Butterfly book for ms.bosco


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This was a butterfly book that I made for my science teacher Ms.Bosco

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Butterfly book for ms.bosco

  1. 1. DietButterflies are herbivores that means they can only eat plants. When the butterflyis a caterpillar than they will spend a lot of their time eating leaves. They can eatthe leaves by using their very strong jaws. The caterpillar first meal that it willever eat will be its eggshell. There are only a few butterfly species that are meat-eaters and that butterfly is called the Harvester butterfly. The food that they willlike to eat is this types of food that is called woolly aphids. The butterfly’s favoritefood is this type of food which is known to be very sweet and it is called nectarand they are often found in the flowers that they find. Butterflies do not eat withtheir mouth they will eat the nectar with their feet this skill is called tarsi. TheCaterpillar will mostly eat different types of leaves and stems that can be foundon this plant that is called the milkweed plant. When the caterpillar is a butterflythen they will normally eat the nectar that is in the flowers or they will also drinkthe juice that is coming from the fruit. Both butterflies and moths will only sip upthe liquid of the food that they eat and to help them to do that they will use theirtube-like nose that has an very long and flexible tongue on it. They have a veryspecial noses that can uncoil so that the butterfly can sip up the food and thenthe butterfly will coil up again and then it will start to turn into a spiral but theywill only do that if they are not using it. There are so many different types ofbutterflies will often eat flowers and they will also eat nectar that they will oftenfind in the flowers that they eat. Butterflies can eat fruit by sipping the liquid thatcan be found inside of it. There are only a few butterflies that rather eat animalflesh or animal fluids then to eat plants and that butterfly is called the Harvesterbutterfly. The food that butterflies eat a lot of is this stuff that is called nectar andthey get this nectar from flowers that they land on. Butterflies eat so manydifferent types of foods and the food that they eat are sap, nectar, they can eveneat different types of fruit juices. The Monarch caterpillar can trust this plant thatis called the milkweed plant. This plant has lots of poison in it and this helps thecaterpillar and the adults to protect them from predators but it does not harm thebutterfly. Caterpillars or larvae will normally eat milkweed. Foliage, flower buds
  2. 2. and they can also feed on a milky juice to. Butterflies will normally use theirpoison against their predators. When they are in the stage of being a caterpillarthan they will normally eat milkweed and when they get a little older than theywill start to eat other foods like the nectar that they get from the flowers thatthey eat. When the butterfly was a caterpillar the milkweed that they feed on it’sknown to have a very poisonous toxin and when they eat it. That toxin is beingstored into their bodies. This makes the Monarch butterfly not a very good mealto eat for predators. There are only a few species of butterfly that can eat meatand that butterfly happens to be the Harvester butterfly and they will usually eatthe flesh of other animals or they will also eat animal fluids. When this bug is acaterpillar ora larva than they will normally eat milkweed foliage, flower buds andthey will also eat really milky juice. When they get older like when they are abutterfly then they will start to eat this really sweet food that is called nectar andit can usually be found on flowers. Butterflies do not have noses that can helpthem to smell. To help them to smell they will have to use their antennae and thisis how these bugs can find the nectar that they are looking for. They will get a lotof help from their proboscis and this is how these bugs can sip up the nectar thatthey are looking for. The proboscis will start to go deep inside the flower so thatthey can reach the nectar. When they are not using their proboscis then they willusually coil it up underneath their heads. Butterflies can use their wings just likebirds to. To look for flowers they will usually fly to a flower to another flower sothat they can get the nectar that is coming from a plant. A butterfly can play avery important role in ecology and this role that they do is that they are calledpollinators. A adult butterfly can only eat different types of liquids and thoseliquids are pollen, fruit juice and they will also drink tree sap to. But the food thatthey like the best is this special type of food that they find in flowers and it iscalled nectar. How they eat it is by using their very long tube it is just like a tonguethis can easily suck up the pollen and then they will use this special tongue like astraw.Habitat/Range
