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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Information: Name: Cristian Surname: Ferent Date of birth: 21.05.1987 Nationality: Romanian Marital Status: Married Address: 10 Buciumului Street, Onesti City, Bacau County, Romania Mobile Phone: +40-745255859 E-mail: Skype ID : ferentzcristi Executive Summary: Nurse, with 6 years of experience in emergency, reanimation and intensive care medicine, with the activity performed within 4 emergency and intensive medical care facilities, as follows: - 2 years within the Emergency Unit of Onesti Municipal Hospital, where along with the medical team I have paid healthcare to the patients with minor and major problems who have come to the hospital for various diseases (cardio-respiratory arrests, different types of shock, traumas, cardiovascular diseases, neurologic diseases and other pathologies). - 2 years within the OIL&GAS RAFO SA ONESTI Complex, company which operates in petroleum products processing and refining, where I acted as principal nurse both at the company’s emergency health care facility and on its ambulance. There I paid healthcare and first aid when work accidents occurred and in case of the medical emergencies where the employees of the petroleum platform had been involved (collective accidents, burned persons, explosions, traumas through falling from heights, post-traumatic bleedings, intoxications with various petroleum products and their derivates, different types of shock, cardio- respiratory arrests, submersion, vascular cerebral accidents and other usual pathological diseases). As principal nurse I had also to accomplish the following tasks: daily verification of the medical devices and equipment from the endowment of the health care facility and of the ambulance; verification of the hygiene norms and aseptic condition related both to the medical facility and to all the refinery’s sections; training the medical staff in what concerns the work protection and for the improvement of the medical services; performing the periodical medical controls of the refinery’s employees. - Currently, I work within the BACAU COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, BACAU, on an ambulance equipped for first aid, reanimation and intensive care (ATI), granting first aid and nursing in a territory with
  2. 2. over 60,000 peoples, in everyday emergency cases (road accidents, cardio-respiratory arrests, vascular cerebral accidents, various types of trauma, death findings, gynecologic emergency cases, spontaneous births, different types of shock and everything it relates to the emergency medicine outside hospitals). Within this department, we are obliged to continuously maintain the medical education and the specialization, periodically participating in a lot of training courses treating the new trends in the emergency medicine, for improving the medical services in favor of patients, the purpose being to save as many lives as possible and to minimize the saver’s risk. Career Objective: I’m aiming a position within the emergency healthcare facilities belonging to Oil and Gas Industry or within hospitals, at the Emergency or Ambulance Departments. Work Experience: Period: June the 28th , 2015– Present Position: Senior Carer ( waiting PIN Number) Company& Location: Cherry Trees Care home – Barchester Healthcare Duties: Assisting and enabling; washing and dressing; taking food and refreshment; mobility; toileting; bed making; providing interest and activities to stimulate and engage the service user; monitoring service users' conditions by taking temperature, pulse, respiration and weight; contributing to record keeping. Period: August the 10th , 2012 – June the 20th , 2015 Position: Nurse of emergency medicine Company& Location: Bacau County Ambulance Service Duties: Paying first aid, emergency nursing and assisted transport in case of the different emergencies occurred in the territory. Period: August the 5th , 2012 – November the 11th , 2013 Position: Nurse of emergency medicine Company& Location: Onesti Municipal Hospital, Emergency Department Duties: Nursing and reanimation assurance along with the medical team for the patients of major emergency who had come from the territory; Minor surgical wound suturing; Sterilization of the medical equipment and their periodical verification; Assurance of the hygiene norms and aseptic condition within the department. Period: January the 01st , 2010 – July, 2012 Position: Principal Nurse Company& Location: Oil & Gas Factory SC.RAFO.SA ONESTI, 3 Industriilor Street
  3. 3. Duties: Paying first aid and nursing in case of accidents on the petroleum platform; emergency and symptomatic treatments in acute diseases for the company’s employees; patients transportation with the refinery’s ambulance to the Emergency Unit for investigations (I would like to state that I was working without the supervision of a doctor); I have performed the hygienic and sanitary controls within the refinery’s sections; periodical training of the medical staff for improving the quality of the medical services and the saver’s safety; I have performed the periodical medical controls related to the refinery’s employees for verifying if they were medically fit for working in the petroleum industry. The activity sector: Emergency Situations Department and Labor Health and Safety Department. Period: 2007 – 2010 Position: Volunteer Company& Location: Onesti Municipal Hospital, Emergency Department Duties: Nurse within the Emergency Department of Onesti Municipal Hospital. Education: “PETRU PONI” Technical College, Onesti (2003 – 2007), I graduated in 2007; (Diploma of Operator Technician in calculus technique) Vocational Education Certificate (in the field of Operator Technician in calculus technique), “PETRU PONI” Technical College, Onesti (2007) “Carol Davila” Postgraduate Nursing College (2007 – 2010), with a diploma of General Medicine Nurse; during the second year of study (2009), I won the second prize at the National Olympiad Diploma of participation in the 13th National Conference of Emergency Medicine - “The new trends in the Emergency Medicine shall save more lives?” organized by the Romanian College of Physicians, Neamt Branch, Romanian Ambulance Services Association (June 2011). Diploma of participation in the Conference «World Health Day - arterial hypertension, organized by the Order of General Medicine Nurses from Romania (May 2013) Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training course with a vocational certificate granted, Order of General Medicine Nurses from Romania (June 2013) Traumatology training course with a vocational certificate granted - June 2014 Advanced and basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training course VOCATIONAL SKILLS: - Peripheral venous approach (venous catheterization) - Im/iv/sc/id injections, perfusions, transfusions - Different types of dressing - Surgical wounds suturing - Immobilization in cast or vacuum splints of different types of fractures
  4. 4. - Patient’s preparation, treatment and care in case of different types of burns (thermal, chemical) - Gastric lavage in case of intoxications - Administration of parenteral medication - Different biological sampling for laboratory examination - Immobilization of a patient with multiple traumas Computer Literacy: Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel)