Seals report___________________________________________________________________Harbor seals are a carnivore which means th...
that are in the northern hemisphere is these places that can usually be seen incoastal waters where there is a lot of food...
other pinnipads because they are solitary that means that they live in alone. It israre to see these animals in a pair wit...
them to do that is to close their nostrils. These animals have really special musclesthat can help them to keep their nost...
forward. This means that these animals would have to wiggle and they will alsohave to pull themselves onto the ice. Some p...
be feed by their mother’s milk. Their mother’s milk is really rich. The baby willdrink its mother’s milk for two weeks. Wh...
seal’s mothers milk can be really rich and it can also be really thick like wax. Thepups will start to grow really fast. W...
seals will be ready to have their babies in three to nine years and the true sealswill go till four to six years. Males an...
for machines to. There are some species of seal like the fur seal and the hoodedseals are stillbeing killed for their fur....
they are also getting killed for their fur and for their skin to. People hunt them foroil because they have lots of good v...
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Seals report


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This was a seal report that I wrote when I was in California. I saw seals when I was in San Diego and they were very cool. The reason why I did research on seals is because I wanted to learned about them and I want to know how do they survive in their environment . I went to California over the summer with my family and I wanted to do research on these animals. I also donated some money to help the seals that were in San Diego.

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Seals report

  1. 1. Seals report___________________________________________________________________Harbor seals are a carnivore which means that they can only eat meat. The foodthat these animals will mostly eat is mollusks. The animals that they will eat thatare from this group are squid and claims. The other food that they will eat is fishand crustaceans. Seals will never chew their food. They will often swallow it intoreally big chunks. These animals can even crush shells from the crustaceans andfrom mollusks they can do this by using their flat back teeth. These animalsfavorite food are squid and medium-sized fish. These animals will spend a lot oftheir time in the water swimming. They will usually swim under the huge block ofice when they are looking for food. When they are in the water then they canswim really fast and in grace. It is a really great sight to see. It kind a looks likethey are flying. The food find that they will eat is really small fish and they willalso eat smaller animals to. They can eat so many different types of fish and theywill also eat crabs to they will usually eat the young of crabs. Seals have really bigeyes that are used for low light. They can see what is located at the deepest partsof the ocean. This can help them to look for fish underwater. They often have noproblems looking for really small animals when they want to eat. Seals happen tobe really good at hunting. The foods that they will hunt are fish, squid and theywill also eat animals that are crustaceans and those animals are shrimp and crabs.The other food that these animals will eat is Arctic cod, herring and they will alsoeat capelin fish. Harbor seals can be found on the beaches of California. Theseanimals will usually spend their time in the water they also like sunbathing onrocks and on beaches. These animals can be found in the North Atlantic and theycan also be found in the Pacific Ocean it really depends on what kind oftemperate the water is so that they can be found in the subarctic and in thearctic waters. They will usually be found in fresh water areas. They can also befound on every ocean worldwide but they mostly live in colder waters. seals canbe found in every ocean around the world but they are mostly found in placesthat have cold water but there are other species of seals that live in the waters
  2. 2. that are in the northern hemisphere is these places that can usually be seen incoastal waters where there is a lot of food and there is a few predators that theyhave to look out from. They can also be found in the north Atlantic and in theArctic oceans. These animals live close to cold waters then warmer waters. Theseanimals can be found in cobble and in sandy beaches. The other places that theseanimals can be found in rocky reefs, tidal mudflats and they can also be seen insandbars that is off the coast or in the bays and in the estuaries. Their home rangereally depends on the temperature of the place like they can live in the Arctic andin the subarctic waters all of these areas are found in the northern hemisphere.There are some subspecies of harbor seal that can be seen in freshwater. Theycan also be seen in Canada to. They can be found on coastal waters and on packof ice to. Seals can also be found on the edge of Hawaii, Florida and they can alsobe found in Central America. The seas that they can be seen in are in the NorthAtlantic Ocean. The other seas that they can also be seen are in the South BalticSea, and they can also be seen in the North Pacific Ocean. Harbor seals used tolive in the New York City waters but they dont anymore because they have beendriven away because of pollution and development. That is because there iscleaning water