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PDF of a press release, a corporate magazine article, a corporate newsletter and a newspaper op-ed by F. Renee Griffin.

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F. Renee Griffin writing samples

  1. 1. Port of Houston Authority I Public Affairs I Newsroom Page 1 of2 l HL PO RT Of- IWUSlO N AUT II ORIT Y liD USTON. T!:XAS GenerallnformatiDn I Business DevelDpment I Public Relations I Maritime Operations Cruise Information I Sam .Iouston Boat Tour I Employment I Related Unks NEWSROOM IIA Sea of Opportunity" Celebration Marks Official Debut of Houstons Only Maritime Transportation Management and Security Degree Program HOUSTON, Sept. 29, 2010 -- Texas Southern University, in partnership with the Port of Houston Authority, has officially instituted its new degree program in Maritime Transportation Management and Security. Nearly 200 guests, including elected officials and leaders in the private and public maritime industry, convened to learn about and celebrate the new program during a luncheon themed "A Sea of Opportunity" on Monday, September 27, at TSUs new Science Building. This is the first university degree program related to Maritime Transportation and Security in the Houston area and the first such at any Historically Black College or University (HBCU) in the nation . Accredited by the state coordinating board, the TSU maritime degree program curriculum addresses three nationally recognized priorities -logistics, security and environment. The first 33 students enrolled in the program this fall semester. Port of Houston Authority Commissioner Kase Lawai, a TSU alumnus and recently appointed member of the White House Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations, was the keynote speaker at Mondays event. "The Port of Houston Authority and Texas Southern University share a strong interest in nurturing educational opportunities in the maritime field, which offers a broad array of careers," said LawaI. "This is just one more example of TSUs willingness to lead with innovative ideas and programs." In his remarks, Texas Southern University President Dr. John Rudley stated, "This partnership with the Port of Houston and the members of the maritime industry is tremendous . We couldnt have done this by ourselves. This program will provide numerous opportunities and jobs for our students in the future." The premier luncheon sponsor, the U.S. Coast Guard, was represented by Sector Houston-Galvestons Commanding Officer Captain Marcus Woodring. "The U.S. Coast Guard is extremely proud to be a partner with Texas Southern University in their new Maritime Transportation, Management and Security degree program," Woodring said. "1 cannot think of a university better positioned to offer such a degree. The natural linkage to the Port of Houstons rich maritime heritage and the budding maritime academies at local high schools offer a talented pool of applicants and unparalleled opportunities for post-graduation careers." Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garcia remarked, "This partnership with the port and TSU is about jobs. And in these challenging times, we are serving notice to everyone who will listen. We are not sitting still. We are planning for new growth, new jobs and a bright future." According to Port Commission Chairman James T. Edmonds, the Maritime Transportation Management and Security degree program at Texas Southern University "represents a wise investment that is already providing a return of tremendous benefits for Houstons port and maritime industry and paves the way for future generations to continue relying on the port as an economic engine of prosperity." The Port of Houston Authority is also collaborating with Houston ISO and several maritime industry partners on the Port of Houston Maritime Academy. The initiative debuted in fall 2009 at Stephen F. Austin and Jack Yates high schools, and about 250 students have completed the first year of the program. The program continues to help students learn about the many opportunities in the maritime industry and the educational paths toward a range of fulfilling, well-paying careers, such as: • freight logistics specialist • shipping managerhttp://www .irconnecLcomJpoha/pages/news_printer. html ?d=202628&print= 1 5/2212011 I I
  2. 2. Port of Houston Authority I Public Affairs I Newsroom Page 2 of2 • port manager/operator • port security officer • maritime policy maker • maritime transportation planner • environmental compliance coordinator • emergency response speCialist The need for a specialized and sophisticated workforce is critical throughout the global maritime industry and at the Port of Houston in particular. According to recent studies, Houstons port generates more than 785,000 jobs and nearly $118 billion in economic activity in the region annually. More than 7,700 vessel and 150,000 barge calls occur at the port every year. Overall, the port is a large and vibrant component of the regional and national economy. The Port of Houston Authority owns and operates the public facilities located along the Port