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Fergal Hynes SoftTest Conference


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Cloud Based Test Automation

Published in: Technology
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Fergal Hynes SoftTest Conference

  1. 1. Cloud Based Test Automation Fergal Hynes
  2. 2. Goals & Context Frameworks Cloud Intro Case Studies Cloud Based Auto Test Execution Presentation Structure
  3. 3. Our Goals Today • Understand (some of !) what's possible re. testing on the cloud • Presenter to avoid product placement and remain agnostic w.r.t. open source commercial • Allow you to decide if cloud based test automation can help you
  4. 4. Context Planning and Control Analysis and Design Test Implementation and Execution Evaluating exit criteria and Reporting Test Closure activities
  5. 5. Frameworks
  6. 6. Framework 1(a): Test Cases Test Suites • Focus on the E2E Processes • Analyse and prioritise the E2E Business Processes • Assign each test to either Smoke, Core or Full Test Suite • Separate the E2E Processes out by functional area Auto the ST first! • Write the tests to test the E2E Business Processes
  7. 7. Framework 1(b): Test Suites Test Cases Resultant Product Risk Profile:
  8. 8. Framework 2: Test Automation Project Scripts Test Cases Business Process Layer Action Layer Abstracted Data
  9. 9. Framework 3(a): Test Environment SW & ..HW VCS Version Control Solution Build Management Solution Execution Management Solution Reporting Solution Execution Machines Software Software Software Software Hardware
  10. 10. So….. Get your 3 Frameworks Right First : (a)Test Suite Framework (b)Test Auto Framework (c)Test Environment Framework Therefore at this point you will have: VCS
  11. 11. OFFICE CLOUD The Reality…
  12. 12. Cloud
  13. 13. The Top 3 Advantages of Cloud Based Test Execution • Saves Test Analyst Time • Inherently Supports Scalability • Is Cheap (no capex and low running cost if managed properly)
  14. 14. Cloud in 30 secs… • Virtual machines in a specific remote location & managed via your web based account • Connect to machines via (for example) RDP for windows and putty SSH for linux • File transfer by (for e.g.) FTP
  15. 15. Clarification The Test Machines The Product Machines
  16. 16. Test Automation on the Cloud 1 The Test Machines • Security Group • Each orange box ~ 1 or >1 Machines • VM management (e.g. create destroy)
  17. 17. Test Automation on the Cloud 2 The Test Machines The Product Machines • Product can be cloud or not cloud! • Trigger on eventscheduleon-demand
  18. 18. Case Study 1 – API & Mobile Apps • Microsoft house • Locally Hosted API (i.e. Non Cloud based ) • Event Driven and On-Demand Functional and Non-Functional Test Exe
  19. 19. Case Study 2 – API & Web • Open source house • 100% Cloud based product under test • Functional and Non-Functional Test Exe On Demand
  20. 20. Special Note: Non-Functional Testing (Perf, Load, Stress) • Regional load generation capability supported on cloud • SAAS
  21. 21. The Top 3 Pros Cons of Cloud Based Test Execution Priority Pros Cons 1 Time. Backup, Reuse, Version Control via VM management Console Your company and it’s security policies need to be flexible. Over to you… 2 100% Scalable As secure as you are - Choose your security level carefully – Broadcasting is rife 3 Cost – No capex  and environment prototyping is essentially free. Billing reports are good. Beware of Mobile Device Farms – Reliability and Cost (Can be discussed later if you want )
  22. 22. More Pros Cons of Cloud Based Test Execution Pros Cons Personal computers, internal and public internet networks can be abstracted from the test execution environment avoiding latency and localnetwork failures and false negatives Domain knowledge inertia Accessible anywhere - Walk away, interrogate resultsprogress from home Cost can spiral if not controlled and monitored Machine resources are configurable (almost) on the fly Images (backups) become unsupported over time Regionally distributed worldwide iOS not well supported No physical machine maintenance overhead Ability to share machines between cloud accounts Provides many useful facilities, e.g. machine resource monitoring Platinum services available for enterprise applications Drives Continuous Integration best practices (local dev and remote execution) Not much you can't do...
  23. 23. Main Takeaways
  24. 24. 3 Key Takeaways Get your 3 Frameworks Right First : (a) Test Suite (b) Test Auto (c) Test Env Prototype your Test Auto Solution on Free Machines on your Cloud Account If you do nothing else…..get the following right: Ideal for Perf, Load and Stress Testing !
  25. 25. CONTACT US ! Expert Software Test Dalys Lane, Main Street, Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland. V93 RT2P (066)9796644
  26. 26. Q & A!