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Presentación sobre AECID. Presentation about AECID


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Presentación sobre la Aecid de Anne Dorte Dyreby y Marta Velasco Rodríguez de la Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid para los estudiantes de Trabajo Social de la Universidad de Rotterdam. Presentation about AECID for Social Work students form Rotterdam Applied Sciencies University

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Presentación sobre AECID. Presentation about AECID

  1. 1. Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional al Desarrollo Spanish Cooperation Agency for International Development
  2. 2. • The AECID fights against poverty in more than 40 countries all around the world • The AECID has fought against poverty for 25 years • The AECID has 35 technical cooperation offices, 12 cultural centers, and 4 educational centers in Latin America, Asia, and Africa respectively • They work with international organizations and with other Spanish entities - focusing on cooperation, so the help arrives efficiently and we become one step closer to a better world • Facilitates cooperation in connection with emergency aid when natural and man- made disasters leave thousands of people without basic necessities • With a portion of the Spanish finances, the AECID makes sure that vulnerable countries and populations have, the right to go to school, access to healthcare and nourishment • Objective: for people to obtain and enjoy their rights and live in peace and liberty in a more sustainable world Important information from the video
  3. 3. General knowledge about the AECID • EYD2015 The European Year of Development • The 4th Master Plan • The Millennium Development Goals • 3 cross-cutting perspectives gender, environmental quality, and respect for cultural diversity • Priority lines: - the advancement of human development and equality in international relations - the prevention of, and attention to emergency situations - the promotion of democracy - the promotion of relations with partner countries • Financing: In 2014 the Official Spanish Development Assistance donated 1034 million euros for AECID
  4. 4. Where we cooperate The AECID is present in 38 countries Priority regions Latin America North and Eastern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa
  5. 5. Aid sectors - Water and sanitation - Economic growth - Culture and science - Rural development, food security and nutrition - Education - Gender - Democratic Governments - Environment and climate change - Health Humanitarian assistance and projects
  6. 6. Water and sanitation • Freshwater is a key factor for sustainable development • AECID works to guarantee access to freshwater and sanitation for everyone • The 4th Master Plan (2013-2016) Emphasizes the fact that the access to clean water and sanitation is a human right • FCAS (2007): The fund of cooperation for water and sanitation The most important project in the scope of water and sanitation
  7. 7. The Cooperation Fond of Water and Sanitation Youtube Somos agua
  8. 8. Rural development, food security and nutrition • Self-sufficient agriculture is one of the most important activities in many of the poorest countries • The 3th Master Plan (2009-2012) Emphasizes the human right to food and improves conditions and food security of rural and urban population • World Food Summit (1996) The goal, focusing on physical, social and economic elements promotes the accessibility of sufficient nutrition for all.
  9. 9. Education • In the fight against poverty, education is a very important factor. • It is a human right to have access to education, and it’s a fundamental element of well-being • The AECID fights for every person, for the right to an education, focusing on the most vulnerable groups with the lowest levels of education • Education for all: a Human Right and Basic Need
  10. 10. Gender • Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women • The sustainable development and the extermination of poverty requires gender equality • To fight discrimination against women the AECID implemented a strategy to promote the equality between men and women • Guidelines to gender equality - Social and political participation - Fight against gender violence - Sexual and reproductive rights - Economic and workers rights for women
  11. 11. Democratic Governance • The AECID works to give every individual the right to choose its own political, economical, social and cultural system • The AECID informs the population of its rights, and by doing so motivates the citizens to keep their dignity and keeps the legitimacy of the state. • Spanish Cooperation of Democratic Governance Materials This strategy recognizes the citizen’s right to sustainable development Emphasizes that the government should guarantee access to public services
  12. 12. Health • Access to health is a human right, and the AECID encourages solidarity, equality, and justice in the pursuit of this right • Health in all policies Health, and knowledge about health are criteria for achieving sustainable development and crucial in the fight against poverty
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention Anne Dorte Dyreby – MartaVelasco Rodríguez Gracias por su atención