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City Data 3.0 Early Steps - Best Poster AGILE 2017


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This poster shows the early steps of the initiative City Data 3.0 related to reuse and discoverability of available open data in cities. Using Data user and authorities of selected cities en Colombia and Spain this project is creating a generic strategy to assess and improve the reuse of open data in cities.

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City Data 3.0 Early Steps - Best Poster AGILE 2017

  1. 1. ACTION STEPS 54% COLOMBIA 33% SPAIN 08% SOUTH AMERICA COUNTRIES 04% EUROPEAN COUNTRIES N = 195 VALID RESPONSES BOGOTÁ - MEDELLÍN - CALÍ VALENCIA Usability barriers that prevent the published geographic data in the cities to be used by data consumers. CITY DATA 3.0 A generic initiative to promote and assess the reuse of geographic information in cities - Early steps Fernando Benitez, Joaquin Huerta Universitat Jaume I, Spain @mfbenitez - @geoC_UE 1 2 3 SELECTED CITIES 62% 30% 8% Analysts: Geographic, Managers, Students. Developers: Geo and No-Geo. Other roles. N = 195 VALID RESPONSES DATA CONSUMERS METHOD 16 Phase No2: Strategy definition Phase No1: On-Line SurveyPhase No3: Test and Evaluate Phase No2: Proof-of-Concept Phase No2: Implementation in selected cities Phase No1: Participatory Workshops 2 4 5 3 Current Phase ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The contributors gratefully acknowledge funding from the European Union through the GEO-C project (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014, Grant Agreement Number 642332, 80% .SHP 64% .ZIP 58% .CSV 16% RDF 30% REST JSON 44% N = 186 VALID RESPONSES HOW USERS GET DATA? Vs Downloadable formats Web services NOT A BARRIER MODERATE BARRIER MAJOR BARRIER N = 195 VALID RESPONSES 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 47% 53% 68%Outdated data Low Integration URL to access data 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 22% 31% 32%Terms of use or License Feedback from others users How data has been produced NEVER OCCASIONALLY EVERY TIME N = 186 VALID RESPONSES Vs BARRIERS VS. MOST USED FEATURES DATA QUALITY CRITERIA VS. MAIN FEATURES CONSIDERED PUBLICATION DATE When data was created or published. CURRENCY Up to date data or metadata ACCESSIBILITY logical, the ease with which the relevant dataset is discovered through a data catalogue or repository. ACCURACY Which data/metadata record correctly describes the information. 87% 77%89% 75% AUTHOR Public or private agency. DATA QUALITY A set of dimensions that consumers can indentify the ideal quaility for the intented use. 65%74% N = 195 VALID RESPONSES N = 184 VALID RESPONSES DATA USER COMMUNITIES AND AUTHORITIES Vs Create a generic strategy to improve the re-use and discovery level of geographic information available in cities Study the relationship between these identified barriers and the re-use level of available geographical data on cities. MAIN CONCEPTS Reuse Discoverability Available Open Datain cities. PROBLEM STATEMENT What is the usefulness level of published geographic information in cities' open data portals? Are cities effectively using these available services to promote transparency, collaboration, and entrepreneurship? Bogotá Medellín Calí València