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Carnival in Cologne - Karneval in Köln


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A fun, short presentation about Carneval in Cologne (Karneval in Köln). Learn how to talk about Karneval and Cologne's local traditions in English.

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Carnival in Cologne - Karneval in Köln

  1. 1. Carnival in Cologne: The Basics Fern Kushner
  2. 2. Carnival in Cologne: The Basics If you are travelling to Cologne in February—or if you want to tell English-speaking visitors about this special time of year—there are some things you must know. Fern Kushner
  3. 3. If you are travelling to Cologne in February—or you live near Cologne and want to tell visitors about this special time of year— there are some things you must know. In most parts of the world. . . there are four seasons, and spring comes after winter. Fern Kushner
  4. 4. Cologne is different! Guess what? Cologne has five seasons instead of four! How does that work? Fern Kushner
  5. 5. Cologne is different! Welcome to Karneval! This special time of year is known as the fifth season. Every year, Cologne—or Kölle, as people say locally—celebrates with a giant Carnival party. Fern Kushner
  6. 6. Cologne is different! Highlights include costumes, flirting, dancing in the streets, and lots of beer. Fern Kushner
  7. 7. Carnival in Cologne: The Basics Here is a short quiz for you to check how much you know about Karneval in Cologne. Fern Kushner
  8. 8. Carnival in Cologne: The Basics You can find the answers to all of the questions at the end of this presentation. Have fun! Fern Kushner
  9. 9. Carnival in Cologne 1) On the first day of the street carnival in Cologne, it’s traditional for: a) women to cut off men’s ties b) men to cut off women’s skirts Fern Kushner
  10. 10. Carnival in Cologne 2) The center of Karneval activities in Cologne is: a) the industrial area outside the city b) the old part of the city, called the Altstadt Fern Kushner
  11. 11. Carnival in Cologne 3) What about kissing someone you don’t know? During Karneval this is: a) strictly forbidden b) quite common Fern Kushner
  12. 12. Carnival in Cologne 4) Most shops and offices in Cologne: a) close for part of the time during Karneval b) stay open for business as usual during Karneval Fern Kushner
  13. 13. Carnival in Cologne 5) The high point of the celebration is the big parade on Monday, when people ride through the streets on decorated trucks and throw small gifts to those who are watching. What kind of gifts do the spectators get? a) coins and concert tickets b) sweets and flowers Fern Kushner
  14. 14. Carnival in Cologne 6) When does Karneval officially end in Cologne? a) on Ash Wednesday b) on Easter Monday Fern Kushner
  15. 15. Now check your answers! The correct answers are: 1) a 2) b 3) b 4) a 5) b 6) a Fern Kushner
  16. 16. Carnival in Cologne How did you do? I hope that you enjoyed this short quiz and learned some basics about “the fifth season” in Cologne. Fern Kushner
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