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  1. 1. Corporate Introduction to IMC Intl.
  2. 2. IMC – The pluses make the difference IMC 1998-2016 2 IMC (Integral management consultancy international) with Swiss roots going back to 1998 and as the funder and global CEO, Mr. Nelson M Peña, started his career as interim manger and strategic advisor. In 2004 he founded IMC as a single proprietorship firm and in 2010 he launch the group initially as a network organization of high level professionals, with 16 associates in 10 countries and five business lines. Over the time IMC has become a fast growing and a truly international business advisory group in M&A/Corporate Finance. Further we do support clients and investors in restructuring and expansion activities. IMC has kept its consulting soul in aspects of restructuring and expansion support. This combination of investment banking and corporate consulting state of art has made of IMC a very successful firm and unique in its market positioning. Since 2010 we have incorporated high level Private Equity Professionals, Investment Bankers and Asset Managers with a proven track industrial record. Together, the team has closed more than 250 investment deals with a value of over 15 Bio. €, in all over the word. Combined with ca 600 advisory assignments. In the Consulting Division we do restructure and finance the business of our clients, supporting them to be more profitable and sustainable growing. For firms looking for expanding their business into other regions or globally, or to enter new markets in general, we are able to propose international task forces of experienced interim managers, advisors with an executive management and project management profiles. October 2015, we started the fundaments of what should be the new IMC. For this reason, IMC has created with the BENELUX based Belfort Group a joint venture, combining forces and experience. Belfort Group has a background and track record of 30 years experience in fund and asset management and is regulated. Currently Belfort Group does manage and administrates over 30 Funds. With this cooperation we can offer investors tailored investment structures. IMC has further launched in April 2016 a new Financial Services package, which operates on client and investor side. IMC has signed over one dozen strategic JV Cooperations and is operating through own organization of companies and rep offices, supported by a network of business associates in over 60 countries and all five continents. With an Investor Panel present worldwide (family offices, investment and merchant banks, Funds), we can cover a broad variety of investment sources.
  3. 3. IMC – The pluses make the difference IMC Presence worldwide* Presence in over 60 countries & 150 experts* 01.4.2016 3
  4. 4. IMC – The pluses make the difference Business lines / Industries / Services 1. M&A/ Corporate Finance / Funding 2. Restructuring 3. Expansion 1. Life sciences / Pharmaceutics / Biotech 2. Luxury goods 3. Real Estate 4. Energy / Renewal Energy 5. Healthcare 6. Hospitality, Airline & Tourism 7. Industrial 8. FMCG & Retail 9. Technology 4
  5. 5. IMC – The pluses make the difference IMC M&A – Corporate Finance – Our main focus Strategy Target  Screening Deal  Making Due  Diligence Sourcing Transition &  Execution Deal  Closing Integration Operational  Excellence Exit 5
  6. 6. IMC – The pluses make the difference IMC Funding Strategies + Debt Refinancing: Obtain Debt - Short Term & Long Term From US $ 10 Million to US $ 1 Billion + + Floating of Bonds + PIPEs (Private Investments in Public Companies) + Recapitalizations + Equity buy out + Project Financing + Provide Passive & Active Equity From US $ 10 Million to US $ I Billion + + Debt & Working Capital Instruments for your expanding business + Bank Guarantees (BG) Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC) & Letter of credit (LC) + M&A 6
  7. 7. IMC – The pluses make the difference IMC Corporate Finance Services 7 : + Projects and deal assessments + Company valuation + Market study + Strategic analysis and proposals + Business plan elaboration according to the highest standards required by the most rigorous investors. + Teaser or executive summary of the business to be presented to investors + Risk assessment using the most modern tools like Montecarlo Simulation. + Start up advisors and management + Turnaround advisors and management + Due diligence + Board / Management Sparring and Coaching + MBO’s and LBO’s advisors
  8. 8. IMC – The pluses make the difference Our restructuring levels 8 PEOPLE PROCESS PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS PROFIT GROWTH Leadership issues Workflow Productivity Product Mix Strategies Surveys Change / Transformation CIT Objectives setting Portfolio Controlling Negotiation Motivation / Development Information Motivation Development Tools Key Accounts Recruitment Communication Controlling Innovation Investment New Markets Retention Quality Management Leadership Product Communication Disinvestment New Segments Right Profiles Production Management Techniques Brand Communication M&A activities Expansion Technical HRM issues Operations Efficiency Sales Force Reporting M&A Culture Planning Improvement Pricing Priciing Company Settings Management Capabilities Business Intelligence KPI's Promtion Cost-Management Optimizing Team Building CRM Balance Score Card Distribution Taxes Restructuring Client Organization Strategies Offline Communication Legal Reenginieering Stakeholders Outsourcing Online Communication Alliances Reputation Insourcing Internet Cooperations Coaching Strategies Research / Surveys Legal Training Optimization Legal Strategies Legal Fixing Organization Strategies Internationalization Strategies Brand Reputation               IMC's input,servicesfields,advisory,expertis Our restructuring services are linked to direct or indirect investments. The table bellow shows an extract of the targeted elements.
