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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Problem Statement: Recently graduated (newbies) that didn´t have any professional experience before graduation (because of shyness or personal difficulties) need a way to get their first chance in the market, because design employers want to hire people with experience. Idea 1 Propose a team contest between newbies with the same problem. Idea 2 Co-creation contest platform exclusive for newbies.
  2. 2. Stakeholders Design Just-graduated Need: • Experience • Substantial portfolio • start to make money Offer: • Fresh ideas • Engagement • Accept to work for free. University – Teachers Need: • Educate students to the labor market • Use innovative tools to teach and engage students Offer: • Academic administration • Engagement • Students mentoring. Brands – Companies Need: • Fresh ideas and innovation • Build relationship with new consumers Offer: • Prizes • Their prestige to the newbies portfolio
  3. 3. Idea 1 – Team contest that worth a job Explanation: • A team contest proposed by a blue chip company or brand which will prize winners with a job position. • Brands will propose a design challenge. • University will organize the teams and will provide teachers mentoring and facilities. • Young professionals will work together to fulfill the challenge. • Judges will analyze ideas and choose the winner.
  4. 4. Objectives: • Offer to the newbies the opportunity they want. • Team work is a very important part of the process. It motivates newbies to put hands-on. • Apart from that, It can help shy people to integrate and learn who to work in group. • Present a fun, engaging and effective method to find a job. • Provide brands and companies with creative professionals, fresh and full of energy. Idea 1 – Team contest that worth a job
  5. 5. Idea 1 – Team contest that worth a job
  6. 6. Idea 2 – Online Platform for Co-creation contests Explanation: • Co-creation contests and crowd sourcing are quite new processes but are becoming very common nowadays when brands need to innovate. • There are some companies offering the this services to the brands using online platforms (e.g.: • My idea is to create one of those platforms dedicated to advanced students and recently graduated professional (newbies). • It will have educational goal therefore university and teachers are very important stakeholders. They will provide the pedagogical support such as teachers orientation at the forums.
  7. 7. Idea 2 – Online Platform for Co-creation contests Objectives: • offer to the newbies a way to acquire experience and enrich their portfolio so they will have some work to show to future employers. • Present an innovative method of professional education. • Provide brands and companies with creative ideas. • Create a productive and fun channel of communication among all those stakeholders.
  8. 8. Idea 2 – Online Platform for Co-creation contests
  9. 9. Idea 1 – Feedback Matrix •The prize. •The team work. •Face to face interaction. •Teachers mentoring. •University participation. •I don´t think collective idea entries and the prizes would work. On group work there are always those who work and those who don´t. •It´s not fair that people who didn´t work gets the prize. • Would the idea entries be individual or collective? •And the prizes, are they going be for all the group members? •Who will be the judges? • The contest should mix somehow the team work and individual entries, therefore only those who really deserve will get the prize.
  10. 10. Idea 2 – Feedback Matrix •The idea of the contest. “Competition is a great idea, very creative.” •Entries would be individual. •There is no face to face interaction. •The prizes (money and portfolio). Should be the job like on Idea 2. •“What we want is the job. It is what we are working for. Employers are not interested only in portfolio, but in the professional experience.” •Is it a book? (she didn´t understand it would be online). •Will it have any discussion or mentoring like Idea 2? •Will the contest be opened to everybody? •Offer a job as a prize too. • advertise on the facebook. • Have more interaction.
  11. 11. Prototype - Reflections A- What I learned by testing my prototypes: • I´ve learned that the value of the reward is very subjective. The interviewed didn´t care about money prize. And also believe that portfolio doesn't matter too much to the employer. • She was very direct and practical: “What we want is the job. It is what we are working for. Employers are not interested only in portfolio, but in the professional experience.” • I though an online platform would seduce more the young professional as they are from the so called generation Y. On contrary she appreciated the interactive, face to face option.
  12. 12. Prototype - Reflections B - What I would do next if I was to continue working on the project: • The idea chosen to go further would be the Idea 1 – the Contest. Certainly I would need to improve my prototype with the feedback information and test it again. Improvements: • Work harder on the contest´s rules. • Think about how to ally the team work with the individual idea submissions. The competition among the participants could put collaboration on stake? • Idea: instead of only one challenge. Propose a series of smaller challenges where individuals would work in groups but would score individually.