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Newsletter 44

  1. 1. Newsletter N°44 November 2011FERMA’s new President Jorge Luzzi spent three years in the association ABGR, and one of the founders and the firstfinance department of the pharmaceutical company, Ciba president of the Latin American risk management associationGeigy, now Novartis. He observed that everything seemed to Alarys. He is now honorary president of both organisations. Herevolve around risk, but that there was little analysis of is active in the International Federation of Risk and Insuranceanything other than pure financial risk. Management Associations (IFRIMA) as its chairman, and in the Italian risk management association ANRA.Having worked as an account executive with Marsh for eightyears at the start of his career, however, he could also see the With this background, it is not surprising that he has morelimitations of insurance. “Soon I started to think that risk than 500 connections on LinkedIn and he received more thanwasn’t only about doing the calculation but there was a lot of 150 congratulatory emails during the first day after his electionhuman aspect to risk. When there is a major loss, for example, as President of FERMA was announced!it’s not just the factory that’s affected but the workers,” he His work and FERMA responsibilities do not leave him time tosaid. play rugby now, but he takes advantage of living inThis human aspect really came home to Jorge in the 1999 Switzerland to ski and cycle with his two daughters, aged sixearthquake in Izmit, Turkey. By this time, he had joined Pirelli, and 10. He also loves football – how could he not with growingand the tire maker has a factory within the quake zone. The up in Brazil and Argentina – and other sports.official figures say at the Magnitude 7.6 quake killed at least17,000 people and half a million were homeless. Most of thePirelli plant stood up well, but two people died in an olderbuilding. Others were killed elsewhere or injured when their A man of many countrieshomes collapsed. In the end, the toll was 13 dead and 14severely injured. The impact, though, was far wider; membersof staff were homeless and had lost friends and familymembers. and enthusiasmsJorge explains that before the company could think aboutrestoring the factory, it established a tent city for employeesand other Izmit residents who were homeless. The workers A profile of Jorge Luzzi,otherwise might have been forced to leave the area to stay FERMA’s new Presidentwith relatives. “All this really touched me. Enterprise riskmanagement is not limited to calculating probabilities,” hesays. As FERMA members who attended the FERMA night party atToday Jorge is Director of Group Risk Management for Pirelli the 2011 Forum know, Jorge enjoys singing. There he joinedworldwide with wide responsibilities in the group. He started outgoing President Peter den Dekker and fellow Italianhis career in insurance and risk management in Brazil in 1971. Alessando De Felice for FERMA’s own version of the threeThe family moved there from Argentina where he spent his tenors. “I love music,” he says, “Italian music, opera, of course,boyhood, and he is proud of honour given him by the but many other types of music, too. I couldn’t live without it.”Parliament of the Brazilian state of São Paulo for hiscontribution on the development of risk management in the Over the next two years as President, Jorge wants to open thecountry. Other awards he has received include the prestigious arms of FERMA to increased involvement with memberGoodwell Award for lifetime achievement from the US Risk associations and their members. He intends to expandand Insurance Management Society (RIMS). FERMA’s communication with members and listen to their concerns and opinions by taking advantage of the new socialJorge describes himself as “Italian but from an international media,” and he has Swiss as well as Italian nationality. He livesnear Lake Lugano in Switzerland where he has an office. Jorge wants to increase the number of what he calls ‘friends ofPirelli headquarters is only one hour away by car over the FERMA’, for example by drawing on the resource of veryItalian border in Milan, and he regularly travels over the world experienced members who are no longer working as day toto the company’s factories, distribution centres and offices. day risk managers but who have great expertise to offer. Another innovation is that he would like FERMA to considerThanks to his Latin American childhood and a career that has having individual members participate in various projectsspanned Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Bermuda, under the direction of board members.Ireland and Italy, Jorge speaks Portuguese, Spanish andEnglish in addition to Italian, and a little German and French. As he said in his first remarks as President of FERMA at the Forum in Stockholm, his imperatives are “communication,Jorge was president of the Brazilian risk management interaction and innovation.”
