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Strategic Design A4


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Strategic Design A4

  1. 1. Fertile ground is ready now in the hearts and minds of the world’s urban population. Rooftop gardening is a revolution set to transform the way we live. The Railway Station Rooftop Gardens are much more than show gardens. By incubating new technology, product design and architectural solutions for global markets, a new utopia of beauty, environmental synergy and intelligent resource use will flourish. With rich local research and innovation resources, temperate climate and the nourishing heart and vitality of the Farmer’s Market, the Railway Station Rooftop Gardens will simply make our world a better place. The Green Benefits:3 Local harvest of fresh food, solar energy and rainwater. Absorb city heat build up, reduce storm water surge. Insulate buildings, therefore increasing energy efficiency. Longer roof membrane life. Uses otherwise wasted urban space. Increase air quality and natural habitats. Beautify urban landscapes. Quality of Life Practice Sustainability Desireable Real Estate Market Opportunities Global Demand Meet the Demand Address Problems It is up to individual cities to set their vision to utilise unused roof area, and introduce infrastructure to support development. However witness London’s goal to feed 2012 Olympians from local rooftops1 , the advanced and widespread eco-roof legislation in We are witnessing a green wave, where consumers actively seek ways to lessen their impact on the earth, whilst improving their quality of life. Whether an individual dwelling, urban apartment block or tenanted commercial building, a rooftop garden on any scale gives the edge on desirability for work place, living quarters and real estate. many European countries2 * or the new Chelsea Garden Show Rooftop category. Clearly there is increasing global demand for knowledge, products and expertise. We can help to address the problems of environmental sustainability, peak oil, obesity and city living stress with intelligent design, beauty, productive serenity, and by sharing tasty fresh food! Rooftop Gardens, designed for human access and interaction, and Green Roofs, such as low maintenance grasses, have become an elite global trend re-established by remarkable architectural wonders, new technology and a desire for tangible sustainability practice. Designers, architects and engineers with marketing support, will work together at Railway Station Rooftop Gardens to meet this increasing global demand by developing products and services relating to landscape architecture, horticulture and retrofitting/ installation technology. Rooftop gardening grows community, enhances urban environments & makes good honest sense. * Over 75 European municipalities currently provide incentives or have legal require- ments for green roof installation.
  2. 2. Six days per week the grounds at the Dunedin Railway Station are used for parking.The site is unimaginatively used. Every Saturday, the Farmers Market breaths vibrancy into the community. Greater potential for the site is revealed. With good planning, the site could be redesigned to demonstrate the positive values of roof top gardening all year round. • Proximity to the vibrant Farmers Market with shared values: regional, seasonal, fresh food; community, diversity and sustain- ability. • Wind shelter for the year round Farmers Market, whilst retaining an open-air feeling. • Product development and international contracting supports education. • Brand inspires city to become leader in growing global trend. Demonstration gardens and produce sales initiatives will provide educative, hands-on involvement in food production and enterprise for local schools. Seminars and conferences will help in the cross pollination of knowledge and initiatives. • Competition for seed capital. • High initial cost for flagship architecture. • Significant investment in research, product development and marketing required. • Bedding in period before profitability is realised. • Physical isolation from large global markets, where emerging companies have the edge on providing tailored garden solutions. Competitions will invite concept pitches from designers.Working with core staff, one-year projects will take small product and service innovations to the market, generating early cash flow. • Huge global trend opening new markets. • Meet consumer demand to actively ‘be green’. • Global demand for reduced dependence on oil. • Funds for sustainability are increasingly available. • Using existing suppliers for some installation elements will enable focus on new innovation. • Strong local research resources. Seed capital will be sought from Trade and Enterprise New Zealand, as well as Otago University, local government and private investors. Aspects of the programme could attract funding from the Ministry for the Environment or Ministry of Health . • Apathy in face of climate change. • Resistance from city planners. • Trade barriers. High end architectural firms serving corporate, institutional, commercial and residential mar- kets. Retail markets for urban building retrofitting. Strengths Community Weaknesses Market Entry Opportunities Seed Capital Threats Target Market For further inspiration: 1,2. for green roofs 3. www.; Enhancing Food Security; Mark Bittman, Locavore, Dec 2007 Ann Cooper, School Lunches, Dec 2007