of Houston, the 25-mile-long complex of diversified public and private facilities designed for handling general cargo, containers, grain and other dry bulk materials, project and heavy lift cargo, and other types of cargo. Each year, there are more than 7,700 vessel calls at the port, which ranks first in the U. S. in foreign waterborne tonnage and second in overall total tonnage. The port authority plays a vital role in ensuring navigational safety along the Houston Ship Channel, which has been instrumental in Houstons development as a center of international trade. The Barbours Cut Container Terminal and Central Maintenance Facility are the first of any U.S. port facilities to develop and implement an innovative Environmental Management System that meets the rigorous standards of ISO 14001. The second recertification of those facilities in 2009 included an extension for the state-of-the-art Bayport Container Terminal. The port authority is the first port authority in the world to receive ISO 28000:2007 certification for its port police and the perimeter security operations at both the Barbours Cut and Bayport Terminals. Additionally, the port is an approved delivery point for Coffee "C" futures contracts traded on the New York Board of Trades Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange. For more information, please visit www.portofhouston.com To access the ports Web site photo gallery, please visit http://www.portofhouston.com/pubJicrelations/publicrelations.htmland click the link for Port Authority Photo Gallery The Port of Houston Authority logo is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroorn!prsl?pkgid=720 CONTACT: Port of Houston Authority Lisa Ashley-Whitlock, Director, Corporate Communications (713) 670-2644 Cell: (832) 247-8179 lwhitlock@poha.com Felicia Griffin, Manager, Corporate Communications (713) 670-2893 Cell: (713) 294 7185 fgriffin@poha.com Back Port of Houston Authority 111 East Loop North· Houston, Texas 77029 P.O. Box 2562 • Houston. Texas 77252·2562 Phone: 713-670-2400 Copyright 2009 Port of Houston Authority· All Rights Reserved For questions and comments, send an e-mail. Please include company name and phone number, when appropriate, so we may better respond to your inquiry. http://www.irconnect.comlpohalpages/news_printer.html ?d=202628&print= 1 5/2212011
  3. 3. The Houston Fie ld Office of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) oversees the entranceand exit of all international passengers, carriers and cargo within Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,Austin, Lubbock, Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Amarillo Freeport, Midland, Oklahoma City and Tulsa,Oklahoma In 2009, CBP processed more than 359,000 cargo containers CBPs guidance to the Portof Houston involves pol iCY Implementation and qua lity management " It was important for me to reach o ut to a ll of them and make sure o ur security and risk manageme nt philosophies were in line," he says. "We meet regularly and we under­ stand th at we are in the cant fail business. One failure can have catastrophic consequences for a ll. " Baldwin says Houston port security must be an ini ­ ti ative of inclusiveness among local, state, federal and internatio na l partners . "We have to understand that we have a shared risk and The mo tto "Semper Fi," or "Always Faithful," seems to we have a shared acco untability for managing that risk,"underscore the passion that Jeffrey O. Baldwin, Sr. embod, he says. "Eac h agency has its own unique o rganizationalies as Ho ustons top executive le ade r in U.S. Customs and miss io n . But we each ho ld pieces of the puzz le that weBorder Protectio n , or CBP. have to put o n the table and see where they all fit." "Its a bout having the opportunit y to make a difference Co llabo ration is so important to Baldwin that he isevery day in the pro tec tio n of this nation," says Baldwin, prov iding a ve nue fo r law enforcement pa rtners to inte ­whos a lso a distin guished Marine Corps ve teran . gra te the ir maritime security efforts. The Houston A rea Indeed, CBP is o ne of th e larges t and most complex Maritime Opera tions Center focuses on mitigCl ting a llcomponents of the U.S. Depa rtm ent of Homeland maritime threa ts by capitalizing on the intelligence,Security, with a priority miss ion o f keeping terrorists operationa l and response capabilities of local, state andand their weapons out of the U.S . The crucial roles CBP feder a l law enforcement agencies.plays in facilitating trade to and from the Port of Houston Baldwin has more than 31 years of federal governmentinvolve securing cargo from ac ts of terrorism, assuring service . He has served as field operations director forthat goods arriving at Houstons docks are legitimate and CBPs Tampa fie ld office, area port director o f S,vannah,monitoring that appropr ia te duties and fees are paid. Georgia, port director of the Miami Seaport and port When Baldwin was appointed CBPs director of director for Miami Intern atio nal Airport. He has a lso rep­Houston field ope rations in 2006, he immediately resented the U .S. on custo ms,related matters in Europe,recognized the unique cha llenges in protecting this Centra l America, South America and Afr ica.geographica lly dispersed port and the mass ive vo lumes of Baldwin was recognized by the U ,S . Secretary of theca rgo - particula rl y petrochemica ls- that are transpo rted Department o f Ho meland Securit y for his emergencyth rough its di verse complex of public and priva te facilities. respo n.