Crocodile report for ariel hyers


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This was a report about the Crocodile that I wrote for my friend Ariel

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Crocodile report for ariel hyers

  1. 1. Customer: Ariel Hyers Animal: crocodile Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Crocodile ReportCrocodiles are carnivores that mean that they only eat meat. The type of foodthat these reptiles will eat are fish, and they will also eat a lot of different types ofanimals that come near the water edge so that they can get a drink of waterwhich means some of the animals that they will eat are turtles, snakes and theywill also eat some animals that are in the crustaceans family like crabs. They willalso eat really small mammals and birds. These reptiles will normally hunt at nightthat means that they are nocturnal. The Nile crocodile will normally eat really bigfish. Every animal that is a crocodilian are all build for ambush. This is how they doit first they will wait really quiet until a prey animal comes to the watering hole fora drink. Then when the animal comes close to the river then the crocodile willstart to launchits body out of the water so that it can attack it. The Nile crocodilejaws can be big as 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. When the crocodileis killing an animal then these reptiles can easily break a bone by using their teethso that they can tear it to flesh. The Nile crocodiles that live in Africa they will eatantelope, zebra, domestic animals and they can also eat a human to. The Nilecrocodile that lives on the island of Madagascar they eat whole different types offood then the ones that live in Africa and the food that they areeat turtles, lemursand they will also eat regular meals like fish. The type of foods that Americancrocodile will feed on is fish; they will also eat crustaceans, turtles, birds andmammals. Crocodiles will normally eat any animal that comes near the water orthat is near the banks. The animals that they will catch are turtles, frogs, birds,pigs, deer, buffalo, and they will also eat monkeys. It really depends on how bigand small the crocodile is. A crocodilian that is called the Gharials and the falsegharials are known to be expects with their slender snouts. The only food thatthey can catch is fish. The Crocodile never chews their food instead on chewingtheir food they will have to tear off the really big parts of the animal that they
  2. 2. caught and they will have to swallow the prey whole if the animal is small enoughto fit into the mouth. This means that they will have to juggle their food into thesmall position that they wanted it to be. Then after they are done with that thenthey will have to start tossing their head back so that the food can fall into thecrocodile’s throat. There are some species that can easily eat up to their ownbody weight in a single meal. When they are in captivity then they will be fed withtrout and with giant goldfish. The American Crocodile will normally feed on birds,mammals, fish, invertebrates and they will even eat other reptiles. Thesaltwatercrocodile will rather eat any animal that comes to the water edge. Theywill normally wait for hours and their eyes are total focused on the water edgethey are waiting for the time when the animal wants to take a drink when theyhave found their next meal then the crocodile will start to come out from thebottom of the surface that can be about inches forward to the striking range.Then they will start to launch themselves out of the water so that they cancrushtheir bones really violently. Then the unlucky animal will start to be draggedunder the water surface and then they will start to drown it really quickly. If theydo not get away fast enough. This may sound really weird because crocodiles areknown to swallow stones. They will usually swallow stones when they are nearthe water bank this does not just help the crocodiles digestive system but it alsohelps the crocodile to aid the water that is inside of them really buoyancy, It canbe really big through that they can swallow stones and they can also do this whenthey are swimming in really deep parts of the water. The Nile crocodile does notjust eat seafood they can eat so many different types of mammals like baboons,impala, hyenas and wildebeest. It is not weird for a Nile crocodile to kill reallylarge animals like the young of hippos, giraffes, lions, buffalo and sometimes theycan also eat but in really rare occasions they will also eat humans to. Crocodileswill hunt so many different types of animals and the animals that they hunt arefish, turtles, birds and they can also eat mammals to. The Nile crocodile will ofteneat really big animals like wildebeest, zebra and impala. The best time to see acrocodile hunt is at night when it gets dark. This is how a crocodile will get theirfood the first thing that it will do is float really quiet in the water and then theywill usually wait for their prey to come near them. Then when the animals comesclose enough then the crocodile will launch themselves out of the water and then
