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Description of DDB New York office capabilities and principles.
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DDB New York Credential

  1. 1. Let Us Blaze New Trails 1
  2. 2. DDB’s Ambition Help clients to be at the forefront of the digital, mobile and social marketing communications, and bring the Age of now to everyone. 2
  3. 3. DDB NY has the unique capabilities to bring this ambition to life. 3
  4. 4. We Thrive at the Heart of Data, Technology and Creativity 4
  5. 5. DATA & ANALYTICS Modern 360 Campaigns Digital Strategy and Content Marketing Web & Mobile Platforms and Services 5 So We Deliver Strong Content-Driven Ideas
  6. 6. Felipe San Juan Group Business Director With An Integrated Team 6 Emilio Rosas Account Director Stuart Hazlewood Chief Strategy Officer Jennifer Fox Brand Strategy Director Chiara Martini Digital Strategy Director Amanda Moreno Digital Strategist Bianca Moore Community Manager Icaro Doria Chief Creative Officer Hannah Fishman Executive Creative Director Christopher Chobanian Director of Analytics Elizabeth VanDurme Analytics Manager Madison Wharton Chief Operation Officer
  7. 7. 7 For Powerful Brands
  8. 8. DDB’s Principles for Excellence in Digital and Social 8
  9. 9. 1. Deliver The Most Relevant Content In The Most Relevant Context 2. Be People-centric (vs. Brand-centric) 3. Anticipate Desire 4. Organize Around Hero, Tent Pole And Always-on Content 5. Root Everything In Data 6. Create An Evolving Playbook 9 What We Stand By
  10. 10. Deliver The Most Relevant Content In The Most Relevant Context From a real-time trend to a larger cultural backdrop, context is the key to success. 10
  11. 11. We shift the conversation from what the brand wants to say to what the audience wants to hear. 11 Be People-Centric (vs. Brand- Centric)
  12. 12. Anticipate Desire Through data insights we shape the stories and optimal ways to deliver them. Programmatic adds an extra element of precision. 12
  13. 13. We design content plans based on priorities and needs. 13 Organize Around Hero, Tent Pole and Always-on Content
  14. 14. Root Everything In Data Data to inform better decisions. Data to track, manage and optimize in real-time. 14
  15. 15. Data Inputs Inform Powerful Insights Online Community and Panel Social Listening Secondary Research Owned Media Cultural Data Quid Media Programmatic Image Recognition Brand Behavioral Outputs 15
  16. 16. Outputs are organized around 5 areas Outputs Triggers and Motivations 1 What triggers/motivates purchase? Why your company vs. others? Media and Content Consumption 3 What channels and content do consumers engage along the journey? Decision Criteria 5 Who and what Influences purchase? Who do they trust? What are the top attributes before selecting a product? Attitudes and Beliefs 2 What are the perceived beliefs of your company and products? What attitudes do people have about the category? Buying Journey 4 What are the stages of the consumer journey? What are the current gaps and opportunities to address?
  17. 17. Powered by a unique set of tools Custom Online Panel Programmatic Algorithmic Insights Newsroom 80k Participants, 24 hour turnaround, Testing and Measurement, Social Listening, Qualitative, Ethnography 3rd Largest DMP in the world, Segmentation-tool, ComScore Click-stream Clusters all digital content and sources within past 3 years Identifies themes and trends based on machine learning, Produces visualizations based on algorithms Real-time newsroom, Listen and Respond, Content Development, Marketing Performance Tracking, Trend-Forecasting Advanced Analytics Econometric Modeling, Behavioral and Cognitive Intelligence Scenario Planning MMM / Attribution Predictive Modeling, Business Intelligence
  18. 18. Campaign/Tactic Launch Plan Big Idea Channel Plan Testing Multi Channel Data Measurement Planning Learn Past Learnings and Insights Test and Target Campaign Effectiveness Real-time Optimization Track Continuously improved through a 360° learning loop 18 Measure
  19. 19. And Performance Analytics Are Served Up On Real-Time Custom Dashboards Device-agnostic dashboard brings paid, owned, earned performance into one holistic view Flexibility for adding new data sources and changing elements 19
  20. 20. Measurement Compass Altimeter inspired graphic BUSINESS GOAL BRAND HEALTH A measure of attitudes, conversation and behavior toward a brand MARKETING OPTIMIZATION Improving the effectiveness of marketing programs REVENUE GENERATION Where and how your company generates revenue INNOVATION Collaborating with customers to drive future products and services CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Improving your relationship with customers, and their experience with your brand OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Where and how your company reduces expenses $ 20
  21. 21. Metrics building block that allow KPIs to tie back to the business results Clicks Retweets Comments Shares Likes Pageviews Cost per Acquisition Brand Mentions Reach / Frequency Click-through Site Traffic Differentiation Amplification Resonance Salience Media ROI Net Sentiment Task Conversion Retention Equity Acquisition Business Objectives DDB Brand Measures Digital Metrics Brand Studies Channel-levelanalyticsBrandProvided Defined by the brief at the global market executed, locally Custom DDB Brand measures that diagnose brand performance Tactical metrics that tie back to Brand and Business objectives Slower-moving data Faster Moving Data 21
  22. 22. We deliver a content plan, channel approach and social persona that brings brand values to life. 22 Create An Evolving Playbook
  23. 23. When it all comes together… 23
  24. 24. #WHYWAIT INVENT-OFF PROGRAM 24 Hero Content Program