  9. 9. IMC – The pluses make the difference Expansion 9 . We are delighted to supporting local and regional “champions” getting to the next level or league. This can be within a country, continent or globally. The request is usually for financing, business intelligence, business development and management knowhow. It can be enlarged by M&A operations, searching for appropriate buy out candidates or strategic alliances. IMC is able to create a tailored program, with clear milestones and expected outcomes.
  10. 10. IMC – The pluses make the difference Our offer to investors 10 What we offer? We offer investment opportunities in cash flow opportunities, mainly in two segments. 1. Companies in the need of restructuring and 2. Champions /local or regional market leaders, looking for expanding or getting to the next level (80% of our portfolio). IMC knows inside the company, the management, the product, and the market. The investments terms are agreed on an individual base. We do also focus on investments near to PPP activities and Innovation / energy projects. We guarantee you top realizable Due Diligence and a four step pre-scanning approach, before submitting you the right investment opportunity. Why cooperate with us? We offer you a broad spectrum of investment opportunities in companies we are inside, with a local presence and industrial understanding, interesting IRR, shareholder and profit participation in our investment vehicle. Last but not least the combination of Investment Banking, Asset Management, Fund Management, Consulting, and Functional Experience, which reduces the investment risk and is maximizing the profit. Finally, we are looking for a longstanding partnership and cooperation, based on trust and trust. We are able to create perfectly tailored sub funds.
  11. 11. IMC – The pluses make the difference IMC’s Investment Positioning 11 We have decided to positioning IMC as a high class boutique vehicle for our investor partners. Through our cooperation with the Belfort Group (over thirty years experience), we are able to manage funds with a high level of flexibility, regarding investment subjects (industries and regions) and investor profile. We do invest in business we know from inside out (we do know the management, the product, the industry, the market and the competitors). Further, we are acting more or less active as interim managers and advisors, but always as Directors. Through our internal search and development resources, we are able to scan and identify. This minimize the risk for our investor partner. We do expect investments periods of 4-8 years. As common for a boutique approach, Management Fees, IRR and hurdle rates are agreed individually with the investors. Industrial focus is Automotive, FMCG & Retail, Healthcare & Biotech, Luxury Goods, Pharmaceutics, Energy & Renewable Energies / Bioenergy. High Tech, Real Estate, Hospitality and Industry. If requested by the investor we are able to set up any investment vehicle tailored to the given expectations. IMC has a high professional and experienced team of Investment bankers, PE and asset managers. The investment decisions are taken based on field research and with industrial and regional benchmarks.
  12. 12. IMC – The pluses make the difference Segment Focus 12 : + Restructuring (45-50%) + Companies with a turn-over of 10 Mio., > existence/age 5 years plus, with good substance, needing finance, best case with operational consulting and or interim management. MBO candidates. + Expansion (40-45%) + Companies with a turn-over of 10 Mio >, niche or local, regional leaders, looking to expand their business in new regions and markets. Need of capital, business development. M&A + Innovation (5-15%) + Companies with a strong innovation USP, Patents, high potentials, exclusive.
