By: Felicia Ferentinos134 Nichols rd.Nesconset NY 11767                                                                   ...
like to live in a place that has lots of food to eat and it has to be some place where they can hide. Thewhite rhino and t...
is 2 months old but they will remain to suckle with their mother for 12 months. A newborn will becompletely helpless when ...
being killed by poachers this has been going on sense in the year of 2010. The rhinos that are in Indiathere are about 19 ...
and all the other creatures who share it, so spread the word a bright and beautiful future is in our hands.The is counting...
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Rhino report part 2 for social studies 2


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this is a rhino report that I wrote in my social studies class I got a A++ on it. It was a really good report. This one even has pictures in it to.

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Rhino report part 2 for social studies 2

  1. 1. By: Felicia Ferentinos134 Nichols rd.Nesconset NY 11767 Grade: A++(631)366-3444 Class: Social Studies Rhinoceros Report The animal that I picked is the Rhinoceros. Rhinos are herbivore that means that they only eat plantsthese types of animals will usually graze on their food and these foods happens to be grass and otherplants that can be found in the area that they are at. The most common food for a rhino is grass andthese animals are known to be the biggest pure grazers in the world. A rhino will normally drink wateronly in two times in a day but it depends if the place has water that is ready for them to drink but ifthere is a time that water is nowhere to be found then they will normally go for 4 to 5 days without anywater in them. That is how long that they can live without water. Every rhino species will usually have anreally strong vegetation diet except for the black rhino they rather eat bushes and trees but they do noteat grass like the white rhino and the Indian rhino will eat. The black rhino will eat the bushes and treesby using their prehensile lip this type of lip can act a lot like a finger that is because it can grab the twigs.Then the black rhino will start to shove them into their mouth so that their teeth can bite the twig rightoff. The white rhino is a lot different than the black rhino because they like to eat grass instead of trees.To plow up the ground they will use their horns to get the mineral salts so that they can eat them. Thewhite rhino will normally eat short grasses. Rhinos eat more than just grass they can eat other plantmaterial. The other foods that a rhino will eat are shoots, buds and they can also eat fruit to. These areall of the foods that the rhino needs to grow and to survive.There was a time when Rhinos lived on every single continent expect for South America, Australia and inAntarctica. Today the rhino can only be found in Africa and in Asia. The rhinos that live in Africa they liveto live in places that are open plains, but there a lot of rhinos that live in Asia. They rather live in areasthat have dense jungles and the Indian rhino will like to live in swampy areas. There are some rhinosthat live on Savannas and dense forests that can be located in tropical and in subtropical areas. Rhinos
  2. 2. like to live in a place that has lots of food to eat and it has to be some place where they can hide. Thewhite rhino and the black rhino will normally be found in really small areas that are in eastern and inSouthern of Africa. The great one-horned rhino are located on the northern parts of India and they canalso be found in Southern parts of Nepal to. The Sumatran rhino and the Javan rhino both live in reallyareas that are in Vietnam, Malaysia and they can also live in Indonesia to. The habitats that they live inare on open grasslands and the floodplains these are the habitats where the black rhino and the whiterhino can both be found in these types of biomes. The rhinos that are found in Asia that includes theone-horned rhino, Javan rhino and the Sumatran these rhinos can be found in swamps and inrainforests.Rhinos got their name for ma very famous feature which is their horns. The word rhinoceros came fromthe Greek then name rhino means nose and ceros which means horn. For many centuries the rhinoswere used to make illnesses go away but they will mostly use it for fevers. On the rhino’s horn there is aspecial protein that is called keratin this stuff is even on our hair and on our fingernails to. This type ofprotein does not have any healing in the process that can easily take off the beautiful horn that canactivity live the animal being alive and also really healthy to. This wills activity stop poachers for trying tokill the rhino for their horn so that they can money off of it. All of the rhinos that live in Africa all havetwo horns. The rhinos that live in Asia like the Indian rhino and the Javan rhino they only just have onehorn. Rhinos are known to have a really aggressive nature especially against predators like lions. Thewhite rhino is the most common Rhino in the world. There are about 4 species of rhinos they are theIndian rhino, Black rhino, Sumatran Rhino and the Javan Rhino these are all of the rhinos that is on ourplanet. Rhinos horn are not activity have a true horn that is because a true horn can only be located onthe skull. The Keratin fibers will grow inside of the skin. The reason why these animals are aggressivebecause they do not have really good eyesight so that means that they thing everything is a threat.The gestation period for the white rhino is 16 to 18 months. The white rhino will only give birth to onecalf. The weight of the baby is 40 to 65 kgs (88-143 lbs.). The mother will start to make milk until the calf
