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Artesanato de Software


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Artesanato de Software

  1. 1. Artesanato de Software ou... escrevendo software decente
  2. 2. Approach to software development that emphasizes the coding skills of the software developers themselves. It is aresponse by software developers to the perceived ills of the mainstream software industry, including theprioritization of financial concerns over developer accountability. Fonte: Wikipedia
  3. 3. Tio Bob
  4. 4. Seja levado a sério como um programador
  5. 5. Comportamento Disciplinas Técnicas Ferramentas
  6. 6. Use Filtro Solar?
  7. 7. Pratique TDD!
  8. 8. Obrigado! Felipe Lima @felipecsl