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Spreadsheet testingFelienne Hermans (@felienne)
Why would you test?
Prevent errorsAlso: document intentions
Difference between values
How to test?
Conditional formatting
Where to put tests?
Spreadsheet testingFelienne Hermans (@felienne)
Spreadsheet Testing
Spreadsheet Testing
Spreadsheet Testing
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Spreadsheet Testing


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How to test a spreadsheet, as presented on the first annual Infotron Day

Published in: Technology, Business
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Spreadsheet Testing

  1. 1. Spreadsheet testingFelienne Hermans (@felienne)
  2. 2. Why would you test?
  3. 3. Prevent errorsAlso: document intentions
  4. 4. Borders
  5. 5. Input
  6. 6. Assumptions
  7. 7. Difference between values
  8. 8. ??
  9. 9. How to test?
  10. 10. Checks
  11. 11. Conditional formatting
  12. 12. Where to put tests?
  13. 13. Spreadsheet testingFelienne Hermans (@felienne)