  25. 25. Why? Brand Strategic Approach Get opinion shapers to value Qualcomm as the “essential accelerator” of progress in mobile and adjacent industries. The Challenge Qualcomm contributes major building blocks to the Internet of Things, connectivity, cognitive technologies, and mobile experiences. But these can go largely unnoticed because so many of Qualcomm’s inventions are invisible to the naked eye. 25
  26. 26. Whom Must We Influence? 26 Influencers Tellers, Doers & Amplifiers Government The Judiciary Committee & the energy commerce committee Tech C-Suite Silicon Valley & Chinese Business elite
  27. 27. Content Approach 27 Tell. Inform influencers about our essential role accelerating progress and what drives our relentless curiosity Show. Showcase inventions that spotlight our essential accelerator POV across key narratives Do. Invite influencers into our “lab” to discover our inventions, build off of them, and share their experience
  28. 28. 28 Watch
  29. 29. In Season 2 we continue to demonstrate that Qualcomm is the inventor for the inventors by raising the stakes of the competition and upping the ante in social involvement. 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. What Changed 31 From Reality An open ‘theme’ 1 Host Amplified on social Patterson, NJ $5K prize Lived on Kinja.com (Gawker) Media plan added on To Documentary Can the Internet of Things save a life? 2 Captains Social-first San Francisco $25K prize, social support & mentorship Lives on Qualcomm.com Media and PR adding into 1 holistic plan
  32. 32. 32 An Evolving Social Playbook
  33. 33. The Components of the Social Playbook 33
  34. 34. We Want to Be More Purposeful With What, When and How We Tell Stories Through Content Cycles Fragmented content Continuous story Formats leading ideas Ideas leading formats One-off posts Cycles with beginning & ending Pre-defined themes mindset Campaign mindset Disconnected from PR Connected by PR FRAGMENTED STORY CYCLES 34
  35. 35. Prioritizing messages for cohesiveness and consistency The connection with PR takes reach to a next level and helps build credibility The mindset of a cycle will challenge us to outstanding executions every time We can measure the incremental impact of social on business KPIs The Value of Social Cycles 35
  36. 36. 36 Always-On Content Platform
  37. 37. speaks with: SIMPLICITY TRANSPARENCY KNOWLEDGE BUSINESS PROBLEM: The current Learning Center serves as an SEO and CRM play by supporting organic search and State Farm newsletters. However, its performance lacks traction and visibility to consumers and fails to guide users into the acquisition path. OBJECTIVE: Grow customers’ confidence by providing compelling advice and helpful information when and where they need it, to meet their needs based on life stage, interest, location or occasion. 37
  38. 38. SOLUTION: A new content ecosystem to generate more effective reach, engagement and lead generation via social, CRM, email third-party distribution with constant value delivery. a new content machine DATA DYNAMIC CONTENT PERSONALIZED EMAIL EMAIL SEO OPTIMIZATION STATEFARM.COM SOCIAL LEADS ARTICLE COLLECTING SOCIAL AMPLIFICATION CONSUMER PROFILE 38
  39. 39. 39
  40. 40. 40 An Insight-Driven Program Rooted In Data
  41. 41. 41  New approach that is needs-state focused but allows brands to flex  Driven by a robust digital strategy to identify and prioritize issues and opportunities  Underpinned by a new creative operating system
  42. 42. 42 DYNAMIC PEOPLE • collaborative to the core • best talent locally and globally • modern comms mavens DYNAMIC PROCESS • uniting culture, brand, & creativity • agile, connected engagement model • fueled by creativity and rigor DYNAMIC PRODUCT • always on • robust content not ads • creating constant desire DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE • mutually beneficial • results-driven • hyper-efficient
  43. 43. 43 People: An integrated, nimble, hub that brings disciplines together DDB NY Digital Beauty Hub
  44. 44. PROCESS: BeautyLab uncovers insights that drive action Data Insights Brand-Opportunities Cultural Insights/Trends, Competition Social Listening, Performance Analytics Marketing Amplification Content Creation, Custom partnerships BEAUTYLAB Partner agencies take action ActionsActionable Intelligence KPI development Measure
  45. 45. PROCESS: Insights cadence that informs marketing and comms. Every Wednesday Culture & Competition Media & Creative Optimization Identify fast-moving cultural and skin-care trends as well as competitive activity that merit an immediate response Identify and optimize toward top performing paid media investments and creative across all digital channels Timing Purpose Description Participation WEEKLY Every Thursday Action Matrix Document key activity/recommendatio ns for the week and distribute to key brand and agency team members Core Activation Team: Client Research/Analytics (quarterly), Brand Team, Legal Agency Stakeholders QTRLY 3rd week of the new quarter Business and Marketing Performance Output / insights from weekly meetings will fuel planning sessions across the business; opportunity to revisit strategy and planning initiatives Cadence
  46. 46. Product: Real-time, tent pole work in harmony with planned calendar Campaign & Initiatives: TV, print, radio, apps, ER support, media buys, digital optimization Monthly Content Calendar Non-branded relevant content Evergreen content Product & Initiatives messaging Topical Pop Culture & News Seize timeliness of content Real-time Conversation Community listening & response Test, learn, optimize concepts Use knowledge to inform planned content Tentpole Major events, sponsorships, high impact custom partnerships (e.g. VMA’s) Real-time events Mixture of Community listening & response and Product/Brand initiative messaging HERO Tent-pole Always-On
  47. 47. 47
  48. 48. How Could We Collaborate To Optimize your Digital, Social & Content efforts? 48 DDB & YOU