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Cesar Chavez Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Cesar Chavez Presentation

  1. 1. 
 His Legacy Lives!
  2. 2. Early Life• Born March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona• He was one of six children in his family• His home and land were lost during the Great Depression• Family moved to work in California’s farms• Cesar attended over 37 schools before he graduated from 8th grade.
  3. 3. La Causa! Si Se Puede!• The Cause! Yes We Can!• Created the United Farm Workers Organization • fight to improve farm workers’ wages and living conditions• Cesar like Martin Luther King Jr. believed in non- violence protests • Led Peaceful Protests • 340 mile marches • Three Fastings – one lasting 36 days
  4. 4. Legacy• César died on April 23, 1993. He was sixty-six years old.• A year after his death President Clinton awarded him the medal US Medal of Freedom and his wife Helen the medal.
  5. 5. Legacy• Every March 31st is Cesar Chavez Day and people celebrate his life and work with parades, marches and festivities.
  6. 6. legacy• This year President Obama proclaimed March 31st a Cesar Chavez National Day of Service to honor him.
  7. 7. • People all over the world remember César E. Chávez as a man of courage who fought to improve the lives of all people.
  8. 8. Christine Chavez