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WEES Electrical & Instrumentation Company Profile.


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WEES Electrical & Instrumentation Company Profile.

  2. 2. P.O.Box 12635 Tel: (013) 692 7080 Leraatsfontein Fax:(013) 692 3541 Witbank 1038 Cell: 083 229 2370 Cell: 082 496 6531 Cell: 082 454 8493 After Hours: (013) 692 7080 Email: Email: Email: Table of contents 1. COMPANY INFORAMTION 2. SERVICES INSTRUMENTATION 3. SERVICES ELECTRICAL 4. SERVICES MAINTENANCE 5. SERVICES CIVIL AND BUILDING 6. SERVICES HOUSING 7. SERVICES STEEL CONSTRUCTION WITBANK EMERGENCY ELECTRICAL W.E.E.SAND INSTRUMENTATION SERVICES
  3. 3. 8. SERVICES HYDRAULICS 9. SERVICES MINING 1. Company information Business details Name: Irwing 356cc T/A Witbank Emergency Electrical Services Registration Number: CK2000 / 035998 / 23 Registration Date: 26 July 2000 Vat Registration Number: 4410189668 Vat Registration Date: 01 August 2000 NBC Registration Number: 11594 NBC Registration Date: 22 January 2001 UIF Registration Number: 3028311 Vendors: Anglo Coal 8971A BHPBilliton 4013065 Eskom 11056264 Optimum Coal 4000028 Owner / s: Ferdinand Petrus Erasmus (Snr) Ferdinand Petrus Erasmus (Jnr) Nico Smit Physical Address: 59 Eugene Marais st Extension 8 Witbank 1035
  4. 4. Postal Address: PO Box 12635 Leraatsfontein Witbank 1038 Telephone Number: (013) 692 7080 Fax Number: (013) 692 3541 Cell Number (Bokkie Erasmus): 083 229 2370 Cell Number (Ferdie Erasmus): 082 496 6531 Cell Number (Nico Smit): 082 454 8493 E-Mail: Contracting Board Registration: Master Installation Electrician Contracting Board Registration Number: TNS – MIE – 134 Qualification: Olifantsfontein Trade Test as Electrician – with Distinction Qualification Date: 29 September 1978 Contract Number: MEZ 24511 National Diploma electrical engineering field of Process Instrumentation B-Tech Degree 75% Completed 2. Services (Instrumentation) • Supply and installation of all mining, electrical , instrumentation and security equipment • Supply and Installation of all belt protection devices • Supply and installation of metal detectors • PLC supply and installations • Supply and installation of Safety devices • Automation and maintenance on stackers, reclaimers • Supply and install of all plant, opencast and underground instruments. • Supply and install of Conveyor rip detection.
  5. 5. • Supply and install of Conveyor alignment. • Supply and install of conveyor belt tension and automatic tension devices. • Supply and install of Conveyor pullkey’s, intelligent pullkeys, pullkey indecations and maintenance. • Supply and Install of GSM SMS automation units. • Vehicle tracking and website monitoring. o Flow detection. • Installation and calibration of digital contact based or analog flow detectors for flow monitoring and control. o Pumps. • Supply and install of all submersible, centrifugal, drainage, irrigation, and sewage pumps. • Refurbishments on pumps. o Valves. • Supply, Installation and calibration of valves. • Supply and Installation of any digital valves or analog control valves. • Supply and Installation of pneumatic valves, control valves. • Supply and Install of all hand type valves. • Refurbishments of valves. o Level detection. • Supply, Installation and calibration of any type of level measuring devise (digital or analog) for control of a liquid or solid level or monitoring of a level in tanks, silos etc. o Limit devices. • Supply, Installation of any device for limit or approximation detection. o Pneumatics.