~ e ro le during Hurricane Ike. Hes also receivedHe has been turning those cha llenges into opportunities a commendation fro m th e CBP Commissioner for hi~as he continuously str ives to facilitate and strengthen innov ativeness in esta blishing Houston as a model pll[rpartnerships between CBP and various law enforcement - proving that this former Marine continues to serveand regulatory agencies as well as industry groups. faithfully with pride and ingenulry. _
  4. 4. THE PORT REPORT BREAKBULK AMERICAS CONFERENCE Port of HOllS on Authority The 21 st Annual Journal of Commerce Breakbulk Americas Transportation Conference & Exhibition Houston makes history as liThe Path Forward" captures momentum More th an 3,000 sh ippe rs, supply chain p roviders and leading industry experts set record attendan ce during the Oct. 12 -14 Breakb ulk Amer icas Transportation Conference and Exhibition . It was the first time in 21 years that th is leading g lobal indust ry gathering was held in Houston - theThe open lnq ce lemony was l11 ~ rked result of col laborat ive efforts by the Port of Houston Authority, the Greater Houston Partnersh ip, theWI h ., ,y".,bnlic; flbbcHI cutung by City of Houston , the Greater Houston Convention & Visi tors Burea u and the Journal of Commerce.Hams Co unly Prec;ir1Cl 2 Comnll,SIO nelSylvia Garcl". Port ot Houston A"th" Ity As the la rgest breakbulk port in the U.S. and a leader inCEO Alec G Dreyer and Alii McEntyre steel and project cargo fo r more than 90 yea rs, the Portof thl? J(,,,rn,,1 )/ COIl1n1Rf( Au thority hosted the opening day expo at its Sam HoustonPavil ion. Hundreds of conference-goers viewe d Turning Basin breakbu lk fac ilities during toursaboard the MN Sam Houston. Nu me rous exhibits highlighted the Port Aut horitys strateg icinitiatives in g lobal trade, economic development, en vironmental stewardship, sma ll businessdevelopment and comm unity outreach. The Port Authoritys emergency response capabilitieswe re also highlighted in displays of its emergency mobile command cen ter, a fire t ruck from its A boa our f t he HrJu,aon St>ip Chann~ 1Ma rine Department and a re scu e boat from t he U.S Coast Guard . was a highl lgh o f the can !!r;.. nc~Houston is Breakbulk and a Lot More!The Breakbulk Americas confere nce provided a platform fo r Port of Houston Authority Chai rmanJames T Edmonds and Chief Executive Office r A lec G. Dreyer to tout t he dynamic host city, wh ichis the largest on the U.S. Gulf Coast and fo urth largest in the nation."It is terri fic to finall y be able to show off Houston to yo u," Edmonds said du ring we lcoming rema rks."Ho uston offers a world -class infrastructure that connects our city to the nati onal and globalco mmunity. An excel lent airway system, major and multiple roads, inte rmo dal facili ties, and a deep The PorI Author itys C h a.,.m~n Jam,-,s T.sea port are the reason s why Houston is an efficient global gateway and a major co rporate center." Ed rnonds and CEO Al ec G Dro yer tou ted HOUS1on as he larg et ( ~3kb u ! k pOl l in theDreyerfocused on the " big " business picture in his re marks, stating, " The biggest dyn am ic, we U.5. and il leader in steel and p roject ca rgobelieve, is thi s city. Houston is big on hospitality and its make-yourself-at-ho me sp irit is contagious." f o r more than 90 yeMs Breakbulk Goes to School Sessions for college students offered for the first time in conference history A wide-ranging curriculum was presented by a distinguished "faculty" of indust ry leaders during the conferences first Breakbulk Education Day. Mo re than 100 students from the maritime, tran sportation and logistics progra ms at Houston Comm unity College, Lone Star College, San Jacinto College, Texas A&M Galveston , Texas Southern University, University of Houston and other schools throughou t the U.S. were able to attend the educational sessions with generous sponsorships from more t hanA care r hf for ccllege sturif- n tll W !i 100 brea kbulk industry companies and associations.also pa t or 6,eakbu lk Educa tion D"y. Steve Garifalos of Rickmers- Lin ie America d iscussed the art, scien ce and global economic importanceof transpo rt ing cargo. John Hark fro m Bertling Logist ics covered the basics on chartering with insight into the relation ship among carriers,charterers, forwa rde rs and brokers. The complexities of manag ing a series of sta keho lders, activities and regulatory requ irements were thefocus of the breakbulk supply chain presentation by Grant Wattman of CH2MHill. Greg Gowans from CB&I presented a case study thathighlighted the techni ca l lifts, method statements and root surveys invo lved in a major heavylift lIJG project in Peru.
