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Tiger book for juana garcia


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This is a book that is all about tigers. I give this book for one of my dad's co-workers. this is a person that works at my dads work.

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Tiger book for juana garcia

  1. 1. DietTigers are a carnivore that means they can only eat meat. The animals that theywill normally eat are usually hoofed animals like deer and wild pigs To help themto hunt they have very strong claws that can hook onto the animal and this will letthem to grip onto the prey and then it will start to pull it down to the ground.These cats will also eat buffalo to. These cats will usually sneak up on their preybut they will have to do it very carefully. Before they start the attack they willhave to wait very quietly so that the prey does not see it coming. They will usuallykill their prey by biting their throat that can be on the back of the animal’s neck.These amazing hunters can only capture their prey in about 10 percent of thetime that is the reason why they have to eat 88 pounds of food in one sitting.There are some tigers that can eat about 100 pounds of meat in one sitting. This isvery important for a tiger that is because they often miss when they are attackingan animaland then the tiger will go without food for weeks. For a tiger to live in avery good condition a tiger has to eat about 70 different types of big animals in ayear. They can also eat really small animals to like they will eat badgers, rabbits,boars, deer, and they will also eat wild cattle to. They will normally eat animalsthat can be much bigger than 60 to 2,000 pounds. They will usually attack theirprey by biting them on the back of the animals head. This can easily break theanimal’s spinal cord and it can easily kill it to. After the tiger is done killing theprey than it will start to drag it to a really save place so that it can eat the deadanimal in peace. A tiger can eat about 40 pounds of meat in one sitting. A tigercan go for days without eating any food at all. The other animals that they will liketo eat are turtles and they will also eat frogs to.The other animals that they willnormally eat are Amber deer, wild pigs, water buffalo and they can also eat somany different types of antelope. They are also known to eat sloth bears, dogs,leopards, crocodiles, pythons they can also eat monkeys and hares to.An adulttiger will hunt at both day and night that is because they can not run in very longdistances. So in order to get food they will have to get very close to the animalthat they are trying to catch right before they attack it. These cats can easily move
  2. 2. very slowly and very quietly even they are 20 feet away from their prey, a deer ora buffalo and they do not even hear that there is a tiger somewhere nearby. Rightbefore the prey knows that it is being watched then that will be the time whenthe tiger will start to leap out of its hiding place they will normally leap about 10yards over level off of the ground and then after that then they will start to attackthe prey. They will sometimes even kill an elephant and rhino but they will onlykill the babies that is because it is way too dangerous to attack a full-grown adultelephant and rhino. The other animals that they will eat are chital, sika deer, roedeer, musk deer, rusa deer, elk, gaur and they will also sometimes eat birds,monkeys and other types of animals and they are different reptiles and differenttype of fish .Tigers will usually hunt at night. When a tiger sees its prey then it willstart to sneak really close to the animal that it is trying to catch. Then the tiger willleap out of its hiding place and then it will start to attack the prey animal. Tigerswill normally hunt by themselves they do not hunt in groups like lions do. To catchtheir prey they will have to hide in places and they will have to wait on whateveranimal that walks by. The best hunting places for a tiger to hunt is really in aforest path or a place that is near any water area. This is how a tiger can hunt. Thefirst thing that a tiger will do is that they will wait very quietly in a forests path.Than they will use their stripes. That can really come in handy especially when itcomes to hunting because they can help the tiger to stay hidden in the shadows.A tiger can go for many days without food. A tiger can easily spot a deer throughthe grass. A tiger will usually take one step one at a time but they will have to bevery quiet. They will have to do that so that they can get close enough to the preythat the tiger is trying to catch. The tiger will start to crouch really close to theground. These cats will have to be really close in one quick burst. Tigers are notvery good runners so if an animal runs than the tiger will not be fast enough tocatch it. Then if the tiger gets close enough than that will be the time when theywill start to jump out of their hiding place so that they can attack their prey. Atiger can leap as high as 15 feet (4.5 m) in the air. The animal does not even havea chance to even turn around because it will be to late. Then the tiger will start toknock the prey out with their super sharp claws. Then they will start to kill theanimal by biting them on the back of the animal’s neck they will also kill theanimal by using their very sharp canine teeth. When they start to break the
