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Gender Media And Power 2010


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This slide show is designed as a reference to accompany a presentation by Lucinda Marshall, Director of the Feminist Peace Network,

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Gender Media And Power 2010

  1. 1. Gender, Media and Power: Addressing the Issue of Systemic Male (Pale) Fail Lucinda Marshall, Director Feminist Peace Network 2010
  2. 2. Please Note: This slide show is designed as an online reference to accompany a presentation by Lucinda Marshall, Director of the Feminist Peace Network. To learn more or arrange a booking for your organization or school, please contact:
  3. 3. Yes, we have finally proven that women can anchor major news shows and life as we know it will not come to an end, but gender discrimination is still alive and well in the media world which is still dominated by men.
  4. 4. As Tillie Olsen painstakingly documented in Silences, her landmark book on the silencing of women in literature, so too in the media is the silencing of women’s voices still systemic and pervasive. Pick up the first section of your local Try this newspaper. Count the number of bylines by women and the number of stories about women. Chances are that they will only make up a small percentage of what you see. Here are some statistics...
  5. 5. Print Media Men appear more frequently than women by a ratio of 4-to-1 in news stories. Quick, Can you name 10 men in Congress, how about 10 women--can you guess why that is harder to do? Women in the news are far more likely to be celebrities or victims than women in power.
  6. 6. Time Magazine’s weekly column of important quotes... 3 out of 10 are from women.
  7. 7. What’s black and white and red all over... OpEd Columnists: Paul Krugman David Brooks Roger Cohen Charles M. Blow Gail Collins Ross Douthat Maureen Dowd Thomas L. Friedman Bob Herbert Nicholas D. Kristof Frank Rich
  8. 8. Despite major inroads on television... Sunday morning talk shows... still very male, very pale
  9. 9. Looking beyond news to the entertainment side of television, the number of portrayals of violence against women and girls on television has risen dramatically.
  10. 10. Radio: 90% of the program directors are men. Talkers Magazine’s 2007 list of 250 talk show hosts: 86% men, 14% women.
  11. 11. Film: Women accounted for 10% of Hollywood writers in 2007. Men wrote 70% of all film reviews published in the nation’s top newspapers.
  12. 12. And then there’s the so-called February 1, 2010 “alternative”,“liberal” media... Michael Hudson Obama's Junk Economics Stan Goff The Murderous Mystique of JSOC: How Secret Becomes William K. Black Special Herr Henkel's Hall of Shame Patrick Cockburn Andy Borowitz The Case Against Tony Blair Toyota Unveils New Slogan: "Drive a Toyota. You'll Never Saul Landau Stop." Universal Disorientation: the Modern Media and Haiti Chris Weigant Friday Talking Points -- Left Still Dr. Carol Paris, MD Waiting For Rahm Apology Staying When They Tell You to Leave: What I've Learned Peter Daou Doing Civil Disobedience for Male Monsters -- Girl Buried Alive Single Payer for Being a Girl and the World Shrugs Marshall Auerback A Proposal for Genuine Dennis Santiago Financial Reform Little Bank Savvy on the Oregon Trail Harvey Wasserman Will Obama Guarantee a New Jeffrey Wasserstrom Nuclear Reactor War? U.S.-China Relations: A Long View, A New Book Johanna Berrigan Destruction, Hope and Faith in Port au Prince
  13. 13. Further Reading: (Not) in the News: Media Culpability in the Continuum of Violence Against Women What She Wore: The Prevalence of Gender Bias in Reporting Deep Sexing the News Silencing Women on the Internet Delusion and Exclusion: The Harm that Occurs When Women are Under- and Mis- Represented Media Exclusion of Women as Sources Impedes Meaningful Reform
  14. 14. Advocate for change. Call out sexism when you see it. SUPPORT WOMEN-RUN MEDIA. Lucinda Marshall, Director Feminist Peace Network