  3. 3. Butterflies can be found on every single place in the world and they can also befound on all different types of environments. So they can found in areas that areknown to be hot and cold and there are some species that can be found in placesthat are known to be very dry and moist to. They can also be found in places thatcan be found in really high mountains and places that have sea level to. There aresome species that can be found in tropical areas. The most common location tolook for butterflies is really in tropical places and the best tropical place for abutterfly is in a tropical rainforest. Butterflies can be found on every single hot orcold places that can be found anywhere in the world. These insects can be foundon every single habitat on the place that also means that they live on grasslands,forests and they can even live in places that are in tundra habitats and thoseplaces are known to be very cold. But the Monarch is a lot different butterflybecause they do not live in places that are in the polar region. They can be foundon every single place in the world but they do not live in Antarctica. Butterfliescan live in so many different types of places and those types of places are theUnited States, South America, Central America, south Canada, there are somebutterflies that live in some countries that are near the Mediterranean sea andthe countries that butterflies live on are Australia and they can also be found onIndonesia to. There are some other species that live on the Pacific islands as well.The other habitats that they can live on are meadows, gardens, fields and theycan also be found on marshes. The reason why they like to live in tropical areas isbecause there are so many different types of plants for the caterpillars to eat andthere are so many flowers in those areas that can produce nectar for thebutterflies. There are a lot of butterflies that like to live in places that have verycold climates. The Monarch butterfly that lives all over North America. TheMonarch butterfly can be found on so many different types of habitats and thoseplaces are meadows, roadsides and they can also be found in areas that can bevery sandy and these are the type of places where the milkweed plants grow allthe time in these types of areas.
  4. 4. Size/WeightThe most largest butterfly in the world is the female Queen Alexandra Birdwingand these butterflies are usually found on New Guinea and their wingspan isabout 12 ½ inches (32 centimeters.) long The males are a lot smaller than thenthe females are. The most second largest butterfly in the world is the GoliathBirdwing butterfly and they live in the rainforests that is in Indonesian and theirwingspan can be bigger than 11 inches (28 centimeters) long. The most smallestinthe world is this type of butterfly that us called the Western Pygmy blue butterflyand their wingspan can be bigger than 62 inch (1.5 cm). The wingspan of themonarch butterfly can be bigger than 3.7 to 4.1 in (94-104mm). The weight of themonarch butterfly is 72 to 25 oz. (7.1-21 grams). The normalwingspan of abutterfly is really about 3 to 5 inches and to 1 and to 3 ounce. The size of acaterpillar can be bigger than 70 mm (2.75 in). When they are a butterflythenthey will start to have a wingspan that can bigger than about88-100 mm (3.5-4 in.). These bugs can weigh about 0.27-0.75 g (0.0095-0.026 oz.). The otherwingspan of a monarch butterfly is 3.7 to 4.1 in (9.4 to 10.5 cm). These bugs canweigh about 0095 to 026 oz. (27 to 75 g). The most largest butterfly in the world isthe Queen Alexandra’s birdwing butterfly they can grow as bigger than 11 inches(27.9 centimeters). The most smallest butterfly is the western pygmy bluebutterfly and they grow about 0.5 inch (1.3 centimeter) . A lot people do notknow the weight of a butterflies is but there are some people that are saying thatthere are some butterflies that can weigh about 0.0001 ounce (0.003 grams) thisweigh is activity for the more smaller species of butterflies and the largestbutterfly species will usually weight about 0.1 ounce (3 grams).Life spanThe butterflies that migrate like the monarch and the mourning cloak butterflythese butterflies can live until they are about 6 to 12 months old. There are somebutterflies that do not live for a very long time they will only live in their adult
  5. 5. stage in only for a few days and those butterflies are the coppers and the reallysmall blues. These are the butterflies that that have very short life spans thatmean that these butterflies do not live for a very long time.The butterflies thatlive in tropical ranges usually live much longer they will usually live in just oneyear, the butterflies that live in lots of places that have temperate climates thenthey will average life span will only just be in a few weeks or even in a fewmonths. There are some species that can only live in just in a few hours. There aresome species that live about 6 to 8 months. The monarch butterfly can live about4 to 5 weeks but this will usually happen during the spring or in the early summer.1 interesting factButterflies have special senses that can help them to look for food and a matethey can use their very good senses to help them to look for them and that meansthat they can use their senses like their sense of sight, touch, smell and they willalso use their sense of taste to so these are all of the senses that they need tohelp them to survive in their national habitat. Their senses can also help them tolay eggs and to find a very good place to lay them to , They will