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Why need assisted living


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If you feel the need of assisted living? Check out the presentation, it may help you decide what are the key benefits and whether you should join or not? Information taken out from

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Why need assisted living

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  2. 2. Before jumping to the Needs Lets have a quick intro aboutWhat is assisted living and the facts?
  3. 3. Assisted Living?It is for adults with disabilities or who need help with everyday tasks i.e. bathing, eating, dressing but don’t require full time nurse care.
  4. 4. Assisted Living Facts?SafetyNutritionHealthcareHousekeepingTransportationSocializing & activities
  5. 5. Safety?!?!? How?Helps in walkingLiving with othersFire safety24 emergency responseElder abuseFood safetyManage Prescriptions
  6. 6. Nutrition?!?!? How?Variety of fresh foodFresh fruitsFresh fruit juicesSpecial dietaryEnergized proteinsPhysical activitySea food and meet
  7. 7. Healthcare?!?!? How?Qualified internal DoctorsNursing staff24 emergency responseSupervise medicationCoordinate doctors visitsComplete rest and careMedicine timing care
  8. 8. Housekeeping?!?!? How?LaundryDustingVacuumingRoom cleaningFaculty plumbingChanging bed linersBathroom cleaning
  9. 9. Transportation?!?!? How?ShoppingVisiting friends & FamilyRecreationFamily membersSpecial day tripsOut for lunch/dinnerDoctors appointment, if any
  10. 10. Socializing?!?!? How?Walking clubMeals in the cafeteriaConversationsSchedule a game nightMovie nightcafé and drink coffeeRead the newspaper
  11. 11. When Need Assisted Living?Need help in daily tasksWant to live independently?Have disabilitiesWant to enjoy life with your age group community?Want to enjoy retirement?Need extra care of your medicine?
  12. 12. Feridean Commons Website URL: Blog: Contact Us: (614) 898-7488 Like us on Facebook