  3. 3. the crocodile will start to grab the animal that is near and they will usually usetheir really strong jaws to grab the prey animal. Crocodiles will usually tear off thechunks of food and then they will start to swallow It whole but they do not chewtheir food. When a crocodile chases a small animal then it will swallow it whole.There are sometimes that crocodiles will also share their meals with othercrocodiles that are in their area to. Crocodiles are known to be really good atwhat they do and that is hunting. These animals are known to be an ambushpredator which means they surprise their prey. The way that they will catch theirpreyis by waiting for any animal to come close to it. Then it will start to launchthemselves out of the water so that they can attack the animal that nearby. Theyare cold-blooded animals which means they can go for a very long time withoutfood and it is rare for a crocodile to actively go hunting. Cold-blooded also meansan animal that cannot control its temperature but must rely on the heat of thesun to keep it warm. A crocodile’s bite can be really strong it can be strong about3,000 pounds per square inch. Their bite can compare the bite of a Labradorretriever which can be 100 psi and the largest species of shark their bite can be350 psi. Crocodiles are known to be the most dangerous predator in theirenvironment and there are a some species that can be more powerful than a lionor a shark.A very young crocodile will normally feed on really small animals likefish, frogs, and they will also eat birds to. To get their meal they will use theirreally powerful jaws and their really sharp teeth. A adult crocodile will normallyeat really big animals like raccoons and deer. A crocodile will kill their prey byholding onto their nose under the water so that the animal can drown. They cancatch their prey by leaping themselves out of the water and then they will grabthe animal. These animals will eat the animal by ripping apart and then they willstart to swallow it. The Nile crocodile lives in Freshwater areas like lakes, riversand the brackish waters. These reptiles can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa andthey can also live on the island of Madagascar. Crocodiles can live in so manydifferent types of places and those places are North, Central and in SouthAmerica, Africa, Southeast Asia and they can also live in Australia. The habitatsthat they live on are places that have really grassy swamps and that also havereally slow-moving rivers. Crocodiles only live in places that have really warmwaters. There are about fourteen species of Crocodile that live in places like
  4. 4. Africa, Australia, India, and they can also live in Southeast Asia and there areseven kinds of crocodile that live in Central and in South America. The AmericanCrocodile lives in the Coastal areas that can be on the Southern tip of Florida andin Venezuela. Crocodiles will normally live in areas that have wetlands. There area lot of crocodiles that live in freshwater areas like swamps, rivers and alsomarshes. There are some species that live in streams. There are seven types ofcrocodiles that will spend a lot of their time in brackish water. Brackish water is amix between fresh water and water that is really salty. The slender-snoutedcrocodile that lives in Africa and the American crocodile both in live in the samekinds of brackish waters. The Australian saltwater crocodile will sometimes swimout into the ocean. The American crocodile is known to be endangered and thatmeans that the American crocodile likes to live in waters that are really warm andreally quiet and those places happen to be brackish or salt-water. The type ofwaters that have this is mangrove swamps and they can also live in an area that iscalled an estuary this is a type of place where a river meets the ocean. TheAmerican crocodile can be found in the state of Florida and they can also befound in Central America and they can be found in some parts of South America.Crocodiles live in lots of different water areas and these water areas can be foundin Africa, Asia, in the Americas and in Australia. The water that they will swim inreally in freshwater areas like lakes and rivers. These are the types of placeswhere there is freshwater. Crocodiles can be found in southeastern areas of theUnited States. They can also live in places that are in Central America and in SouthAmerica to. There are some crocodiles that can live in Africa, India and they canalso live in Australia to.There is one reason why there are some areas of the worldwhere there is some species that can only swim in areas that have salt water. Theway that they can survive it without the salt they can do it by using a special saltgland that can be located on their tongues this will easily get rid of the excess salt.The salt glands will let the crocodile to live in tropical areas that has mangroveswamps, tropical islands, alone rivers, and they can also live in jungles to. TheAmerican crocodile will normally be found in areas that are in the south of theUnited states. There are some crocodiles that can live in south of Central Americaand in South America, They can also be found in river mouths that is in brackishwaters and in salt lakes and there are some species that can be swimming out to