also use theirsenses to help them to migrate as well and to stay away from very hungrypredators. The vision between a butterfly and a moth is that will usually changeall the time but they will usually change in different types of stages that willusually happen during their whole lives. The type of senses that a caterpillar has istouch, taste, smell, sound and they also have a sense of light to. A caterpillar willusually use fuzz when they are touching something. (They can also touch thingsby using their very long hairs that is called tactile setae). This will usually growholes In their very hard exoskeleton. These are the types of hairs that can be stuckto the nerve cells. They information that they get will usually get sent right up tothe brain of the insect. When the Caterpillar turns into a butterfly then they willuse their setae that are usually found all over the insects body there is anotherway how butterflies can feel things and that is by using their antennae this isanother way how these butterflies know what is going on in their surrounds andthat is also have their feel things that is going on in their habitat. They will usually
  6. 6. get the information that they get from the wind from when they are flying in theair.Caterpillars have a maxilla that is a really small part that can be found on theirmouth and they canalso be found underneath the mandible this is where theirtastecells are located. These chemical detectors can easily tell which food is rightfor them to eat and a food that is not right for them to eat. This is a type of toolthat helps them with their sense of smell and that is called the antennae and theyare known to be very small they can be located right next to the parts that arenear their mouths. Butterflies will use their antennae, palps, legs and they willalso use so many other different body parts that are known to be studded withthe sense receptors this is what they will use when they smell something. Theywill use their sense of smell for so many different reasons and the activitiesthatthey will use their sense of smell so that they can get the flower’s nectar andso that they can get the other food that they eat. But they will usually use theirsense to smell to for flower nectar more often than the other food that they eat.They will also use their sense of smell to help them to look for a mate to, when afemale is looking for a male she will usually try to smell out his pheromones. Inthe butterflies feet they have sense organs that can help them to taste the sugarof the nectar that they are looking for. This will let the butterfly know if thatfoodis good for them to eat or if the food can be very bad for them to eat. Therearesome female butterflies that will like to taste host plants and they can taste itby using the organs that is on their legs so that they can find a very good place tolay their eggs. These bugs have receptors that are called chemoreceptors andthese receptor are located in the nerve cells that be found on the surface of theirbody which will normally will react to these types of chemicals. We have thesesame receptors to and they are located in our nose and it can also be found onour tongue to. These are the receptors are all located in different parts of thebutterflies body. Caterpillars have very good hearing and they can help them tohear very loud sounds and butterflies do not have ears to hear what is going onaround them instead of hearing with their ears they will use their wings to hearwhat is going on in their area. There is another organ that can be found on thebutterflies antennae and that is called the Johnston’s organ. They will use thisorgan to control how they keep their balance and their orientation in check. Theywill totally will need this when they are flying high up in the sky. This is other way
  7. 7. how butterflies can tell if a plant is really good for the females to lay their eggs.The way how they can tell is by using their taste sensors which can be located ontheir feet and when they are standing on top of a leaf then they can easily tasteso that they can see if a caterpillar will be able to eat it. There are a lot ofbutterfly species that do not have the ability to bite or chew their food so theyway on how they get to eat their food they will eat their food by drinking it andthey will usually drink different types of liquids like sap, juices that they willusually get from the fruit that they eat and there are some species that rather eatfluid that is on a dead animal to. They will also use this skill to help them to eatthe nectar which will be found in different types of plants on which theywill landon. To help them to eat these liquids then they will use their very long tube liketongue that are called proboscis this kind a acts a lot like a straw they reason whyit is like a straw is because it works like one this is how it works it will suck theliquid that it eats that is why this tongue acts like a straw. When they are notusing it then it will just coil up just like a garden hose will do. The butterfly thathas the largest proboscis is this type of butterfly that is called the Morgan’s sphinxmoth. This bug is not really a butterfly it is a moth. You will learn about thedifference between a butterfly and a moth in the next chapter but right now let’sjust focus on the Morgan’s sphinx moth for right now. The size of the Morgan’ssphinx month proboscis can be bigger than 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 centimeters)this how deep they will have the get the nectar out of the plant and out of thevery deep orchid.2 interesting factButterflies are one of the most interesting creatures on the planet and they arealso known to be one of naturesmost greatest wonders that is because of theirgentle nature and also because of their very bright colors that is on their wings.There are a lot butterflies that are being used in different types of art andliterature that is all being used over the world and they have been interested in
