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PBC Marketing Presentation


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PBC Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. 1 Sales & Marketing Wing Presented to: Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Malik, The worthy Director General Radio Pakistan. Prepared & Presented By: Iqbal Ahmed, Deputy Controller Sales, PBC ZSO, Karachi. Presentation of Sales Policy
  2. 2. INDEX S # Particulars Page# 1. Executive Summary 03 2. Radio Industry 04 3. Marketing Plan 05 4. Staff Strength of Sales Department 04 5. Corporative Objective 09 6. Environmental Analysis 10 (a) External Environment 10 > PEST Analysis (Political, Environmental, Social & 10 Technological factors) 10 > Competitive Environment 11 > Customer Environment 12 (b) Internal Environment 13 > SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threatens) 14 14. Marketing Strategy 15 15. Marketing Mix (4Ps) Price, Product, Place, 16. and Promotion 21 17. Proposed Sales Strategy 16 18. Reasons of Shortfall, Recommendations, Conclusion 17-19 2
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Announcement “This is Pakistan Broadcasting Service” which went on-air at the midnight of August 14, 1947, marked the birth of Radio Pakistan. It was converted into Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) on December 20, 1972 as a statutory body governed by Board of Directors and the Director General. PBC is the most effective and popular electronic media organization with its varied and wide range of programs catering to all segments of society in 21 national, regional and 17 foreign languages. 3
  4. 4. RADIO INDUSTRY Radio is the most effective media tool today even in the era of IT and multimedia communication. In view of the coverage, accessibility, cost effectiveness and convenience, its identity can never be compromised. It can be tuned anywhere during daily life i.e. while studying, driving, cooking, working in the fields or in any part of the world through web streaming. In this era of technological revolution and transformation, FM broadcast system has taken the world by storm. It has taken a lead by virtue of line of sight transmission which is static-free but with a small range resulting in good sound quality and reliable signal strength. The salient feature of FM broadcast is that it works as community radio, broadcasting programs in the language and dialect of a particular area in accordance with its distinct style and taste. 4
  5. 5. This Marketing Plan is designed for all channels of Radio Pakistan, as substantial opportunities exist to tap into the Global news and commercial market. The advantage of this opportunity is to influence the behavior of target market in such a way to increase the sale of Radio Pakistan AIR TIME to a higher level. The Advertisement Market is divided amongst children, youngsters, young adults, and even aged people who like to listen their choice of music and different programs. All of these are taken care of very well and represent high potential for future market growth. As Radio Pakistan has a top class and vast network spread over to every nook and corner of the country, it enjoys great support from advertisers and distributors, and doesn't face a great threat from its competitors. 5 MARKETING PLAN
  6. 6. STAFF STRENGTH 6 S # Name of Post Existing Strength Revised Strength Unit-wise revised sanctioned strength 01 Controller 01 01 Islamabad-1 02 Deputy Controller 03 03 Islamabad-1 Lahore-1 Karachi-1 03 Sales Manager 04 03 Peshawar-1 Quetta-1 Multan-1 04 Sales Executive 04 05 Islamabad-1 Lahore-1 Karachi-1 Hyderabad-1 Faisalabad-1
  7. 7. STAFF STRENGTH 7 S # Name of Post Existing Strength Revised Strength Unit-wise revised sanctioned strength 05 Sales Officer 03 11 Islamabad-2 Lahore-2 Karachi-2 Peshawar-1 Quetta-1 Kohat-1 Multan-1 Mirpur-1 06 Sales Assistant 14 19 Islamabad-2 Lahore-2 Karachi-2 Peshawar-1 Quetta-1 Multan-1 Mirpur-1 Faisalabad-1 Gilgit-1 Skardu-1 Hyderabad-1 Abbottabad-1 Rawalpindi-1
  8. 8. Corporative Objective 8 MAJOR ASPECTS OF THE MARKETING PLAN The goal is to sustain the position of a LEADER in the market, in terms of Annual growth, Market share, competition and customer satisfaction. Environmental Analysis (A) EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT (I) PEST Analysis Political Economic Social Technological
  9. 9. 9 (II) COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT  Radio Pakistan has high end competitors like, FM100, FM103, FM107, FM107.4, FM99, FM106.2, FM99, FM105 Etc.  These FM Channels are evaluated through several key factors such as type of music they play and the programs they broadcast.  Secondly, the promotional activities, product offerings and over all presence in the competitive arena. (III) CUSTOMER ENVIRONMENT The target market for Radio Pakistan has normally been defined in five different stages: Demographic: This market shows the great potential, as AGE factor dominant over other factors in Radio industry. Secondly, GENDER factor.
  10. 10. 10 Geographic: Radio Pakistan’s extensive national network of MW, SW,FM stations is spread across the country, covering 98% of population and 80% of the total area in Pakistan. It has presence in more than 64 cities including the 5 big cities of Pakistan. This market also shows great deal of promise for growth. Behavioral: Listeners who listen to Radio Pakistan are very loyal but demand revolutionary changes in broadcasting according to present scenario. Situational: For different occasions Radio Pakistan came up either with unique game or any kind of attractive show, i.e. for New Year event, Eid Programs, Birthdays of renowned celebrities. Customers are highly attracted to all these innovative shows and actively participate.