  3. 3. animal’s neck than the animal will start to die very fast. The tiger will never stopeating until they are totally full. These cats can eat about 40 pounds (18 kg), ofmeat in a day. If they are not done eating the dead animal than they will start todrag it under the ground. So it can hide it from other predators that might want tocome and eat it for themselves. If the tiger is not done eating the dead animalthan they will usually hide it until it wants to eat it again . A tiger will eat anyanimal that ever walks in its territory. The animals that a tiger will hunt aredifferent types of deer and antelope. They can also eat wild pigs and monkeys. Ifthere is no big animal in their territory than that will not be a problem becausethan they will start to eat really small animals like they will eat different types ofbirds, lizards and they will also eat squirrels to. They can also hunt in the water to.When they are in the water than they will eat these different types of animals andthose animals are usually fish and crabs. The other animals that they willsometimes hunt are snakes, boar, buffalo, deer. They can even attack a crocodileand a leopard and they can also kill a camel to.Habitat/RangeTigers live on the Continent of Asia. They like to live near areas that are in forestsbut there are some tigers that like to live in places that have really tall grass thiscan come in handy for them when they go out to hunt. Tigers have evolved onSouth Central China but they have moved into other areas of Asia to and thoseplaces are in Siberia, Sumatra, Indochina, and they can also be found in someparts of India to. Tigers do not live on the Continent of Africa. They can also befound on very small areas that are in Asia as well. Tigers are usually found inclimates that can be in tropical rainforests to deciduous forests to really cold andmountain hardwood forests. The Siberian tiger lives on the Siberia and it can alsobe found on the Manchuria they are usually found in the mountain forests thatcan be bigger than 3,000 feet high. Tigers used to live all over Asia but now theycan only be found in India, China, Siberia and they can also live on Sumatra to.Tigers used to live all over Turkey and they also use to live all over southern partof Asia and in SoutheastAsia and they also used to live on the far eastern part of
  4. 4. the continent. There are some species of tiger that still live on south and on thesoutheastern part of Asia to. The other places where they can be found or inChina and in the Russian Far East. The type of habitats that these animals can befound are in the tropical rainforests, they can also be found in the snow-coveredconiferous and on the deciduous forests. They can be found in mangrove swamps,and they can also be seen in drier forest areas to. These cats can be found onevery single habitat that can be found in Asia and those habitats happen to betropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, grasslands, rocky county and they canalso live in evergreen forests to. The other habitats that they can be found is injungles and in reedy swamps. Tigers can be found on the eastern and on theSouthern part of Asia. The tigers that live in Asia they all can be found in thickforests or places that have very tall grass so that it can be easier for them to hidein the grass when they are hunting. In a place where they have to live it has tohave so many different types of animals so that it can survive . There are sometigers that like to live in places that are very warm. The Amur tiger lives in the fareast of Russia. In this part of Asia is known to be really cold over there .These catslive on so many different types of habitats and those places happen to be tropicalforests, evergreen forests, woodlands and they can also be found nearmangroveswamps and they can also be found on grasslands, savannahs and they can alsobe found on the rocky country.The Siberian tiger can be found on the northeastpart of China. They can also be found on Eastern Russia and they can also live onsome parts of North Korea. This is the type of region that is called the Amurregion. This region