  5. 5. the ocean. The American crocodile lives in the south of Florida, the Caribbeanislands, Central America and they will also be found in the northern parts of southAmerica. The other places where they can also be found are in Ecuador,Colombia, Venezuela, Haiti, and they can also live in Dominican Republic. The besthabitats for the American Crocodile is estuarine areas, they will also live in placesthat have coastal and freshwater to. The Nile Crocodile lives in freshwater areasthat are in South Africa and those places can be rivers, marshes and they can alsolive on lakes to.The Nile Crocodile lives on the island of Madagascar, Egypt andthey can also be found in other places that are in Africa like in central Africa, tothe South of Namibi, Botswana and they can live on Zimbabwe. The best habitatsfor this reptile are really big rivers, lakes and waterholes and that has really bigwetlands to. They will also live in places like in estuaries (that is a type of areawhere a mix of a river and ocean or meeting with each other). They will also livein mangrove swamps to.An adult crocodile can grow about 15 feet (4.6 m) long.They can also grow as 11 to 18 feet. This size can reach to the snout to the top oftheir tail. The smallest crocodile in the world is the saltwater crocodile and theycan grow as 20.7 feet (6.3 meters). The smallest crocodile in the world is theAfrican dwarf crocodile and they can reach to 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.9 meters). Thesaltwater crocodile can weigh to 2,000 pounds (908 kilograms). There are somespecies of crocodile that can weigh at feweras 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms) orthey can even way much lesser then that to. The American crocodile can growabout 15 ft. (4.6 m). They can weigh 2,000 lbs. (907). The body length of theAmerican Crocodile is between 2.1 and 4.6 m (7 -15 ft.) and they can weigh about68 and 204 kgs (150-450 lbs.). The Nile crocodile is known to be the biggestcrocodile in Africa. These reptiles can grow as fewerthan 16 feet (5 m) that is in alength and they can weigh to 1.1 tons (1,000 kg). The Nile crocodile is not justbiggest crocodile the saltwater crocodile is even bigger than the Nile crocodile.The saltwater is known to be the biggest species of crocodile and they can growabout 23 feet (7 meters). The smallest crocodile in the world is the dwarfcrocodile and they can grow about 6.5 feet (2 meters) long. The length of theAmerican crocodile is 6 m (19.8ft); but there have been some reports that thereare some crocodiles that can grow 7 m (23ft). The normal size for an Nilecrocodile is 3.5m but there are some reports that they can grow more than 5.5m.
  6. 6. a adult Nile crocodile can grow 20 feet ( 6 meters) long and they can weigh to2,000 pounds (900 kilograms). There has been one crocodile that lived in Orissathat was in India and this crocodile was an saltwater crocodile and they can bereally big they can be big as 21 to 23 feet (6.4 to 7 m). long. The crocodile in theworld is the saltwater crocodile and they are also known to be the biggest reptilein the world to. There was one Saltwater crocodile that lived in north Austrailaand that also was found in southeast of Asia and there was a report that therewas one crocodile that was big then 27 feet (8.2m) long. The biggest crocodilethat had ever been seen in captivity was an Estuarine/Siamese hybrid that wasnamed YA! (This crocodile was born on June 10th 1972 he lived in the reallyfamous zoo that was called the Samutprakarn crocodile farm and zoo that was inThailand. He was big then 6 m. (19 ft. 8in) that was his length his weight was1,114.27 kg. (2,465 lb.). The biggest crocodile that ever lived these crocodileshave been around 110 years ago. This crocodile can grow about 39 feet (12 m).The Average life span for the American crocodile is 70 years old of age. Thebiggest crocodile in the world is the Sarcosuchus Imperator but they are not thebiggest crocodile in the world anymore because they have become extinct. Thesecrocodiles were even lived sense the dinosaurs were live. These crocodiles canstand between 40 feet this is their length. This crocodile is eight times bigger thenthe saltwater crocodile is. There are some crocodiles that can live about 50 to 60years old. There are some other species that can live between 30 to 60 years. TheNile crocodile can live in the ages of 56 years old this is the one that people haverecorded some people think that these animals can live about 70 to 100 years old.There have been a lot of crocodiles that can live 130 years that is a really longtime. There are some people think that the Nile crocodile can live about 45 yearswhen they are in the wild and when they are captivity then the number will easilystart to top at that point. The American crocodile can live about 45 years.Crocodile have protected armor that is all over their bodies and it is also coveredwith very strong skin and bones. This armor can go down to their nose and up totheir tail. The armor is known to be really thick and it is so thick that it is reallyhard to see any sharp arrows and spears on the Crocodiles body . This thick skin ismade out of an substance that is called keratin. This is a the type of stuff thatkeeps our hair and our nails strong and tough. This substance is being covered