  11. 11. 11 (B) INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT STRENGTHS:  Radio Pakistan is known for providing its listeners superior quality of Pakistani music programs, value addition and benefits to its customers.  It delivers the best combination of innovative content and interesting initiatives.  Serves each and every section of Audience starting from children to 70 plus aged.  According to the latest listenership figures released by GroupM in 2014 it is established that Radio Pakistan is the leading FM Radio Network of the country. With millions of daily listeners Radio Pakistan leads with a 72 percent share of the market.  The research reveals that Radio Pakistan enjoys the highest “Loyalty” among its listeners.  Its wide and national footprint enables our advertisers to reach the largest number of listeners among private operators in high income cities and adjoining areas.
  12. 12. 12 WEAKNESSES:  The transmission quality of some Medium Wave & FM Transmitters is not up to mark and even some of them are totally out of order like MW Karachi & Mitthi.  Un-availability of power backup systems causing long duration break downs which effects transmission. THREATS:  High threats from all private music channels specifically from FM105 and FM100 due to some music oriented programs etc. STRENGTHS • Largest Operating Network •Operates in diverse market •Widely recognized •Strong advertisement sales capability. •High quality studios and transmission equipment OPPORTUNITIES • Satellite radio •Internet Radio •Dedicated news shows •International market WEAKNESSES • Un-availability of power backup systems causing long duration break downs. THREATS • Private FM Channels, and music stations. SWOT Analysis: (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,Threats)
  13. 13. 13 MARKETING STRATEGY Target Customer Profile: Radio Pakistan’s target market is defined using interesting factors such as lifestyles, attitudes, occasions, rather than demographic information. Radio is a strong source of entertainment for every individual of any age group whether it is children, youngsters, housewives, or aged people. Radio can satisfy all needs of its listeners such as entertainment, Recipe of different types of food, Child care tips, Career guidance etc. Radio Pakistan can take care of all these needs in the best way by broadcasting shows keeping in mind the customer needs and their availability. On this basis Radio Pakistan has segmented its customers and targeted them in such a way that no other FM Station could change the bit of positioning done by it.
  14. 14. 14 MARKETING MIX The Punch Line: Radio Pakistan should focus on its customers and the quality of programs provided to them. Radio Pakistan should try to come up with new innovative ideas thereby making it the most preferred station with largest listenership. FOURS P’s. Product: Air-time of Radio Pakistan. (FM93, MW, FM101,FM94 Versa) Price: Price is the factor which has no impact on listeners except the clients who intend to broadcast their media campaigns on different radio stations countrywide. PBC has a very low tariff for its valued clients as compare to other private FM radio channels. Place: The listenership of Radio Pakistan exists in each and every nook and corner of the country. In today’s digital age every person can listen radio through cell phones, in a vehicle during drive-time, and by web streaming. Promotion: Promotional advertisements in newspapers,magazines, hoardings,etc.
  15. 15. PROPOSED SALES STRATEGY 15 A- Corporate Sector B- NGO’s C- Banks/Universities.
  16. 16. REASONS OF SHORTFALL  Shortage of Sales Staff according to requirement of Karachi Market.  Weak business relations of Sales Staff with Clients/Agencies.  Unwillingness of Sales Staff in promoting programs produced by Radio Pakistan.  Non-Availability of Office vehicles and existing very low taxi hiring rates.  Lack of Prompt coordination between Headquarters and units regarding sales affairs for package deal/negotiated rates.  Non-Availability of updated marketing surveys regarding listenership/ ratings.  Marketing rights to M/s. Loud and Clear (Pvt) Ltd.  Weak airing performance of broadcast units due to transmission issues. 16
  17. 17. All the main research results and information contained is collected from the feedback and surveys conducted by BBC in 2012 and report released by GroupM in 2014 . A Field survey is needed as we have our own individual Radio system with us. This proposed survey can enable us to show our strength against small capacity FM Channels of private sector and make us more prominent among the clients/Media buying houses and advertisers. 17 Methodology Sources of Information
  18. 18. RECOMMENDATIONS  Immediate induction in Sales and Marketing force through Contract Hiring based on Salary + Commission.  Introduction of Product based Tariff in addition to Sale of Air-Time. This will enable Radio Pakistan to offer its own produced programs thereby earning production cost.  Major Reshuffling of Managerial Level Sales staff posted at various units to make them active and awakened from a long sleep due to long posting periods at one place.  Reshaping and Restructuring of Sales wing with professional Hierarchy.  Vehicle availability for prompt movement or daily transport expenditure re-imbursement.  Special allowances/incentives for Sales force to entertain prospective clients/agencies officials as per present day market practices. 18
  19. 19. 19  Proper coordination procedures between sales offices and stations after office hours to entertain/broadcast commercials and procured business as per clients requirement.  Radio Pakistan should invite attention of the Media Planners of Clients/Media Buying Houses and Advertisers towards Rural and Far Flung areas covered only by Radio Pakistan, as planners are the main factor in providing business to every media whether electronic/Print or other ones.  Sales Heads/Station Directors/Head of Units arrange awareness tours of Media Planners & Buyers of Major Advertising Agencies on routine basis to keep them aware of programs and content of programs suitable for clients and advertisers.  Radio Pakistan should devise a method to offer incentives to Media Planners and Buyers of Advertising Agencies for better business acquisition. CONCLUSION