got its name from a river that is called the Amur River thisactivity forms in a very small portion of the eastern border that is between Chinaand Russia. This type of region will activity form in different types of mountainareas and they can also be found in coniferous forests. This region’s climate isbetween summer and winter seasons. When it is summer than it will start to bevery hot.When the winter comes than that will be the time when it will start toget very cold it high up in the highest altitudes.These cats can be found on somany different types of habitats and those places can be found in south and inEast Asia. The habitats that they live in is tropical forests, evergreen forests,woodlands, grasslands, rocky country, swamps, and they can also be found on
  5. 5. different types of savannas to. They like to live in a place that is all covered bywater.Size/WeightTigers are the biggest cats on the planet. But the most biggest tiger in the worldis the Siberian tiger and a male can grow about 11 feet (3.3 m) long. That is evenbigger than a car. The smallest tiger in the world is the Sumatran tiger and theycan grow about 8 feet (2.4m) long. The weight of the Siberian tiger is 1,027pounds.A adult tiger can grow about 4.5 feet (1.37m) to 9 feet (2.7 m) long. Themales are a lot bigger than the females are. The biggest tiger in the species is theSiberian tiger and they can weigh about 500 pounds (230 kg). The smallest tiger inthe world is the Sumatran tiger and they can weigh about 250 pounds (115 kg.).Their tail can be bigger than 3 to 4 feet (0.9-1.2m) long. The length of a maleSiberian tiger is 10 feet (3 meters) and the length of an male Sumatran tiger isabout 8 feet (2.4 meters) long. An average male Siberian tiger can weigh about400 pounds and they can reach about (181 kilograms). The weight of a maleSumatran tiger is about 220 pounds (100 kilograms). A tiger can weigh about 240to 500 pounds (109 to 227 kilograms). Their body length is between 1.4 and 2.8 m(4.5-9.25ft). The height of the tigers shoulder is between 80 to 110 cms (31 to 43inches). The length of the tiger’s tail is between 80 to 110 cms (31 to 43 inches.)The length of the tiger’s tail is about 60 to 110 cms (24 to 43 inches). They canalso weigh about 100 and to 300 kgs (220-660 lbs.). An adult tiger can grow about10.75 ft. (3.3 m). They can weigh about 660 lbs. (300 kg). Their body and theirhead can grow about 4.5-9 feet long. Their tail can be bigger than 2 or 3 feet longand their tail can be bigger than 674 pounds. The Siberian tiger is the most biggesttiger in all the tiger subspecies they can weigh about 500 or they can even weightmuch more pounds like they can weigh about (225 kg). The males are a whole lotheavier than the females are. The lightest tiger in the subspecies is the Sumatrantiger and the males can weigh about 250 pounds (110 kg) and the females canweigh about 200 pounds (90 kg). The measurements of a tiger it depends on thattype of tiger. The length of their head and their body is 41/2 to 9 feet (1.4-2.8 m).
  6. 6. The length of their tail is about 3 to 4 (90 to 120 cm). A male tiger can weighabout 660 lbs and the females can weight about 370 pounds. The length of afemale can only reach about 370 pounds. The length of a male tiger is 8 feet to 8inches to The weight of a male tiger is 10 feet to 9 inches long. The females are alot smaller than the males are they can stand about 8 to 9 foot in a range. Theweight of the Sumatran tiger is about 264 pounds (this is the weight of a maleSumatran tiger). The weight of a female Sumatran tiger is really about 200pounds. The length of these cats is really amazing and their length is 7 to 9 feetlong.Life spanWhen the tiger is in the wild then they can live even longer than 10 to 15 yearsand when they are living in captivity then they can live about 20 years when theyare living in a zoo or in a reserve. When these cats are in the wild then they canalso live about 15 to 20 years when they are living on their national habitat andwhen they are living in a zoo than they can live for 26 years. When these animalsare living in a zoo or in a reserve then they can live until they are about 26 yearsold. When these animals are in the wild then they can live about 8 to 10 years andwhen they are in captivity then they can live until they are 26 years old.1 interesting factA adult tiger has very sharp teeth they have 30 teeth that can be found inside oftheir mouth. The length of the Canine teeth is about 2.5 to 3 inches (74.5 to90mm). They have very big teeth that are known to be very sharp to. Their teethcan help them to hold onto the prey that they are trying to catch and their teethcan also help them to kill their prey to and they can do it by biting them on the
