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Empanadas & Co


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Empanadas & Co

  1. 1. Empanadas & Co. Authentic South American Flavour
  2. 2. Who we are  We are a Chilean - Australian family business making South American pies or Empanadas and gourmet baked food.  We are located in Lake Macquarie, NSW. Our Commercial Kitchen is registered under the NSW Food Authority and we comply with all the current national standards and regulations  Our Chef and Owner is Felipe Gore, a qualified Chef with studies in Melbourne  Our product is the result of a long term business vision and our passion for food and people  Our legal business name is Gore Reeves Family trust, operating as Empanadas & Co.  ABN 51 171 686 720,  Australian Company Number 155 595 252  Tax File Number 934 478 049
  3. 3. Mission and Vision  Our mission is to deliver an authentic, honest, hand-made and delicious product on a consistent basis, exceeding our customer expectations every time.  Our vision is to develop a national brand with social impact, making a whole range of South American home made gourmet products. A business with the purpose of helping immigrants and people in disadvantage to have a job opportunity.
  4. 4. What is an empanada?  Empanadas are stuffed baked pastries  They are a very popular dish in South America especially in Chile and Argentina and they are usually sold in bakeries and restaurants with different recipes, shapes and fillings  Our empanadas are baked and handmade from scratch  They are a gourmet product because we use premium meats, we select the best local ingredients available, combining original flavours and our authentic family dough recipe
  5. 5. Our Range Flavour Size Weight (aprox) Shape Price Traditional Beef Large Medium Small 240 g 120 g 60 g Rectangular $ 4 $ 3 $ 2 Chicken Capsicum, mushroom, cheese Large Medium Small 240 g 120 g 60 g Half moon $ 4 $ 3 $ 2 Chilli con carne Large Medium Small 240 g 120 g 60 g Half moon, braid folding $ 4 $ 3 $ 2 Chorizo, caramelized onion, capsicum, tomato Large Medium 240 g 120 g Triangular $ 4.5 $ 3 Pork, apple and fennel Large Medium Small 240 g 120 g 60 g Pentagon shape $ 4 $ 3 $ 2 Vegetarian, spinach, mushroom and mozzarella Large Medium Small 240 g 120 g 60 g Half moon, braid folding with sesame seeds $ 4 $ 3 $ 2 Pastel de Choclo (Corn Sheppard's Pie) Individual 260 g Round Shape $ 4.5
  6. 6. Price, Packaging, Delivery  We sell boxes of 30 small units, 15 medium units or 12 large units.  The minimum amount for wholesale is 60 units. 2 boxes of small, 4 boxes of medium, 5 boxes of large units  Each box contains just one flavour  The price for 60 small units (2 boxes) is $120. Each unit is sold for $2  The price for 60 medium units (4 boxes) is $ 180. Each unit is sold at $3  The product comes frozen and half baked and needs to be finish for 12 to 15 min at 180C in regular or fan forced oven.  To deliver in Newcastle area the minimum order is $120  To deliver in Sydney we require a minimum order of $210
  7. 7. What people say These are just some of the comments from random customers on our Facebook page:  The best Chilean empanada made by a Chilean chef, love them!  Best empanadas ever had in Australia, seriously  I first tried one of these empanadas at the market. Now I can’t wait for the next market to get some more. Yummm! My family are all addicted as well.  Can’t say enough. These empanadas are delicious!. The service is always excellent and I am never disappointed. 10/10  Absolutely delicious, a must eat at Olive Tree and Hunt & Gather markets  Best empanada I’ve ever had – seriously impressed