Black bear report for britteny bocchino


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This is a black bear report for my best friend Brittney

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Black bear report for britteny bocchino

  1. 1. Customer: Britteny Bocchino Animal: black bear Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Black Bear reportBlack bears are omnivores which mean that they will eat plants and otheranimals. but the 85% of the bears diet usually consists of vegetation. These bearswill mostly eat the same food that the brown bear will eat but these bears aredifferent because they will eat far fewer roots, bulbs, corms and tubers then theother species will. The black bear will normally eat insects like bee’s yellowjackets, ants and their larvae. The best time for the black bear to hunt for salmonis when night comes they will hunt these fish in the dark because they can easilybe spotted when they are hunting in the daytime because the fish can easily seethe bears black fur. These bears will also go for honey and they will also climb uptrees to get it. They will also go into bee hives but if they are to deep for the bearto reach so they will use their paws to get the honey that can be found in the hivethat is located in the trunk. The other food that these bears will eat are plants,leaves, fruits, berries, nuts, roots, honey, insects and they will also eat smallmammals to. Black bears will normally eat anything that can be found in theirhabitat. The other animals that they will eat are grasshoppers and they will alsoeat giant creatures. Black bears will also eat fish, fruit, berries, nuts, acorns, andthey will also eat roots, the type of food that they eat really depends on the timeof the year. These bears are not the best hunter that is because they do not huntoften because they will rather eat plants then other animals. These bears willusually find their food in forests which is where they live and that can be droppedwith meadows. This will give these places lots of different berries and other foodfor the black bears to eat. When these bears want to eat tree bark then they willstrip the bark out of the tree then they will start to lick the sweet sap that can befound underneath the bark. But there are some places like Cabins, camps,
  2. 2. garbage cans, and town dumps are usually will by bears that can be looking for anreally easy meal for them to eat. So if a bear is near a cabin then they can easilyrip down the wall off of the cabin. They can also jump on top of a car roof theywill continue to do that until the door pops open. When the bear first tastes thehuman food. Then it can be really hard for them to stop. So the thing is never everfeed a wild bear. Black bears will normally eat both plants and other animals. thefood that they will eat are berries, nuts, grass, roots, tree sap and they will alsoeat honey from a beehive. These bears will normally eat the whole hive and theymay also eat the bees that can be inside of the hive. Black bears will also eat smallanimals like mice. These bears will also catch fish. They will also eat larger animalslike a young moose and an elk. The food that these bears will normally eat arevegetation that also includes herbs, grasses, roots, buds, shoots, honey, nuts,fruit, berries and they can also eat seeds. They will also eat fish, small mammals,insects, carrion and rubbish, The other food that they will eat are small mammals,salmon and they will also eat carrion to. The bears that live in the northernregions they will normally eat spawning salmon. These bears can easily kill a babydeer and a baby moose. They can also eat plants, fruit, nuts; insects and they canalso eat honey. The other food that they will eat are frogs, fruit, nuts, and theywill also eat berries, They will also hunt to they will usually hunt small mammalslike deer and livestock. They will also eat different types of insects like ants andbees. These animals are also scavengers to when they do this then they will eatcarrion, raid garbage and they will also eat food feeders. When the bears are inthe wild then they will eat a lot different types of plants and animals. The foodthat they will eat when they are looking for vegetation then they will usually feston grass, berries, buds, flowers, fruit, fish. When they are looking for meat thenthey will eat fish and they will also eat small mammals like rabbits and raccoonsand they will sometimes eat carrion. It is not a joke that bears don’t like honey inreality they do love honey and to get it they will usually climb up trees in order toget it. They will do that so they can beat the bee hive like a children playing withpiñatas. When these bears are in a zoo then they will eat apples, sweet potatoes,carrots, meat, fish and they will also eat vitamin and mineral enriched biscuits. Ablack bears diet is mostly on vegetation that means that they eat twigs, roots,berries and they can also eat really young plants and they will also eat buds and