  7. 7. with pieces that are known to be a flat bone that is called scutes. Crocodiles alsohave bones that are down their backs and these bones are really big and it makesa really great protection for them. The crocodile back is really hard and it is alsoreally bony to. These bones are located on the underside of their bodies they canbe covered with small and smooth scales. These scales do not catch rocks andthey do not over grow either. The crocodile’s bodies and tails can be really long.The four legs of these reptiles are really short and really strong and on their feetthey have claws on them to and they have wedded toes on them to. Thecrocodile’s skin is all covered with scales that are really thick. There are a lot ofcrocodiles that can come in these colors and those are brown, gray, and they canalso come in green to. There are some crocodile skins that have really darkmarkings on them. On the Crocodile’s back there is a really bony plate that can befound under the skin of their backs. Alligators also have this to. A crocodile and aAlligator looks so much alike because they both have really long bodies and tails.Their bodies and their tails are all covered with scales that can be really thick andthey both have legs that can be sticking out to the slides. There are some speciesof crocodiles and alligator that can length between 6 to 10 feet. The males areknown to be much bigger than the females.The crocodiles teeth look lot likescales that are being made in the skin their scales are really hollow and they areshaped like a cone that does not have any roots. The amount of teeth that theyhave in their mouth is the total of 80 teeth that is completely inside thecrocodile’s mouth. If one of the teeth falls out of the mouth then they will bereplaced with new pair of teeth and it will be placed on the location where the oldteeth have fallen off. They will continue to do this their whole life. Crocodiles andalligators might grow about 3,000 teeth. The American crocodile has 66 teeth intheir mouths. Crocodiles have an fourth teeth that can be found on the lower jaw.The fourth will usually be sticking out of the crocodiles upper lip. A person canonly see it if their mouths are closed. Alligators have this to but theirs is a lotdifferent than the crocodiles that is because theirs is covered up. Crocodiles havetwo teeth that can be really long and they can be located on the lower jaw. Aperson can only see it when their mouths are opened. Crocodiles are really goodat swimming and they spend a lot of their time in the water. They will use theirtails which are really powerful and they will usually swish their tails so that they
  8. 8. can move forward. These reptiles can steer themselves to by using their tails andtheir back legs to do the work. They can use their four legs to swim really fast.Crocodiles are more at home when they are near water. They look like they evenbelong in the water to. They look like logs when they are just floating in theswamp or when they are washed up on the shore. A crocodile can hold theirbreathe when they are under the water for about an hour, but they are notfooled by their lack of activity. A crocodile can swim for 20 miles per hour (32kilometers per hour). When these reptiles are on land then they can more fastthen 11 miles per hour (17.6 kilometers) for a very short time and they will onlydo this if they have to. These reptiles are an amazing swimmers and they aretotally adapted to water that is where these reptiles hunt for their food. Thecrocodiles eyes and nostrils can be found on the top of their heads this can letthem to see and hear what prey is up on the surface and they can also ear theirprey when they are under the water. When these animals are on land then theywill start to crawl, walk and they can also run to. They can also sometimes walkwith their bodies off of the ground and it can be really high to. This is called a highwalk. Crocodiles can move in both land and in the water to. When these animalsare on land then they will activity walk really slow, they will also walk by draggingtheir tail on the ground. Another walk that they do is called an high-walk that iswhen they are walking with their bodies and their tails are rising off the groundand they will also with their toes being high up in the air to. Crocodiles can alsogallop when they are doing this type of walk then they will usually go really fastbut they can only go in a straight line in a really short time because then they willbe tried really fast. When they are in the water then they will use their very longand their very powerful tails to help them to propel themselves when they aremoving through the water. These creatures can swim by holding their legs reallyclose to the sides of their bodies so that they can make streamlined shape thatcan help them to swim in the water. The crocodile and the alligator can both floaton top of the water and they can do it by putting their eyes and their nostrils onthe top of water. These reptiles a flap that can close their mouth for when they gounder the water they have to do that so that they can breathe with their noses. Acrocodile can only dive and they can only stay under the water only for sevenminutes. There are some crocodiles that can stay under the water for 5 hours and