  3. 3. is 2 months old but they will remain to suckle with their mother for 12 months. A newborn will becompletely helpless when they are born like a human baby is. After the baby is born then it will donothing but be on their feet and will start to run around their mothers. A rhino baby can stand abouttwo feet tall and they can weigh about 80 to 120 pounds, but they will no longer grow a horn until afterthey are born. A rhino mother can really love troughs her baby. The baby will stay with their motheruntil she teaches them on how to survive on their own, but there are sometimes when the mother hasnew babies that will be the time when the current baby leaves to have its own life. This is will be thetime when they are a full-grown rhino and ready to face world all of their own. The females will be readyto have babies when she is 4 or 5 years old but the males will take a very long time until they are readyto mate and that will usually be 10 to 12 years old. The gestation period for a rhino is 15 to 16 months. Amother will normally give birth to only one calf these animals do not have any litters ( a litter is morethan just one baby. A baby rhino will usually weight about but it really depends on what type of rhino itis and that is 88 to 140 pounds. Males will start to mature when they are 7 or 8 years old and thefemales are between 5 or 6 years. The females and males will usually fight with each other if they wantto mate, these fights make lead to a lot of damage to their horns. After the couple is done with themating process then the male and the female will start to separate from each other so that the femalecan take care of the baby. A rhino baby will normally be in 14 to 18 months later in a year. The calf willdrink its mother’s milk until it is like a year old and after that year then they will start to eat grass andother plants in one week right after they are born. The black rhino is known to live alone but they willonly come together when it is time for them to have babies. The gestation period for a black rhino is 15to 16 months. When they are born they can weight about 25 to 50 kg. They will continue to follow theirmother only for three days. The baby will remain with its mother for 2 or 3 years that will be the timewhen the mother is about to have another baby. The rhino’s babies that are females happen to staywith the mother even longer the males do. The females will usually stay in a really group. Baby rhinosface lots of predators and those are hyenas and lions. The females will start to be mature when they are5 years old and the males will be about 7 years old. The life span for the black rhino that is if there is nopoaching then they will last until they are 35 or 50 years.The most dangerous predator that the rhino has to deal with are people. The reason why people arekilling the rhino because of their horns they want to sell them so that they can make folk medicine outof them. The rhino is about to become extinct because of people are hunting them and they are alsodealing with habitat loss ( that is when people are destorying the animal’s home). There are a lot ofresearchers that are saying there are about 200 of rhinos that are left in Africa because they are
  4. 4. being killed by poachers this has been going on sense in the year of 2010. The rhinos that are in Indiathere are about 19 rhinos that are being killed by poachers and there about 11 rhinos that are bringkilled in Nepal they have been hunted sense the year of 2010. The people that live in the Middle Eastthey will activity use the rhino’s horn as dagger handles and they are also being used as medicinal usesthat are located in Asia. The rhinos that live in Africa like the black rhino there are only 2,400 lifted onthe planet and the white rhino there is only 7,500 that are lifted on the planet today. The white rhinoalmost became extinct in the 19th centuries ago. The reason why they almost died out because huntershave been killing them a lot. They have stop hunting them because the governments that live in SouthAfrica they are trying to protect the rhino from dying out. There are about 4,000 white rhinos that arelived in the world today, but there are some other places where they are still endangered most of theseplaces are countries. Even through it is against the law rhinos are still getting legally hunted by poachersthey want to kill the rhinos because of their horns. Their horns are very special they are some peoplethat believe that the white rhino’s horns have special magical powers. Even through it is not true this isputting the white rhino in lots of trouble for their survival. Rhinos are dealing with something that a lotbiologist is calling a population crash). That means the rhinos numbers are starting to shrink really fastand faster than ever before. The rhinos that live in Asia there are about 420 and 780 of theSumatranrhino that are lifted in the world. These rhino’s populations have going down sense the year of1984. The Asian rhino is the Javan rhino and there are about 50 of them lifted in the world. There are 32Northern white rhinos that are still roaming the world today. The other white rhino is the SouthernWhite rhino and there are only 7,000 of these rhinos alive today, The Southern white rhino seems to bedoing good but they are still in trouble and they will remain to be trouble until people will selling rhinoshorn’s in Asian markets. There are some people say that a rhinos horn is more valuable than goldbecause people think that their horns can fix any sickness that is due for a human. One of the things thatcan save these animals is to learn a lot about them.There is one thing that I learned from doing this research is that. We must save these amazing animalsfrom being gone forever. The rhino is an amazing animal and they should have a second chance to liveon with their lifes. The rhino needs all the help that it can get. The rhino has the right to continue livingon this planet. They are doing their part in nature and we should do our part in nature to. This is a reallybig planet that is full of wonders and discoveries that is just waiting to be found. We have to make thisplanet a safe place for us and for other creatures that we share it with. The rhino is a really beautifulanimal. I am happy that they are here on this earth. This is our beautiful home it deserves to berespected and it also deserves to have a second chance to live for the next generation on this planet.There is a bright and beautiful future out there that is just waiting to be found. I hope you have enjoyedmy research as much as I enjoyed making it. Remember anything can happen if you help your planet
  5. 5. and all the other creatures who share it, so spread the word a bright and beautiful future is in our hands.The is counting on us to save it from extinction. We have to do something before it’s to late. That iswhat I learned during this research. If we can work together we can save the rhino and other animalsthat live on this planet with us. Together we can make a difference on our beautiful planet that we allshare. That is what I learned during this research. I hope you enjoyed my research as much as I did.Please we don’t want this To be turned into this