  7. 7. back of their neck. They also have very sharp teeth that are located near theircheeks they use this type of teeth to cut up the food that they are going to eat.The other tool that they will use to eat their food that they will use is their tonguewhich is known to be very rough. Their tongue can help them to lick the meat offof the dead animal and they will continue to lick the meat until all that is lifted isthe bones and the skin. When a tiger gets big enough than that will be the timewhen their teeth will start to grow really big. They also have really small teeththat are called incisor teeth these types of teeth can be located right in front ofthe tigers mouth. The incisor can help the tiger to grip the prey and it can alsohelp them to pull the meat off of the bones. There is another set of teeth to butthese teeth are a whole lot different than the incisor and those teeth are thecanine teeth and these teeth are located right behind of the incisor teeth andthese teeth are known to be very sharp indeed. The tiger will activity use theircanine teeth to help them to stab the prey animal on the back of its neck. Tigersare known to have the biggest canines than any other animal that is acarnivore.These cats have so many different types of teeth that they use for all differenttypes of reasons the other teeth that they have is called the molars this type ofteeth is found right behind the canines. The tiger will use these teeth to eat themeat and they will also eat the bones sometimes to. These types of cats have verypowerful jaws that can easily bite and hold down to their prey. The length of thecanine teeth is about four inches long and that is the size of ahuman’s middlefinger.On the tiger’s paws they will have 5 toes on each of them and on their feetthey will have four toes on them and all of these toes all have claws. The tigersclaws can be bigger than 3 to 4 inches that is the length of the claws and they areknown to be retractable as well.2 interesting factEvery single tiger does not have the same pair of stripes. Every single tiger hastheir own unique set of stripes. This is a way to till the difference between the
  8. 8. two different tigers. This is just like the same with humans with their fingerprints.There is no person that has the same than the another person does But this isnotthe usually way to tell the difference between these types of cats because itis so hard to see their stripe pattern when they are in the wild. Even todaysscientists are having a very hard time because it is very hard to see them becausetheir camouflage is so good . The pre does not even notice that there is a tigersomewhere in the area. But no one activity knows why these cats have stripes ontheir fur but scientists believe that they tiger uses their stripes to help them toblend into their surroundings. This is called camouflage. This also makes their preyvery hard to see them hiding in their forests, wetlands habitats and their stripescan also help them to hide in the grasslands to. The tiger that has most set ofstripes in the world is the Sumatran tiger. The tiger that does not have the mostset of stripes is the Amur tiger the other name for this tiger is called the Siberiantiger and they only have a few stripes on them. Every single tiger has their ownset of stripes just like humans with their fingerprints. The tigers stripes are locatedon their skin if a person tries to shave these cats fur off than a person will sampleknow that these cats have an totally distinctive camouflage pattern that is knownto be preserved. Every single form and density of their stripes can really tell thedifference between the 6 tiger subspecies. There are a lot of tigers that have thetotal of 100 stripes on their fur. The Javan tiger had a whole lot more set of stripesthan the tigers that we have today. This tiger is extinct now there are no moreJavan tigers that are on this planet anymore. (Extinct means that they longerliving on the planet anymore which means they are gone forever. Researchersthat study tigers make the stripes so much easier for them to tell differencebetween the two tigers and make studying them a whole lot easier for them to.They can easily tell which tiger is which. With their stripes helping them to huntthan this will make things a whole lot easier for the tiger because it is really hardto see a tiger when they are hiding in their habitat. This can also make their preyvery hard to even know that they are even there or they are even coming. Theirstripes makes the tiger an amazing predator in Asia. Tigers are not just amazing athunting they are also great swimmers to. Every single big cat in the world hates toget wet or water but there is only two big cats that love the water and those catsare the jaguar and the tiger. These cats are known to be very strong swimmers.