  8. 8. lots of different types of cultures that can be found all over the world. Butterfliescan do so many different thing than moths do that is because their antennae islike a club-like that has a swollen tip on it and a moths antennae are totallyfeathery. The other difference between a moth and a butterfly is that they allhave different colors on them to because on a butterfly their colors are alwaystotally colorful. The colors that are on a moth are a lot different than a butterfly’scolors are that is because moths have only a few brighter colors than a butterflydoes and they are mostly white and brown most moths are usually these types ofcolors and a butterfly are usually colorful than a moth is. A butterfly are usuallyresting when their are wings are erect and they are being hold together willnormally do this when they are resting. When a moth is resting then their wingswill be open wide and they will also fold them right over their backs when theyare resting they look like a train that is in a wedding dress. The other differencebetween a moth and a butterfly is that they are both active in different times ofthe day like a butterfly is mostly active during the day and a moth are usuallyactive when it gets dark out and they will also be attracted to any light forms .The other difference between a butterfly and moth is that they both make theirpupas very differently to. A butterflies pupate is an very unsafe chrysalis that willusually be found hanging on a branch or on other objects so that it can supportthe chrysalis. A moths pupa is a lot different than a butterflies that is becausethey are being safe inside of a cocoon or in a pupate that will usually be locatedunderneath the ground.The butterfly and the moth all have different ways onhow they fly high up in the sky. On the butterflies hindwing have a very largehumeral that can be found on both sides of their hindwings. On the mothshindwings are a lot different than a butterfly that is because of the frenulum thatis on them which happens to have bristles or spines that can be found on all oftheir hindwings.There are a lot people that think butterflies have the sameappearance and they are also saying that they have the same characteristics as amoth does to. But there are so many different species of butterfly’s thatsometimes get mistaken for different types of moths and there are times thatmoths get mistaken as a butterfly sometimes to. It is known for a fact that thereare some butterfly species have more bright colors than a moth does. But therehappens to be some exceptions through. There are a lot of people that are having
  9. 9. a very hard time to tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth. There area lot people that think that butterflies are a type of moth but that is not true.Here is a very easy way to tell these two insects apart. The butterfly is a lotdifferent than a moth that is because their antennae is a lot longer and a lot moresmoother and they are also known to have a rounded part that can be found ontheir ends. There are some speciesof moth that can be very hard to tell thedifference between them but on their antennae happens to be very feathery. It isalso a fact that moths have a lot larger body than a butterfly does. There are a lotmoths that can be a lot active when it gets dark out that means that these insectsare nocturnal. Butterflies are mostly active during the day. The reason whybutterflies are active during the day is because when they get very activethenthey will start to become even more colorful than moths do. But that is notalways true. A person can really tell the difference is when they are resting. Whena moth is resting then their wings will start to be flat that will usually go aroundtheir bodies There is one thing that they have in common and that is they bothchange in a chrysalis. But for a moth they do not call it a chrysalis for them it ismostly called a cocoon and it can be very protective when they are inside andthen they will start to spin inside of it to. When people are talking about thesetypes of insects then they may use a butterfly and a moth to describe them andall of them are all corrected. There is another thing that moths and butterflieshave in common and that is they that both have wings that are very delicate andthey are really easy to rip or to tear in just a sample touch. People have to look atthese beautiful insects with their eyes not with their sense of touch. The Monarchbutterfly can be called different types names to and the other names that somepeople call them are milkweed butterflies and the wandering butterflies.3 interesting factThe Monarch butterfly will normally migrate in very large groups. Thesebutterflies can travel for 2,000 miles during the months of August through themonth of October. They can travel for a very long time. When they migrate thenthey can travel to so many different types of places and the places that they fly to
