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Customer: Kendall SchmidtAnimal PythonReport by: Felicia FerentinosPython ReportPythons are Carnivores which means it only...
in the water during the dry season. The snake is about 30, ft in alength. There are 7 species of the python snake. The wel...
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Python report for kendall schmidt


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This was an python report that I wrote for Kendall Schmidt from big time rush. I give this to him at a CD signing. on February 19th

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Python report for kendall schmidt

  1. 1. Customer: Kendall SchmidtAnimal PythonReport by: Felicia FerentinosPython ReportPythons are Carnivores which means it only eats meat Python’s eatsmonkeys, pigs, small ape’s birds and other animals. After it eats alarge prey. Then the python will not be able to eat for a long time.Then they will rest for weeks. The python is the largest snake andconstriction. That lives in the sub-Saharan in Africa. The python alsolives in Asia and Africa that is near the equator. Their habitats are incaves and trees that they make. Pythons use to live in cities andtowns. Ever since people started taking over their territory. Pythonsare Constrictors which means that they will squeeze the life out oftheir prey to kill it. That they have caught. They will coil their selvesaround their prey and with each breathe the snake will squeeze untilthe prey can not breathe. Pythons will also eat Lizards, Caiman andantelope. The python will need to eat at 4 and 5 times a year. Thepython is one of world’s largest snakes the other largest snake is theanaconda. The Pythons live’s for 20 to 30 years. Pythons will useConstriction Several times. Then the prey will die with asphyxiation.Sometimes Pythons will surprise their prey and then the prey willsuffocate their prey to death. Pythons have the color of their skin tohelp them with their process, as pythons usually the color matcheswith their habitat and their surroundings, Pythons never give anyopportunity for the prey to escape. The Python that lives in Africalives near water at the edge of forests. The Pythons predators arecrocodiles, birds of prey, cats, and pigs these predators attack themwhen they are small. These predators kill them for food. When thePython is big it can even eat crocodiles and gazelles. Pythons do notlive in groups. They hunt alone. The python that lives in trees areabout 7 feet long. When it is in the leaves in the high forest branchesthen they can sneak up in the tree and grab a bird. When the preystops breathing it’s swallows it whole. Pythons are excellentswimmers they also spend a lot a time in the water. This is even howthey catch their food. This is one of their ambush techniques to howto get food. They lie submerged in a steam or a slow-moving river.They only put their heads out of the water. They wait for a bird orsmall mammal. That comes near the water’s edge. They usually hunt
  2. 2. in the water during the dry season. The snake is about 30, ft in alength. There are 7 species of the python snake. The well knownpython is the reticulated python that reaches about of the length of 30feet. The Reticulated python is the nocturnal nature. That prefers tolive in a solitary life. Pythons have special little claws called spurs.Adult pythons are about 5-6m (15-20ft). Pythons even live onSoutheast Asia. The Pythons weight is 90.7kg (2.0016ft). Pythons arealso known to be very clam animals exactly the Burmese Pythons.The Burmese is the most commonly found in managed situations.The Reticulated Pythons also can swim in the Pacific Ocean. This ishow the reticulated pythons live in the islands in the Pacific Ocean.Pythons other predators are birds, carnivorous mammals. Theseanimals kill the python when it is young. Large frogs, large insectsand spiders and even other snakes, adult pythons get attacked byeagles, lions and leopards. Some Pythons live in Australia. Pythonsdo not often kill humans. Unless the snake is stressed. The somepythons are 23 inches long. The females are bigger than the males.Pythons can live up to 40 years in captivity. The pythons strap can tillif prey is near by. They start eating by the preys head. When thepython has a big meal it will never eat for one year. Pythons can lay100, 75 and 15 eggs. The mother incubates them for 2-3 months andaggressively defends her eggs the hatching is 18-24 inches in length.Some pythons lay 12 and 36 eggs. The pythons wraps around hereggs to kept them warm. The mothers warm their eggs with“shivering,” this involves rhythmic contractions of muscles, the motherpython can amazingly raise the temperature of her eggs up of fewdegrees. It takes lot of energy, to do this. The mother will reproduceagain for 2 to 3 years. When she loses weight after the eggs arehatched and ready to live on their own. The new born pythons usuallyhave brighter colors then their parents. The biggest reason why thepythons are being threatened because people are killing them fortheir beautiful skin to make snake skin pants, vests, cowboy boots,and shoes. The python’s biggest main predator is man. That is what Iknow about Pythons.