  9. 9. There are so many different types of tigers that have been found bathing inponds, lakes and rivers. They can also attack their prey when they are in the waterto.There are some cats that do not like the water but the tiger is not one of them.When there is a day that is totally steamy in the Asian forests than the tiger willusually lay in a river so that it can cool itself off. The tigers that are used to coldclimates they will spend a lot of their time playing in the snow. They also love thesnow. There are some tigers that are usedto places that have very coldtemperatures. These cats can also make a kill when they are in really deeperwaters. The tigers is an amazing swimmer they can easily swim across a river orlake that can be wide as 3.7-5 miles (6-8 km) long. This is how wide the type ofrivers and lakes that some tigers can swim in. On a very hot day than they willusually cool themselves off in a river, in a lake or in a pond.These are one of thebig cats that is amazing swimmer. The other great big cat swimmer is the Jaguar.3 interesting factThe size of a territory of a tiger really depends on how many food that is lifted inthe area. The size of a tiger’s territory can grow about 10 to 30 square miles (26-78 sq. km). There are some Siberian tiger that can have a very large territory thatcan be bigger than 120 square miles. Tigers are also known to be solitary animalsbut there are sometimes that their territories that will overlap with anothertiger’s territory. The place where a tiger can live and hunt will be inside of theirterritory. A male tiger’s territory can easily overlap with seven different femaletigers. A tiger can mark their territory by using their scent. They will walk on somany different types of edges so that they can keep other tigers away from theirterritory and so that they can make sure that their territory is safe from othertigers by taking over their territory. All the prey that is in that area belongs to thattiger because they own that territory The size of their territory really depends onhow many food is in that area. If there is not a lot of prey than the tiger will haveto find a much bigger territory to live in.The tigers that live in the north which is
  10. 10. known to be very cold. Then there will be not a lot of prey for them to hunttheterritories that can be found in the north can be wide as 400 square miles(103,600 hectares).That has the same size as the city of Los Angeles and that Isvery big. Tigers live all by themselves in an area that is called a territory. It doesnot matter how small or how big the territory is all that matters is how many foodis around in that area. Both male and female all have their ownterritory that isset up for them. A tiger will usually mark their territory by using scent that theywill use to rub their heads and its chest up against a tree. All of those smells are awarning to tell other tigers that this is their home. If another tiger does wanderinto that tigers territory than they will usually fright to the dead but most of thesefrights are mostly done by males. But there are sometimes that females will frightfor their territory to. When one of the tigers wins than they will start to take overthat tigers territory and the loser will have to leave and then they will have to findanother territory to live in. Tigers will normally live on that same territory in all ofits life. But they will move out of their territory if there is no more food or ifanother tiger has beaten them in a fright. There are about six differentsubspecies of tigers that are still alive today and those tigers are the Bengal tigerand the Siberian tigers are the biggest tiger in the world these guys can be biggerthan 11 feet to head and to the tail. The smallest tiger in the world is theSumatran tiger They are more 8 feet to head to the tail..The other subspecies of atiger is the Indochinese tiger, The Malayan and the South China tiger. There arealso 9 subspecies to but there are some other tigers that are not around anymorethis means that these tigers are extinct and those tigers are the Javan tiger,Balinese tiger and the Caspian tiger. Just like any other cat the tiger can marktheir territory by spraying a lot of urine all over trees and bashes this will usuallycome together when they are using the glandular secretion they can also marktheir territory by leaving a lot of fecal droppings or they can also mark it byscratching the trees by using their very sharp claws. The territory of a tiger has tobe bigger than 10 to 30 square miles of territory that is how long a tigers territoryhas to be. These cats will normally spray their urine on different types of bushesand in trees. They will use their spray with a very special mixture of urine and theywill also use their scent gland secretions. They can also mark their territory byscratching a tree with their super sharp claws. Their territory can also be much
