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Customer: Petey Higgins
Animal: Rabbits
Report by: Felicia Ferentinos
Rabbit Report
The rabbit that lives in Europe are extremely abundance in the
Iberian Peninsula. The Phoenicians are lot closer to Spain ...
then a rabbit is. A hare is also bigger then a rabbit. The way that you
can till a difference from the two species is how ...
most easily prey animals to catch. Rabbits have lots of predators the
predators that rabbit faces are dogs, foxes, raccoon...
day the kits are covered with fur and in two days their eyes will begin
to open. Rabbits are known to mate when they reach...
where is really hard for the rabbits to find food and a place to rise
their young. Rabbits are eating the plants that are ...
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A report about rabbits


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This is a report on the rabbit wrote this for my cousin and for other people that love rabbits.

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A report about rabbits

  1. 1. Customer: Petey Higgins Animal: Rabbits Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Rabbit Report _______________________________________________________ A rabbit is an herbivore which means they only eat vegetation. They usually eat grass, leaves, bark, and twigs. Rabbits do not just dine on grass they also dine on clovers, and some other green plants. They can even eat a bark that is on a tree. Rabbits can fresh on nuts and berries but they often eat are fruits and vegetables. Rabbits spend most of their time eating grass. But it is important that a rabbit eats a lot of food is not just good for their diet but it can also help by keeping their teeth healthy. A rabbits teeth can get constantly and if the rabbit can not be able to gnaw onto things to make them calm, then their teeth will start to grow very long which can cause a lot of pain for the rabbit and can also cause death as well. Some people call the rabbit nature’s lawnmowers. A rabbit can even eat carrot and herbs. They can also eat very leafy plants. A rabbit must have a lot of water for their diet. They need a very small amount of commercial pellets and unlimited grass. Also rabbits must eat a lot of hay almost every day. The kind of vegetables that they eat is romaine lettuce the lettuce must not have iceberg in them. They can even eat other vegetables like parsley, cilantro, dandelion, radicchio, endive, and they can also eat basil and carrots. The rabbit can also eat fruit but the fruit must be used for sparingly. A Rabbit can produce cercal pellets sometimes they are called night feces," and they are also called re-ingest which can make them to be absorb that can full up nutritional content of their food. A rabbit can eat over night droppings which are called chemotropism, which can be very good sources of nutrients. There are about 14 species of rabbit that live in the United States of America. Rabbits can also be found in Europe, in South Africa, the Sumatra and also they can also live in Japan. The common place that rabbits live is on a desert a region that is in the Middle East Where there is a lot of green habitat so that the rabbits can have a place to look for food and look for water and other things that will help rabbits survive. Rabbits can also be found in bushy locations but they are usually seen in suburban locations that is on lawns, gardens and shrubs these places have everything that a rabbit needs for survival.
  2. 2. The rabbit that lives in Europe are extremely abundance in the Iberian Peninsula. The Phoenicians are lot closer to Spain after the Iberian Peninsula. Rabbits happen to live in every environment which includes deserts, swamps, marshes, forests grasslands and in prairies. Rabbits can be found in every continent in the world except for Antarctica. When rabbits live in the desert there is lots of food and water all of the things that a rabbits needs to stay alive and help them to survive. Rabbits also live in the north-western of Africa. They also live in Spain and in Portugal but now they can be found every where in Europe. They can also be seen in lots of countries and on many islands. Which also includes Australia and in New Zealand and in Chile. A rabbit can also be found on farmlands that are on moorlands, woodlands and in sandy dunes. They can also be seen in both Americas in North America and in South America. They can also be seen in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Thisis where the European rabbit lives in Europe. But they can also be seen in many islands like in Australia and in New Zealand. Male rabbit which are called a buck can grow about 48cm (19in) long and the female rabbit which are called doe they have a very small narrower head. The European rabbit are very small species of rabbit they are grey and brown rabbits they can grow about 34-45 cm (13-18) in a length. The European rabbit can weight about 1.3-2.2kg (3-5 lb). Rabbits also have very large ears they also have very big hind legs and they even have very small tails that are fluffy. A rabbit’s average size is 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 cm) long. Some species of rabbit can weight about a couple of pounds. Rabbits can also weight about 2 or 11 pounds. A rabbits head and body can weight about 10-30 in (25-76). A rabbit can live about 9 years but in the wild they mostly live about less in one year. The average life span of a rabbit is 8 years when they are kept as pets but when they are in the wild rabbits do not live long because rabbits have many predators that can easily kill a Them. A pet rabbit can live about 6 or 10 years. Rabbits and hares are not the same animal even though they do look like but rabbits and hares are very different from each other this is how you can tell the difference from each other. The hare are very bigger then their young who are called leverets they are born with fur and they are really smart when they are born. But with baby rabbits which are called kittens they are blind and they are born with no hair which means they are hairless. They have very different diets from a rabbit and to hare a rabbits diet is what makes a rabbit different from a hare. Hares are much faster