  3. 3. they will also eat beetles to. The important food that they eat is ants, bees, andbee larvae they will usually eat these bugs when they are eating honey. They willalso eat small mammals and fish that can be really big for their diet. Bears willusually catch small mammals and fish when it is an easy time to get them. Lots ofpeople think that they are carnivores but they are really omnivores but they willactivity go for vegetation more than hunting for wild prey. (It really depends onthe food that is supplied in that area or when there is a huge variety of food thatis waiting for them. Black bears will usually get their fruit and their nuts fromtrees to get the food that they want from the trees they will start to pluck off thebranches they can do this by use their prehensile lips they will also use this to eatgrass, roots and bulbs that can be found on the ground and that can alsosupplement on their diet when they are feasting on small animals like insects andon rodents. The way that they get their food really depends on the region thatthey live on and how many prey does that place have. These bears are also knownto to kill a young deer. These bears are experts on catching fish they will usuallyhunt for fish by a river and these animals will also eat carrion. (This is a skill that isused in lots of areas where there are no Grizzly bears to compete for the food).Black bears have a rally big body size. These bears will spend their time in thenight eating. They will usually do this just for the average of 12 hours of the dayso that they can build up their body fat so that they can be ready for the winter.The other bugs that they eat are carpenter ants, yellow jacket, bees and termites.Black bears will mostly be found in forests but they will also be found in placesthat are near swamps and desert scrubs. These bears can be found all acrossNorth America. The most common place to found a black bear is found in NorthAmerica. They will usually be found in areas where there are dense forests. Blackbears can be found in 42 starts in America. These bears can also be found in 11and 12 parts of Canada. These animals will also be found in the north part ofMexico high up in the Rocky Mountains that is where they are located in NorthernMexico. These bears can also be found in Canada and in the lower Arctic Circle.Black bears can do great when they are in a really good area of their habitat andthose places are in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. There are so many blackbears that can be mixed up with the hardwood forest that can be found in theeastern parts of the United States and in Canada. Black bears can also be found in
  4. 4. places that are in the Northern Great lake states such as Minnesota, Wisconsinand in Michigan. Black bears cab also be found in the forest areas on Canada, TheUnited States and in Mexico. They can also be found in the state of Montana to.The places where black bears live is usually in forests and in wooded areas butthere are a lot of these bears that live high up in the mountains. These bears canbe found all over North America they can also be found in Canada, Some places inthe United States and they can also be found in North Mexico. There are a lot ofblack bears that live in so many different mountains and those are AppalachianMountains, Rocky Mountains and the Ozark mountains. There is another Blackbear and that is called the Asiatic black bear and they can be found on lots ofdifferent places that are in Asia. The places that they live in that are Asia arePakistan, India, China, Vietnam and so many other countries that can be found inAsia to. Black bears live in both continents those are Asia and in North America.Black bears are usually adapted to a place that has a whole of food but the blackbear will usually be found living in the wide range habitats and those places arescrubs, swamps that can be found on the south. These bears can also be found inthe dense coniferous and they can also be seen in deciduous forest areas. Blackbears live in Alaska but the best place to look for black bear is really high up in themountains that is in north Mexico and they can also be found in Southern Canadato. The places where there are no black bears are usually in the southwest desertsthese are places where you cannot find a black bear in this area. These bears arealso not seen in the really big parts of central and in east of the United States.There are about 41 black bears that live in The United states and there are about50 of them that live in Mexico. The most common place to find a black bear isusually in forest habitats and they can also be found in fields and in meadows.Black bears can grow big as six feet (two m). An Adult black bear can weigh about200 to 600 pounds (91 and 272 kg). But the black bears that live in Asia are a lotheaver then the ones that live in North America and the ones that live in Asia canweigh less than 300 pounds (136 kg). The Males are bigger than the females. TheAmerican black bear can be big as 6 feet (1.8 m) long and they can weigh about300 pounds (136 kg). The black bears length is 1.3-1.9 m (4.25-6.25 ft.). Their tailcan be big as 7 to 15 cm (2.75 to 6 inches). These bears can weigh about 55 to 300kgs (120 to 660lbs). The American black bear can grow about 5 feet (1.5 m) long