  13. 13. IMC – The pluses make the difference Pricing 13 : + IMC has a cost-value-price approached. Means, we only charge real costs for real value. Until we succeed. (success fees)
  14. 14. IMC – The pluses make the difference Our USP – hard core pre-qualifying of the deals 14 1. Pre & Evaluation FS 2. Investment Committee 3. Investor Panel 1. From 100 Entrances = 15 PEV’s 2. 15 PEV’s= 5 Investment Committee and Panel Deal 3 deals Closed From 5 Accepted, we expect 3 to be funded Due DiligencePre-Evaluation and Assessment Negotiation and Closure
  15. 15. IMC – The pluses make the difference Pre-Evaluation and Assessment (Pre-DD) 15 I. We will ask the client to provide the following information: + Last 3 BS and PL + Company description including strategy, technology, SWOT, management, products, clients, logistics, growth, R&D, value drivers and operative / market risks. + Market analysis: market share, competitors, trends, market growth + Quantitative 5 years business plan. It should include + Volumes per product,TO, Fixed Costs, Variable costs, Labor Costs, EBITDA, EBIT, Interests, Taxes, EAT, Investments, FCF + 5 years BS projected including ROI, ROE, Working Capital, Financial Debt, etc + Each figure should be driven by a decision / strategy and this must be well explained. + Future strategy + Investments detailed. + A presentation in our HQ or in the company with preference is arranged II. If the client cannot produce this information we can offer the service: + A regional partner supervised by our HQs will generate such information. III. If the client can produce this information, only the assessments will be made at the HQs.
  16. 16. IMC – The pluses make the difference Due Diligence 16 The Due Diligence will be effected by experts in their respective area. In order to save costs, we will apply forces from the region, in combination to experts directly linked to IMC HQ. The extend of the DD is effected based on the complexity of the transaction. A minimum DD is the Financial / Management and Legal audit. + Accounting, tax, labor and financial audit, + Environmental audit + Operations and Internal Process audit, + Legal audit (by a local lawyer), + Technology audit (by an Engineer of that sector), + Market audit, + Marketing audit, + Management audit. + Information systems audit. + Intellectual Property audit + Insurance audit + Reconciliation audit which links/consolidates the output of the DD with the Valuation Report made during the pre-valuation service. If necessary, the strategy defined during pre-valuation service will be modified and/or updated according to the output of the DD.
  17. 17. IMC – The pluses make the difference Organization Financial Services 17 FS Managing DirectorFS Managing Director Fundraising Fundraising  Investors ‐ HQ  Direct Investors ‐ HQ  Direct Agents ‐ Brokers ‐ JVAgents ‐ Brokers ‐ JV Existing Associates‐ Partners‐JV Existing Associates‐ Partners‐JV Investment Commitee:  Coordinator, One member of  origination and one member of  fundraising Investment Commitee:  Coordinator, One member of  origination and one member of  fundraising Investment Management,  Assessment and Consulting  Services Investment Management,  Assessment and Consulting  Services Directors / Analysts / Consultants Directors / Analysts / Consultants  Legal ServicesLegal Services Orgination Orgination  IMC Network Agents / Brokers Companies IMC Network Agents / Brokers Companies Due DiligenceDue Diligence Financial, Management, HRM,  Operations, Marketing,  Commercial, IT, Environment Financial, Management, HRM,  Operations, Marketing,  Commercial, IT, Environment
  18. 18. IMC – The pluses make the difference Investor Panel 18 IMC Investor Panel is a key body structured by  Direct Investors DI Investment & Merchant Banks, Funds, Family Offices..  Investors Representatives IR They represent directly the investors, can provide POA, LOI, MOU  Investor Facilitators IF They have contacts to IR’s and DI’s They will introduce IMC (facilitate the introduction)  The Investor Panel will receive from IMC Investment Committee pre- scanned investment deals with assessed profiles first report.  IMC expect at that moment a first ACID response, with a 70-80% green light to proceed to the Due Diligence
  19. 19. Key Task Force Team
  20. 20. IMC – The pluses make the difference The Corporate Finance Task Force 20 + We strongly believe that the right people makes the difference. The right people for the right investor and right target. The team in the following pages are representing an extract of our experience. Our objective is to obtain the right mix of purely investment technicians, experienced investment bankers and top C-Executives.