  9. 9. they can stay under there for a very long time. When the crocodile is gallopingthey can only go for 10 miles per hour when they are doing this. There are a lot ofpeople that are getting killed by a crocodile than being killed by a lion or a tiger.Crocodiles are really good a swimming. They have their very long tail will usuallyhelp them to propel themselves in the water Their top speed is really 12 miles (20km) per hour. When the crocodile is swimming really fast then the crocodile willstart to hold their legs really tight that is up against their body. They can alsomake a really smooth shape that can easily slip when they are moving across thewater. If the crocodile needs to make a turn or it needs to slow down then theywill have to stick their legs right out. If the crocodile is about to go for a dive thenthe crocodile will have to empty out the lungs and then the lungs will be sinkingdown for when they are going under the water. These reptiles can also use theirlegs to walk over rocks that can be found on the bottom of the river or a pool.Crocodiles do not just move really fast when they are in the water they can alsomove really fast when they are on land to. They will usually use their bellies tohelp them to crawl and they can also help them to push their bulky body acrossthe land. There are other times when do a high walk this when the crocodile willstart to straight out their legs and then they will lift their legs way up high into theair. This will help them to cross really hard grounds and this will also help them toclimb over wood and rocks. There are some species that can run across the landfor 11 miles (17 km) per hour until they get to tried to run anymore. This skill kinda looks like the crocodile is hopping just like a rabbit will do a rabbit that has tohave both of their hind legs that will have to come together. Crocodiles can movein both on and in the water but they are mostly common to be found in the waterthey were meant to be near the water. Their nostrils, eyes, ears that are locatedon their heads they will needs these body parts so that they can hear, see, and orwhen they need to breathe so that the rest of the body can come out of thewater. When they are totally under the water then their ears will be covered upbe really small flaps that happens to be part of their skin that will make the earstotally closed really tight. The ears will not be the only body part that will becloses the nostrils will also be closed as well but they will be shut off by an reallyspecial muscle that protects them from the water. The eyes will be protected byan eyelid this can helpful when they drive into the water. These reptiles have an
  10. 10. really special bony flap that can be located in their throat this will let the crocodileto eat when they are out of the water or so that they will be able to breathe whenthey go under the water. A crocodile can sweat with their mouths. If you everspot an crocodile with its mouth wide open it does not mean that it is trying to beaggressive it means that they are cooling themselves off. Crocodiles are known tobe cold-blooded that means that they have to stay away from areas that haveextreme temperatures. When the weather is way to cold then that will be thetime when they will start to rest near a water edge and near a water bank this willlet them to stay in the sun so that they can warm their bodies up. When there issome where it is way too hot for them then they will start to move so that theycan find some shade or any places that has water they need this so there bodiesdoes overheat.Crocodiles have really amazing sense which they use when theyare looking for their next meal. These reptiles have a really special sense that canhelp them to find any movement that is in the water. All over the crocodiles facethere are tiny sensors that can found all over the crocodiles face and they can alsobe found on their mouths to. With these small little sensors this will let themeven find the smallest vibrations that can be caused by the animal’s movementsand that can be moving around in the water. Crocodiles have an somethingspecial that is located on the back of their eyes and that is they have an extrareflective layer this will let the crocodile to see better at night and when it gets todark. The crocodile is active at night that means that they are nocturnal.Crocodiles can see really good when night comes and they can also see things thatare really far away, but these reptiles do not see really good when they are underthe water. One of the greatest senses that they have is their sense of smell andthey can also hear really well to. They have the ability to pick up any vibrationsthat can be coming from the air and in the water and they can do it by using theirears really good so that they can use the shallow nerves that can be located ontop of their heads. On the crocodiles eyes they are covered with three eyelids.The third eyelid helps the crocodile to see clear and it will also protect it when itgoes under the water to. Crocodiles have something really special that is on theireyes and that is they have an vertical that looks like a cat’s eye pupil when it getsdark then these pupils will start to grow really big so that they can see better butthey do not see well when they are under the water. Every crocodilian is a really