in the area that is why these animals are slowly making acomeback. The weigh for a harp seal is 400lbs (180 kg). Seals can grow about 6.5feet (2m) long and they can weigh about 375 pounds (170kg). A male harbor sealcan be big as 5-6feet long and they can weigh about 120-130lbs. Seals can growabout 6.25 feet (1.9 meters) long. The harp seal can weigh about 400 pounds (180kilograms). The size for a harp seal is 5.25 to 6.25 ft. (1.6 to 1.9m). These animalscan weigh about 400lbs (180kg). The male harbor seal can grow about 2.0 m(6.6ft)and they can also weigh as 170 kg (375 lb.) The females can grow about1.7m (5.6ft). They can weigh about150 kg (331lb.) a harp seal can live about 20years. Seals can live about 25 to 30 years. They can also live about 25 to 32 yearsto. These animals can live until they are in their 30s. When they are in the wildthen they can live about 30 years. They can also live about 20 years when they arein the wild to. These animals can live about 25 to 30 years. harbor seals belong toa family group that is called the pinnipedia lots of different animals are in thisgroup the other animals that are in this group are other species of seal, sea lionsand even walrus are also in this group to. Harbor seals are a lot different than any
  3. 3. other pinnipads because they are solitary that means that they live in alone. It israre to see these animals in a pair with other seals. Harp seals can be reallydifferent from sea lions and eared seals because they can use their fore flippersfor propulsion. Harp seals will usually use their hind flippers by moving side byside this helps them to swim in the water. Seals can move streamlined than thefur seals and the sea lions do. Seals can swim over really long distances. Theseanimals can be really clumsy when they are on land because they cannot turntheir hind flippers downward that is why they are so clumsy when they are onland. They also have a wiggle that is on their front flippers and on their abdominalmuscles. A true seal has really unique streamlined bodies that canbetotallybe adifference between the fur seals. That is because fur seals have lack external ears.These animals will also retract from their nipples. This has internal testicles andthey also have penis lies that are in internal sheath seals can be a really extremegraceful and are really fast swimmers that can easily dart in all different directionsvery fast. This can help these animals to catch a fish. In a really fast speed. Theywill also use this to escape from predators. These animals can be really good atdiving. These animals can hold their breath and they can also slow down thereheartbeat when they do this so that they can save oxygen. There are some sealsthat can stay underwater for 70 minutes but the elephant seal has been known tohold its breath for 0.6. Miles (1 km) or even more. Seals are just like any othermammal that is on the planet. Every animal that is a pinnpiped has to shed theirfur every once in a while .But the eared seals will usually shed fur really slow thenthe other species that are in the pinniped family and the eared seals will mostlyspend their time in the water when they are moulting. Seals can hear really willespecially when they are in the water. Research has found that a seal can responda call that can be heard over 180 kHz with a peak of sensitivity of 32 kHz. Everyanimal that is a penniped all have the ability to close and open their nose andtheir nostrils can open when the pinniped sticks their head out of the water orwhen they are on land. They will open their mouth because so that they canbreathe. The nostrils will close so that they can keep the water out when they gounderwater. People live on land so far from their natural position is to open.Pinnipeds spend most of their time and they spend it in a great deal for whenthey go underwater they do this so that they can breathe and the only way for
  4. 4. them to do that is to close their nostrils. These animals have really special musclesthat can help them to keep their nostrils open when they need to breathe. Theyusually do this when they are resting that is when the muscles and nostrils willstart to snap shut. Seals are a really easy prey for a lot of different types ofpredators. The predators that they face both live on the land and in the oceansome of the predators that they have to face are polar bears and sharks, the otherpredators that they that will kill them are killer whales. Stellar sea lions, walruses,eagles and coyotes. Seals live in groups that can hold about 1,000 seals in it. Itmay be completely confusing from any other outsider that can in come into theirpoint of view. These animals can be really happy when they get in content withreally big groups of animals. This is some of the things that they do to dependthemselves from predators. Harbor seals have really big eyes because so that theycan see well when they go under the water. They can see things much better thanany other human can. Seals can hear really well but they do not have ears that arelocated on the outside of their head like we do instead on having those type ofears they have two small ears that are open. They do that because so that this canhelp them to glide more smoothly when they are swimming through the water.Sometimes people call harp seals earless seals. The seals that dont have any earsand that can be found outside then those animals are called sea lions. Harp sealshave found a way to escape of the coldest weather. There are some seals that willgo to the south during the winter then after they are done