  5. 5. 250 pounds (113 kg). The Asian black bear size is the same size as the Americanblack bear. The males can be big as 1.8 meters long and they can weigh about 300kilograms. The height of a black bear is 2 to 3 feet (.6-9m) at the shoulders andlength of these animals are 4-7 feet (1.2-2m) that is from the nose to the tip ofthe tail. The males can weigh about 150-300 lbs. (68-158 kg). The females are a lotsmaller than the males are because the males are a lot bigger than they are. Theaverage weigh for a male black bear is 500-600lbs (227-272 kg). The average sizeof an black bear is 35 to 40 inches (89 to 102 cm) when they are standing on all oftheir legs then they will be 4 feet -4.5 to 6 feet (1.3 to 1.8 m) that is how big thesebears are when they stand on their high legs. These average size for a black bearis (57 to 272 kg). Males are a lot bigger than the females are they are about threetimes bigger than the females are. The size for an black bear is 5.5ft the malescan weigh about 700 lbs. The females are 70 to 250lbs. The average size for ablack bear is 5 to 6 ft. (1.5 to 1.8m) long they can also weigh about 200 to 600 lbs.(90 to 270 kg). Black bear can be big as 4 to 7 feet that is from the tip of their noseto their tail. When they are standing on their high legs they can be tall as 500 to600 pounds. The American black bear is known to the most smallest bear is all thebear species that can be found in North America. The male black bear can growabout 20 to 60 percent bigger than the females are. The females can grow aboutsix feet and they can weigh about 650 pounds. The normal length of an femaleblack bear is 175 pounds. The black bears can stand as three feet all to theshoulder. The males will weigh about 150-450 lbs. The females can weigh about110-250lbs and the young will usually weigh about 45 to 100 lbs. The black bearcan be big as 1.5 m (5 feet) long. The females can weigh about 40 to 180 kg (90and 400 pounds). The males can weigh about 50 to 400 kg (110 and 880 pounds).The cubs can weigh about 200 to 450 (seven ounces and one pound) This is howbig they are when they are first born. The black bear can live about 25 to 30 years.When they are in the wild then they can live about 32 years old. There are someblack bears that can live about 25 years to. There was once a bear named Smokeyand has lived about 27 years old this was how old that this bear live in theSmithsonian national zoo In Washington DC. The normal life span for a black bearis ten years and when they are in the wild then they can live about 30 years oldwhen they are out on their own in the wild. The Average life span for a black bear
  6. 6. is usually 20 years. There are some black bears that can live about 25 years. Whenthey are in the wild then they will live about 15 years. When the summer endsthen that will be the time when the black bear start to be really fat. These bearscan go for seven months without eating this is starts to happen in the middle ofhibernation. These bears can eat so much food they can easily gain 30 pounds (14kg) in a week. They need to eat a lot so that they can store a lot of fat so that itcan help the bear to get through the really long cold winter ahead. When thewinter starts to come then this will be the time when black bears start to moveinto caves or in hollow logs this is called a den. A den is a place where animals canhide and to be safe from danger. When the month of October comes and in theeasily November then that will be the time when the bears are in a really fastsleep that is called hibernation and they will usually do this when they are inside aden. When it starts to snow and the temperature start to drop down and when itstarts to get really cold then the bears will start to be in a really deep sleep andthey will no long awake until spring. When the first day of spring comes then thebears will start to wake up from their hibernation. They will start to yawn, stretchand they will also start to limp out of their dens. Then they will also start to loseweight to they will only weigh about a half. After hibernation that will also be thetime when the females also start to give birth to cubs. They will start to be reallyhungry and thirsty right after hibernation to. These bears will continue to losesome weight only for a few months but when the summer comes and once againthe food is plentiful for them. Black bears seem to have a really long life span andpeople think it has something to do with them sleeping for a long time thatusually takes place in every winter. It is a really cool thing to learn that bears donot really hibernate. These bears do not usually fall into a deep sleep likewoodchucks and some other animals that till with hibernation. Instead forsleeping for all winter long they will start to dormant when the winter comes butthey do spent a lot of their time dozing and sleeping but they will become reallyactive really fast when they are being bothered. There are some areas in thesouthern parts of North America that are usually not that cold. Those bears donot hibernate at all when they are in those types of areas. When the summercomes then they start to be really fat and they will also be fat during the fallseason to. When the weather starts to turn into cold temperature then that will