  10. 10. is Canada and the United States. These are the types of places where they will gobut they will have to go when the weather starts to get very hot. When theweather starts to get cold than they will start to migrate into that places are incoastal southern California and they can also travel to the mountains of centralMexico. This was discovered by scientist that lived in Canada who lived in the yearof 1975. A female butterfly will normally lay their eggs during the migratory route.This migration can take about three generations for a monarch’s to completetheir long trip. There are other species of monarch butterflies that will stay thesame group in all of their lives and they will also stay in the same area in all oftheir lives to.The later generations cannot survive in the really cold winter andthat is when the daylight and the temperature start to change and then they willstart to migrate into climates that have the right temperate for them. TheMonarch butterflies can travel to the west side of the United States so that theycan travel to the Rocky Mountains that are in the state of California. Thismigration goes to the west monarch butterflies and those that live on the eastside of the United States than they will normally travel to the Rocky Mountainsand travel to the forest native areas that can be found in the mountains that canbe located in Mexico. They will normally travel for 6,437 kilometers (4,000millimeters) and that is a very long round-trip. Butterflies are very good at flying.These bugs have two pairs of wings and they happen to be very large and each ofthem are all covered with very colorful iridescent scales that can easily overlapinto rows. The moth and the butterfly are the only insects in the world that havevery scaly wings these are the wings that can help them to fly. The wings areattached to the butterflies’ thorax (mid-section.) The butterfly has veins on themthat can give these bugs support for when they are using their wings and theveins also help them with their blood to. The body temperature of a butterfly hasto be at less86 degrees that is only way how butterflies can fly. Butterflies cankeep themselves warm during the cold seasons by warming themselves with thesun. When the butterfly starts to grow than their colors will start to change ontheir wings and the other colors that was on them will start to disappear and thenthey will start to have an very ragged type of colors .How fast a butterfly goes itreally depends on what type of species. The butterflies that are known to be verypoisonous they are known to fly very slowly than the ones that are known not to
  11. 11. be poisonous at all. The fastest butterflies in the world can fly about 30 miles perhour or they can go even faster than that.The butterflies that will often fly veryslow they can fly about 5 mph. The butterfly’s wings are actively pretty complex.The main structure for the butterflies wings are activity made out of very smalllayers that is called chitin. They also have a protein on them that can make up anouter shell that can be all over their body. These layers are so small that you donot even notice see them. These layers are usually covered with thousands ofvery small and modified that are called scales. These scales are activity how thebutterfly gets its colors and the patterns that we usually see on them. If a personever touch a butterfly’s wings than the scales will start to get very dusty if aperson ever touches it. The wings also have lots of different kinds of veins thatcan carry a lot of blood in them and that has very strong muscles that thebutterfly has on their body and these very strong muscles and their blood canhelp the butterfly to move their wings up and down. The wings will normallymove about in a figure "8" that will help the butterfly to move into the air. TheMonarch is known to be very dangerous that is because it is known to be verypoisonous. When one of their predators wants to eat them than that animal willactivity start to get very sick and they will also start to vomit to. (But they willusually never die from this type of poison). All of the animals that normally huntthem will always remember how the coloring of these butterflies helps them toprotect themselves from predatorsand that is how these animals will start to getvery sick. Butterflies are very easy to break apart and these insects are known tobe very defenseless creatures. These Insects depend on all oftheir skills that theyhave to help them that is because so that they can protect themselves from veryhungry predators. Butterflies have so many different types of predators that willnormally eat them and those animals are different species of birds, reptiles,spider and even other insects will also see them as prey to and the type of insectswill normally go after them are wasps, flies, mites and different types of spiderswill also go after them and even very small mammals will also try to eat them to.These are the types of predators that will normally kill a butterfly for their prey.There are a lot of species of butterfly that can be very poisonous to other animals.When a predator sees a butterfly like a bird and when the bird wants to eats itthan the bird will start to get very sick and it will start to vomit very badly and
