Felix Presentation On Leadership Management Skills Dev.


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This presentation was presented to Human Resources Manager and Administrative Officers to build and develop their leadership and management skills for effective people\'s management for the success of the EGTL project, in Escravos, Nigeria by Felix

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Felix Presentation On Leadership Management Skills Dev.

  1. 1. The EGTL HR Forum Escravos Present Career Advancement Opportunity In Leadership and Management On the TopicBuilding and Developing Leadership Skills for Effective People’s Management Target AudienceHuman Resources and Administration Managers/Leaders Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  2. 2. Presentation On the TopicBuilding and Developing Leadership Skills for Effective People’s Management Delivered by Ugokpa Felix, CAPM, Senior Human Resources Officer, SGC - Escravos Date Sunday 27th March, 2011. Escravos — Nigeria Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  3. 3. Presentation Overview1. Introduction 6. Developing Effective2. Leadership Communication Skills (i) Overlapping functions of leadership (i) Different personal preference (ii) Leadership attributes 7. 10 Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid3. Management 8. Conflict Management (i) Management Vs Leadership (i) Conflict management (ii) Overlapping functions of techniques management (ii) Conflict management (iii) Management Vs Leadership techniques circle functions (iii) Type of Conflicts4. Leadership Models (ii) Strategy for reducing (i) Leadership styles conflicts5. People’s Management 9. Questions and Answers (i) Required people’s management skills (ii) People’s management techniques Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  4. 4. introductionIn today’s world of work, one of the mostdifficult tasks a manager undertakes is directlymanaging people. Projects, tasks, spreadsheets,proposals, emails, and the entire list of minortasks are relatively easy responsibilities whencompared to managing and supervising thosewho report directly or indirectly to you.Answering the why question is easy. Projects,spreadsheets, etc., dont have emotions,moods, skills, troubles, or any of the myriadinherent psychological aptitudes people possessas man is the most ambivalent mammal. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  5. 5. introductionManaging and leading individuals and teams takepatience, practice and special skills. Knowing the ability,skills sets, technical familiarity, and personal convictionsof your direct and indirect reports is a huge factor inmeeting with success or failure as a manager.People constantly change, making the task even harder,for they are influenced by weather, other people,families, co-workers, moods, depression, joy, and anynumber of outside influences. As a manager and aleader you should be able to recognize these influencingfactors and the relationship changes they have onindividuals and teams. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  6. 6. introductionAccording to Alan Caruba (2001), the survival andcontinue success of any business depends uponowners and managers having a combination ofleadership savvy, good judgment based onknowledge and information and a reasonable abilityto steer a business in the right direction.People management skills are important in all walksof life. Whether you’re rich or poor, employed orunemployed, a corporate CEO or a plumber,strengthening these skills can help you live the lifeyou desire. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  7. 7. introductionWe all share some basic desires. We all have many ofthe same wants and needs. When you meet these needsof others, people tend to be very easy to get along with.With patience, practice, and a willingness to understandpeople, you can develop strong people managementskills.Its no wonder effective managers are often soughtafter, for they have learned to use skills that bring outthe best in their teams, regardless of the number ofpeople they manage. Motivating and guiding employeesto perform to their full potential is a tireless job.Mastering the art of using effective leadership skills is amust if you plan to be successful at managing people. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  8. 8. LeadershipLeadership is a critical management skill. It is theability to implement a plan, provides a direction andto motivate a group of people towards a commongoals and objectives. At its most elementary level,leadership means that one person influences another,give direction, provides framework of activities andmotivations. Authentic leaders inspire trust in theirteams.The functions of leadership include stating basicvalues, announcing goals, organizing resources,reducing tensions between individuals, creatingcoalitions, and encouraging better performance. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  9. 9. Leadership Its vital for leaders to know how to inspire passion and confidence in the people that theyre leading. When people work alongside a truly authentic leader, theyll often give their whole hearts and minds to the cause. In these situations, a spirit of teamwork and loyalty can spread throughout an organization, resulting in higher morale and greater productivity.The basic functions of Leadership in an organization are iterative and overlapped at the execution process. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  10. 10. Overlapping functions of leadershipThe result ofeffective and Stating Announcingefficient leadership Basic Values Goalsin an organizationresulted in greater Creatingproductivity as Coalition Leadership Organizingbetter performance Resourcesare beingencouraged and Encouraging Reducingemployees Better Tensionmotivated. Performance Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  11. 11. Leadership ATTRIBUTESAttributes of LeadershipRegardless of your position and managementtheory applied in your organization, the followingattributes are required of every leader or manageraspiring to improve his/her people managementskills.1. Be true to your ethics and principles.2. Pursue your goals and help others do the same.3. Generate innovative and productive ideas.4. Consider the present and the upcoming. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  12. 12. Leadership ATTRIBUTESAttributes of Leadership… cont.5. Acknowledge existing and rising opportunities / risks.6. Effectively communicate actions that will play a partto individual and organizational success.7. Monitor the organization and inspire others toexecute effectively and efficiently.8. Bring out leadership from everyone in theorganization.9. Empower others by decentralizing power.10.Keep on to succeed and help others to do the samethrough motivation and encouragement in whicheverway seem feasible and appropriate for yourorganization. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State
  13. 13. Questions??? Thank you so much for your participation.Any recommendations and comment are highly welcome and should be directed to Felix.ugokpa@projects.kbr.com.Other Portions of the presentation can be obtained by contacting the presenter on the email address above. Felcotech Consulting, Warri Delta State