  7. 7. be the time when they start to be a little drowsy. When the cold seasons arrowsthen they will start to look for a den so that they can hide in it and so that theycan be safe from danger. A bears dens can be found in any place but it has to be aplace that has a shelter that can protect them from the weather. The type of densthat a black bear will usually look for is a pile of rocks, under the roosts of a reallybig tree that has fall. If the bear is lucky enough they might find a nice warm caveor an abandoned mineshaft. Most dens will usually be found on the north side ofan hill or up in the mountains, but if the weather is not that cold then the bearsmight just cruel up in the dense thicket of really small trees. There are lots ofbears that can carry a really big pack of leaves and grass that they can be put intheir den so that they can make a really nice bed. Pregnant females will start tofind special dens a one that is bigger and really comfortable. This will also be thetime when the females will start to give birth and to have their babies. But beforethey can go into their dens for the winter. This will usually be the time when somebears will start to stop eating. This will also help them to get rid of all thematerials that is placed in their digestive tract. Before they start to go in the deepsleep they will have to eat different types of food first and those foods are leaves,pine needles and sometimes they will also eat their own hair. These materials areusually form that biologists sometimes call anal plug. They will usually have to getrid of the plug so that they can make their den clean. When the spring comes thenthat will be the time when they start to come out of their dens. When the wintercomes the sleeping bears temperature will start to go back to normal. The bearwill start to feed it self by getting the layer of the fat that builds them up. Thereare a lot of black bears that will start the winter with their layer of their fat isabout five inches (12.8 cm) thick. The layer fat for a really big bear is that they canweigh as two hundred pounds (91 kg). The bears will start to wake up so that theycan charge their positions. There are a lot of black bears that will start to comeout of their dens in March. The first thing that a bear will do after they hadawakened from their long sleep is that they will drink a lot of water. Some expertssay that they do this because so that they can soften their digestive system.Before you know it they will start to eat again. The first food that they will eat isthat they will eat grass and buds that had bloomed in the spring. During thesummer and the fall this will be the time when black bears will start to eat a lot of
  8. 8. food. All of the food that they eat helps them to build a lot of fat. They will startto live off their fat during the winter so that they can hibernate. Duringhibernation a black bear does not eat during this time because it will spend threeto seven months sleeping in their den. The type of den that a black bear will gointo is a cave or an hollow log. The black bear will stop hibernating when the firstsight of spring comes. When the spring comes than that will be the time whenthey will start to wake up and it will also be the time when they start to leavetheir dens. After a whole winter and finally spring comes then the bears will startto be really hungry so the first thing that they will do is find water and to look forfood. When the winter comes that is the time when black bears go into dens sothat they can herniate the bears will usually built them? They will build their densin tree cavities, under rocks or logs, in banks or in caves, culverts and in shallowdepressions. Black bears do not usually hibernate but when they enter into awonderful state that is called torpor or winter dormancy. When this time happensthis is when the bear will start to shut down the bears digestive system and theirkidneys so they do eat or drink for seven months. These bears will not urinate ordefecate when they are inside the den. When there body temperature like fallsfor only for a few degrees. Then the sleeping bears will start awake really fast ifthey are being disturbed. There are a lot scientists that are totally fascinated bythese animals because these animals have the ability to sleep for months andthere loose bones and their muscle mass are being studied for phenomenon thathas really important clues that might help bad ridden people. Black bears willusually hibernate it really depends on the type weather conditions are in thatarea and there is enough food for them Suring the long winter months. There aresome regions where that has a enough food supper and that has lots of warmweather all winter long. Sometimes bears do not hibernate at all or they do insuch a short time. This will be the time when females will usually start to givebirth and they remain in the den through all winter long .The males and femalesthat dont have a young then they will start to leave their dens from time to timeduring the winter months. Black bears will usually hibernate for eight months. Theother animals that the black bear share its habitat with are brown bears, Bobcat(also known as the lynx), moose, Golden eagle, and the Eastern chipmunk. Blackbears are known to be really smart animals. They can easily learn that they are