  5. 5. Keynote Speakers Focus on Global InfrastructureInfrastructure develop ments around the world are the ke y to boosting th e breakbu lk and project cargosectors, according to three industry leaders who delivered keynote presentations d uring the conference.The outlook for engineering , procurement and construction (better known as EPC) is strong, accordingto Da vid Ha mmerl e, principal vice president and corporate ma nager at Bechte l. He outlined manyposit ive indications of growth in the capital projects business and provid ed perspective on sectorsand geographical locat ions that show the most promis e.Robert Drew, a top logistics executive with Tata Steel, Inc., shared his co mprehensiveperspective on the state of the steel industry, including the impact of supply and demandswings on shipping. Drew also had keen insight on Chinas rol e in steel market fluctuations.Despite projections that the general cargo market is slowly recov ering from a decline in2009 and fore cas t to remain flat unti l at least 2011, Susan Oatway, a sen ior consultant withDrewry Shipping Consul ta nts, exam ined the outlook for global trade for m ultipurposevesse ls as well as th e factors impa cting recovery. Susan O atway Closing Night Reception Scores Home Run A great va riety of foo d, music and optimism filled the atmosph ere as the Port of Houston Authority hosted th e Breakbulk Americas closing night customer reception at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros.Guests were greeted by Port Comrn,:.>sIOllerJanes Fonteno p()rt Comm,s>loncr Steve Phelps.POlt Cor.,,~issio"f!r Jimmy [3 Hk Houston MayoAnnlse "lrker, Port of Ho"sto~ Authoflly Vice From the Houston Astro;, catcher l1ulIlD!?·tcPresi :lent Qf Origll1ati(,n Ricky KlInz ilr1d Gteg QWl"tEm and 1"9 nrl~IY tern1er outf "Irld ,nr:l firstCliak, Preslden & CEO 0 the (jredter !-Iou,ton Bre;lKbulk conference goe.s Houston Astros owner base coach Jose CrUl flank POrt Author y V;;;eCO1Iention and VisitlJl s Bu(",)u II M.nute Milld I~,k Dray tOil Md.,,)> Pres,def1 of Cart-II,,,r T.. rml[1ilis Roger GuentherSee You Back Here in 2012!Tal ks are alread y under way to secure hotel arrang ements and reception venues in Houston nowthat the Journal o f Commerce has agreed to bring Brea kbulk Ame ri cas back here in 2012.Hosted annually in N ew Orleans for two decades, th is major maritime indust ry conference willnow alternate between the Crescen t City (2011 and future odd-numbered years) and the BayouCity (2012 and future even-numbered years), according to Alii McEntyre, JOes vice presidentof events and publisher of Breakbulk magazine ."Both ports are home to pow erful trading communities, closely tied to the global breakbulk and POI L01 Hou~ton AJlhortty repreSef1t~tlveSproject cargo markets," McEntyre says. " The rotation b etween New Orleans and Houston will greet v;;105 In the George R Brownkeep the conference program, the exhibits and the after-hours networking fresh and interesting." Convent" C.. ntBr ..;xh.b,l hallPort of Houston Authority Market Development Manager Brian Reeves described the development as a trifecta success for Houston."Youve got a good mar itime conference provider coup led with the nat ions largest breakbulklproject cargo port and the po rts locationin the heartland of t he breakbu lk marketplace of t he United States," Reeves says.Find us on Follow Alec Dreyer on @AlecDreyerQuestions?Please direc t all inquiries and comments to: James T. Edmonds, ChairmanThe Port of Houston Authority Steve Phelps Jimmy A. BurkePublic Affairs Division Phone: 713-670-2893 James W. Fonteno, Jr. Janiece Longoria111 East Loop North Fax: 713-670-2425 Kase l. lawai Elyse LanierP.O. Box 2562 E-mail: fgriffin@poha.comHouston, Texas 77252-2562 Web site: www.portofhouston.com Chief Executive Officer Alec G . Dreyer