  12. 12. they learn very quickly is to never eat a butterfly and they learn it very well to.Butterflies and moths will also use camouflage to help them to protectthemselves from other animals that wants to eat them. Both butterflies andmoths are totally amazing at hiding in their surroundings that can be somewherein their habitat. Their camouflage is so good that it is really hard to know that theyare even there especially when they are resting on a branch. There are somespecies that look like they are leaves that are dead like the Indian leaf butterfly.There are some that look lot like a bark from a tree like the carpenter moth. Themonarch butterfly shares their habitat with other creatures to but they are mostlyinsects and those insects are buckeyes, painted ladies, viceroys, Luna moths,bumblebees and they will also share their land with dragonflies to.Responding /Life cycleIn the butterflies life cycle there can only be just 4 stages that the caterpillar hasto go through when they are turning into a butterfly. The first stage that thebutterfly will go through is when the female will start to lay her eggs. She willnormally lay her eggs 5 to 10 days. The second stage that they will have to gothrough is that the egg will start to hatch into a very small creature that is called acaterpillar or a larva . The first food that the caterpillar will ever eat will be its eggshell then it will start to eat other different types of food but mostly they will eatleafs to. Then it will start to eat a lot of food and then it will start to go to thenext stage which is the time they will start to make a pupa or a chrysalis. Whenthe caterpillar is in the chrysalis then it will no longer eat any food when they areinside of the pupa. Then finally it will be the time for the butterfly to hatch out ofthe chrysalis this will be the last part of the life cycle will be the butterfly stagewhich is when they are an adult. The life cycle of a butterfly this will be the lastpart of the life cycle of a butterfly. The life cycle of a butterfly goes through 4different stages. The first stage is the egg; the second stage is the larva or a
  13. 13. caterpillar. The third stage is when they will start to make a chrysalis and the laststage which happens to be the fourth stage is when they turn into a butterfly.When the caterpillar turns into a butterfly than they are totally a adult now.Everysingle species that is a butterfly will use have different life spans and differentways on how they grow up to be adults. A female monarch butterfly will normallylay about one hundred eggs that is how much a female will lay her eggs. Their lifewill start to begin on a plant that is called the milkweed leaf. Right after thecaterpillar comes out of the chrysalis than it will start to weigh about 1/25th in ainch. For the next two weeks the caterpillar will never stop to eat the leaves thatis on top of the plant . To help the caterpillar to grow even more they willnormally eat very good plants that can help them with their size and they willnormally grow about two inches and they can even grow a lot more when theyare born and they will start to weigh more than 2,700 times that is how big theyare during their normal birth weight . Then the caterpillar will start to launch itselfonto the branch and then it will start to make their chrysalis. The moment thatthey are inside of their chrysalis then they will be safety protected this will be thetime when the metamorphosis will start to happen. The butterfly will start tocome out of the chrysalis right after 15 days and then a very beautifulmonarchbutterfly will start to come out of the chrysalis. Their black and orangestriped wings will start to be dry and then they will also start to become verystiffen to. The butterfly will normally wait for a very long time for their wings tocome out they will normally wait for an hour for their wings to transform intoblack and orange stripes . Right after the wings are dried and stiffen then that willbe the time when they will start to take their very first flight. Now the butterfly isan adult now that means it can have babies, they will have to travel to every farplaces so that they look for food that can be found all around their habitat and sothat they can migrate to. The number of eggs that a female butterfly will usuallyhave is only a few or even thousands eggs. When they are first hatched out of theegg then they can weigh at least about 0.1 inch( 3 millimeters) or even smallerthan that. There are a lot of different types of butterfly species that will usuallygrow up in so many different ways than other species do. The egg will start tohatch in 7 days. In 2 or 4 weeks than the egg will start to turn into a caterpillar.They will start to go into the pupa in 1 week or in 4 weeks whatever comes first.