  11. 11. amazing hunter but their sense are a lot powerful then the other reptiles’ speciesare. Crocodiles do look like that they do not have any ears but that does not meanthat they cannot hear well. Instead on having ears the crocodile and the othercrocodilian animals all have slits that can be located on top of their heads this willactivity lead to a really well-developed inner ear. The Slits will start to close upwhen drive under the water. Crocodile mothers can also hear their babies callingthem when they are inside of their eggs. Not only that they have a nreally goodhearing but they also can see really well to. Their eye sight is the same as an owl’seye sight. Their eyes are located on top of their heads and the reason why theyare located there because so that they can see really good when they areswimming in the water so that they can look for their next meal. They canprobably see in color. But the best time for the crocodile do use their eye sight inwhen it gets dark that is because they have an special pupil that will open reallywide and there pupils is a lot better than a humans round ones that will activitytake in light. Crocodiles also have really good taste buds that are really useful fortheir food that they eat. Crocodiles are have an amazing sense of smell and theyhave an really special organ that is in their snouts that is how these reptiles cansmell really well is by using these organs. The biggest species of crocodile can bereally dangerous to people. The crocodile are known to be really deadly to peopleis the saltwater and the Nile crocodile these are the crocodiles that are known tobe really deadly to people. These crocodiles have killed the total of hundreds ofpeople in every year that is in South-East Asia and in Africa to. Crocodiles can talkto each other by using their senses of sound, touch and their senses of smell toand they will also use other different behavior to talk to each other to. The babiesalso have a sound that they use to communicate it’s more like an chirp they usethis sound so that they can call their mother and to tell her that they are ready tocome out of the egg and they need her help to get out.When one of theyoungsters are in danger are they got lost and can’t find their way back homethen they will use an distress call that will send any of the adults running to them.The Adults also have sounds of their own to they will activity make roars and theywill make this sound when they are facing another adult crocodile. There isanother way that crocodile can communicate with each other this is a way to tellthat they are ready to attack this more like an warning. So they warn any emery
  12. 12. to stay away by flopping their tails in different sides. Crocodiles have been aroundfor million years. These reptiles have been around ever sense the year of thedinosaur. But when all of the dinosaurs become extinct the crocodiles survived it.Even through this animals are in the reptile group crocodile are related to birdsand dinosaurs than to the other reptile species. Both males and females will matein the water and they will also make their babies when they are in water to. Afterthe pair is done mating then females will start to make a nest on the land. Thereare some species that can make their nests by getting different types of stuff tomake their nests and those items happen to be piles of leaves and they will alsomake it in mud. There are other species that will activity dig up a hole in the sand.The females will normally lay 15 or 90 eggs that can be put in the nest. The babieswill start to come out of the eggs in 90 days. The mother will usually help theYoungers come out of the egg sometimes if they are having trouble coming out ofit.The mothers will the Youngers with hatching by opening the nest reallycarefully so she can open the eggs with her mouth. The American crocodile canlay about 30 to 60 eggs in a nest they will make these nest out of sand and out ofmud mounds to. The will be covered and the will be projected by the mother onlyfor 90 days or until the babies are really to come out of the egg. The mother willusually help the Youngers come out of the egg sometimes if they are havingtrouble coming out of it. The mothers will help the Youngers with hatching byopening the nest really carefully so she can open the eggs with her mouth. TheAverage account of eggs that a female crocodile will usually lay about 35 to 40eggs. The Incubation period for a crocodile is 72 to 92 days. After the babies havedone hatching then they will grow about 2 ounces (56 grams). When the matingseason comes then that will be the time when males and females start to call toeach other they can communicate with each other by using these sounds grunts,barks, and they can also make an really low rumbling sound. These are the typesof sounds that crocodiles use to call each other. This is something that crocodilesdo a lot and that is they will rub their snouts so that they can make bubbles theyare activity blowing them up to the surface. The other thing that they do is thatthey will swim together in a circle. There are sometimes that the couple will makea slapping sound when they are on top of the water they do that so they canattract a mate. All the species of crocodile all mate under the water. A female will