  6. 6. • Supply, Installation of any type of pneumatic controlled device such as control valves, splitters, shoot gates etc. • Supply, Installation of pressure transmitters and pressure measuring instruments. • Supply and install of air lines and pneumatic panels. o Safety Devices and monitoring. • All safety equipment and monitors for example: • -CH 4 Monitors • -CO Monitors • -Air Velocity monitors • Installation of all environmental monitors with modbus 485 output or analog output. o Motor Protection and control devices. • Installation of motor protection relays and control of motors and pumps. o Belt Scales. • Supply and installation of belt scales for production measurements or PID feeder control. o Temperature. • Supply and installation of all temperature measuring and monitoring devices. o Drives. • Supply and installation of drives and softstarters, integrating with PLC. o Drawings. • All installations are completed with drawings and terminations, cables and panels are marked according to the drawings supply.
  7. 7. o PLC • Supply, installation and programming of plc and programmable equipment. o SCADA • Scada development for plant control. o CABLING (ELECTRICAL AND INSTRUMENTATION) • Supply and install of any type of electrical and instrumentation cable. o Networking and communication • Installation of different network types and network equipment. • Installation of any wireless type network, fiber optics and copper cable networks. • Splicing and terminating of fiber optic cables. • Installation of industrial Ethernet instruments and network components for plc and scada monitoring. • 2 wire 485 networking. • 232 networking. • 485 Networking. • Converting of 232 to 485 protocols. • Converting of 232 to Ethernet protocols. • Converting of 485 to Ethernet protocols. • Installation of 2 wire industrial Ethernet with high data rates. • Installation and networking of IP cameras. 3. Services (Electrical) Supply and install of electrical equipment Medium voltage and Low voltage. Because we are MASTER Electricians we offer the following services as well as issuing of Certificate of compliance and hazardous area class identification. • Maintenance. • Construction. • Cable reticulation.
  8. 8. • Hazardous areas classification and installations. • Panel building flame proof and non flame proof. • Substations. • Stand by generators. • Wash plants. • Crushers. • Tube mills. • Transfer conveyors. • Overland conveyors. • Motor control gear. • Soft starters. • Liquid starters. • AC and DC hoists. • Medium and low voltage distribution. • Cable fault locations. • Cable joints, terminations (XLPE, PILC, PVC)LV-MV-HT • Over head lines. • Transformers. • Certificate of compliance(COC). (Master electricians) • Earth testing. • Earth leakage testing. (Single, three phase and industrial earth leakages.) • Installation designing. • Audio and visual equipment (Offices, boardrooms, control rooms, server rooms, etc) • Building and manufacturing of anytipe of custom type panels. 4. Services Maintenance Services • All maintenance electrical and Instrumentation on any type of equipment. • Conveyor belt maintenance which will include cleaning, electrical, instrumentation, Belt aligning, conveyor pulley and idler, etc. • Hydraulics fittings and pipes supply and install all types of maintenance on hydraulic equipment. • Labour hiring for cleaning maintenance and planned or unplanned installations cable installations, technical services for breakdowns or projects. • Village Houses, office and community maintenance example: electrical, automation, building, plumbing, bulking, storm water, drainage, etc.
  9. 9. • Panels flameproof or non ia panels construction commissioning supply and install. 5. Civil and Building Services • A new division of us is the civil and building side of our company and we have a Good and qualified team running that department. • Our services included are: • Walkways. • Any Mpa concrete works. • Concrete floors. • Offices. • Houses. • Garages. • Carports concrete as well as steel structures. • Septic tanks. • Water and plumbing. • Etc. 6. Housing Services • Fault finding of electrical equipment • Installation supply and maintenance of houses, buildings and offices. • Boardroom equipment installations, faultfinding and supply of equipment. • Building and construction of houses and office space. • Roofing and carports. • Paving. • Boom gates. • Motorized gates and garages. • Security equipment supply and installations. • Plumbing. • Landscaping. • Carpentry. • Flooring. 7. Steel construction • Supply design and construction of any type of steel structure. • Palisades and electrical fencing. • Gates and carports.
  10. 10. 8. Services hydraulics • All hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic ,air and water supplies. • Ball valves ,quick couplers ,hoses and fittings etc. • Fuel transfer & measurement • Lubricant transfer & measurement,hose reels,grease pumps,oil pumps • Grease and oil control handles • All Pumps,valves and compressors,filters,solenoid valves • Innovative solutions combining high performance ,long life and low cost • Reliability in any work relationship