  2. 2. Letter EC considers regulation Launch of furtherfrom of loss adjusters guidance on 8thBrussels How do FERMA members feel about Directive loss adjusters? Would they like to seeFlorence Bindelle, some form of registration or regulation? On 14 December, FERMA willExecutive Manager This issue, which has been discussed in formally launch its joint FERMA a number of times in the past, publication with the EuropeanOctober was an exceptionally busy has again become topical as part of Confederation of Institutes ofmonth for FERMA with the successful Internal Auditing (ECIIA) of European Commission discussions onconference in Stockholm, the launch of guidance for senior executives on the prevention and insurance of naturalthe new logo and the new website. the risk management provisions catastrophes.Thank you to all of you who joined us in of the EU 8th Company LawStockholm. I hope you enjoyed the FERMA plans to circulate association Directive.event as much as we did. presidents to ask their views, ahead of a This important work follows the possible meeting with the European FERMA-ECIIA guidance on theNow back in the office, we are working Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts 8th Directive for boards and auditon the next stage of the guidance on the (FUEDI). Executive Manager Florence committees published in8th Company Law Directive with theEuropean Confederation of Institutes of Bindelle, who attended a Commission September 2010. Former FERMAInternational Auditing (ECIIA). We seminar on natural catastrophes on 18 President Marie-Gemma Dequaeintend to release it and present it to the October, reported that the Commission and current Vice President Michelpress on December 14 in Brussels. is to carry out an in-depth examination Dennery are leading the of insurance schemes within the EU for continuing work for FERMA.We are planning our 2012 projects, natural catastrophes.among them the seminar and the Commented Michel, “This workbenchmarking survey. A working group The next step will be the release of a will be valuable not just for senioris already gathering. Paris and London survey by the EC Joint Research Centre executives in large companies,are the two locations being explored as as the basis for discussion of future but also for directors and auditthe venue for the seminar. The committees of smaller initiatives to promote an appropriatebenchmarking survey, which will take companies, as we are including market for natural catastropheplace online in the spring of next year, practical advice on application of insurance products and improve the the rules.”has become the most authoritative view efficiency of existing market. A drafton the state of European risk version should be available for A press conference andmanagement, so please do add your presentation of the new guidance stakeholder comments by the end ofopinions when it is released. will take place in Brussels from November, with a final version inIn terms of representing the interests of December. A green paper is expected to 9.00 to 10.00 am with breakfastour members, I took part in a European from 8.30. The venue will be follow to consider whether there is aCommission conference on the confirmed closer to the time. need to add to current Europeanprevention and insurance of natural regulation or create new measures forcatastrophes on 18 October, and on 8 managing catastrophe risks.November Pierre Sonigo and I willattend the stakeholder and practitioner EU Commissioner for internal marketworkshop on implementation of the and services Michel Barnier, who spokeenvironmental liability directive. Please at the conference, included among hislet me know if you would like more angles for action the question of someinformation on either of these events. formal European registration of lossFERMA will be promoting more adjusters. FERMA understands thateducation in risk management. As FUEDI would like to see recognition ofFERMA expands, it’s clear to us this is the profession of loss adjuster but notsomething members really welcome. regulation, and will consider the possibility of future discussions withIn terms of communication, we are FUEDI after getting the presidents’currently looking at the strengthening views.our social media presence. Pleaseinclude the #fermarisk hashtag in your More information and the conferenceown tweets, join the FERMA Risk Talk presentations will be available at:group at LinkedIn and check the websiteregularly. We are adding new content all time. urance/index_en.htmPage 2 FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011
  3. 3. Cyber risk survey results Social media are a great means of communicating and building communities. At the same time, their implications for company reputation are a real concern for risk managers. This is the finding of an online survey on cyber risks conducted by FERMA and the Institute of Risk Management (IRM).Forum Panel “Global Compliant Programmes”: Forum Panel “ Risks of the Virtual World”:Yves DE MESTIER, Martin STRNAD, Julia Luc VIGNANCOUR, Laurent DELHALLE, The survey, which took place just ahead of theGRAHAM, Praveen SHARMA, Helen HAYDEN Michel DENNERY, Christian AGHROUM Forum, received a total of 186 replies from members of the two organisations. They were asked which three cyber risks they regarded asTowards global compliance the greatest threats to business in general and to their own organisation and