  21. 21. IMC – The pluses make the difference Nelson M Peña 21 + Nelson M Peña is the Founder and CEO of IMC Intl. and Swiss-Spanish Citizen. + He has started his consulting and interim management activity in 1998. Between 1998 and 2010 he hold 16 interim management roles, most in post-integration situations as CEO / MD, Sales & Marketing Director, HR Director. + Prior to the advisory path, he worked for PSA Peugeot Citroën Switzerland as Sales and & Marketing Director, Adecco/Adia as Director, UBS as Portfolio Manager and Allianz Insurance as Assistant General Agent. + He further has served over 40 clients, CEO’s and Presidents as business advisor and sparring partner. Among other, he served GE Money Bank, Swiss Post, Rabo Bank/DLL, Resources Global Professional, TNT, GLS, Visana, Warnaco / Calvin Klein, Eurotax among others. + Since 2010 (he started the international expansion with 16 associates in 10 countries) he has developed the IMC international structure in nowadays 60 countries, founding IMC companies and representative offices, creating strategic alliances, running himself between 10-15 business deals as engagement manager and supporting the Managing Partners, the Practice Leaders, Country Managers. + Nelson M Peña is mostly specialized in post-integration, M&A and change and crisis management situations, with a strong understanding of multinational environment and has worked in all five continents. + He is TV partner of the Swiss Financial TV in Geneva and moderates two programs. + Nelson M Peña, has an Executive MBA from Business School Lausanne, Swiss Federal Master Diplomas in Sales and Marketing Management, Financial Controlling Degree from SIB, Controller Academy Munich. Further he holds different NLP and Coaching certifications. He was further a Swiss Federal Expert for Federal exams for Leadership, Strategic and Sales. Also Lecturer at the Berne Business and Administration School
  22. 22. IMC – The pluses make the difference Pablo A Jarabo 22 + Pablo A Jarabo is an Industrial engineer and Master by the IE, with more than 25 years of management experience in national and international companies of industrial sectors and consultancy. The last 15 years having carried out positions of Managing Director and CEO. Experience in re-structuring and Merge situations, with implementation of plans of viability and business plans. Design, development and implementation of strategic plans. Focused to results and with a strong commercial component, establishing with the client long term relationships. + Entrepreneurship experience, having advised to multiple PME in the starting its businesses, M&A and situations of turn-around + Master in Mechanical Engineering; ICAI + Master in Business Administration; IE + At IMC Pablo is a Sr. Managing Partner, CEO for the Iberian operations and Regional Director for LATAM
  23. 23. IMC – The pluses make the difference Onur Üstünoglu 23 + Onur Üstünoglu is a Director to IMC Intl and a key business and investment facilator. He has over 20 years experience in + Corporate Finance: Stressed Acquisitions, Mergers & Acquisitions project planning, Budget Planning and Execution for Financing Activities, Lender side and Borrower side, Treasury Activities Planning and Execution. Debt Management, Wealth Management and Assessment of Entry and Exit. + Operations: Interim Financial Management for Buyer Side, Assessment of Treasury Operations, Risk Assessment and Cost Optimization, Accounting System Optimization. + Tax Consultancy: Treaties of Prevention of DoubleTaxation,Tax Regime Adaptation for Companies– European Union – Americas – Far East, Adaptation and Execution of Tax Strategies + He has operated as Principal Auditor and Advisor at Ernst &Young International with bases in Asia and North-America and Tax Consultancy: Treaties of Prevention of DoubleTaxation,Tax Regime Adaptation for Companies– European Union – Americas – Far East, Adaptation and Execution of Tax Strategies. + Audit and Reporting: Implementation and Adaptation of IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP to statutory accounting requirements, Mapping of local financial reporting into ERP and Management Accounting, Process Audit, Interim and Term Audits (Limited and Scoped) Transactional Services:, Due Diligence (Operational, Financial, Commercial), Post Deal Services, Business Valuation and Value Assessment
  24. 24. IMC – The pluses make the difference Dr. Fernando Scarpati 24 + Fernando Scarpati is a recognized PE expert with a corporate profile as International CFO with 15 years of private equity experience (holding a DBA in private equity) including a broad sector knowledge: Food, Pharmaceutical, Brewery, Technology, Hospital, Real Estate, Software, Petrochemical, Energy, Clean Energy, Hospitality and consulting. Specialist in company valuation, strategy, M&A, portfolio monitoring, controlling, risk management and business strategy. Currently Advisor of a 3 bln euro PE in Geneva and Managing Director of the 300 M euro Private Equity in Geneva. + As PE specialist he has experience in company turnarounds, startups and rapid growth industries. Visiting Lecturer and strong academic background (holding a DBA and MBA), fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and German. Lived, studied and worked in UK, Germany, Italy, USA, and South America. Published in the American Journal of Private Equity and article ranked world top 10 by SSRN. Periodically Interviewed by the Swiss Financial TV (see some links below) about Private Equity Funds and related topics. Also invited to speak in the yearly UK conference held in London about Private Equity Funds. + At IMC Intl. he is the Financial Service Managing Director for the Investment and Assessment Division.
