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Poliversal S.A.


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Our Masterbatch materials are suitable for use in almost all plastic processes and are a major contribution for the best performance of many products.

Profiles, sheets, films
Blow molding

At Poliversal, we believe that standard colours are a mistaken concept. We develop personalized Masterbatch mixes, in less time than it takes to make a standard product available, which is only possible due to our own expertise in the most recent colour combination and latest technology processes. We produce universal additive mixes with specific polymers by demand and special effects Masterbatches, in controlled-sized pellets.

With high-end plastics and polymers we focus on tailor-made services but we also offer a specialised consulting service, with technicians ready to advise you or to help you find the most appropriate plastic material for a specific situation.

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Poliversal S.A.

  1. 1. POLIVERSALDISTRIBUTION PRODUCTIONPoliversal’s specialty is the production and distribution of raw materialsfor the plastics industry.
  3. 3. PRODUCTIONMasterbach Compounds
  4. 4. MASTERBATCHWe develop personalizedMasterbatch mixes, in less timethan it takes to make a standardproduct available, which is onlypossible due to our own expertisein the most recent colourcombination and latest technologyprocesses. We produce universaladditive mixes with specificpolymers by demand and specialeffects Masterbatches, incontrolled-sized pellets.
  5. 5. Our company’s major asset is thedevelopment of new products andapplications, brought about KNOW-HOWthrough close-partnership withour Customers. We want to makesure that our Customers aregetting the best available productsin the market, worldwide. In order QUALITYto achieve this goal, Poliversal hasbecome technologicallyconsolidated, reinforcedsecured their quality standards and DEVELOPMENTand became fully autonomous inthe development and productionof polymers.
  6. 6. Quality, Service, Innovation. Theseare the three characteristics that MARKETmake Poliversal a supplier capable Spainof responding to the mostdemanding markets in the world. FranceThat is also the reason that Belgiumunderlies the ongoing strategy to Germanyinternationalize the companythrough the expansion of our Russiacommercial activities in several Angolacountries. The main goal of this Turkeyexpansion is to make Poliversal oneof the most outstandinginternational companies of its field.
  8. 8. HISTORY FIGURES1991 Turnover Production starts 2010 : 15 Million Euros1994 Export : ISO 9001 Certification 2008 : 10% 2009 : 20%1996 2010 : 30% Poliversal sub-contracted to produce Ampacet’s Production Capacity standard grades. 4.500 mt/y1999 Extruders : 10 Agreement with Ampacet to Staff : sell Poliversal products Total : 42 across Europe. Production: 14 Laboratory :7
  9. 9. … we are here to help and support you.