  3. 3. then a rabbit is. A hare is also bigger then a rabbit. The way that you can till a difference from the two species is how the animal is a hares ears are bigger then a rabbits ears. Unlike the rabbit babies they can not see when they are born and they are born with no hair as will but the hare babies are born with hair and they can see very will when they are born. There something’s that the rabbit and the hare have a common they both can molt they both can grow new hair this happens to both species and they all happen in the spring and in the fall. The rabbit’s brown summer fur is replaced with fur that is more then grey. The hares that live in the cold areas usually live in cold locations their fur will turn into white to mix with the winter season. The other reason that the rabbit and the hare different because the hare or not pets and they never been domesticated but the rabbit has been a pet and it is also a domesticated animal but they can also be seen in the wild to. Rabbits make very good pets because they are so friendly and they are also playful animals as well. Rabbits have been kept as pets though out the world both indoors and the outdoors to. The rabbits that live indoors are healthy and they are more social then the rabbits that live in the wild. The rabbits that are kept as pets and they provided have been damage for proofing especially of electrical cables and also for house plants these plants might have toxic in the flowers and if the rabbit eats it then the rabbit will die. But the rabbits that are safe do not have to worry about predators, parasites, disease, and extreme temperatures. The rabbits that live in the outdoors all must have a very good home to live. A home that must be heated when it is winter and a home that has shaded when it is summer. The rabbits that are kept as pets are very comfortable in a temperature that is between 10 to 12 degrees. The Celsius are (50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit). But if the temperature is above 32 degrees and the Celsius must not be (90 degrees Fahrenheit) this temperature is not good for a rabbit. A pet rabbit has to be checked if the rabbit is heath or not it must be check like everyday. Rabbits are very social animals they live in a group called a colony. These groups will help the rabbits dug up a burrow in the ground. Sometimes these burrows are also called a warren. A rabbit can dug a warren like an about 3 meters. These burrows will cover very big areas and they have lots of entrances that they build in their burrows. The inside of the burrow has a tunnel inside of it where they make living quarters and nesting chambers. A rabbit’s really big ears are for to commute any sound of any predator comes or that is near by. A rabbit is the
  4. 4. most easily prey animals to catch. Rabbits have lots of predators the predators that rabbit faces are dogs, foxes, raccoons, weasels, bobcats, lynxes, hawks and eagles will easily kill a rabbit. It seems like the rabbit is on every predator animal menu. But the rabbit has very good senses of escaping when they are in very bad danger. They can use their very long ears to help them hear where the predator animal is coming from they have an amazing hearing and they also have very good eye vision. Their eye vision gives the rabbit 360-degree vision. Rabbits have very powerful and flexible back and very big legs these legs help the rabbit by running and hopping in very fast speed. The jackrabbit can run about over 45 mph. if a rabbit is spotted it will try to escape from it from out running the emery a rabbit can run about 18 miles per hour. The rabbit’s teeth should not be cleaned for a long time but if the rabbit’s teeth are cleaned for to long then the rabbit will not be able to eat. Rabbit’s teeth can grow about five inches in a year. Whiskers on the rabbit should never be cut because the whiskers of a rabbit are a sensory organ. A rabbit’s eye should be cleaned with no used of crusts evident. All ways check the bottom of the rabbit to may sure that the rabbit does not have any files then the rabbit will never have babies this will give a lot of pain to the rabbit. The rabbit’s ears should always be cleaned and the other parts of a rabbit’s baby. Rabbits can never be declawed cats can not do this. A rabbits lacking pads that are on the bottom of their feet. Rabbits use their claws to keep them in balance to help them to stand to make sure that the animal does not fall and it can also support the animal to. If the rabbit is not declawed then the rabbit will be able to stand or more. A doe will produce 20 babies only in one year and mating happens to them when they are 4 months old. Rabbits usually mate during the spring and the summer. They will start to mate in January. Baby rabbits are called Kits they can be born in special neat that are made by the females which is in a dead end burrow they would often separate their main burrow. A female can make a nest out of grass, straw and lines that is on the fur of their chest. After mating and after the babies are born this can take about 28 or 31 days. Rabbits can have 3 or 8 rabbits in a litter. At the moment that they are born they can be very blind and helpless when they are born. They can also be deaf, hairless and they can hardly move. They will do this for the first weeks of their lives. The mother will only visit them for 24 hours a day so that the mother can feed them and then she will seal off to a nesting chamber that has soil. By the eight