  11. 11. bigger to. So that they can have a lot of prey so that they can support the tiger.The size of the tiger really depends on how much food that is in the area.Thereare a lot of very big animals that do not have the ability to see very well in colorlike humans can. To keep a tiger away from their territory they will have to sendtheir territory so that they can keep other tigers away from their home. Tigerscan make a very loud roar that can be heard over 2 miles away but they willnormally roar if they are ready to attack or they feel like they are beingthreatened. The other sounds that they will make is this sound and it can be veryloud and it is called a moan. They will activity use this to talk to other tigers thatcan be over very far away. The other sounds that they will make is this type ofsound that is called a chuff and they can also make a prustening sound to. Thesesounds are more like a friendly greeting and they can only be heard in a very shortdistances. Tigers do not know how to purr like a normal house cat will do, Thetype of sounds that these cats will make are grunts, moans, growls and they canalso make a snarl sound to, The time that they will grunt is when they are beingaggressive. A growl may also turn into a hiss and they can turn into a spit soundto. The other way that they can talk to each other is by swishing their tails in alldifferent directions and they can also move their heads down low they will alsodo this by opening their eyes really big and their mouths are closed. These areother ways on how tigers can talk to each other. Tigers have so many differentways on how they talk to each other. Every single tiger in the world has a whitespot that can be found right on the back of their ears. They can twist their earsaround this will show that the tiger is warning another tiger to stay away from it.When they are trying to protect themselves than they will act a whole lotdifferent. If they are trying to protect themselves then they will usually snarl,flatten their ears are against their head and they will also show their teeth. Theother way that they can show that they are protecting themselves is when theireyes become narrow and their tails when they are holding their tails very low.When a female tiger is calling her cubs than she will use an moan sound and theynormally do it very softly. If the tiger is meeting up with a family then they willmake a very friendly sound that kind a sounds like a sneeze or an snort this soundis called an chuff. The other way that they will greet each other is when they arerubbing each other’s heads. The Malayan Tiger shares their habitat with other
  12. 12. different types of animals to and those animals are leopards, Dhole ( a othername for it is called the wild dog). Asian elephant, Gaur, Sambar, and the MalayTapir. The Amur tiger will share the their habitat with other animals to and theanimals that are often found in their habitat is the Eurasian Lynx, Far EasternForest cat, Brown Bear, Asiatic Black bear, Wolf, Wolverine, Red deer, Sika deer,Roe deer, Wild boar and the Goral will also live with the Amur tiger to. It looks likethere are a lot of species of deer that share the same habitat with the Amur tigerRespondingBaby tigers are so cute the moment that they are born they will look like a 12-inchlong striped kitten. A adult tiger can reach about seven feet long and they canweigh about 300-420 pounds that is what the baby cubs will grow into when theyget older. The female tiger will only give birth to only two, three or even fourtiger’s cubs that are being born at the same time. The job of the female tiger is toprotect them, feed them and most importantly to teach them how to hunt so thatthey can learn how to survive on their own without help from their mother. Thetiger cubs will be ready to leave their mother when they are about two years old.The female tiger will normally give birthto only 2 or 3 cubs in a litter. The cubs canweigh about 3.5 pounds when they are born. Half of the cubs will die right beforethey are a year old. That means some of the tiger cubs will not survive. The babieswill start to follow their mother in 6 months this is when they are a year old andthat will be the time when they will start to hunt for themselves. The cubs willstart to leave their mother until they are about 3 years old and they can also leaveuntil they are in their twenties this will both happen in the wild and in captivity to.The breeding season for a tiger is really during the winter and they will usuallyhave 2 or 4 cubs and they will be born blind the moment that they are born andthey will remain like that for 103 days. The cubs can weigh about 2 to 3 poundsthat is how big they are when they are a new born baby. But there are sometimesthat there is one tiger cub that will usually die when they are about to be born.The cubs will continue to feed on their mother’s milk in only for 6 to 8 weeks andthen after that is done than they will start to eat meat. The cubs will contact their
  13. 13. mother to protect them when they are about at least a year old and or an halfolder. When they reach this age than this will be the time when they will start tohunt for themselves. The maturity of the females is really 3 years and the maleswill usually reach maturity when they are about 4 years old. Tigers usually live allby themselves but they will only come together when it is time for them to mate.Than after they are down with the mating process than they will be back being ontheir own again .When the mother is ready to have her babies she will normallyhave them in a den which will be in a bush or in a cave to. These are the type ofplaces where she will give birth to her cubs. A female tiger will normally give birthto the total of one or five tiger cub that is the that is how many cubs that a tigermother will normally give birth to. A tiger cub can grow about 2 or 3 pounds (1 to1.5 kilograms). The cubs can weigh about 12 inches (30.5 cm) long. The cubs willcontinue to have their eyes closed until they are about 2 weeks old. The cubs willnormally stay really close to their mother so that they can feel safe just in case ifthere is another predator in the area that can easily kill a baby tiger. Like a maletiger