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Cpa hero review


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Cpa hero review by Ezra Wyckoff

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Cpa hero review

  1. 1. cpa hero reviewok this was just released 1 hour ago, i went through it, made a video about it, and then it didnt record,so ill just type it out. cpa hero is a new wso by ezra, ezra has some great ideas for his wso cpa cash kingsand this one is no different. At first i got it, then i saw that it has a oto, i thought i could skip it. Nope as iread the wso, the oto actually speeded things up, for one thing its a rebrandable plr, thats got 1400words of written content, i hate writing so that seemed hero reviewwhy did i need this oto? well lets explain the wso first. its about cpa, you should have a few cpaaccounts in various companies to start with, then ezra will show you that youre gonna need 3 offers togive to people and youre actually helping them out, no really you are. then you find out the medium inwhich you do this is by the old, give away a freebie... thats where the plr comes in, i didnt want to writea plr tailored for this book, and it works because the plr is NOT intended for people like us, internetmarketers, no ezra has a different target in mind. yes he actually tells us the traffic source and how to doit... this is what all other wsos leave out. So is cpa hero good? its good enough for me to stay up lateand create a video that failed to record and now just a basic doc so i can launch jack it! Bonus, yea if youwant to learn how to optimize a youtube video, i mean REALLY optimize not just onsite and offsite seo,but more, ill send that to get it herethen email me at info@campowong.comTrust me, youll get started on this wso quick!Cheers,Campo