Encuesta innovación


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Encuesta innovación

  1. 1. Innovación ¿Qué países crees que consiguen transformar mejor las políticas públicas de innovación en resultados reales para sus empresas? 2008-03-05 - 93 respuestas EEUU Japón Alemania España Finlandia Irlanda Ver resultados ← Innovación¿Qué invento crees que fue el más innovador para su época? 2008-02-22 - 81 respuestas ← Innovación¿Cuál consideras que es el principal obstáculo para innovar en España? 2008-02-06 - 17 respuestas ← Innovación¿Cuál crees que es la mejor manera de innovar? 2008-01-23 - 10 respuestas ← Innovación¿Qué departamentos de empresa crees que están más necesitados actualmente de innovación? 2007-12-27 - 30 respuestas ← Innovación¿En qué ámbitos crees que es más urgente innovar actualmente? 2007-11-27 - 14 respuestas ← Innovación¿Por qué deseas saber más sobre innovación e innovadores? 2007-11-04 - 68 respuestas
  2. 2. ) How well do employees trust your organisation? (Be honest. If you don't know, ask a few employees or an HR manager) Not at allVery little, much less than at most companiesAbout Average Better than at most companiesVery much; much more than average 2) If someone proposed to senior management a radical idea that would be very expensive to implement and almost certain to fail, how would senior management react? Reject the idea immediately as too riskyReject the idea and reprimand the person who proposed it for wasting the time of senior management on a silly ideaDo nothing with the idea - it will soon be forgotten Explain to the idea proposer why the idea would fail and allow her the opportunity to improve the ideaPut together a small creative team, including the idea proposer, to review the idea, the risk and consider how the idea might be implemented or tested with reduced risk 3) What kind of system do you have for capturing ideas from your workforce? None There is an e-mail address where people can send any ideas they have. Ideas are reviewed on a regular basis and interesting ideas are developed furtherThere is a suggestion system where people can submit suggestions. There is a suggestion system where people can submit suggestions. No one uses it very much though. There is an idea management software systemThere is a collaborative idea management system that allows us to run ideas campaigns (brainstorming events) to capture ideas. 4) Have you ever run an ideas campaign in your firm? In other words, have you ever presented a creative challenge to everyone in your firm and invited people to propose ideas to the challenge? NoOnce or twiceFrequently
  3. 3. 5) What percentage of your revenue comes from products or services which did not exist five years ago? 0-10%
+ 6) How much have you improved operational efficiency (in financial terms) over the past five years via means other than layoffs? 0-10%
+ 7) Do you use brainstorming, creative project teams or other collaborative methods for generating and developing ideas? NoOnce or twice in the past few yearsNot more than once or twice a yearFrequently 8) To what extent do you communicate the importance of innovation to your employees? NeverEmployees understand we are innovative, we do not need to include it in our communications actionsInnovation is sometimes mentioned, but not as a strategic priorityFrequently. We emphasise the importance of innovation and the fact that it is a strategic priority in our company 9) Can you name the top five creative thinkers in your firm? NoPerhaps two or three creative thinkersOf course I can! 10) Do you make budget and/or time available for employees to explore their own ideas? NoOccasionally, but only on a case by case basisYes, we have an established policy that specifies that some employees are allowed time and or budget to explore their own ideasYes, we have an established policy that specifies that all employees are allowed time and or budget to explore their own ideas
  4. 4. 11) Have you provided budget specifically for innovative initiatives such as training, idea management, brainstorming events, etc. No Not specifically for innovation. We consider each innovation initiative on a case by case basisYes 12) Have you ever run a brainstorming session or ideas campaign to capture ideas from your customers? NoOnce or twiceRegularly 13) Are there spaces in your office were employees can easily meet to share ideas or collaborate on creative problem solving? NoJust regular meeting roomsYes, numerous spaces