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Mechanical engineering solutions offered by fernandes & associates

  1. Mechanical Engineering Solutions Fernandes & Associates Offered By
  2. Product design as well as evaluation
  3. D e s i g n a n d d r a f t i n g
  4. Safe load tables
  5. Design for manufacture
  6. Load testing
  7. Forensics and failure analysis
  8. Vibration and fatigue analysis
  9. Vehicle hoists and platforms
  10. Gantry cranes design and verification
  11. Tower,self-erectingandmobilecranes
  12. Hydraulic cylinders
  13. To avail any of these services, please get in touch with - Fernandes & Associates Phone: 07 3852 1371 Email: w w w . f e r n a n d e s . n e t . a u