can be some of the predators that can easily kill a baby tiger cub. Thegestation period for a baby tiger cub is 103 days. A female will normally give birthto only 2 or 3 cubs but there are sometimes that she will give birth to 7 cubs to.The cubs will start to eat meat until they are 3 months old. When the mother goesout to hunt than she will usually being back different body parts of the animalwhen they start to eat meat but they will still drink their mother’s milk. They willcontinue to drink their mother’s milk until they are about five or six months old.When the mothergoes out to hunt than that can be a very dangerous time for thecubs that is because they are all alone when their mother goes out to hunt andthe reason why it is so dangerous because they will be killed by other animals likewild dogs and leopards. These are the animals that can easily kill a baby tiger cub.There are about two or three cubs that will usually make it to adulthood. Whenthe cubs start to get a little older than the mother will start to teach her cubs howto take care of themselves. She will also teach them how to swim and to teachhow to eat the meat off of andead animal. The cubs can located her by when sheis swinging her tail. This will let the cubs know where the mother is. A baby tiger’sfavorite toy is their mother’s tail. This is a very good practice for the cubs becauseit teaches them how to catch prey and the skills that they will need for when they
  14. 14. are an adult. There is another way how they learn how to hunt and that is whenthey are playing with their brothers and sisters. The way that the cubs will play isthat they will jump, nip and they will also roll around.The cubs will need all ofthese skills for when they get a lot older and when they start to take down preyall by themselves one day. The mother will take them on their very first huntingtrip when they are 6 months old. When they are on these hunting trips then thecubs will just sit and watch on how their mother catching and kills an animal justlike what they will have to do for when they get a lot older . The mother will stophunting for them until they are 18 months old. That will be the time when theywill start to hunt for themselves. The cubs will start to leave their mother whenthey are 2 years old. Once they are that old than they will be out on their ownwithout any help from their mother. Right after they leave their mother then theywill set out to look for a territory of their own. The females will normally find aterritory that can be found very close to their mom’s territory. The males will finda territory has to find a territory that has to be very far away from their mom’sterritory. The females will raise their cubs all by herself. She will not need anyhelp from the father. The males have been known to even kill a baby tiger cub.Even their own father will sometimes even kill their own cubs.Survival StatusTigers are totally endangered. There are about 3 different subspecies of tiger thatis extinct today. The tigers that are extinct today is the Javan tiger, Balinese tigerand the Caspian tiger these are the tigers that are not around anymore. Thatmeans that these animals are extinct. The tiger population used to have about140,000 tigers in the world but now there are only about 5,000 and 7,000 of tigersthat are still lifted and all of them are in big trouble because all of these tigers areall endangered. These cats are in trouble from being gone from the planetforever. The reason why tigers are so much in trouble because people are killingthem. People have been killing them in one hundred years ago the reason whythey were hunting this beautiful cats is because they through it will be fun to kill atiger. These cats have no choice but to deal with the entire gun shorting that is
  15. 15. against them. There are about thousands of tigers that have been killed byhumans. Every sense those years had passed the government in Asia wanted tomake laws that will stop people from killing tigers. But people are not listening tothese laws there are people that are still killing tigers the other reason whypeople are killing the tiger is because of their very beautiful skin coats so that theycan make rugs out of them and they are also getting killed because of their bones.People will make Chinese medicine out of the tiger bones and they are also usingtheir bones to make wines out of them. But killing is not the only problem thattigers have to worry about people are also moving onto their territory the reasonwhy because people have been cutting down their forests homes so that they canmake houses and farms. If people cut down their forests homes than the tiger willhave no place to live on they will also have a very hard time hiding they will alsohave a very hard time hunting for food to. This means that there is not a lot ofprey for the tiger so that means that these cats have to go for a very long timewithout any food in their stomachs. Tigers are in big trouble because they arelosing their habitats. There are about 5 different subspecies of tiger that are stillalive today and those animals are The Bengal tiger, Indochinese tiger, Malayantiger, Sumatran tiger, and ofcourse the Siberian tiger this tiger can also be calledthe Amur tiger to. Tigers are totally endangered and they are in trouble all overthe Continent of Asia. The reasons why they are in trouble of disappearingisbecause people are killing them for their body parts so that they can maketropics and Asian medicine out of them. The other big threat is people are takingover their homes and