  9. 9. curious and they have a really good memory that is because they have amazingsmall eyes. Some people dont believe that bears have horrible time seeing butthat is not true these animals really do have an really good eyesight. These bearscan easily tell the difference between colors and these animals can also see wellin the dark. These bears can easily spot any moving item that can be really faraway. When they want to get a better view of their surrounds then they willusually stand on their high legs so that they can also see things that are far away.Not only can they see well they can also hear well to. But the best sense that thebear uses the most is their sense of smell that is known to be the most importantsense to a bear. Their sense of smell helps them to find a mate to avoid anycontact with humans, to find their cubs and they can also use their sense of smellto gather food. A bear can scent a human that can be over 14 hours away fromwhere they are. They will usually smell a human when they have passed on a trail.Lots of experts have shown that they can smell food over three miles away (4.8km) away. The way that bears can survive in their wildness areas is there senses.The most important sense for a bear is their sense of smell. That was the firstimportant sense that the bear has the other sense that they have that happens tobe really helpful to them is their hearing this comes in second this happens to bethe most second most important sense for a bear. The third greatest sense for abear is their sight. The black bear can use their keen sense of smell to look forfood. They can use their sense of smell look for all different types of foods whichhappen to be plants and other animals. They can use it to find their favorite foodthat they like to eat. These animals can smell a dead animal or a dump over sevenmiles away. Their amazing good nose can also point out if there is any sign ofdanger that can be located in their area. Like if there is a human in the area. Blackbears will usually use their hearing to warn others that there is danger nearby andthat can be coming from a distance. Black bears ears are known to be the biggestears then all the bears that can be found in North America. Their ears can alsoallow them to hide or to leave if there is any sign of danger that might be comingtheir way. Some people have a lot questions about the black bears eyesight evenexperts have a hard time figuring it out. Some people are saying that bears do nothave really good eyesight. There were lots of stories that have been proven aboutthe bears point of view. There are some experts who think that bears do have
  10. 10. really good eyesight. They also have been shown that these bears can tell thedifference between objects. It is really nice to say that the black bear has averageeyesight that these animals have. The experts that do agree on thing and that isthey do not even need good eyesight to help them with their survival. Theirhearing and their smelling skills is all they need in horror to survive. There are alot people that are making a joke on how blind a black bear is and this is how theylive for a long time in many years. You never know it just might be true. Theseanimals do not live in a family or in a group that means that they are solitaryanimals the only time when they are seen together is when there is a mother andher cubs that is happing in the breeding season. They might even come togethernear any feeding sites. Black bears have really short that are not retractable clawsthis will give them the ability to climb a tree. That is why these bears are amazingtree climbers because of their claws. There are about two subspecies of blackbear that is the North American black bear and the Asiatic black bear. The mostcommon bear that is in North America is the Black bear these bears are reallyknown in North America. Sometimes people call the Asiatic black bear the moonbear. These bears are a lot different than the ones that live in North America thatis because they have really big ears and they also have a really special mark that ison their chest that is shaped like the letter V. There are a lot of black bears thathave a black coat that has a brown that is located their mouth to their nose area.But not all the black bear species are known to be black. There are some thatcome in tan, reddish brown, gray and they can also come in white to. Bears havealso known to live near where people camp. There are a lot of bears that havelearned that they can look for food in people’s campsites. People that arecamping they have to keep their food away from any reach of bears. It is reallydangerous to feed a wild bears because they will get use to eating human foodand they may never hunt again or eat any wild food again so the best thing to doif you come in contact with a bear or any other wild animal the best thing to do isto leave them alone. Some black bears find their food in trash cans. The otherthing that can be dangerous if you feed a bear they can roam into towns they willstart to look for food in trash camps and in down dumps. So the best thing to do isto leave them alone. If we dont bother them then they will not bother us. Theblack bears that live in Pennsylvania are mostly always black but the other bears