  25. 25. IMC – The pluses make the difference Dr Pedro Gard Brito 25 + Pedro Gard Brito was born in Lisbon and started working in the Financial Department of an Automobile Parts Factory from FIAT group. + His first experience in Africa began in 1995, being part of a team of Economic Advisors for the Minister of Finance in Luanda. After some years in Consulting, with KPMG Lisbon, and CFO and General Management experience in the Health Sector in Portugal (ap.8 years), he returned to Angola for a new experience as CFO of a Portuguese firm in Communication and Marketing, and CFO of an Angolan Agriculture Producer. + Experience in analysing financial performance of companies in the sectors: Health (Clinics, Hospitals, Healthcare Providers, Third Age Residencies and Pharmacies)Factory lines (Mouldes and Automotive Radiators, Water Bottling, etc), Agriculture and meat production (Swine, Poultry), Real Estate (Architecture, Construction, Sales), Banking + Consultant in KPMG Audit and Management Consulting, KPMG Portugal, Lisboa + At IMC Pedro is the Country Manager for Portugal and a Director of the Financial Services.
  26. 26. IMC – The pluses make the difference Jean Michel Floc’h 26 + Jean Michel Floc’h is a Franco-Australian educated in Africa, Europe and Asia and now residing in Beijing. He is an ex-senior banker and an experienced businessman. He has over 38 years of international business experience in the Asia-Pacific, 18 years in Africa and Middle East due to a rich career he has focused in developing a deep knowledge base which includes Corporate and investment Banking skill, Private Investment, international financial advisory and fund management services , Business Development, Sales & Marketing and various entrepreneurial activities. He is Director of several corporations in a partner or shareholder role and from his base in China is involved in setting up operations for a number of multinationals all over the world (Australasia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America). + Senior Banker at BNP Paribas and Suez Group Calyon for 26 years. Investor, founder, developer and financier of many business. Adviser to numerous multinational corporations (Alcan, Anglo-American, Vinci Group, Nestle, ABB…) and governmental bodies in China, Thailand, Singapore. Adviser of Financial Institutions, Investment Funds and Banks in China and overseas. + Master of Law and Economics, School of Law, Economics and Sciences, France. International Business and Trade from Cambridge University, UK. D.E.S of International Business Africa, Middle East. + At IMC he is a Sr. Partner for our APAC operations and a key Investment and Business Facilitator
  27. 27. IMC – The pluses make the difference Sri Dasari 27 + Sri Dasari has vast experience in Structure Investment Segment with more than 25 years experience in Health, Life Science, Telecom, Finance, Retail and Business consulting. Expertise in the consulting and managing global projects including Zurich Financial Services, ABN AMRO Bank, British Telecom, SITA Telecom, Orange Business Services, AT&T. Sri has spent his career in various industries performing various roles in India, APAC, Switzerland and EMEA. + Sri is Chief Investment Officer to PE’s, Asset Management Groups and Advisor to private banks. Sri is Indian citizen and located in Berne, Switzerland. + He is the CEO of the Swiss Asset Management Services Private Limited). He worked across the spectrum of transactions ranging from equity capital raising, debt capital raising, capital structure advisory, mergers and acquisitions/JVs. He has over the years established a good global network of contacts in the Sovereign Wealth Funds, Structured Investments, Private Placement Program, Public and Private Corporations, Multinational Companies, Private Investment Groups, Fund of Funds, HNIs, Offshore clients (retail and Institutional), Individual Investors, Commercial banks and Non Banking finance companies, International Investment & Merchant Banking Groups, Multinational foreign Banks, Multi Family fund offices, GPs, LPs, Asset Management Firms, Institutional asset management arena, including Corporations and Public Pension Funds and Insurance Companies, Savings and Trust Banks, Endowments, Foundations and charities around the world. + At IMC he is a key Sr. Partner and Investment and Business Facilitator