the populations of their prey. These are the biggestthreatsthat is going on with these big cats. In the year of 1920 people think that therewere more than 100,000 tigers that were lifted in the wild but now there is not alot now there is only about 2,500 adult tigers that are still alive today. Theclimate change is also a problem for the tiger that is because the warm is heatingup the planet and the tigers are starting to feel this heat. All of this heat is makingthe tigers to lose their homes that are in the coastal erosion areas which can belocated in India’s Sundarban islands. When the sea level raises than the tigershabitats will start to get floated and then the sea water will start to move up intoa freshwater river that will activity start to become very saline or become verysalty. All of these factors are making these big cats move into the northward
  16. 16. areas which is known to be a very big human territory which is where humans andthese cats will usually meet with each other. This is another problem that tigershave to deal with. The other threats that these cats are facing is that they aregetting killed and poached because people are killing them so that they can saletheir striped coats in different black markets all over Asia. People are also killingthem for their body parts so that they can make Asian medicine that can also bea very bad threat to the human communities to, The other big problem for thetiger is that the human population keeps on growing very fast. When the humanpopulation grows than there will be no room for the tiger and their preyto live onand there will be no room for the tiger to hunt. There are so many cultures thatbelieve that the tiger is the symbol of strength and courage. People are alsotaking over their habitats so that means there is no room for the tiger and theirprey to live on. Tigers are endangered all over their range. The reason why theyare endangered is because they are getting killed because of their body parts theywill use their body parts so that they make trophies and to make Chinesemedicine out of them. There is another big problem for the tiger to and that istheir habitats are getting destroyed and people are also taking over thepopulation of their prey to, these are the most biggest threats that the tiger isfacing today, in the year of 1920 some people think that there were about100,000 of tigers that were found in the wild. But today there are only a few ofthem but the total amount of tigers that is in their population is really 2,500adults that are still alive on the planet today. But their numbers are starting todecline very fast.The biggest problem for the tiger is that they are losing theirhabitats. That is because people are moving into places where tigers live and thatmeans that these tigers are being pushed into really small places where there isnot a lot of food for these big cats to eat and to survive in their habitats. Whentigers do not have a lot room to hunt then the wild prey that they hunt will startto wander into places where there are people and they will start to kill their farmanimals and they will also sometimes even kill people. The reason why becausepeople are taking over their habitats so that means the tigers will have no choicebut to wander in human territory so that they can look for food.
  17. 17. Message from the authorThere are so many people that are working very hard to save the tiger fromdisappearing forever. People are making a lot of land so that tigers can live inpeace and so that they can be safe from people. There are hundreds of groupsthat are trying to help the people that often live very close to these big cats. Theother thing that they are trying to do is to stop people from selling tiger skins.They are teaching these people good ways on how they can share the foresthabitat with tigers and how bad it is to kill them. This is what a lot of people aredoing to help the tiger and their survival in the wild. We must do something tohelp and to save these amazing animals. These cats need all the help that theycan get. Tigers have the right to continue living on this planet. They are doingtheir part in nature and we should find a place in nature to. This is a really bigplanet that is filled with wonders and discoveries that are just waiting to befound. We have to make this planet a safe place for us and for the other livingcreatures that we share it with. This is our beautiful home it deserves to have asecond change to live on for the next generation to come on this planet. There isa really big, bright and beautiful future that is what will happen if we find a way toprotect our planet. Then our world and our home will be a much happier and amuch cleaner place to live in. We have to make room for other living creatures to.God made animals for a reason just like he made us. That is what I know abouttigers. If we all work together we can save the tiger and other animals that live onthis planet to. Together we can make a difference in our beautiful world that weall share. Thank you so much for doing your part. With you reading and enjoyingthis book. You are helping your favorite animal and its survival in the world.Without your support and love and respect. Your favorite animal will have achance to make a comeback. This is a huge thank you for helping these animalsand everything else that has to do with nature. Nature it is very important.Without nature our planet will not be so beautiful and full of wonder that canopen a person’s eyes to world that they never had imagined. Nature thanks youfor your support.