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Hair gel


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Hair gel

  1. 1. Natural face Care 1
  2. 2. Natural face Care What does ‘natural’ mean on a label?Our definition of natural: Existing in, or formed by nature; not artificialIndustry definition of natural: Any ingredient “derived from” a natural substance
  3. 3. Know the difference - recognize the natural Recognize the difference between hype and truth! Look for the logo – guaranteed organic certificationBeware of “derived from” ingredients – brackets can be misleading‘Certification’ is your only guarantee! 3
  4. 4. Introduction• Natural care foryour sensitive skin• Increases glow• Good cleansingaction• Non-sticky• No harmfulsubstance• Sunscreen effect 4
  5. 5. SegmentationUrban AreasUrban areas account for 70% of saleHighly conscious of looksEasy access to skin care productsEconomically sound Two types of product Natural Face Care for Men For Dry skin For Oily skin For Normal skin For Sensitive skin Natural Face Care for Women For Dry skin For Oily skin For Normal skin For Sensitive skin 5
  6. 6. OTHER DIFFERENT SKIN PROFILESBALANCING REJUVENATINGNormal/Combination Profile Dry/Mature Profile•Even skin tone, with fine to average pore size •Needs extra nourishment•May have enlarged pores with T-zone oiliness •Some loss of elasticityand dryer areas on the rest of face •May have some dry patches•Occasional breakouts •Dull complexion / no sheen•Some blackhead •May have surface capillariesSOOTHING PURIFYINGSensitive Profile Oily/Problem Profile•May have surface capillaries & flaky patches •Can have oily sheen•Can feel irritated and itchy •Breakouts/blemishes•Can appear blotchy •Congestion/clogging•Allergic reactions are common •Open pores, blackheads and•Flushed and red easily redness
  7. 7. Target AreasBeauty parlours/salonsSkin Care CentresSkin Care Product ShopsRetailers 7
  8. 8. ADVERTISEMENT Newsletter Magazines Internet Beauty parlours/salons Hoardings at road side or in markets Free consultancy for skin consciouspersons 8
  9. 9. STRATEGY FOR LAUNCH Tie with already existing strong supply chain Direct Internet Sale Strong brand promotion Free guidance by health experts to customers Free gift samples to promote the product Radio, television and newspaper promotion Initially offer less introductory price Competitor surveyMarket Leader: HUL (30% market share); followedby P&G and L’OrealOther players:Revlon, Colorbar, Avon, Amway, Oriflame, Emami, Lotus, Shenaaz Hussain, Himalaya 9
  10. 10. Difference from Other Existing BrandsNatural ingredientsNo harmful substanceProducts for individual skin careAnti-ageing effectNatural fresh plant based aroma from pure organicessential oils and plant extracts includinggeranium, orange, lavender, lemon depending onwhich skin type 10
  11. 11. some more things to do• slides showing outline of ad.on TV e.g celebrity and idea orconcept for that ad. and one adfor radio• one design for a hoarding orbanner or poster to be placed atretail outlet or point of purchaseor bus stands etc.