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Iswc2016 poster wonder_fo

People with Dementia (PwD) exhibit Behavioral Disturbances
(BD), which can be alleviated by personalized interactions, revisiting memories and promoting comfort and quality of life of the PwD. However, caregivers are usually unable to spend a lot of their time on these interactions. This work-in-progress poster details the design and deployment of a semantic Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) platform that enables personalized interactions of a humanoid robot with a PwD in order to reduce and intercept BDs.

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Iswc2016 poster wonder_fo

  1. 1. Femke Ongenae – Ghent University – imec HOW TO SUPPORT THE CARE OF PEOPLE WITH SEVERE DEMENTIA THROUGH PERSONALIZED ROBOTICS? Motion Environment sensors Wearable Localization Door/Window contact Semantic Communication Bus Behavioral Disturbance Detection Services Robot Task Selection Service Task Assignment Service Kafka Messaging Bus Robot Manager Robot Controller Environment Model Staff Communication Path Planning Service MASSIF Task Executor resident profile floor plan Time table Staff profile Organizational Context