with their long journeythen they will usually come home when summer comes then these seals will haveto swim about 3,000 miles. These seals are really good swimmers. They can alsobe fast and graceful swimmers to. Instead on having feet they will use theirflippers to swim. They really have powerful flippers that can help them to moveside to side. They will have to do that because this sends them to be really fastwhen they are swimming through the water. A harp seal can swim as fast as 15miles per hour. They can swim three times faster than any human swimmer. Theharp seals front flippers are used to help them to steer to the direction wherethey need to go. The flippers that they have really sharp claws. These claws areused to help the seal to climb up onto the ice floes. The claws can grasp onto theice like hooks. Seals can move a lot faster when they are swimming in the waterthen they do that when they are on the ice. The back limbs cannot be turned
  5. 5. forward. This means that these animals would have to wiggle and they will alsohave to pull themselves onto the ice. Some people think that they move like giantcaterpillars. A seals group is called a herd or a colony. These groups will also traveltogether to. Lots of people can spot them when seals are swimming together.Harp seals were made for swimming. These animals are also great divers as will.They can dive about 600 feet. These animals can hold their breathe for a very longtime. When they are diving the harp seals will be able to stay underwater forthirty minutes. People might think that icy, cold and snowy piece of ice might notbe the nice place to live but for a seal it is just perfect home for them to live in. Tohelp them to stay warm they have blubber that is located under their skin this willhelp them to keep the cold away and so that they can keep their body heat inthem. A group of seals do not surround and they do not even trip their food likedolphins do. The reason why they do that because they are swift swimmers.When they go up to the surface then they will have to stay together as a groupthat is called a colony. A fur seal group can have as seven hundred and they canalso have seven thousands members that can hold in this animal group. That isanother reason why they life in groups so that they can hunt together. Seals canalso sing but they normally sing when they are under the water. Sometimes thesesongs will take about over a minute. Scientists are starting to figure out why theydo this because this skill is either related to the underwater navigation. They alsodo this to help them to hunt. People can tell how old a harbor seal is by thegrowth rings that is located on their teeth but you might get bite if a personcomes to close to them. The harbor seals flippers are just like hind legs. Thesemammals can hold their breathe when they are under the water about fifteenminutes. These animals can also sleep about fifteen minutes to. These animalswill usually sleep at the bottom of a tank. Seals will start to breed in February toApril. When the cows and the juveniles are pregnant then they will rush to thebreeding grounds when the first sight of February comes. Every single female hasto find the perfect spot in the ice so that she can give birth. She will start toprotect this site from other females that will want to take over it. The pups willstart to be born at the end of winter then they will start to weight about 12kg butthese babies will be not able to swim until they get older. To protect themselvesthey have a really great white coat that is made out of their fur. These babies will
  6. 6. be feed by their mother’s milk. Their mother’s milk is really rich. The baby willdrink its mother’s milk for two weeks. When the mother is suckling with her babythen she will not be able to feed for herself until she is done with suckling. Whenthe mother does go out on a hunt then that is when the pups can get killed bypredators like polar bears. They will not be in danger until the baby knows how toswim. Before the pup is weaned then the mother will start to mated by a bull seal.After the pup is weaned then the pup will start to stay on the ice and they willcontinue to stay on the ice only for two weeks so the baby can molt their fur.They do not eat during this time they do that so they can lose weight. When it istime for them to feed them they will head out into the water so that the pups canlearn how to be on their own. The first food that they will eat when they first goout on their first hunt is crabs. Seals and sea lions are all mammals that meansthat they both have lungs and it also means that they can breathe under waterand on land. Their babies are just like human babies. They will get their milk fromtheir mother just like any other mammal does. A baby seal is called a pup whenthese babies are five months old then they are called yearlings. They sometimesdo not look like their mother that is because adult seals have a grey and blackcoat and the babies have a fluffy white coat. They kind a look like cotton balls. Themating season will usually start when the seals go to the south for the winter. Themales will usually chase the females onto the ice. Males have a really special callthat they use only for mating. There are times when a male will usually have tofight with another male so that he can get the female. When they are in the waterthen the males will start to blow bubbles at the females. Mating for a harp sealusually takes place under the water then on the ice. A female will usually givebirth after a year. All of the females will usually come together in really bignumbers of groups. They will usually come together so that they can have theirpups together. They will usually have their babies on a floating ice. Every femaleusually has one pup. The pups will usually be born in the late February and in theearly March. The females will not be ready to mate again until two weeks. Whenharp seals are born they can be really cute and they can also be helpless to. Thesebabies do not know how to swim yet and they do not know how to feedthemselves to. They will have their mother do everything for them. Females willusually nurse their young in really icy floes that can belocated in the ocean. A harp