  28. 28. IMC – The pluses make the difference Walter Fonseca 28 + Walter Fonseca is based in Geneva, Walter is founder of RecipRock Investments, an M&A boutique specialized in strategic acquisitions for selected investors. Walter has more than 25 years of experience in Private Equity, M&A and Venture Capital. + Prior to found RecipRock and DOME, his career has been developed at International organizations like Citicorp and ABN AMRO, in New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, London and Geneva. + Jointly with ABN AMRO co-founded in Switzerland the “Beyond Wealth Investors Club”, focus in strategic acquisitions for European entrepreneurial families. During the 90’s he was Managing Director of the South America Private Equity Growth Fund sponsored by Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the United States. In the late 80’s was part of the founding team of Citicorp Venture Capital (CVC SA) and Citicorp Capital Investors, pioneers of the institutional buy-out and venture capital industry in Latin America. + Acting on behalf of the investors he was appointed as board member in 22 privately held and listed portfolio Companies including two where he acted as CEO and Executive Director. Walter has led than more 25 successful acquisitions, 36 M&A deals and more than 14 Venture Capital Investments. + At IMC Walter is a key business and investment facilitator
  29. 29. IMC – The pluses make the difference Bart Hostens 29 + Bart Hostens is the Managing Partner and co-owner of the Belfort Group, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. + Belfort Fund Management BV is specialised in Boutique Fund Management. With apx. 20 funds under management we cover a broad spectrum of services. Real Estate Funds in the Netherlands and Germany, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds in the Shipping Fund Industry belong to our expertise. We act under AIFMD license from our Dutch headquarters. + Belfort Fund Management B.V. is registered as a fund manager with - and is under the supervision of - the Authority for the Financial Markets and De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. FalcInvest Fund Management B.V. is licensed by the Authority for the Financial Markets under the Financial Supervision Act + At IMC he is a key Joint Venture Partner offering Fund Management Serivces
  30. 30. IMC – The pluses make the difference Robert Rosenthall 30 + President/ CEO, Robert Rosenthall, a former Banker and US Defense and G7 Attaché, with several years of other key government and corporate employments in various capacities; Mike Espy, Secretary of Agriculture under President Bill Clinton; Dr. Glenda Glover, President of Tennessee State University & current Board member of Citibank; and TRG’s Senior Vice President [SVP] - Dr. Davis C. Chime, PhD and expert on African Economy, among others.TRG Staff Are Experts In Social, Infrastructure, Economic Development And Funding Of Mega Projects In African Countries. Sincerely yours, Robert Rosenthall - President/CEO - The Rosenthall Group [TRG] Inc USA + The Rosenthall Group [TRG] Inc., USA is specalized in facilitating Social, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Housing Development/ Affordable Mortgage Payment Program, Oil & Gas and Overall Economic Development Programs in African Countries. We have developed a Comprehensive Strategic Plan For Africa With Funding Provided against Sovereign Bank Guarantee SBG. TRG requests IMC confirmation of its RWA to Monetize African Governments’ SBG’s to Fund above named Projects. + The Rosenthall Group [TRG] Inc., USA - as an International Development Company that forms Coalitions with Governments, Banks, Large Private Companies, Civil Society Groups, NGO’s, Trading Platforms, Investors and other International Organizations.