  11. 11. that live in different parts of North America they will mostly come in all differentcolors and those are white, cinnamon, sliver blue, red, brown and they can comein gray. Black bears not only come in black but they can also come in differentcolors to and those colors are brown and red. These bears are known to be thesmallest bear in North America and they are also known to be the best knownbear in North America to. Both the American black bear and the Asian black bearboth look the same but there are some difference between these two bears isthat the Asian black bear has an crescent-shaped that has an white patch on theirchest. That is why sometimes people call this bear the moon bear. Bears areknown to be the really strong animals. They are so strong that they are known tomove rocks and really big logs by even using one paw. There is no animal alivethat is an equal size can be powerful then a bear. The black bear can kill really biganimals like moose, elk, and they can also kill a deer to. With only one bite totheir neck they can easily kill any animal that comes in their way. Black bears have20 long claws that can be used to rip off the bark of a tree. These animals arereally careful with anything that comes their way. There is only two reasons for ablack bear to attack for food and to defend themselves. These animals will alsohunt really large game animals they will usually stalk them like a cat will do. It isnot true that black bears are really slow. They are known to be really fast animalsthey can speed up about 35 to 40 mph (56-64 kmph) in really short distances.There are a lot of bears that will rather run away from a human then to attack it.Female bears will often attack when they are trying to protect their young. Theywill also attack if their escape route is blocked and if they are protecting foodsource or if they just good startled. Not only these bears are amazing treeclimbers but they are also really good swimmers. The black bears got their namefrom the very fast biologist that had saw these bears were all black Still today thebears that live in the east areas of North America are all black or in a really darkcolor. Lots of have a patch that is the color white that can be found on theirchests. There are other areas of North America that have other bears seem to inother colors expert for black. These experts now understand that black bears cancome in different colors to. The bears that have different colors they will use theircolors to blend in with in their habitat. The bears that in the east area are reallyblack and they have to be black because they live in really heavy and dark forests.
  12. 12. The black bears that live on west area are usually found on open areas. So thattheir fur can be in a lighter color. The bears that are brown and have a reddishcolor these bears usually live in the semi-open forests and they can also be foundin the western mountains. There are two special black bears that live on thePacific coast that can be found on the south of Alaska or they can be found on thenorthern British Columbia. These bears will usually find their selves living in yearfilled with snow and ice glaciers. There was one bear that is called the glacierbear. These bears are usually the color bluish gray color. The other type of bearand that is called the Kermode bear these bears are known to be white and theyalso have an creamy colored. They two bears got these names because they arereally rare. The black bear has lots of predators that they face and those animalsare mountain lions, grey wolves and they are also getting in trouble with brownbears to. Black bears are known to be really great swimmers. They can swim asfast as a mile and a hald that is due all across lakes and rivers. These bears havebeen known to swim towards humans when they are on an holiday islandcampsite. There was one black bear that has swim 9 miles in the Gulf of Mexico.Black bears will start to mate during the months of June and July. After thegestation period then into 215 days they will be ready to have their cubs whichwill be born on the months of January or in February. A black bear will usuallyhave 2 to 3 cubs that is how many cubs that a female can have in her littler. Thereare some females that will also have about as long as 5 cubs in a litter. The cubswill usually be born in the den when the mother is hibernating and when they areborn then they can weigh about 200 to 450g (7-16oz). These cubs are usually bornblind and they will have no fur on them and they will stay with their mother untilthe spring season comes. The cubs will continue to drink their mother’s milk until6 to 8 months but they will remain with their mother for 2 years so that they canlearn how to take of themselves. The cubs will reach maturity when they areabout 2 to 5 years old and after they have their first litter of cubs then they get toproduce cubs every other year after another. Baby black bears are called cubs. Afemale black bear will usually have two babies and she will both have them at thesame time. The cubs will be born inside the dens when the mother is hibernating.This will usually start to happen in the cold winter months like in January and inFebruary. Newborn cubs are completely helpless and they will need all the help