  6. 6. (An op-ed by F. Renee Griffin, MBA, APR)Transforming Human Capital Management to Yield Greater Dividends from Houstons Public SchoolsOur public school educators deserve to be among the most revered professionals in Houston. That elite statushas been hindered, however, by long-standing policies that have treated teachers like interchangeable, one­size-tits-all mechanical parts. As a result ofthis degradation, theres been little or no distinction between thehighest and lowest performers.Excellent work in the classroom has not always accelerated teachers career tracks. Often, they have receivedthe same "satisfactory" evaluations and pay raises as their lower-performing peers. Conversely, many teacherswho have struggled in their performance also have received "satisfactory" marks on their evaluations, but noconstructive feedback to help them improve.Under its declaration of beliefs and values, the Houston Independent School District has committed to ensureeffective teachers and principals in every classroom and school. HISD partnered with The New Teacher Project,a national nonprofit, to analyze the districts policies and practices in teacher hiring, firing, compensation andperformance. TNTP also administered online surveys to all Houston teachers, principals, and unhired teacherapplicants to examine appraisal, professional development, compensation and working conditions.The findings of these studies form the foundation of the four-part strategic plan for human capital managementtransformation in the nations seventh-largest school system.Establish a rigorous and fair teacher appraisal system to inform key decisions. Only 43 percent of teachers inTNTPs survey said that performance evaluations help them improve. And even though teachers and principalsagree there are significant numbers of low-performing teachers at their schools, principals rarely identifyimprovement areas in appraisals.Clear process timelines, expectations, and performance standards will heighten confidence in the system.Additionally, value-added measures such as students engagement levels and work products should augmenttest-based assessments of teachers impacts on student learning.Provide effective individualized support and professional development for teachers. Most teachers in TNTPsstudy said they do not feel that they receive support that helps them improve or address their students needs.And instead of doing paperwork or attending meetings, principals said they are eager to spend more timevisiting classrooms, observing teachers and providing feedback on instruction.Offer meaningful career pathways and differentiated compensation to retain and leverage the most effectiveteachers. Data show high-performing teachers leave HISD at similar rates as their lower performing peers.According to TNTPs study, 61 percent of teachers support accelerated salary schedule increases for high ratesof student growth. They also favor additional rewards for strong classroom performance, including schoolleadership opportunities.Strengthen recruiting and staffing policies and practices to attract top talent. TNTPs studies show late hiringtimelines cause applicants to withdraw. This has been especially hurtful to schools in Houstons high povertycommunities, which have the fewest high-performing teachers. To recruit the strongest teacher candidates,HISD must hire earlier and make hiring process communications more responsive, timely and clear.We must elevate the status of teaching so the most talented people will enter and stay in the profession todeliver on the promise of an excellent education for all. HISDs human capital management transformationstrategies promise to eradicate what has become a culture of indifference to excellence and failure.
  7. 7. ADDITIONAL WRITING SAMPLES F. ("Felicia") Renee Griffin, APR Downloadable Writing Samples (magazine articles, press releases, editorials) http://www.slideshare.netiFeliciaGriffin/felicia-griffin-writing-samples The Port Report monthly newsletter October 2010 edition - http://portofhouston.com/pdf/pubaffairs/PortReport-Oct1 O.pdf Breakbulk special edition - http://portofhouston.com/pdf/pubaffairs/PortReport-BBAC-201 O.pdf Professional 810g http://MyPRgative.wordpress.com ,I I