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The 8th Habit_Session_1a


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The 8th Habit_Session_1a

  1. 1. The 8th Habit Session 1: Discover Your Voice Based on “The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness” By Dr. Stephen R. Covey Copyright Franklin Covey Co.
  2. 2. Chapters 1 - 3 o The Pain n Voices of those who are fighting to make it in the world o The Problem n The “Thing Mind-set” o The Solution n Find your Voice n Inspire Others to find their Voice
  3. 3. The Pain
  4. 4. The Problem o -“Leadership” as a position o -External Motivation o -Managing People
  5. 5. The Solution New Mind-Set New Skill-Set The Whole Person Paradigm
  6. 6. Part 1: Find Your Voice o Chapter 4: Discover Your Voice o Chapter 5: Express Your Voice
  7. 7. Chapter 4 o BIRTH GIFTS! n Freedom and Power to Choose n Natural Laws or Principles n 4 Intelligences o Mind o Body o Heart o Spirit
  8. 8. Chapter 4 Freedom and Power to Choose… why should we care?
  9. 9. Chapter 4 Natural Laws and Principles
  10. 10. The 4 Intelligences What you are deeply passionate about PASSION (HEART) What you can be the best in the world at TALENT (MIND) CONSCIENCE What does your conscience counsel? (SPIRIT) NEED (BODY) What drives your economic engine VOICE Unique, personal significance Chapter 4
  11. 11. Find Your Voice
  12. 12. o Exercise the use of your Birthgifts The Bottom Line: Chapter 4