  13. 13. that they need from their mother. The bear will still drink their mother’s milk formany more years. The cubs will start to leave the den during the spring. Then thatwill be the time when the mother will teach them how to look for food. After 18months has gone by then that will be the time when the cubs are really to facethe world all by themselves. The black bears will start to mate during the monthsof May and June. The females will usually be pregnant for eight months. Then shewill be ready to have her cubs in the months of January and February she willusually have her cubs when she is sleeping in the den. The normal account of cubsthat a black bear can have is up to 2 cubs but there are some bears that can havemore than just 4 cubs that will make a litter. The cubs are known to be reallysmall and they will weigh about 8.5 and 11.5 ounces (240 to 330 g). A new bornblack bear cub will be really helpless, bald and they also be really blind themoment that they are born. When they are 5 weeks old then that will be the timewhen they learn how to walk. When the spring comes then that will be the timewhen the cubs will leave the den. The few first months outside of the den can bereally hard for a baby black bear because baby bears face a lot of predators likeeagles, bobcats, or mountain lions. When they are 6 months old then the bearswill start to weight about 55 to 65 pounds (25 to 30 kg). The babies will spendanother winter with their mother inside of the den. After about one year then themother will force her cubs to go out on their own. but there is a lot dangers that areally young bear has to face because an really big male will start to chase themaround even though they do not have a lot of experience telling with big malebears. The bears are also getting drawn to garbage dumps so that they can getfood to eat. The mating season for a black bear usually starts in the summer. Thegestation period of an black bear is about 63 to 70 days. A female black bear canhave as many as 1 to 6 cubs but they will usually have 2 cubs. The cubs will staywith their mother for year and a half or even more. These cubs will not stopdrinking their mother’s milk until the cubs are 6 to 8 months years old. These arethe ages that they need to stop drinking their mother’s milk. The females will onlyreproduce in every second year or even more. They will usually do that like forsome reason that the cubs died. The females might have a baby again after onlywith just one year. Two or three cubs will both be born during the winter seasonthat will be born when the mother is hibernating. The cubs will usually stay with
  14. 14. their mother for only one year. Black bears usually live alone except in thebreeding season which is in the summer. The cubs will stay in the den with theirmother for the first year of their lives and they will stay with the mother for onlyone and a half years. Black bears will usually mate in the really hot heat ofPennsylvania during the mouth of July. The egg is not fertilized when it is notimplanted in the uterus this has to be done before the month of November andthe female will also have to gain some weigh so that she can have an healthypregnancy. Black bears will often have twins and they will normally be born rightin the middle of winter. The American black bear will start to mate in the earlysummer months. The females will reach maturely in three to four years and theywill usually have two cubs in every other year. The young are usually born in themiddle of winter. The cubs will stay with their mothers only for about a year (thatwill also include five months inside the den). These bears might breed really slowbut they can reproduce really fast then the brown bear can. This will help them tosupport them when they are hunting and when they are tilling with otherpressures that the black bear faces. The females will give birth to two or to threecubs these cubs can be really blind and they can also be really helpless to they willbe born during the mid-winter and the mother will nurse them when they areinside of the den and she will continue to do that until the spring season come, orwhen there is an enough food to eat. The mother can be really protective withtheir babies. The babies will remain with their mother for only about two years. Amale and a female will usually come together to mate during the summer. Afterthey are done mating then they will by themselves and they both will start to fatthemselves right before the winters comes. When the gestation period is overwhich will usually be at last t for 7 months (even through this means that theseanimals will be pregnant late for almost 5 months long). The females will start togive birth to one or five cubs and she will start to have her cubs at the end of thewinter that is being taken place in her den. These cubs will be completely hairlessand they will totally be very vulnerable. So they rather stay in the den where it iswarm and safe. The heat of the den is rally the mother’s body heat. This will helpher cubs to stay alive in the early days. The black bears will stay with the motheruntil they are two years old and until they master the skills that they need tosurvive on their own. During the first winter of the cub’s lives they will share the
