s yours … Kara Myhill NFAW Campaign Manager Success!