then how theseFERMA and member association FERMA and Airmic are also hopeful risks were managed.Airmic with the London and that as they progress, the very large Nearly half of the respondents put reputationInternational Insurance Brokers’ US Risk and Insurance Management risk from social media among the top three forAssociation will in November Society (RIMS) will become part of business generally, with a further 20 percentapproach interested parties in the the project. Global compliance is a including loss of confidential informationinsurance market with a request for major concern for its members as it is through social media as a material exposure.proposals to set up a global insurance for European risk managers.regulation and tax database. When it came to their own organisations, Airmic member Helen Hayden, group more respondents named non-maliciousThe issue of global compliance was insurance risk manager of Prudential, operational IT risks among the top three,one of the most debated topics at the has specialised in the issue, and she followed by theft of customer information andFERMA Forum in Stockholm, both in was one of the panel members at the then social media reputation risks.a workshop devoted to the subject FERMA workshop. She told theand in the questions to insurance session that regulatory authorities The risks are real. Of 98 FERMA members whoindustry leaders in the final panel. were closely monitoring large responded to the question, 28 said that theirImmediate past President Peter den international businesses following company had suffered an attack onDekker, who remains on the board of the credit crunch and economic confidential information and 12 out of 36FERMA, and Vice President Julia responses said they had been concerned by a downturn and were prepared to takeGraham, who chaired the Forum denigration attack. act against them, including levyingworkshop, are driving the financial penalties for non- In terms of managing the risks, riskcontribution from FERMA. compliance. management is the only corporate function regularly involved in addition to IT securityThere is no schedule established for Praveen Sharma, Consulting Practice with over 80 percent saying it participates,the project but the partners want to Leader for Marsh on global insurance compared to just under 20 percent for the nextgauge the response to the call for regulation and tax, was also a panel highest which is legal or company secretary.proposals early next year and perhaps member. He was blunt about whatstart with some implementation in he believes are the current barriers to FERMA Vice-President Michel Dennery whothe second half of the year. Graham a global database. “In my personal conducted a workshop on the risks of thesaid: “We are quite positive that the view, at the moment it’s ego virtual world at the 2011 FERMA Risk Forumwork we are doing with Airmic will standing in the way. The only people said: “The Web 2.0 tools expose us to a lot ofproduce useful results for other making money from a database are risk. We have to take care of the reallyFERMA members.” software companies, lawyers and valuable information, the information that we accountants. We spend the money use to make money, the information thatShe explains that concentrating on gives us competitive advantage. It needs muchLondon makes the project more and try to use it as a differentiator. It’s wrong when we make compliance more protection today because thepractical in a short timeframe than environment is much more open.aiming for global participation, as a differentiator, when thebecause only a fairly small group is fundamental difference should be “At the same time, the new tools also offer ainvolved in the discussion. She the way of doing insurance business.” lot of opportunities in greater sharing ofbelieves that because so many information. We can use them communicate Said Hayden, “At a time when theLondon market insurers are part of with suppliers, shareholders and other insurance policy is called upon tobig international companies and stakeholders. They can also help us break perform, and to respond to and pay aLondon is involved in so many global down internal silos.” claim, it must be able to do soprogrammes, the data that they can without fear that it or any For more details:provide will cover many jurisdictions, subsequent payment will attract to be valuable for corporate unwarranted scrutiny from regulators reputation-damage-high-on-risk-managers-insurance buyers. or tax authorities.” list-of-concerns/FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011 Page 3
  4. 4. Young risk professionals Education initiativesThe young risk managers’ network is now looking to build a Nineteen candidates from 11 countries have been selected forcontinuing virtual meeting place, following its successful the first FERMA-Lloyd’s professional development initiativelaunch at the Forum in Stockholm. The next planning meeting for risk managers, which will begin in expected to take place in Brussels in December. The selected candidates are:The network is a joint programme between FERMA and Lloyd’s • Austria: Hannes Überbacher, Red BullRegister Quality Assurance (LRQA). LRQA Senior Marketing • Belgium: Lena Bogaerts, Recticeland Communications Manager Alex Briggs was delighted with • Belgium: Sabine Desantoine, ING Belgiumthe response in Stockholm and with the participation of then • Denmark, Christian Julin, FalckPresident of FERMA Peter den Dekker and his successor Jorge • Denmark: Kim Sørensen, Carlsberg BreweriesLuzzi who talked about their own careers. • France: Leopold Larius, EdenredBriggs said: “We are now looking to build the community so • Germany: Ruben Müller, Voith Assekuranz Ermittlungthat young risk professionals can share ideas and best practices • Germany: Jiri Tripsovsky, Volkswagen Financial Servicesthrough a virtual meeting place. Our aim is to have it well • Lithuania: Kristina Bernotaite, INVEGAestablished by the next FERMA Forum in Maastricht in 2012.” • Netherlands: Denise Ozmis, AkzoNobel • Netherlands: Bernard van den Berg, Ballast Nedamprofessionals/ • Poland: Martyna Butryn, Telekumunikacja Polska • Russia: Igor Mikhailov, Mobile TeleSystems • Russia: Artem Voronchikhin, Severstal • Sweden: Malin Bernsten, SNDO • Sweden: Fredrik Finnman, ASSA ALBOY • Sweden: Claude Zambeaux, Electrolux • Switzerland: Sabrina Hartusch, Triumph International • Switzerland: Alexandre Voisin, METALORTweet for FERMA: FERMA requests Around the associations#fermarisk ISO liaison member statusSocial media allow risk professionalsfrom across FERMA’s now widely AGERS (Spain)spread membership to build a lively Vice President Julia Graham hascommunity. FERMA can communicate nominated FERMA to act as a AGERS held a workshop with thequickly with its members and the liaison member of ISO/PC Asociación de Empresarios demembers can communicate among technical committee 262, which Alcobendas during which a panel ofthemselves. Please join us if you is working on ISO31004, a experts analysed, from a legal,haven’t already done so: companion guide to ISO 31000. business and insurance perspective, Julia was closely involved with the implications of the timetable for FERMA has a new hashtag: the development of ISO 31000 the establishment of obligatory #fermarisk. Use it on your and she is the nominated UK financial security against own tweets for anything that expert on the new ISO working environmental impairment set out you think would interest group for ISO31004. under Ministerial Order ARM other members. In September, Graham spoke at 1783/2011. Join the discussion at FERMA the annual conference of the UK Directors and officers and their Risk Talk at Chartered Institute of Internal liabilities will be the subject of a Auditors on the subject of a course on 30 November and 1 ups/FERMA-Risk-Talk- changed landscape for risk December. With many insurance 3720602 management. She covered issues programme renewals coming up at such as systemic risk, corporate the end of the year, AGERS will holdFERMA’s Twitter and Ferma Risk Talk governance, the current risk a seminar to consider the issues onwill also give access to videos and environment and the impact of 16 November in Madrid with a riskpresentations on YouTube and the recession.SlideShare. managers’ session in the evening.Page 4 FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011
  5. 5. Around the associationsAirmic (United Kingdom) BELRIM (Belgium)Airmic is working on a number of projects and has this On 2 October, BELRIM held its traditional Belgian eveningyear produced several reports. The one that was most during the FERMA Forum in Stockholm. In the impressive atriumextensively reported in the UK media was Roads to of the National Museum of Sweden, 144 key members of theRuin, which was produced for Airmic by the Cass Belgian risk management and insurance community gatheredBusiness School. It looks at 23 high-profile corporate for a most enjoyable evening.crises, the circumstances leading up to them and the The Chairman of BELRIM, Gaëtan Lefèvre, welcomed members‘risk blindness’ that contributed to them. and sponsors and pointed out the challenges that lie ahead inThe association also produced a guide to the mitigating the impact of Solvency II on commercial customerscompliance of global insurance programmes and and the need for partnership as the only way to developanother on disclosure requirements under UK balanced relationships between customers, brokers, insurers andinsurance law. also loss adjusters.Current research projects include cyber risks and an Sarah Adam received her prize as the laureate student from theevaluation of the terms of service level agreements FERMA Director of Education, Edouard Thys. Her researchwith brokers. Airmic is also in discussion with leading covered risk management in small and medium sizedinsurers about a model contract wording to reduce the companies.impact of what members regard as the excessive BELRIM is organising numerous activities in the coming months,disclosure obligations placed on buyers under UK law. including a seminar on risks linked to travel on 16 November andFor more information on Airmic’s role in the creation a cocktail for members on 2 February 2012.of a shared insurance compliance database, seepage 3.Airmic will host its annual dinner on 30 November in DARIM (Denmark)London. DARIM will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 2 February 2012. It will announce plans for an event later. In the meantime, the association will hold a Christmas meeting on 6 December.AMRAE (France)The 20th Rencontres, AMRAE’s annual forum, willtake place from 8-10 February 2012 in Deauville. IGREA (Spain)Registration is open on the AMRAE website. and APOGERIS (Portugal) These two associations have collaborated with Commercial RiskANRA (Italy) Europe to organise a conference on risk frontiers in Latin America on 8 November in Madrid. The half day seminar willEconomist Nassim Taleb, author of the Black Swan discuss how risk managers can achieve cost effective andand Fooled by Randomness, will participate by video compliant coverage in such fast changing markets as Brazil andlink in the ANRA annual conference on 9 November in Argentina. FERMA President Jorge Luzzi, who has longMilan. The subject of the conference will be ‘Back to experience of risk management in Latin America, will be aInsurance – which solutions in a less secure world’. speaker.Other speakers include Axel Theis, CEO of AllianzGlobal Corporate & Specialty; Paolo Vagnone,Country Manager of Assicurazioni Generali;prominent Italian sociologist Enrico Finzi and the NARIM (Netherlands)CEOs of three brokers and three insurers. NARIM celebrates its 15th anniversary on 3 November by gettingDuring the conference ANRA will announce the together at the general assembly that will be held at Tata Steelpublication of a position paper on ISO 31000 and the in Ijmuiden. Arnout van der Veer, a member of NARIM and boardrisk management process. member of FERMA, will deliver a lecture on enterprise risk management, and there will be an excursion by bus at the Tata Steel site.ASPAR CZ (Czech Republic)A one day seminar on practical examples of claims SIRM (Switzerland)handling to be held at SKO-ENERGO Mlada Boleslavon 10 November is the next event for ASPAR CZ. SIRM’s annual forum will take place on 8- 9 November atThere will be a members‘ meeting on 6 December. Pfäffikon. The subject will be cyber crime and cyber security.FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011 Page 5
  6. 6. Shaping up for tomorrow in Stockholm - What’s happeningThe 2011 FERMA Risk Forum Something which has happened and will continue to do so is thatAs he took over as President of FERMA, economies towards emerging markets, business has become much moreJorge Luzzi defined his imperatives over and financial services were facing interdependent and complex.the next two years in three words: stringent new regulations. Ackermann Natural catastrophes in the two“communication, inter-action and argued that although changes to the years since the previous Foruminnovation.” His remarks closed the most regulatory framework were necessary, he had revealed this clearly, saidsuccessful FERMA Forum so far with more warned that governments “should not FERMA President Peter denthan 1,500 risk professionals taking part. cause additional harm” when putting Dekker in his opening remarks. them into effect.With FERMAs growing membership, now “Our businesses are so complex21 associations in 19 European countries There was, however, some that we cannot control everyand likely to expand further, Luzzi encouragement for FERMA members in aspect of our supply chains whencommented on the diversity of the his remarks. Ackermann said that many there is a catastrophe.” stated denmembers of these groups. And he said: financial institutions had strengthened the Dekker. He called on the insurers“FERMA should represent all of them and role of risk managers following the and reinsurers to understand theirbe an instrument to elevate their status.” financial crisis. He commented: clients’ new business models and “Deficiencies in controlling risk were at the support them by finding ways ofLuzzi, who has been Vice President of heart of the crisis. As a result manyFERMA for the previous two years, paid providing contingent business financial institutions have strengthened interruption insurance. Risktribute to outgoing President Peter den the role of risk managers within theirDekker. He would not behave like a managers should work with their organisations, have revised their risk underwriters to make thempolitician and claim that everything that methodologies and revisited thehad gone before was wrong and that great confident that they understood instruments they use for mitigating and the risks.reforms were needed. Instead, he said, his controlling risk.”predecessor had done “a great job” and “To get the sort of financialFERMA was in good health. The second keynote speaker, Magnus protection that we need in the Lindkvist, however, was able to see face of catastrophes – and toThe formal proceedings of the 2011 Forum uncertainty about the future in a morehad begun in a serious way with the make it a worthwhile business for positive light and he urged risk managers the insurers and reinsurers – is ankeynote address by the CEO of Deutsche to do so, too. Styling himself as aBank, Josef Ackermann. He told the issue for us working together,” he trendspotter and futurologist, Lindkvist said.audience that they were witnessing “a said: “You are all trend spotters. That’stectonic shift” in the outlook for the what risk management is all about. What The Forum concluded with thefinancial services industry, especially in is happening and in which direction is it panel discussion among leaders ofbanking. The whole structure of the pointing.” the insurance industry – Whatindustry was changing fundamentally. keeps you awake at night. You should, he told the audience, make Journalists Adrian Ladbury ofGrowth prospects for the financial industry ideas join up, experiment and use failuresin the West were limited, along with a shift Commercial Risk Europe and to create success. Become, he urged Nathan Skinner of Strategic Riskin economic power from Western them, “chief imaginary officers.” challenged the participants with questions about whether the soft market was turning, how they were going to help risk managers make their global programmes compliant and finally what did keep them awake at night. Then it was time for the closing ceremony with thanks to all those who contributed, for a new President to take over and a farewell lunch in the magnificent surroundings of Stockholm City Hall.Page 6 FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011