  15. 15. den with their mother. After a year and a half then that will be the time when thefemale once again is looking for a new mate. The cubs will get scared away if theyget any contact with an increasingly aggressive mature male. Every single blackbear that lives in Florida they need to have a really big area so that theirpopulation can grow. The size of an black bears habitat must be about 500,000 to1 million this is how long that their habitat needs to be so they can look for food,shelter and so that they can find a mate. They are also tilling with loss of habitatthat is also putting a threat on their survival to. but the most popular threat thatis going on with black bears is that people are running over them with cars. Thishas happen in the last five years in the past. Cars and other vehicles had killedabout 125 to 175 bears all of. This has been going on in every single year. Thecommunity of Florida are starting grow really fast and they are also putting theirhomes onto black bears territory. There will also need a lot of recovery to makean contribute so that these bears numbers will grow even more, but there aresome people are being really interact with these animals but there are comingreally prevalent really often but it really depends on how many black bears aredying. There are some states where the black bears numbers are starting todecline. The problems that they are having in these states are being done byroad-building and also people are also building house on to black bears habitatsthis is called housing developments. But their population is really stable in thestate of Pennsylvania. There are a lot of black bears that are being pushed out oftheir national parks because people are making natural causes in these parks.When they are in North America there can be about 600,000 black bears that canbe found on this continent. The populations of black bears that are in the Unitedstates there are about 300,000 of black bears that live on the United States. Theblack bears that live in the Louisiana and in the state of Florida there are lots ofsubspecies that are being threated because their population is not big enough.These bears are known to be on the IUCN list. These bears seem to have a reallybright future ahead of them that is because the black bears have the ability tosurvive when they are living near people. They seem to be continuing with theirgood future to. but people will also have to learn that they need to give the blackbears a enough space in their forests habitats so that everyone can enjoy thesebeautiful bears. There has been little understood about this bear that is because
  16. 16. of their behavior that is why little is told about these bears this has been going ontill not very long ago. Today black bears are being feared and hated to. Blackbears have been killed to make vermin, food and they will also kill them to maketrophies out of them to. Lots of people seen these animals as an vicious beast orthey can also look at it like it is an endless commodity that can be found in lots ofdifferent areas. Not so many years ago there have been lots of rewards that hadbeen paid for the black bears. For centuries the British Queens foot Guards hathas been made out of black bear fur. The normal name of this hat is called thebearskin. Black bears are really rare species of the bear family. These bears havebeen killed to make trophies to hunters that had killed them. The game managershave destroyed lots of the black bears numbers because they are shooting them alot. We do not want these wonderful animals to be extinct. We must dosomething ti help and to save these amazing animals. These bears need all thehelp that they can get. Black bears have the right to continue living on this planet.They are doing their part in nature and we should find a place in nature to. This isa really big planet that is filled with wonders and discoveries that are waiting tobe found. We have to make this planet safe for us and other creatures that theshare this planet with. This is a really big, bright and beautiful future if we find away to project our planet, our world and our home will be a much happier andcleaner place to live on. We have to make room for other living creatures to. Godmade animals for a reason just like he made us. That is what I know about blackbears. If we work together we can save the black bear and other animals that liveson this planet to, Together we can make a difference in our beautiful planet thatwe all share.