  7. 7. seal’s mothers milk can be really rich and it can also be really thick like wax. Thepups will start to grow really fast. When they continue to grow then soon the pupwill start to have their own layer of bubbler this is how the pup stays warm. Themothers will not have a lot of time with her young because after twelve days thenthe mother is back in the water looking for food pretty soon they will be ready totravel to the north. When the mother is in the ocean looking for food then thepup will have to stay on the ice all by its self. This is when they live off of theirbody fat. When the pups are three weeks old then this is the time when they startto lose their fluffy white fur. That is the time when they no longer look likepowder puffs. When they start to grow then these babies will start to grow athicker coat and these coats are a lot better when they go in the water. The pupwill not be ready to swim until they are twenty-five years old. When they start toswim then that is the time when they are ready to start looking for food forthemselves. So now the pups will be ready to take the long trip to the north. Afemale eared seal can be pregnant for nine to twelve months. They will usuallycarry one pup at a time. An eared seal pup can weigh about twelve pounds (5 kg)and these babies are usually born on the shore. There are some species that willnurse their young for about a week. Then after she is done nursing her youngthen she will head into the sea so that she can look for food all by herself. She willcome back in every five to six days so that she can nurse her baby which will takeabout four months in a year it really depends on the species. The true seals willtake about a year to develop. These pups are born on the land and they can weighabout 25 to 40 pounds (11-18kg). The seals that can breed in the cold areas likethe arctic they must give birth really carefully. These seals often give birth whenthe weather starts to get warm so that they can spare their pups when the winteris too high. There are more true seals that will nurse their pups on the surface.The common seal will nurse their young in the water and on land. They will startto be really anxious because they want to go back to the sea so that they can lookfor food. The true seals will suckle with their pups for six weeks and then they willstart to abandon them. The hooded seal will usually breed on the ice floes. Theywill start to nurse their young for twelve days and they will sometimes go forthree days that is a record for all mammals. When they are done nursing theiryoung. Then they will start to go to sea so that they can look for food. The eared
  8. 8. seals will be ready to have their babies in three to nine years and the true sealswill go till four to six years. Males and females both go back to the breedinggrounds in every year. A seal will usually breed in Newfoundland, the GreenlandSea. Sometimes the males will usually fight with each other. They will usuallybattle with their sharp teeth and with their powerful flippers. When they aredone mating then the females will usually have their babies at the same time. Ayoung harp seal can be born on the ice. The mother can find their baby bysmelling them. A young seal are really famous for their snowy white coats. Theirfur is really fluffy and they can be really high valued and they have been dawn tohunters in the Newfoundland breeding grounds. Males will reach maturity in 3 to7 years and the female can be 2-7 years. The gestation period for a Harbor seal is9 to 11 months. The size for a baby harbor seal is 756-100mm (29.5-39, 4 in.) in alength. This is how big they are when they are born. The babies can weigh about8-12kg (8-26 lbs.) seals often spent half of their time in the water and the otherhalf will usually spent their time on land. The gestation period for a seal is 11months in a year. A baby seal will usually be born on land then in the water. Theseal pups will start to develop really fast and there are some pups that will oftenswim only for a few hours when they are giving birth. Pups will usually be born inthe months that are in the spring and in the summer it really depends is the placehas warm temperature and that has a lot of food to eat. Seals are reallyfascinated about people because they are really curious about them. You mightsee these creatures on the ocean shore or in an aquarium. In either way peopledo enjoy seeing seals but these animals have a really long history with people thatare harvesting these animals not only for their beautiful fur but people killingthem because of the oil that can found in the seals blubber. Back in the day rightbefore we start to use electricity for our lights. People will activity burnedhundreds of oils from not from seals but from other animals to like from whaleoil. Whale oil was activity used to lighting. Seal oil is really being burned. Seals arestarting to suffer because of all of the extreme declines that are in the numbersthat can be due to the growing that is demanded. There are probably twohundred gallons of (757 1) of oil that can be taking from only one elephant seal.People do not just kill seals for lighting they will also them to make other things tolike they will make them into paint and into soap;they will also use the oil to make