  14. 14. There are a lot of species that will usually take about 7 years for this process towork. A life of a butterfly all starts asa verysmall egg. That is the first stage of anbutterflies life. The next stage is when the egg hatches into a larva or a caterpillarright after the caterpillar is out of the egg then it will start to eat lots of leaves andflowers they will mostly eat them every single day. When the caterpillar starts togrow then it will start to molt that means it will start to lose their old skin. Rightafter that stage then it will be in a chrysalis during this time they will do a lot ofresting when they are in a chrysalis it can also be called a pupa to. Then this is thevery last stage and that is when the caterpillar will transform into a beautifulbutterfly during this stage they will stop growing when they are a butterfly. Thenthat adult will start to continue the life cycle and they will also reproduce later intheir lives.Survival StatusThe future for the butterflies that live in tropical areas that is in hands of therainforests that they live in. There are a lot of butterfly farms that can be foundon every single part of the world. These farms can help keep the butterflies safebut they do not save their rainforest habitats. There are other butterfly species inthe world that are known to be less in danger than the ones that live in tropicalrainforests.The monarch butterflies are usually found all over their range. But thebutterflies that live in places that are in the eastern part of North America duringthe summer time the population for these butterflies are starting to become verysmall. In their home range there has been a lot going on that is because they aredealing with lots of dangers like the ones that life in Mexico they have lots ofnatural disasters that is going on in their home range especially when the wintercomes and the other problems for the monarch is that there is not a lot ofmilkweed planets that are in their summer habitats which often grows a lot overthere. This has been a predication that one of the most dangerous threats for amonarch butterfly is the change of the climate like when they are in an area thathas lots of wet and cold winters. But that place has to be good enough for thebutterfly to dry themselves off. These butterflies will normally survive in
  15. 15. temperatures that have to be below freezing. But if they happen to get wet andthen the temperature will start to drop that is because thebutterfly will start tofreeze to death. The reason why they will freeze to death is because there arehundreds and millions of monarchs that can be located on a really small area thatcan be found in Sierra Nevada that is found in Mexico this will normally happen inthe winter. If a monarch gets really cold thenthat will bevery terrible for them.That is how they will freeze to death. There are other dangerous threats that themonarch butterfly is facing and the other threats that the monarch is facing isthat they are losing their habitats and they are also losing a lot of milkweed butthis really depends on the larvae and its survival. The other threats that theseinsects are going through is that they are also getting into trouble with loggingand that is a very big problem today but this mostly happens in Mexico and theyare also happening in very protected locations and this is making things hard forthe butterflies that live in habitats that have very cold seasons like winter.Whenthe world starts to warm up than that means that their suitable habitat will startto move to northward this makes their migration take a very long time. This alsomeans that they will be forced to live and to produce another generation so thatthey can reach the north but no one knows why they do that. But there are a fewmonarch butterflies that can to survive in very long distance trips when they aretraveling to Mexico for the winter.Message from authorWe must do something to help and to save these amazing animals. These insectsneed all the help that they can get. Butterflies have the right to continue living onthis planet. They are doing their part in nature and we should find a place innature to. This is a really big planet that is filled with wonders and discoveries thatare just waiting to be found. We have to make this planet a safe place for us andfor the other creatures that we share it with. This is our beautiful home itdeserves to have a second chance to live on for the next generation to come onthis planet. There is a big, bright and beautiful future that is what will happen ifwe find a way to protect our planet. Then our world and our home will be a much
  16. 16. happier and a much cleaner place to live in. We have to make room for otherliving creatures to. God made animals for a reason just like he made us. That iswhat I know about Butterflies and the other animals that live on this planet to.Together we can make a difference in our beautiful planet that we all share.Thank you so much for doing your part. With you reading and enjoying this book.You are helping your favorite animal and its survival in the world. Without yoursupport and love and respect. Your favorite animal will have a chance to make acomeback. This is a huge thank you for helping these great animals andeverything else that has to do with nature. Nature it is very important. Withoutnature our planet will not be so beautiful and full of wonder that can open aperson’s eyes to the world that they never will had imagined. Nature thanks youfor your support.