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NAS TS-453mini Presentation


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New 4 NAS Platform

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NAS TS-453mini Presentation

  1. 1. QNAP TS-étõšmttni: the maast innovattve desktop NAS ever
  2. 2. Glossy, Streamlined, Quiet & Smart »w : r r wnsrlv Hr»: .tr txwr new Jrurrat rr- . it ryrrroe tast ”l W r tY1'Š. „^1HrlI›( «r r
  3. 3. High performance with quad-core CPU Powered by a quad-core Inteiaē: Celeroniíē* 2.0GHz processor with 2GB/8GB energy-efficient DDR3L RAM (upgradabie to 8GB), coupled with the support of SATA õGb/ s. 2 Gigabit LAN ports and HDMI output. the TS- 453mini is a powerful NAS that delivers up to 220 MB/ s transfer throughput. With the powerful TS453mini. you can easily handie day-today file Storage, backup. sharing. multimedia processing. and even virtuaiization applications. Th roughput
  4. 4. Smart LED The aesthetícalry-designed skyiine LED indicator will flash a blue light to remind you the system is in S3 sleep mode, Based on the surrounding environment. you can adjust the brightness of all system indicators (from a scale from 0 to 100, in 20-step increments) and also schedule the system to automaticall/ dim the LEDs at certain times when needed. Learn more: 5 3 sleep wc-d e
  5. 5. Full HD videos local display with HD Station via HDMI Die-ä? HD Station : ntegretes tne powevfui kodi media peyer and web browser, Vifnn HDMI connect vrty. you can connect the 'iS-453mni ta e HDTV to enjoy your munmedss on the org screen Tne spiendd user unterfsoe and support for T t-surround sound pesstnrough' brings srnoatn oteyback of Fut HD 13830 wdeos" rou : en even weton 'íouTube videos, suvftne weo end rnenege tne Turbo NAS using Google Chrome or htozttia F-refox won multišingua! keyboard input. 'Ine HD Staton supports mutt-taskmg and user autnentoaton so onry author-: ed users can eooess dets stored on the 'iS-453mht: via HDMl rnonrtors The TS~453m= n ›s osake-j with 'Eit-KP Fhkišuír: 'emme control foryou to : onvenentty control the HD Station via the nun-: n IR reoerver of the TS--t53minu YouTube Pairng, eilowing you ta select e `r'ouTuse indeo on your smartonone, taoiet or computer and piay . t on HDTV via tne TS-453mini rou : en aiso mm your mooile devwoes into remote oontroes by enstelšing the even-me epp 'he HD Staton eisa suooorts Learn more' HD Steven
  6. 6. Upgrade Memory on QNAP Turbo NAS (RAM Module Installation) 0 Infrarej Fleceirer liit; 0 PCVNElCiJTInECTCl o lEDlndicators StatusHlJDhtLiäN, USB 6 Reset Button 0 sinine LED Indmtor 0 USBZOPOnxJ o Power Prutton ü) Gigabit LAN e Clne ToJchCopy' Button a] USB 3.0 Port x! ß LlSB3oPort Q) HDlillPort
  7. 7. TS-453mini (4-bay) l Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the screw on the memory module compartment at the bottom of the NAS and lift the compartment cover away. . í, „ųi “y 2 L i ~i i l" weųouurruiaonu-*ny ç l _ 4**^*`uui: „ ¡ -iI-lilll «ç-I L iq llllllllllll : l Ah 2. To remove installed memory modules. pull the retention clips on each side so thatthe module tilts up for easy removal. Q. , 'xD-bg . :gast f; 7:_. r-. ` ylr, _ A. __ i lh`i~~ sssltl o . ia s:
  8. 8. Note: Always ensure that a memory module is installed in the Primary (red) slot. lf not, then the system will fail to start. When installing two memory modules. please ensure that they are the same size and ldeally use the same type/ model for both slots. 3. Slide the memory module to the slot at a 45degree angle (approximately) and press the memory module down until it clips into place. Ensure the memory module sita property with the clips in place. 1.. .31!? š 4. Close the NAS cover and fasten the screw. Reconnect the power and network cables to the NA S. mtolmrn'