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Mythical and historical figures of ancient rome


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Mythical and historical figures of ancient rome

  1. 1. By Cory Fellows and Felicia Blackwell
  2. 2. By Cory Fellows and Felicia Blackwell
  3. 3. • They were twin brothers born from the God Mars and priestess Rhea Sylvia.• They were said to be the founders of Rome.• Their story began when Amulius (their great-uncle) overthrew Numitor (their grandfather)• Mars during this time came to Rhea’s temple and they conceived the twins• Amulius threw them into the River Tiber, and from there they floated to the shore and were found by a she-wolf, who suckled them•
  4. 4. • The boys grew up to overthrow and kill Amulius and then reinstated Numitor.• They set out to find a place of their own. And when they found the place, Romulus started to build walls to surround the city.• Remus jeered at Romulus because the walls were so low, and to prove this he jumped over them.• In anger Romulus killed him. And continued to build.• The first citizens were outlaws and fugitives.• Romulus was lost in a terrible storm, and Rome believed he was taken to heaven.
  5. 5. • He was a Roman Emperor,• He was born January 24th, AD 76• His full name was Publius Aelius Hadrianus.• In AD 86 his father died and he became a joint ward of Acilius Attianus (a Roman equestrian) and was in the custody of Trajan.• When Hadrian was 15 Trajan attempted to put Hadrian into the army, but it was a failed attempt.• His next job was a judge in an inheritance court.• In AD 97, Trajan was adopted by Nerva, and Hadrian was sent to carry congratulations to the new Emperor.
  6. 6. • He wanted to be the first, and he had much competition to get there.• He was the first one to get there and he became good friends with the new Emperor.• In AD 100 Hadrian married Trajan’s niece’s daughter Vibia Sabina.• The new Emperor took Hadrian as his heir, and soon after, he suspiciously died, leaving Hadrian as the new Emperor.
  7. 7. • Augustus was the title given to someone from the Senate.• The Senate appointed Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus on January 27, BC.• He was the first emperor to receive this title, and this title continued to be appointed to all the succeeding Caesars.• Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus was born on September 23rd, 63 BC . He was born into a very high-standing family, and his father was the first person in his family to take a position in magistracy.• His mother was Atia, the daughter of Julia, wife of M. Atius Balbus, and sister of Julius Caesar. It was his relationship with this important dictator (Julius Caesar) that probably got him such a high roll.
  8. 8. • When he was five his father died. And about a year later his mother remarried.• When he was 12 he carried out the customary funeral panegyric on his grandmother Julia, which was his first public appearance.• Later on he was elected into a pontifical college, which was no doubt because of his Uncle (Julius Caesar) who was dictator and ruler of Rome at the time.• In 45 BC he was made patrician by the Senate. While continuing his studies, he heard of his Uncle’s murder, and crossed Italy where he soon learned, his Uncle had made him heir to the throne.• When he became Emperor, he received his title of “Augustus”
  9. 9. • Cicero was born on January 3rd, 106 BC.• His name means “chick-pea” and he got his name from an ancestor who had a wart on the end of his nose that looked like a “chick-pea”• He studied history, literature, philosophy, and law.• His studies were interrupted when he was forced into battle (the Social War) by military services where he served under Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo.• Throughout his life he picked up many political duties and continued his studies (esp. in philosophy) in Athens.
  10. 10. • When Rome was still a Republic, war broke out between Rome and the ancient city-state of Carthage.• After almost 20yrs of war, Carthage finally surrendered and gave up three of their coastal islands.• After that war, Carthage went back to Spain to try and win back old land, so the General took his army and his son Hannibal and went to Spain.• The General made his son promise that one day he would come back to Rome and take revenge.• Hannibal grew to be a strong leader, and won most of his battles, mostly with his cleverness.
  11. 11. • A few yrs after his father died, he became a General in Spain and married a Spanish Princess.• He made a plan to take over as much as Spain as possible. One of the cities he tried to take over was good friends with Rome, and in desperation they asked Rome for help.• Not forgetting his promise, Hannibal made a plan to attack Rome. He organized and army and brought elephants, but his plan didn’t go as planned, for he lost all his elephants and half his men.• Making a new plan, he began to attack small ports, stealing weapons and food, originally intended for Rome.• Enraged, Rome planned to attack his hometown of Carthage.
  12. 12. • Carthage in a panic sent for Hannibal. But by the time Hannibal arrived they had made a peace treaty.• Carthage saw new hope in Hannibal’s arrival and attacked Rome, despite the Peace Treaty.