  9. 9. for machines to. There are some species of seal like the fur seal and the hoodedseals are stillbeing killed for their fur. For many years Canadian and Norwegianhunters will also kill the really beautiful white pups of the harp seal so that theycan make profits out of them. In the past year there was an international outcrythat is totally against this type of practice. Ever sense those years hunting seals istotally against the law now. As long there are other limits and that their numbersare increasing then they will start to be protected that will also cause the sealpopulation to recover. There is one species of seal that is not recovered and thatis the monk seal. Their population is really small amounts of seals that are in thispopulation and these seals can be found in the Mediterranean Sea. But there aresome seals that will also live in the Caribbean but some people believe that theseseals are extinct now. Seals are facing a lot of threats like they are drowning infishing nets, food shortages. This will also cause overfishing which is being takenover by humans. Pollution is also a threat to these animals to. These animalsreally have an unsure future that is ahead of them if nothing is done to save them.In the past seven years the lands that they live in have become a huge scene forhuman conflict that is between sealers and environmentalists and the otheranimal right actions. The modern hunts are so much better than the ones thatlived in the past. The harp seal is known to be the most important seal that thereare happens to be hundreds to thousands of these seals that are being killedevery year. In the year of 1960 there has been so many harbor seals killedbecause people thought that they prey on salmon. They are also being drivenaway because of pollution and the growth of the human population. There about300,000 to 400, 00 seals that are lifted in the world today . Their numbers arestarting to shrink because humans are starting to encroach onto their fishingareas where the seals need to hunt so that they can stay alive. There are someherds in the world that are in trouble right now. That is because of globalwarming. This is a threat to them because when the climates gets warm then theseas ice will start to melt. These are some of the places where some seals willusually have their young and this is also some of places where they mate to. Allbecause of globalwarming seals will have to swim really far so that they can find asuitable place so that they can breed. Humans have been killing and hunting harpseals for hundreds of years. The biggest harps are usually getting killed for oil and
  10. 10. they are also getting killed for their fur and for their skin to. People hunt them foroil because they have lots of good vitamins in it. People will use their skin andtheir fur to make clothes. People are also making meat out of their flippers.People will also use their flippers so that they can make meat pies out of themto. Seals are usually hunted with rifles. Sometimes they will be hunted with a clubthat is called a hakapik. Seals are starting to suffer because they are not gettingkilled fast enough. There are so many people in the world that are trying reallyhard to help the harp seal and other arctic wildlife. These people are working withbusinesses and governments that are trying to find a way on how to stop globalwarming. This will also reduce the less of the sea ice. People are also trying tostop the hunting that seals face with humans to. These people are making thepublic aware that these creatures are being killed in lots cruel ways. There are somany countries that are starting to take action on saving these animals in thewild. Canada had counted how many times seals have been hunted and thenumbers that are killing them are the threats that are getting these animals killed.The United States and in other countries like Europe do not even buy any itemsthat are made out of harp seals. All though seals still remain to be in danger. All ofthese effects are all on the risk of global warming. But hunters are still huntingthem. Seals are getting killed every single day but that does not mean that weshould give up on saving them. We must do all we can do to help save theseamazing animals. That need all the help that they can get. Seals have the right tocontinue living on this planet. They are doing their part in nature and we shouldfind a place in nature to. This is a really big planet full of wonders and discoveriesthat are waiting to be found. We have to make this planet safe for us and theother creatures that we share it with. This is our beautiful home. It deserves tohave a second chance to live on for the next generation. On this planet. There is abig and bright and beautiful future if we find a way to project our planet, ourworld and our home, our world will be a happy and clean place to live on. Godmade animals fora return just like he made us with our lives. We have to makeroom for other living creatures to. That is what I know about seals. If we worktogether we can save the seal and other animals on this planet to, together wecan make a difference in our beautiful planet that we all share.