  13. 13. start to lay eggs in a few weeks. The nest is built for the eggs to stay warm and toprotect them from other animals that might come and eat them. The mother of acrocodile is really aggresse when it comes to guarding their nests so that they canmake sure that their babies are safe. The animals that will normally eat acrocodile egg are skunks and raccoons. A female will lay eggs and she will putthose eggs in holes that are near the riverbank but it has to be far from the waterso that they when there is a flood. When the mouths of August and Septembercome than they will be the mouths when the females will start to lay their eggs.The mother will keep them safe from harm until they are bigger and they are lessvulnerable to handle predators on their own want to eat them. There aresometimes that the males will watch over the nest when the mother is notaround, but usually the father does not get involved for caring for the babies atall. The babies will normally survive on the yolk sac when that is done that thatwill be time when they start to hunt for themselves but they will activity go forsmall animals like insects and small fish . When they are out of the egg then themother will carry them with her mouth to the nest from the water’s edge. TheJuvenile crocodile can grow about 12 inches per year. This is how the Nilecrocodile can take care of their young. When crocodiles have just came out of theegg then they can be big then 10 inches (25 centimeters) long. When the babiesare born then the crocodile mother will scoop them up into their mouth so thatshe can take them to the nearby water. The mother will only be around to protecther young that is it she does not hunt for them. There are sometimes that themother will lead her babies ride on her back and on top of her head. The motherand the babies will only stay together in 2 or 3 years old. It will take the eggs tohatch for sixty-five days. A new born crocodile is called a hatchling. TheYoungerscan be big as 10 inches (25.4 centimeters). This is how long they are.After waiting for the babies to hatch out of the egg then the mother will takethem into the water. The American crocodile will lay their eggs in a nest and theywill usually have the total of 50 eggs. She will cover the top of the nest with sand.The females will only stay with their young in only about a year. The mother willstay with the babies so that she can protect them from any danger that mightharm her babies and they will remain to stay with their young until they are oldenough to take care of themselves. When the young crocodile has grown to 1 foot
  14. 14. (.3 meter) in a year for the very first 6 years of their lives. As they continue togrow then that will be the time when they start to grow really slowly. A Crocodilewill never stop growing it will grow for all of its life on earth. Crocodile motherswill activity use her really strong legs and her feet to dig up a hole that she canmake it in muddy marshlands. These holes are known to be filled with water inthem. The water holes are made for other wildlife animals that might be livingnearby they will activity use these water holes to. Crocodiles are ready to matewhen they are 10 to 16 years old. The male and the female will come togetherwhen they use a call that can tell each other that they are ready they can this bybellowing. When they come together then they will start to slap their head in thewater. After they have down doing that then they will start to touch each othersnouts and then they will rub each other’s necks than they will start to push eachother really carefully under the water. Crocodiles do not mate on land they willonly mate when they are under the water. In the first month that will be the timewhen the female is ready to lay her eggs. They will do that after they are donewith the mating process. There are some species that do not often stay togetherfor a very long time. The females will normally build a nest so that she can keepthe eggs warm and safe from other animals that might want to eat them. Theywill build their nests in any water areas. The best time of day for a female to hernest is when it gets dark out. There are some species that will activity build theirnests out of mud, grass, leaves and sticks. The mother crocodile does not haveany hands so the best way to carry these items is with her mouth. The size of acrocodile’s nest is 8 feet (2.5 meters) wide and 3 feet (1 meter high). It can take avery long time for the female to build her nest. It can take about a month to makea crocodiles nest. When night comes than that will be the time when she starts tolay her eggs into the hole that just been made. She will start to cover them withgrass and mud. The total amount of eggs is that they will the total of 25 to 90eggs. The crocodiles that are really old they will lay a lot of eggs then thecrocodiles that are young. A crocodile’s nest is like a compost pile. That willnormally heat up on the grass and on the leaves to. This heat help make the eggsgrow faster. A crocodile egg will incubate for 60 to 90 days. The crocodile willstart to dig up a wallow that has to be really close to the nest. When the mother islooking over her babies then she will not eat anything when she is doing this.