  7. 7. Buzz at the Forum Innovation pitches Not all the excitement took place in the meeting rooms. The European marketplace in the exhibition hall was the focus of events away from the sessions during the day. Knowing that risk managers are keen on new ideas, FERMA offered service suppliers the chance to promote their innovations - with just three minutes each to convince the risk managers to vote for them.Social mediaAround 800 tweets, or twitter messages were posted eitherdirect to FERMA or using the #fermaforum tag during theevent.Regular blog entries on the new FERMA website updatedmembers and linked to films and presentations almost as Swiss Re Corporate Solutions received the first ever productsoon as events happened. innovation award for its non-damage business interruption cover that allows the aviation industry to mitigate risksNew FERMA President Jorge Luzzi highlighted FERMAs associated with unexpected natural events, such as volcaniccommitment to social networking and called for active ash cloud.participation from member associations. “We want to havereal time communication, and real time is real.”Young risk managers Best exhibitor award The award for theMore than 90 young risk managers best exhibition standattended an 8 am breakfast to went to IF P&Claunch FERMA’s young risk Insurance Company.professionals’ network and hear The visuals of theirboth Jorge Luzzi and Peter den booth as well as itsDekker talk about their own communicationcareers. The chance to win an iPad impact havemay also have been an inducement convinced the FERMAto make the early start. jury. Compete in risk management Ladies lunch Max Friberg and Mikael Nyström from the Stockholm School Vice President Julia Graham looked of Economics of the University of Stockholm won the €1000 with pleasure at more than 100 compete in risk women gathered for the first ever management award FERMA ladies lunch and remarked organised by FERMA that perhaps by the time of the next and platinum sponsor FERMA Forum in 2013, it would be ACE. Their prize also the men who were lunching on the included free gallery. attendance at the Forum.FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011 Page 7
  8. 8. Feedback Statistics Networking champion Alex Kiffen, Vice President SalesIt’s official. Networking is the This year’s Forum was a great success, with a record and Marketing of Polygon,number one reason members attendance of 1536 delegates from 37 different received the award for the mostattend the FERMA Forum. In countries. JLT ClikIN contacts made duringthe early feedback, 87 the Forum with a total of 83percent mentioned names. FERMA distributed 1302networking opportunities. of the clickeys, which wereEducation was next with 36 preloaded with conferencepercent, followed by other participants’ business detailsmeetings with 24 percent. and allowed users to exchange business cards digitally. In theMore than half those who week following the Forum, 6485have replied so far attended contacts were exchanged fromthe Forum for the first time. clickeys connected to aThey had high praise for the computer for synchronisation.location, conference venue,organisation and exhibitionarea, which more than 50percent said were ‘verygood’. Pre-eventdocumentation, assistanceand information on site andthe technical facilities alsorated highly.There’s still time to make 29% of the delegates were Risk Managers, the majority Kiffen commented: “You can tellyour voice heard and coming from Sweden, Belgium, France, Denmark and the by the number of contacts Iinfluence the 2013 Forum: Netherlands. made, I found the technologyhttp://www.surveymonkey.c valuable and engaging.” Heom/s/fermaforum2011 continued: “The FERMA conference presented us with a great opportunity to generate new contacts and start meaningful conversations. ThePresentations from the JLT ClikIN tool made the oftenForum are available for rather formal business of Forum attendees at introduction much less formal; encouraging both openness and closeness. It also enabled us to vents/ferma- obtain much more data, forum/ferma-risk- accurately and quickly.” management-forum- 2011/ Difficulties with your device? Useful information and assistance is available via Videos from the event are available at: FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN RISK MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATIONS - FERMA AISBL m/user/FermaForum This Newsletter is produced by FERMA. If you have any questions concerning this Newsletter, please contact Florence Bindelle at FERMA on +32 2 761 94 32 – email: © Copyright 2011 FERMA. All Rights Reserved. No distribution or reproduction of this issue or any portion thereof is allowed without our written permission except by the recipient for internal use only within the recipients own organisation.Page 8 FERMA Newsletter N°44 ● November 2011