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Presentation FCF in English


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“Female Cancer Foundation aims towards a world without cervical cancer”

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Presentation FCF in English

  1. 1. Female Cancer Foundation Towards a world without cervical cancer
  2. 2. “Every two minutes, somewhere in the world a woman dies because of cervical cancer. A mom, a sister, a friend.”
  3. 3. “Cervical cancer is the second most preventive kind of feminine cancer, after breast cancer. Every year 500.000 women worldwide are diagnosed with cervical cancer. More than 85% of these women live in developing countries.”
  4. 4. “Cervical cancer is a poorness related illness, and hence the main cause of death for women in developing countries.”
  5. 5. “Most of these women play a crucial role in their family, community and local economy.”
  6. 6. “In opposite to most kinds of cancer, cervical cancer can be prevented and easily treated. With a simple and cheap method.”  
  7. 7. “Female Cancer Foundation  supports the struggle to survive cervical cancer in developing countries. By awareness, screening and treatment, and also by training and research.”
  8. 8. Female Cancer Foundation has it’s origins in the Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC). Prof. gynecologist Peters founded the Female Cancer Foundation here in the early eighties, coming from a collaboration between Gynecology, Immuno Haematology, Pathology and Epidemiology.
  9. 9. “On the basis of the See & Treat method: Easy, cheap and simply transmisseble.”
  10. 10. Screening with table vinegar
  11. 11. Treatment : by congelation, same technique as used for warts (Cryotherapie)
  12. 12. Knowledge transmission: Train-the-trainer
  13. 13. Awareness
  14. 14. We do this in the most poor regio’s of Indonesia
  15. 15. In Africa with the Save my Mother-Project, in collaboration with SOS Kinderdorpen
  16. 16. In the flooded areas of North Bangladesh
  17. 17. On the floating hospitals of collaborating organization Friendship
  18. 18. In the south of Bangladesh, in collaboration with local organization SLOPB
  19. 19.  Necessity is the mother of invention • All costs are limited to the  minimum • Founder Prof. Lex Peters and only  one payed program-manager  Carlien Marree and the effort of  volunteers and partners • Helped by ambassadresses  Jennifer Hoffman and Eva Jinek • Collaborations are lifechanging  important! 
  20. 20. Female Cancer Foundation hopes to work in the direction of a world without cervical cancer, together with you! The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world - Wallace (1865)
  21. 21. Annex
  22. 22. Mission “Female Cancer Foundation provides a visible contribution towards a world without cervical cancer, trough awareness, prevention, treatment, training, education and research. We focus on the poorest and most disadvantaged, in areas where cerviccarcinoom is a real big problem” Vision “Female Cancer Foundation aims towards a world without cervical cancer” 29
  23. 23. Projects: 2013-2014 • Starting: Bangladesh Friendship, Bangladesh SLOPB, Lombok fase 2 • Preserving already started projects in 2014: Save my Mother project together with SOS in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana, The Gambia • Expanding already started projects, including e-learning in Kenya and Ghana • Exploring: Ethiopia, Nepal, Africa (remaining), Roemenia 30
  24. 24. Fundraising & Visability Events: •FAB. by Jennifer •Style 4 Life •VanVoorDoorVrouwen •Bookpresentation Queen Máxima •Protest - shoot •FCF film •New Ambassadress: Eva Jinek 31
  25. 25. Comitee of trust: •Ferry Breedveld Professor Rheumatology and chairman of board of directors at Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum •Carel Stolker Rector Magnificus and chairman of the executive board at Universiteit Leiden •Freek de Jonge Dutch comedian •Maya Meijer-Bergmans Owner Westergasfabriek b.v. and chairwoman guesthouses foundation VU Medisch Centrum •Alexander Rinnooy Kan Professot Economy and Business University of Amsterdam, top official •Mirjam de Blécourt Labourlawyer and member of the board at Baker & McKenzie •Maddy Smeets Gynecologist in Hospital Bronovo, The Hague •Adiati Arifin Siregar Chairwoman of the Indonesian Traditional Textile Society (Himpunan Wastraprema) •Marion Bloem Dutch writer and producer •Volkert Doeksen Chairman Alpinvest •Hella de Jonge-Asser Dutch artist •Ani Yudhoyono Wife of the president of Indonesia