  15. 15. When the mother leaves than that will be the time when other animals mightcome and they will try to steal the eggs and then they will start to eat them to.The animals that will normally take a crocodiles egg are lizards, birds and snakes.These are the types of animals that will come and take a crocodile egg from thenest. There are a lot of young crocodiles that are getting killed by different typesof animals for food. There are only half of them that will activity come out of theegg from the nest and they will normally die right before they are about one yearold. The crocodiles that are really young they have lots of predators that theyhave to look out for and those animals are birds, there are some mammals thatwill eat a baby crocodile and other reptiles will also try to kill them to. Thesepredators will kill both the babies and the eggs. The Crocodile and the Alligatorhave hunted for the last hundred years. People have killed these reptiles for meatand for their skins. Even through it is against the law butthis does not mean thatthe danger is gone. Today humans are the crocodiles and the alligator’s greatestpredator that they have to face. One of the biggest reasons why people are reallydangerous to these reptiles because people are taking over areas wherecrocodiles live on. There are not a lot of places for crocodiles to live on but thereare only a few crocodile homes that are lifted for them to live on. The greatestdanger to any crocodile is humans. The reason why people are really dangerousto them because they are hunting them for their meat and for skins. Hunting isnot the only threat that the crocodile is facing today. People are also destroyingtheir homes to. There are so many different crocodiles on the planet that areknown to be endangered. There are a lot of countries where people are makinglaws in other to save them from being gone forever. There are some locationswhere land is being put out for them. There are a lot of people that are workingreally hard to make sure that these beautiful reptiles do disappear forever. Thesereptile once hunted for their beautiful scaly skin, today they are still in troublebecause people are destroying these animals homes because the humanpopulation is growing really fast. When that happens then the crocodiles will haveto room to live in and they will have a hard time looking for food and raising theiryoung. When the human population grows then there will be less room forwildlife to live on like the crocodile. People are also hunting them because theyare killing them illegally and the other great threat to these animals is that people
  16. 16. are riding over them when they are crossing the road to get to the other side ofthe road and then they will get hit by a car this threat is called road kill and theseare the greatest threats to the crocodile. When the sea level starts to rise that isdue to the change of the climate that happens to be really important for thecrocodile’s portion that is in their coastal wetland habitats. This may cause thesaltwater to incursion or inundation. The Nile crocodile is list under the leastconcern. The Nile crocodile seems to be fine but there are some parts of areaswhere they are being threatened the reason why because people are killing themfor their skins this happening on the island of Madagascar. This threat almostdestroyed the Nile crocodile that lives on this island, But There are some otherplaces in the world that are also doing the something to. Killing them for theirskins is not the only problem that these reptiles have to face the other one is lossof habitat and people are also catching them in fishing nets this is bad becausewhen the crocodile goes into the net than the crocodile will start to drownbecause there is nowhere out of the net. There are so many places around theworld where crocodiles are becoming really rare and there are some of them thatare becoming extinct really fast. There are a lot big crocodiles that are known tobe really dangerous and they have been killed by people because they are fearingthem, but there are a lot of crocodiles that are being killed for their beautiful andsmooth skin that can be found on their bellies. The best time for a hunter to kill acrocodile is when it gets dark out because it is so much easier to kill a crocodile atnight then during the day time. It a lot easier to kill them at night because thesereptiles have eyes that can shine in the beam of sunlight that look a lot like reddots. That is why it is so easy to spot them by their eyes. People are also killingcrocodiles for their beautiful skins so that they can make leather bags and shoes.There are about 23 species of crocodile on this planet, but there are only 12 ofthem that are in trouble of becoming extinct. There are so many crocodile speciesthat are being killed for their skins so that they can shoes and luggage. There aresome of them that are having trouble with their habitats. The saltwater crocodileis known to be really in trouble because people are hunting them. One of themost crocodiles that people hunt the most is the saltwater crocodile. People havebeen killing these crocodiles in every single year. People are killing thesecrocodiles because they are scared of them. But the real reason why these
  17. 17. reptiles are in trouble because people are really killing them for their very softskin. The saltwater crocodile is known to have the most valuable skin than all ofthe other crocodile species in the world. These hunted are known to get really outof control but they all begin in the year of 1945 and to the 1970’s. During thesetimes there have been millions of crocodiles that have been killed for their skins.There is still some really illegal hunting still going on in Southeast Asia today. Wemust do something to help these amazing animals. These reptiles need all thehelp that they can get. Crocodiles have the right to continue living on this planet.They are doing their part in nature and we should a place in nature to. This is areally big planet that is full of wonders and discoveries that is just waiting to befound. We have to make this planet safe for us and the other creatures that weshare it with. This is our beautiful home it deserves to have second chance to liveon for the next generation on this planet. There is a really big, bright and beautifulfuture if we find a way to project our planet. This is our world and our home willbe happy and clean place to live in. If we try to protect this beautiful planet thatwe all share. We have to make room for other living creatures to. God madeanimals for a reason just like he made us. That is what I know about the crocodileand other reptiles and other animals that lives on this planet to. Together we canmake a difference in our beautiful planet we all share. Thank you so much forbeing a customer. Your help and your support will help the crocodile and otheranimals have a other chance to live. By bring a customer who is helping theanimals that are in trouble. I hope that this report has through you somethingimportant and that always repeat the creatures that are around you. Hope thatare children will have a change to see them for themselves. Together we canmake a difference in our beautiful planet that we all share.