  31. 31. IMC – The pluses make the difference Robert Rosenthall 31 + Member Presidential Business Advisory Council + Member Presidential Business Commission + Board Member First American Bank Board of Directors + Board Member Chamber of Commerce, Vicksburg, Mississippi + Who's Who Who's Who Among Black Americans + Member U.S. Congressional Black Caucus - Minority Economic Development Brain Trust + Member Forbes Advisory Panel + Developer G 7 under the United Nations and six African countries + Member The White House Regional Council + Member The Presidential Business Commission + Member U.S. Postmaster Association + Project Manager New Orleans Entertainment District /$732 Million Project + At IMC Robert is a key business and investment facilitator
  32. 32. IMC – The pluses make the difference Edmundo C Gil Tavarez 32 + Edmundo GIL-TAVAREZ holds a Bachelor of Science and Letters (UCMM-RSTA), received the title of Technical Draftsman (Gregg Institute) and then studied as a profession Civil Engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC); additionally he chose the post-graduate degree in Construction Management at the same university. He also has a Master of Science (MSc) at the University of Cardiff, Wales, and UK. At the present he participates in the INTEC-UCLV program for PhD in sustainable development. + Mr Gil Tavarez a Director of GTC Group in the division GTC International. GTC Group activities are Trade and Commerce; Marine & Logistics; Tourism & Hospitality; Energy (Renewables & Oil Gas); Resources & Minerals; Real Estate; Finance; Development; Construction (Design, Architecture, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Infrastructure, Operation and Maintenance). GTC group has Offices & Affiliates in GTC has presence in more that 30 countries and countries of the Latin America region & Europe are following from our regional offices; Chile, Deutschland, Netherlands Antilles, Spain, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, United Kingdom and Dominican Republic. He is wiht the group since 1995. + Negotiations and M&A - Mr Gil Tavarez holds a diplomat status expert in negotiation from being a responsible for Caricom (Caribbean Community) and ACS – Association of Greater Caribbean States in areas of Sustainable Development and private sector. He is a Diplomat Counsellor of the Dominican Republic Embassy in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago responsible for keeping the continuity of negotiations in informal channels.
  33. 33. IMC – The pluses make the difference Michel Van Roon 33 + Michel Van Roon is CEO of family office for ca. 90 HNI Investors based in Lugano / Switzerland + He is specialized in Business Consulting, Sales Development, International Taxation, Setup of Investment Funds and Investment / Holding Structures, Consultancy and Support around changes of Residency. + He has founded over 15 Funds and Trusts + Co-Founder & Director @ Event Pro International AG ( + - Managing Partner @ B-Expand ( + Previous: + - GenesysTelecommunications Laboratories / VP Norhtern Europe + - Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories / Director Mid-Market; responsible for the introduction and management of Genesys' Mid- Market solutions in EMEA + Thomas Jefferson School of Law LLM, International Finance & Taxation + Erasmus University Rotterdam DRS / MSc, Economics
  34. 34. IMC – The pluses make the difference Dileep Nair 34 + Dileep Nair holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Kerala, Master Degree in Business Management from School of Business Management and Technology, Chartered Accountancy (PE II) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. + Current Positions: Managing Director- Unifinn Capital Pvt Ltd, Director- Middle East Fuel Distribution Co LLC + "Career History includes 12 years of extensive work experience, handling senior level roles, with industry leading Banks and financial institution in India and UAE. Working segments ranging from Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Business Banking, Wealth Management, Financial Management, Auditing,Taxation, Financial Analysis, Capital Market Analysis, Insurance and Mutual Funds industry specialist, Business and Corporate Law Advisory etc.8 years with India's largest private sector bank (2nd Largest Bank in India)- ICICI Bank, leading Non Banking Financial Companies in India, Auditing firms in India and UAE."
  35. 35. IMC – The pluses make the difference Legal Team 35 + Katia Cicala Managing Partner at Cicala si Asociatii- Law Company Romania / Canada Legal Principal at IMC Intl. and Responsible for Eastern Europe + Frank Sarfati Sarfati & Associates - S&A Registered in France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands Responsible Deals related to Western Europe, North-America, APAC + José Maria Dutilh LEQUID | J.DUTILH SOCIAL ENTERPRISE & BUSINESS LAW FIRM, Madrid, Spain. Responsible Iberia , LATAM & AFRICA
  36. 36. IMC – The pluses make the difference Our International Division 36 IMC Intl. Global Office: Avda. de Europa, 26-2º (Edificio Atica 5) I 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) I Spain I phone: +34 911 845 901 fax: +34 913 511 858
  37. 37. IMC – The pluses make the difference International Contact +CEO IMC Global & Founder +Sr. Business Advisor I Executive  Management Consultant  +nelson.m.pena@imc‐ +Skye  nelson.m.pena +Resident in Switzerland, Swiss – Spanish Citizen +Working languages: English, German,  Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish 37 Nelson M Peña Pablo A Jarabo + Sr. Managing Partner + CEO Iberia‐ Regional Director LATAM + Sr Business Advisor and Executive  Management Consultant + pablo.jarabo@imc‐ + Skype  pjarabo + Resident in Madrid – Spain + Working languages: Spanish and  English