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ECOM copy

  1. 1.  ECOM Ecological Communications Services
  2. 2. Who we are?  We are an outsourcing marketing and communication agency specialised in urban and environmental Management with strong focus in sustainability  Our vision is to close the gap between the principles and the actions towards sustainability, raise awareness, build capacities and foster the adoption of economically viable and environmentally friendly tools  Our mission is to design and implement solutions that align the marketing strategy with the environmental management systems and sustainability strategy of our client’s organisation
  3. 3. What we do?  We create, design and implement communication strategies to support effective policy development towards environmental sustainability  We make efficient use of methods, instruments and techniques which are well established in development communications, adult education, social marketing, public relation, non formal training, mass media, functions and public events
  4. 4. Our System
  5. 5. Our System  Assessment: we asses your needs and requirements to identify the areas of opportunity to develop the right strategy for your organisation.  Visualization: we work with you to determine the tools and strategies we could develop to satisfy your requirements and improve your triple bottom line. We present a proposal document with our ideas.  Consultation: we make sure our ideas and strategies are aligned with your needs and requirements, otherwise we are ready to change and adapt.  Implementation: This is perhaps the most critical phase in our process, we build a multidisciplinary team to implement the ideas according to your budget, timing and requirements.  Optimization: We help you to enhance the value of the strategies by developing a report of the results with possible further improvements.
  6. 6. Benefits and Opportunities  Minimize waste of resources: Organisations adopting environmentally friendly measures, reduce their waste and improve their economical performance  Improving flexibility: your organization becomes more flexible and adaptive to different situations if you are able to contract the right staff to support specific tasks and policy making processes  Improving competitiveness: organisations that adopt environmentally friendly strategies are being seen as leaders in their field through publicity and word of mouth, attracting customers and increasing staff loyalty.  Community engagement: Community value environmentally friendly organisations, products and services because they perceive that smart people prefer savvy products and services.
  7. 7. So, what can we do for your organisation?  Design Sustainability Strategies  Develop Environmental Management Systems and CSR strategies  Develop and implement sustainability training programs  Design and implement special functions and events  Design and implement community engagement programs  Develop corporate videos to engage internal and external shareholders  Develop and implement social media strategies