  5. 5. day the kits are covered with fur and in two days their eyes will begin to open. Rabbits are known to mate when they reach 3 months old. They produce babies when they are 6 months old. Rabbits can have 20 or 40 babies in a year. A size of a average litter is 4 to 8 kits. The rabbit’s gestation period is 30 days. A baby rabbits eyes will open about 10 days. Baby rabbits will be weaned in about 6 or 8 weeks of their lives. The eyes of a rabbit can allow the animal to see both sides of their eyes. Rabbits have very good sense of smell and they can even hear very will to. This gives the rabbit the ability to breed. A rabbit can give birth to 3 or 4 kits in a litter and they can also have 3 or 5 kits in each year. By the sixteenth day the kits ready to start eating grass and leaves the food that their parents eat they will start to eat in about sixteenth day. They will start to be independent in about 30 days. By this time their mother has already mated and the mother has expecting of taking care of a littler of kits. During the breeding process have many deaths that can be caused by predators like foxes, badgers, stoats, weasels, buzzards and cats. When a baby rabbit stop drinking milk then the baby will start to eat grass and other plants that are good for their diet. Baby rabbits are born in litters with their brothers and sisters. Female rabbits will have one or nine kits in every littler and they can produce 30 kits to in each year. Baby rabbits are will be able to leave their underground nest in about 3 weeks that is if they can survive. Rabbits can also live about 10 years or maybe even longer. Rabbits are a symbol of rebirth and they usually give birth during the spring and at Easter that is why people call the rabbit an Easter bunny because they were born during Easter. Rabbits are successful known for their quick and very good breeding their average gestation period at the being of month of April. Females usually give birth to 6 babies. Humans are the rabbit’s worst enemy because they have been regarded as pest sense the last 200 years in the past. Rabbits are in trouble today because they destroy crops that are made by farmers and they can also destroy people’s gardens and countryside. During the early century when the population of rabbit was bigger they had destroyed a lot of farmer crops and trees which also included the pest Act 1954. Rabbits are known to be pest to farmers and gardeners like to due to their destructive nature when they were around for the lush of vegetation. The rabbits that are in Australia have a myxomatosis virus was totally has caused lots of pest control company’s have been destroying the numbers of the rabbits population that are walking and destroying their habitats
  6. 6. where is really hard for the rabbits to find food and a place to rise their young. Rabbits are eating the plants that are on farms and gardens that people are getting made about. The smallest rabbit in the world is the mini lops rabbit which can weight about 5 lbs and the biggest was the rabbit is the Flemish giant rabbit they can weight about 5 kg between 9kg and they are the biggest rabbits in the world. The mini lops rabbit and the Flemish giant rabbit are domestic rabbits. Rabbits are the most wanted on every animals menu. Rabbits do not just face predators like carnivores and birds. But humans are the biggest treat to the rabbit. Humans kill the rabbit for spot and for food and also for their fur to make clothes. Rabbits can run in a zigzag pattern when they are being chased by a predator. This makes the predator very hard for them to smell the rabbits scent. In the year of 1954 there was a virus that is called myxonatosis that is harming the wild rabbit population this virus has killed about more then 95% of Britain's rabbits. This virus is a distressing disease this can cause lots of problems for the rabbits eyes and their brain. The rabbit’s numbers are causing a decline on the fox numbers. Buzzards and other predators are being affected with the growth of vegetation. Without the rabbits then the plants that are not wanted like the gorse, bramble, and coarse and even grass will not be able to grow. Today the rabbits are list as common because of having developed on the resistance that is in the virus. But there are some populations in some places that are attracted to the new strains that are on the virus. The other reason why the rabbit is in trouble today because they are destroying crops and forest plantations. If the rabbit is gone forever then our down land and cliff tops will not be able to grow. The world will not is beable to grow gorse, bramble and hawthorn scrub. Rabbits are important because they help the shrubs grow they do this by nibbling the growing shoots; the results of the turf encourages of the growth of the low-growing plants which are the vetches and trefoils. These flowers attract lots of butterflies and make the grass short for the bugs like ants. Bugs attract lots of species of birds. Rabbits do more good then more damage. That is what I know about rabbits.